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Ill never tell.
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Our Return is imminent.
(For my fans, it's about time.)

~Two Role Plays?

I am going to attempt to run two role plays. Since Earth and Sky is running slow; I figured it would be fun to add this and be able to keep up with both of them. If both RP's picked up speed, I have secretly selected a second 'game' master before devising this post to help me manage both role plays, particularly to help me manage this one alone. Who it is, providing he/she hasn't revealed their role yet, will remain a secret between me and him/her. Anyone who figures it out, I prefer you do not publicly come forward and release the information.

~The Story

It's a dark and stormy night over Tiera. The rain plinks off of the tower over the pit as it drips inside and splashes on the ground floor where the miserable prisoners are kept. Around a campfire, an old man in a cloak mutters under his breath. Cursing the lands of Yovo, Diligent and Twan; the injustice that was brought unto him. As he mutters in anguish, a being clothed in rags approaches the fire and sits across from him. "Those that live on the surface have it all, don't they? Plentiful food, wine, riches and fresh water." "...I have no business with you." The elderly man shouts as he starts to raise himself to move away from the flame. "Don't you wish to leave here and take revenge on those who live above? To rule this world as you see fit?" He calls out to him as he shifts the earth underneath his feet to face him. "Then you would be a fool not to listen..." He removes from his garb a book wrapped in chains and held in place with a lock. "In a matter of days, this book will break free from it's bearings. It's pages will fill with the tales of the lives it touches. All of their fates can be shifted, controlled and you can borrow their strengths in turn... With this, you can change the outcome of battles, wars, even strategies and games... You could even play their lives right into your hands to grant yourself freedom from this pisshole of the world..." The elderly man looks up to the stranger as he takes the book from his hands and asks why give him such power? He chuckles and responds "Because your desire for control of all has beckoned the book."

~Welcome to Tiera

Welcome to the fantasy based world of Tiera. While there is more of the planet than what I'm producing in the map above, I wanted to draw attention to only these 4 land marks.

The Country of Ingenuity

This democratic society marches forward on progress; creating steam tanks, guns, electricity, generators, simple automobiles, mech's and machines, the list goes on! It is not a wealthy country, though it advances everyday with a new invention or idea for the progress of human kind. Twan has 4 capital cities that stand out above the other villages and towns within their nation.

~Graysburg: The most military advanced city in the country. Here, tanks, siege vehicles and weapons for infantry are produced in large quantities. 52% of Twan's weapons come from Graysburg than any other town in the country. Its also Twan's largest military setup where they train their soldiers constantly in order to prepare them with an infantry training facility and the Dragoon corps, where soldiers are trained harder in order to perform the most ridiculous and insane missions..

~Jivet: Twan's Largest city in the country. Every teen looking to further his education after going through grade school make the pilgrimage to Jivet to educate him or herself from one of the 8 colleges, ranging from science and biology to physics to steam work and mechanics. During the evening, the city itself lights up with neon lights with a handful of casino's, a night club and theater district and just a lot more to do. Jivet is more for the denizens in the middle/higher class citizen folk. It's also here where Twan's representatives, The Council, reside where they handle the law that governs all throughout Twan. Every 3 years, A nation wide election is held to place new councilmen into office and replace the those who have served their 1-2 terms, forfeit their position or have been veto'ed.

~Jivet University: College of Science and Physics
~Atlas University: College of Machines and Development
~Kore Community College: College of Greater Education involving all fields of study
~Yuva University: College of Biology and Marine Life
~Plut Community College: College of Agriculture and Steam Works
~Quote University: College of Art and Culture
~Nova Technical: College of Business and Economics
~Lilit University: College of Invention and Politics

~Ireta: This city is located near the south of Twan on the ocean front. Constantly build warships, trade ships, fishing ships and so on; they have prioritized themselves with producing water crafts of various sorts to help them get around their world. Aside from Jivet, they have more casino's setup to drain money in order to pump funds into the shipyards as they prepare Twan's military for war.

~Platue Kine:
A large section of Twan dedicated to livestock and crops; a farmer's capital to be exact. Travelers, artists and inventors stop by this place constantly to gather information, purchase food and get together with family. Its a city of hard workers that put their blood and sweat into their work and defend it at all cost's.

The currency in Twan is Jempt (J)
The currency uses a mix of paper and coins. The coins are refered as Gold, Silver and Bronze.
5 Bronze = 1 Silver
5 Silver = 1 Gold
4 Gold = 1 Jempt

The Country of Kings

A monarchy based society that classify themselves the superior beings to both Yovo and Twan. Diligent's government runs on a set of 3 kings that control the most land to where they can decide the laws on how Diligent can be governed. There are 5 Major Kingdoms in Diligent.

~Crisk: The Largest Kingdom in Diligent and the most advanced by far. Researching more complex vehicles like air planes and blimps, they attempt to control the skies over all of Tiera. The peasants in Crisk are very well educated; at the end of their education, they must choose between serving the military or developing for it. Those that flunk out of school are given a patch of land to grow crops and tend livestock to supply the kingdom with food. By their education standards and the demands of what they want out of everyone, 63% of every class flunks while the remaining 37% decide where they should go.

~Wettle: The 2nd Largest Kingdom in Diligent, their castle and towns placed high up in the mountains. They constantly research medicine to cure any ailment and rely heavily on trade to keep the kingdom in good shape with food among other supplies. They tax their peasants heavily, however health care in Wettle remains free; A citizen catching a cold could see a doctor to get better and not be charged for a bottle of pills even!

~Sharrel: The 3rd largest Kingdom in Diligent and the most friendly to all of Tiera, even to Twan! Located on the ocean shores up north, they barter with both Yovo and Twan with tropical foods and fruits in exchange for raw materials such as wood, metal, glass and stone. Even during wartime, this kingdom prefers to keep out of war and act independently between the 3 countries without taking sides. Between the 3 kings that govern Diligent, the king hailing from this kingdom acts as the voice of reason and beckons for peaceful solutions.

~Hummo: The 4th largest kingdom in diligent, known as the kingdom for the people. Taxes are not heavy and housing remains reasonably fair. The kingdom supports itself on trade from Sharrel and Wettle while merchants from all over diligent gather here to purchase materials to either make or break their own business while living under their king's law. This kingdom is also known as the richest of the 5; although they don't tax their peasants heavily, they charge merchants for transactions going in and out of the kingdom; since this is a hub for all of Diligent's merchants, the kings treasury fills up quickly.

~Kar: The 5th largest kingdom in Diligent. They train their troops to watch the borders of their land and defend their peasants as if they were children. Unlike the others, Kar treats their citizens with very much respect and prosper with the support of their people. Some of Diligent's grunt soldiers are trained here to make 'recruitment' fills.

Diligent uses 1 form of currency that is understandable between all of the kingdoms.
Their currency is refereed to as Bills (~B~)
This currency is pure paper money, minted from Crisk.
This country uses a metric system and does not fall back on using coins or change.

The Country of Life

Small for its size, Yovo runs as a democracy, similar to Twan. Yovo remains peaceful and does not intertwine itself with the affairs of Twan and Diligent, so they deprive themselves of war and have made a pact with Twan and Diligent; To leave their people alone and in turn, they would supply both countries with whatever they produce in order to assist them both through the seasons that come. The country makes their living by trading between the two countries in terms of raw materials in exchange for the food and wine they produce daily. To help further assist Yovo, Twan and Diligent setup two small military bases, one north and one south to help fend off thieves, raiders and bandits that may attempt to harass Yovo; The occupying troops cannot fight each other as apart of their agreement to keep the bases operational and cannot receive or act on orders from both countries to drag Yovo into war. If a country breaks the pact, Yovo will deny assistance to both countries and self-plague their own land to be unusable for development if they were attacked afterwards. There are only 2 capitals in Yovo.

~Kuva: This capital is known for its education and training. While young minds travel here to learn from the eldest and most wise, the most athletic prepare themselves for sports such as martial arts, hiking, baseball, football and other sports. Kuva also houses its own council to help them govern their small country.

~Ellu: This capital is located far east, setting up as a trade depo between the two nations. Sending ships back and forth containing food and other supplies. Neither nation will attack a trade ship from Yovo; less they no longer want their business, even during war times with demand for food becomes very high. It's also in Ellu where the most farmland is located; In terms when crops come in, they can be shipped out immediately.

There is no official currency used by Yovo. The country relies mostly on Twans Jempt currency since it can be used to measure values more promptly.

The Pit
Island of the Damned

This is an island for criminals beyond redemption, being sentenced here is the equivalent to having the death penalty. The island itself has a large tower and is operated by Diligent, Yovo and Twan Wardens, who in themselves prefer not to involve themselves into war. Beneath the tower is a deep, deep, deep pit with no stair case, ladders or railings and at the bottom is a massive cavern with holes and lopsided buildings containing poor souls sent there. There is no escape from the pit; once sent here, there is no way to leave. It is rumored that the wardens decide to hold a cage match once in a while where the prisoners can fight for their freedom, though it's just speculation.

~Character Setup

Name: Who are you? First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Surname, Nickname, Your choice, as long as you can be refereed to as someone.

Description: You may use text to describe yourself or a photo off the net. If its a pic, be mature and keep it PG13. This may be a mature role play, but there are young ones who can find their way into these things. Even then, if the admins stroll in here and see it while I'm away from the forum, It can cause a bit of trouble between yourself and the board admins & moderators.

Age: How old is the character?

Class/Job: What did he or she work as before being cursed? Do they still have that job? A soldier? A cook? A mechanic? A prince?

: (OPTIONAL) You have a choice, you can either become a cursed victim or be an adventurer; or be an adventurer who gets a book later on.

Likes, Dislikes
: What does the character like and dislike?

Combat Technique/Weapon
: Martial Arts? Dual Weapon Wielding? Broad Swords? how does your character fight and defend him or herself?

: Include a detailed story about your character, what their lives were like before becoming cursed. If your character is not cursed, still, put in a detailed description about them and their life.
~Custom Book Listings

Like the iteration before, you can create your own books.
If a custom book from the previous iteration is re-introduced once more, I'll add it to the permanent list.
If more than one user or player likes the book that was not from the previous iteration, they can represent the book to be added to the permanent list; at most, 5 different users must promote their representation.

This is the basic form for a custom Cursed Book.
The forms can be posted here.
Book Name: Name the book.
Curse: What is the user cursed with?
Power: What is the victim given for his suffering? Be fair.
Notes: List all of the drawbacks to the power, what access in your power for how many pages filled, notes to what you can do and what you can not, the severeness of the curse and so on. These notes are required when filling out the form so I and other players can know more about your situation. So don't leave this blank; Otherwise the request will be denied, no matter what.
If you wish to discuss a custom book, want more of an idea what you can do with your or any thoughts, contact me or discuss it amongst the others in the OOC post.

~Book Listings


1. Dark Legacy
Curse: The victim loses his place in the world, any mark in history is considered erased; any great deed he or she has performed is considered undone, you slowly become a figment of everyone's imagination.
Power: Have the ability to use and manipulate shadows. Can form weapons or items of darkness or hide in the night in plain sight.
- The shadows around you morph into any weapon of your choosing, taking on a physical form.
- In broad daylight, anything morphed and formed is weaken and can break easily.
- Starting off, Your worldly deeds go unnoticed, followed by any memory of close friends and lovers, the victims family starts to forget him or her, the victim then will forget who he or she is questioning their existence.

2. Blind Oath
Curse: Victims under Blind Oath slowly loose their vision until they are blind.
Power: Control and manipulate the Earth
- The loss of the victims vision is dependent on the progress he or she has made with their book as they work towards lifting their curse.
-- At first, everything seemed to be tinted gray a bit as they soon become color blind as the victim progresses, the start losing their sight when they reach the 1/2 way point and remain blind until their book is complete.

3. Blue Moon
Curse: The victim becomes vampire
Power: The victim can create illusions and push the actions of those illusions to become a reality.
- Cannot die from sunlight, water, garlic, or religious symbols. These things will sting and harm the victim slightly.
- The victim will require to drink blood in order to keep him or herself alive.
-- Starting on a blank book No need, towards A few drops per week, followed by a gallon, the lust for blood continues until the book is filled.

4. Lost Memory
Curse: Victims will start to loose their own memories
Power: Victims will be able to shape shift.
- Victims will start losing their most distance memories at first, such as basic day to day life tasks. The memories following as the progress to break their curse are memories dealing towards friends, where they work, lovers people close to them. The memories following after friends are the memories dealing with family, then towards their childhood until they can't remember a thing worth their life.
- At first, the victim will be able to shape shift parts of his or her body, such as creating a knife with one hand or a key. As their curse progresses, the range of what they can morph into expands; animals, humans and so forth. The range continues to grow as they can become single weapons of destruction.

5. Deathly Silence
Curse: Victims slowly become unable to speak
Power: Victims will gain super human physical speed; Their bodies will also become more dense in order to combat any health problems caused when racing at such speed. Acrobatics, abilities to jump are vastly improved as well
- The victims speed is dependent on the progress made within the book.
-- [Blank]+4 mph --> +8 mph --> +16 mph --> +32 mph --> [halfway]+64 mph --> +128 mph --> +256 mph --> +512 mph --> +1024 mph --> +2050 mph[filled]

6. Fury
Curse: Victim will burn all he or she will touch. Flame resistant clothes will be needed and are provided story wise.
power: The victims will be able to control fire, even start fires in the palm of their hands.
- Anyone that touches will catch fire, touching human flesh will only cause 2nd degree burns. Excessive touching can prove deadly.
- Likewise, anything that can't be burnt will be melted or evaporate.
- Like the other books, the victims power in the use of flames will grow as their curse progresses. the effectiveness of what they burn on touch will become more potent as well.

7. Sky
Curse: Victims will lose their physical strength and become more frail.
Power: Victims will be able to change the weather and control its elements.
- The severity of weather changes will depend on the progress with the book. In order, the stages of weather that can be summoned.
- The victim will not feel lose of strength at first. As the progress, they will slowly loose their ability to lift heavier objects and even loose their ability to travel long distances until they can barely climb.
-- [Blank]Light rain/drizzle --> Rain --> Heavy Rain --> [Halfway filled]freezing rain and/or hail --> Snow --> Blizzard --> cloudy day --> Searing heat --> Clear skies. [Filled]

8. Drifter
Curse: Victims Having ahold of drifter will slowly lose their personality, the curse eating away at their ego and id until they become hollow, cold and uncaring for what happens to them or others
Power: Like Fury, the victims will be able to control and form ice.
- At beginning, minimal personality loss. The more the book is filled however, the more the victims personality and life becomes nothing. In order, the loss of emotions in comparison to text filled.
-- [Blank] Loss of neutrality --> Loss of happiness --> [Halfway filled]Loss of sadness/pity --> Loss of anger/hate --> Loss of love/envy/lust --> Loss of all emotion --> Loss of meaning of life/motivation to stay alive[near filled] --> Regain all emotions and meaning [Filled]

9. Red Sun
Curse: Victims will become Werewolves and will be unable to revert to human beings.
Power: Victims will have the ability to sense things ahead of time and communicate telepathically.
- Unlike this books counter part, the Blue Moon, Red Sun carriers will be unable to keep awake or stay physically fit during daylight hours.
- Victims will have increased strength to go with their cursed transformations.

10. Shadows
Curse: The Victim becomes slowly becomes unseen.
Power: Victims become immune to physical attacks, poisons and diseases
- Can still be affected by heat/cold/spiritual related attacks.
- Cannot be touched, but can be heard. Any object that cursed individual touches is also invisible, but only as long as it is touched.
-They still remain seen as long as their book is blank, as the book fills and their power progresses, they become more faded out until they remain unseen.
-Victims become immune to small cuts and swords at first, as their book progresses, the then become immune to sickness and poisons; from here their bodies become more durable until nothing can truly harm them.

11. Honor
Curse: You're half dead. No one sees you except those close to you.
Power: Ability to fuse things, Alchemy
- Closeness is dependent on the time spent with a person. If meetings with the person are 273 or over, OR if you spend over 72 hours in a row with the person at any given time, you are considered 'close.'
- No heartbeat, staying alive on spirit alone.
- Amount of things that can be alchemized are dependent on the length of how many words are in the book. Starts out at a size no bigger than an apple. End result is a circle with a radius of 15 feet.

12. Zeus
Curse: Victims lose all morality
Power: Ability to control lightning/electricity
- At first, you only start to make choices with your interests and those close to you in mind. Eventually, choices made may be centered around your own, you no longer have a conscience to tell you right from wrong or cause any guilt.
- Can control lightning from the sky or can produce it from oneself, or anything that is considered high voltage.

13. Oblivion
Curse: Your body and skin become a Dark Pitch Black color, to where no light can escape.
Power: Control Gravity
-At first, power only maxes to adding or reducing 5lb.
-Can levitate items providing the max power is within range.
-[Blank] 5lb. --> 10lb. --> 25lb. --> 90lb. --> [Half Way finished] 250lb. --> 400lb. --> 800lb. --> Can create Blackholes, 1500lb. --> [finished] Lift or crush ANYTHING known to man, alien or animal.
-Blanks remain as they are, their body pigmant turns blacker and darker as their book progresses.
-No Black jokes, please.


~This Roleplay is rated M: Language and a lot of fighting will be taking place here in Tiera, don't get comfortable.

~Follow the TOS

~Be mature, not childish.

~Regular Character profiles can become cursed later on in the story as the adventure progresses.

~Non-cursed people who steal or borrow a book from an owner will be able to 'borrow' the power from it's original owner, though the one borrowing that power must pay the price.

~The price to pay is to suffer the same curse as the original owner at the curse's current strength.

~The price paid is permanent and can stack or overlap.

~The price paid is removed if the original owner finishes his book.

~If the original owner reaches the book of chains and alters his fate to remove the book in this sense; the price paid will not be removed

~Those who have paid the price may use the Book of Chains to remove the price.

~Stealing/Borrowing a book after it's completion will no longer allow the new owner to 'borrow' a power; but reset the book itself to the possession of the new owner.


~Claiming a Cursed Book will grant you both a power and a curse you must carry with you throughout the course of the RP.

~All CURSED book users books are BLANK at first, every page start to back.

~With each step and event of your life that passes, they will be recorded to your books.

~The books will write themselves, so there is no need to attempt to write the tale yourself. All attempts used to write or draw in these books will vanish if you attempt to forge your way through it.

~The more of your life recorded within your book, the more powerful your character becomes.

~When the book is completed with a word on every page. You are free and have lifted your curse.

~When you become free, the power you obtained remains with you, you get too keep it; as a reward for your suffering and choosing to live on.

~You must have your book with you at all times. If you do not. The book will not write and thus cannot finish, placing you under the curse until you recover your book.

~If your Book is Destroyed, you are stuck with your curse for life and cannot revert to your former self before hand. All the books have seals to prevent damage to a certain degree such as average camp fires, and a reinforced spine & body. Extensive hits or exposure to magma and such will start tearing at the book, once its ripped in half or burned or anything, your done and have no hope of returning to being human.

~If your book has been destroyed, you also lose your power that came with it. The book is indeed the MAIN SOURCE of your power.

~The degree of your curse remains after the book has been destroyed.

~If your book is stolen, you still have your power irregardless until it is destroyed or recovered.

~If you finish your book before it's destruction, the power is still yours for keeps and the cursed is permanently removed, even if the book is destroyed.

~If you attempt to re-curse yourself to the same book in an attempt to gain more power, it will not work nor with any other books of the same title, curse and power they give.

~It is possible to dual wield or carry books providing they are different powers. In exchange, your life will be much, much harder.

~These rules above can be ignored if you recover the 'Book of Chains' from the main antagonist and alter your fate to be free. This rule applies to those who have books. However, if you still HAVE your book after recovering the 'Book of Chains' and release yourself, you lose your power along with it. If you still want too keep your power and be free of your curse, you must remain on the path and finish it.

Ill never tell.
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Video Game Development

Unlike before, where I have failed to make a video game, I am going to re-attempt it to succeed. The game will be loosely based on this Role Play's Story and characters.

Legal Work: Characters
In your character setup, if you want your character to be apart of the game, you must specifically write that I can have full rights to do with what I wish with the character during game development and I have commercial free rights to do so.

Basically, I can use your characters to make money by selling the video game off. I will be giving a free copy of the game to those who allow me access to the board users for these characters as a sign of good will.

I'm going to allow the users who participate in the RP decide the games fate for once. An RPG, A tactics game, an FPS, a top down RTS, if the participants can all agree on a genre and game mechanics; It's what I'll build the game around.

In this post, I'll write out the progress on the decisions made; finalized and what will be worked on. The game will be worked on in steps, starting with step one, game mechanics.

Keep all discussions about game development in the Setup, please.

Only users who have joined may give input to the development.


Step 1: Game Mechanics


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Oh man, it's been a while since I've even thought on Cursed Books- quite tempting, Quto. Quite tempting indeed.

I'm not sure if I'll throw Iziel back in- or any characters for that matter- at the current moment, mostly because of responsibilities and already pending things across the board. But for now, I wish you luck! wow I guess this was kind of pointless
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Seeing this has caught my interest (Due to it being an RP that has only recently been put up that I can join in before I feel like I'm left out.) A very interesting idea with a very interesting world. I'll be working on an SU very soon and will make sure it's as well polished as your post. I'll be doing it in increments to make sure it's good to, while keeping the ideas down on a place I wont lose them.
So awesome that its a win^_^


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I'mma leave this year while I work on it.

Name: Simply Taka

Description: You may use text to describe yourself or a photo off the net. If its a pic, be mature and keep it PG13. This may be a mature role play, but there are young ones who can find their way into these things. Even then, if the admins stroll in here and see it while I'm away from the forum, It can cause a bit of trouble between yourself and the board admins & moderators.

Age: 26

Class/Job: What did he or she work as before being cursed? Do they still have that job? A soldier? A cook? A mechanic? A prince?

Book: Deathly Silence
Taka has had the book for a few months.

Likes, Dislikes: What does the character like and dislike?

Combat Technique/Weapon: Taka is a master martial artist. He spends the vast majority of his time training in the wilderness, making his body stronger and more durable. He uses a smooth, flowing form of martial arts that emphasizes on dodging, a few powerful hits, and the use of the environment to overcome opponents.

History/Biography: Include a detailed story about your character, what their lives were like before becoming cursed. If your character is not cursed, still, put in a detailed description about them and their life.
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Folks, I had been thinking based on the title of the RP.
For ages, it's been called cursed books, but if I went commercial with this, would cursed books still hold up as a title? I had been thinking of other titles to rename this such as "I Who Defy Fate" or "Chapters of the Journeymen." Any thoughts?

Also, I'll be posting my own profile soon and launching the IC.


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Both are fairly good titles and the mechanics aren't something that reaches my own mind at the current moment. I could think of some way the mechanics could work, but we'd have to settle with a genre to go for first. I'll be on/off for some time as I work around with the CS. If anyone needs to contact me, PM me for my Skype info.
So awesome that its a win^_^
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