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Old January 9th, 2018 (5:43 AM).
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This is fine.
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A solid way to end the year. Not a single day below 5,000 views! \o/ Again, less than last December but that had SM article views while here USUM is always going to hold less interest, sales, etc.

The Raw Numbers
December total views: 231,957 (November: 346,777, October: 56,680)
December total visitors: 152,631 (November: 215,790, October: 39,465)
December average views/day: 7,482 (November: 11,559, October: 1,828)
Daily High Score: 10,468 (Best ever: 78,064 views, November: 41,643)
Lowest Score (for a full day): 5,427 (November: 1,334, October: 1,352)
Number of 100+ days: 31 (November: 30, October: 31)

Image of hits/day:

Jump around/after Christmas would be a spike in views for USUM articles due to people only getting the game then.

Articles visited since start of month until 1st Jan:

(Note that articles posted in the month have the orange tab to the left. Those with < 50 hits in the month were cut for image size.)

Similar story to last month with USUM articles at the top, with the occasional exception (e.g. the Crystal article due to it being announced, and SM articles). The best December article was the Master Ball one, and we were late on that news! GO news was next due to gen 3 Pokemon and shinys discovered. Next was the 2018 movie teaser article, followed by the pros/cons of rom hacking/game dev article by Rainbow and Jake's article. The Ultra Ride guide article was released late in the month but probably was hampered due to lateness with views...

Google-specific stats ('clicks' = views, lower than total stats):

Mantine surfing!

Search engines terms (what people put in anything but Google to get to the magazine.

(Removed those that gave only < 5 clicks.)

Expected terms at the top.

Google search terms by clickthrough rate (CTR; top 50):

And again!

The funny and weird searches (that got clicks, and including google) include:
pokeon daul
dx daily
+what pokemon sos persian
mystery dungeon time
kommo-o is ou
goomy ultra sun metapod
why is gladion upset at lillie
ultrasun mt hipnosis
Google's top clicked pages (top 50):

(Removed those that gave only one click.)

Referrers (what sites people came from to visit the magazine):

Clicks (links clicked in articles)

People checking out info on the Master Ball and the Global Missions.

Country breakdown:

US on top.


2017 stats will come later this month! LMK what you'd like to see. Also going to post an additional small something tomorrow. ~
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Old January 9th, 2018 (11:38 AM).
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Maaaaan, we really need to improve the comments. 28k views for the mantine article in December and not a single comment in that month.

Excellent month again team, good work everyone!

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