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Old February 10th, 2018 (3:46 AM).
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    Home-and-Away Dexlocke Challenge

    For a while now I have attempted different kinds of Nuzlocke and either failed the challenge or grown bored of the Pokemon that I have ended up playing with. While the random nature of the challenge is great, I still feel that there could be a better way of playing a challenge that will keep me engaged with the gameplay so that I’ll actually finish the venture. So, my Home-and-Away Dexlocke was born!


    • Start any game compatible with Pokemon Bank. This game is your “Home” game.
    • Select a different region to the game that you are playing. This is your “Away” game.
    • Only 1 Pokemon of each evolutionary line that was introduced in your Away game can be used during the challenge. This will be the basic stage of the Pokemon and at level 1.
    • Treat each badge-to-badge section of the game as a chance to import new level 1 Pokemon from your Away game to the Home game (these would be bred on another save file and sent to Pokemon Bank to transfer).
    • The list of useable Pokemon in your Home game is defined by the list that is available in the corresponding section of the Away game.
    • Type clause is in effect meaning that only the basic stage Pokemon of every evolutionary line can be imported from the Away game ONLY ONCE.
    • Create two special boxes in your PC: the Graveyard and the Hall of Fame.
    • If any Pokemon faint at any point through the playthrough they are considered dead and must go to the Graveyard.
    • Gym and major battles have the following limitations: You may only use UP TO the same number of Pokemon as the Gym Leader/Boss/Rival. You may only use items in battle less than or equal to the number of Pokemon on the opposing team.
    • After gym/major battles, irrespective of whether or not they fainted, the Pokemon that are used to win are permanently boxed. This will be the Graveyard box for any that died or the Hall of Fame box for any that survived.
    • Major battles include Team Boss and Rival battles.
    • Shiny clause is in effect, with a twist. If a shiny from the Home game is caught, it may remain in the main party and take part in major battles without being relegated to the Hall of Fame. It does, however, go to the Graveyard if it faints.
    • The Elite Four shall be treated as one large battle since the Box cannot be accessed mid battle. i.e. the level limit is the top level of the E4 member being battled and this naturally shifts with progress from member to member. Beating the E4 and champion is the end of the challenge.
    • Total your points at the end of the challenge as follows: +2 for each Pokemon in the Graveyard, +3 for every Pokemon in the Hall of Fame. Lowest number of points wins (or is your target to beat on your next challenge).

    Here's an example

    • I start playing Alpha Sapphire (Home) but want to run a Red (Away) challenge.
    • In the first section of AS, Littleroot to the Stone Badge, the only Pokemon that I can import are from the equivalent section of the game in Red. This would be Pallet Town to the Boulder Badge. This limits me to importing one of each of: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Rattata, Pidgey, Nidoran (M and F), Spearow, Caterpie, Weedle and Pichu (Pikachu).
    • When I battle Roxanne, the level limit is 14 and I can only use up to 2 Pokemon and up to 2 items since she only uses 2 Pokemon.

    • Let’s say I used Bulbasaur and Squirtle but Bulbasaur was so good that Squirtle wasn’t even used in battle. Both Pokemon would go to the Hall of Fame box and would not be able to be used again.
    • Let’s say I used Pidgey and Nidoran M and that Pidgey fainted in battle but Nidoran won it for me. Pidgey would go to the Graveyard and Nidoran to the Hall of Fame box.
    • Finally, let’s say that I used Rattata and an evolved Beedrill but both fell in battle to Roxanne. Both would go to the Graveyard and I would have to challenge Roxanne again with a different pair.

    • Moving on to the next section of the game (Stone badge to Knuckle badge) I would not be able to get any of the previously encountered Pokemon again. So, for this example, I’d import a level 1 of each of the following since they are new encounters between the Boulder badge and Cascade badge: Igglybuff (Jigglypuff), Ekans, Zubat, Geodude, Paras and Cleffa (Clefairy).
    • Then, battling Brawly, I could only use up to 2 Pokemon with max level 16, and up to 2 items in battle.
    • And so on…

    Please sign up with the following form:

    Forum User Name:
    Home game:
    Away game:

    Forum User Name: Living Arrow
    Home game: Y
    Away game: White


    Living Arrow:


    Living Arrow: Y (Home) and White (Away)


    Living Arrow:

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    Old February 10th, 2018 (12:33 PM).
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    Do you think this could be played in older gens without Pokemon Bank by hacking in Pokemon at level 1?
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    Old February 21st, 2018 (10:11 PM).
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      Originally Posted by Janp View Post

      Do you think this could be played in older gens without Pokemon Bank by hacking in Pokemon at level 1?
      I’m curious about this as well because I don’t even have Pokémon Bank.

      Shiny Pokemon I have caught: Rapidash (SS), Linoone (E), Spinda (E), Bibarel (Pt), Weedle (FR), Garbodor (X), Chansey(x5) (X), Audino(x2) (X), Flechinder (Mn), Whiscash (Mn), Magby (Mn), Caterpie (X)

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