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    Finally have a new update since signing up in the new thread! I was working on my ghost challenge and skipped Platinum because I had just recently played through it, I'll go back to it eventually, so I decided to play White first and finished it just now. Don't have any screenshots or anything since I was playing on my actual cartridge. Going against normal types was a bit difficult since most of my mons only had ghost attacks for a good portion of the game, but that eventually changed and it was mostly smooth sailing from there.

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    Elric the Golurk
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      Heart Gold is finished. Pearl is up next, but I'm not really looking forward to it. I just personally don't like the Sinnoh games.

      Part 2

      In the Rocket Base, I noticed Omen was just one level away from evolving. I focused on turning him into a Golem first, then I just tried to shuffle the party around to keep the lowest-level mons in front while we beat up on Rocket members. Most of the stuff in the base was no problem, since they were generally Poison or Normal type.

      I knocked out the next three gyms pretty quick, but I still didn't have my Swinub. I had hoped to have it before the Radio Tower at least, but as far as I can tell, the Ice Path is inaccessible until after that event. I caught my Swinub and spent a while leveling it up, until I eventually had myself a Mamoswine. It was a lot of effort for that late stage of the game, but Mamoswine was helpful with the 8th gym and the Elite Four. I named him "Outlaw".

      I actually managed to beat the Kimono Girls on my first try, but it took a lot of potions. My Quagsire did almost all of the work in these fights, since he could use Amnesia and soak the hits better than the rest of the team.

      I had to grind for a little bit before taking on the Elite Four, but they're all fairly low-level the first time you fight them, so we only had to train for an hour or two. The biggest challenges of fighting them were figuring out who to lead with and when to use Omen's Explosion. I had to rematch Will several times before I eventually found success with the Quagsire + Amnesia strategy. Then, the next three matches were no problem. I had to restart the match with Lance several times before I found a strategy that could deal with his Gyarados, too. Eventually, I was able to get off an explosion with Omen and OHKO it. I had some good resistances to the rest of his team, so I was able to Hyper Potion spam through the hard-hitting moves and then pick off the weakened monsters.

      It was a close race between Golem & Quagsire, but my Golem was the MVP for this run. It makes me kinda sad that I didn't have a way to get Golem in my GBA games. Maybe I should have just run with Graveler all the way to the end of those games. The Geodude line is extremely helpful. I'm definitely seeing why it's consistently ranked high in the in-game tier rankings.

      Final Team:
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        Just wondering if my Leaf Green is ever going to be ticked off? It was my first completion (on page one of this thread) prior to Heart Gold or Emerald (but those two have both been marked off).

        every accomplishment starts with the decision to try
        sun diaryplatinum diary
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          Sinnoh? More like Sooooooo Slooooooow.

          Here's my first Pearl progress:

          Part 1
          Pearl is off to a slow start. So far, I only have one gym badge. The first gym was Rock-Type, so it was no problem for my Turtwig & my Geodude. After Roark’s gym, I caught a Shellos and an Onix. I debated about whether it was worth it to farm for a Metal Coat again, and I decided it would be easier than farming Honey Trees. So I’m going to have Steelix on my final team, instead of Wormadam, which was my original plan. We’re currently knocking on the door of the Eterna Gym, but it’s Grass type, and most of my team is 2x or 4x weak to Grass. I may have to do some overlevelling before I can clear this one.

          I’m giving my team cartoon-themed names. So far, I have a Grotle named Splinter, a Geodude named Rocko, a Shellos named Slurm, and an Onix named Max Steel.

          Current Team:
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          ty for the changes to rules volga! nao i can does my ICE ICE BABY in sun ok time!
          Seriously though, not being stuck with a pure-normal and pure-Fighting Pokémon until Victory Road is going to be nice.

          Forum User Name: Decidueye
          Game(s): Sun
          Pokémon Type: Ice
          Single/Ultimate/Free Mode?: Single

          There are some things I do intend to do that should be allowed in the rules but I might not do in, say, a Grass mono. If anyone (read: Volga) has any objections to these, tell me now.
          - Hack in an Alolan Sandshrew after obtaining starter (Rule 5)
          - Trade Crabrawler and Eevee to Moon and evolve them at 30 (Rule 5 Update)
          - Catch a crap ton (I think 41) of off-type Pokémon as soon as I complete Kiawe's trial to unlock rank 2 Isle Alphun. This is to acquire a second Ice Stone. I'd prefer to hack it in once I get the first one in Po Town, but this will have to do.
          - Use a Delibird, albeit temporarily. Just thought I'd point this out.
          - While I'm hacking in my starter I'll likely put all the outfits on my game as well, specifically the Moon-exclusive ones. I need to match my type colour-wise in a mono-run.

          Don't worry, I haven't forgotten my Steel mono. I got to vilestone and am in the gym now. Figured moving one town wasn't enough to warrant an update. And my Nuzlocke on Sun just finished, I'll update that when I wake up.

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            Sign Up

            Username: Xander729
            Game: Alpha Sapphire
            Type: FAIRY
            Mode: Free, so I can use mega stones, but I'm limiting myself to 1, (I need Mega Altaria as a 4th member and it only becomes Fairy with mega evolution, I will only use it as a mega though, so I'm not breaking any rules
            Completed Challenges

            Fire Monotype - X
            Potterlocke - X
            Nidoking Solo- Red
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              Be great if i could at least be added to the Ultimate Challengers list (Fire Red and Crystal are completed)

              Pokemon Moon Firemono Update:

              Went on further past seafolk villiage, defeated all the trainers, and the dancer with her 4 oricorio, my oricorio doing most of the work torkoal beating pompom. got over to hapu, went to exeggutor island and destroyed the exeggutor with torkoal, got the moon flute and went on to the canyon.
              VS Hapu
              Ground VS Fire was never going to be easy. i thought torkoal could take out Dugtrio but it outsped, sandstorm up, dodged flamethrower, hit earthquake, dodged flamethrower again, and finished with Earthquake. oricorio took a sucker punch crit and hit back with revelation dance, healed, took another sucker punch and revelation dance finished it. up next was Gastrodon, magmortar got sunny day up, took a muddy water, and OHKO with solarbeam. mudsdale took a solarbeam and finished me with Tectonic Rage, incineroar finished it with a darkest lariat, finally flygon took a darkest lariat and hit earth power, switched to oricorio and after some air slashes and a ton of chipping and parahax, flygon won. incineroar finished with darkest lariat.

              went on through the canyon beating all the trainers, got to the totem.
              VS Totem Kommo-o
              protect, blocked hurricane, summon the middle form, hit clanging scales and autotomize, hurricane took about 2/3. clanging scales + work up finished oricorio. incineroar immediately died to a double sky uppercut cuz forgot dark type. leave it to marowak to take a clanging scales while the other one used work up and finish with brick break, work up and another brick break took about half, a 4th work up and another brick break finished it off.

              Update: League Unleashed!

              Went on to altar of the Moon, and to the Ultra Space, saw 2nd most badass cutscene in pokemon beaten only by giratina's appearance in platinum.
              VS Lusamine
              after a couple of nasty plots, sludge wave STILL didnt ohko clefable, thankfully it was using metronome and did barely any damage. 2nd one took it out. after a stall battle with milotic blocking 3 hydro pumps, dodging a 4th and tanking a 5th, torkoal couldnt do enough damage with solarbeam, it kept recovering. magmortar couldnt do it either barely outdamaging the recover with solarbeam. brought in incineroar cuz out of hydro pump to set up some bulk ups and finish with darkest lariat. oricorio took a baby doll eyes and missed hurricane, hit a 2nd attempt to OHKO bewear. last was lilligant and after a leech seed i went out with a bang OHKO with Malicious Moonsault.
              caught Lunala in a luxury ball. sent straight to box, had Nanu take me back to Ula Ula.
              VS Gladion
              Crobat hit acrobatics, got bulk up, cross poison, bulk up, cross poison crit, darkest Lariat OHKO. next came silvally which hit multi attack and took a solarbeam, then a 2nd round of that. went for it again thinking he would heal, nope went for an attack and quick claw triggered so torkoal outsped and solarbeam took it out. lucario hit magmortar with an aura sphere and died to flamethrower before oricorio took a night slash from weavile and OHKOd with revelation dance
              Went to the top, taught Marowak shadow bone and flare blitz, taught Incineroar flare Blitz
              VS Hau
              dumb dumb me led with Salazzle against alolan raichu, yeah out of there ASAP for incineroar, psychic did nothing. took a focus blast and OHKOd with darkest lariat. vaporeon hit baby doll eyes and got up sunny day with magmortar, took a hydro pump and hit solarbeam, another baby doll eyes and psychic to take it into solarbeam KO Range, took another hydro pump and solarbeam took it out. next was Komala and oh god, hit marowak with earthquake i didnt know it had, then took a brick break, got out of there for oricorio predicting another one, but nope shadow claw, dodged hurricane and hit another shadow claw, then KOd with a sucker punch i didnt know it had. torkoal took a crit EQ and hit flamethrower then died to a 2nd EQ, leave it to salazzle to finish with flamethrower, with the sun still up another flamethrower took out Decidueye

              VS Hala
              first came hariyama, took a fake out, nasty plot and close combat followed, a sludge wave didnt quite finish it and i got close combatted to death, marowak got outsped and knock off'd but finished with shadow bone. next was poliwrath and after a fierce fight, a full restore and 4 solarbeams, poliwrath defeated torkoal, oricorio finished with revelation dance, next came primeape, hit outrage then died to hurricane. crabominable straight up died to hurricane, luck ran out with bewear, dodged hurricane and hit hammer arm for the KO, magmortar hit psychic, dodged a hammer arm and finished the fight with a 2nd psychic.

              VS Olivia
              Easily the toughest battle of the whole run. relicanth is simple enough torkoal OHKOd with solarbeam, then came the big one, lycanroc. after protecting myself from continental crush i solarbeamed it for big damage and took a stone edge, a 2nd KOd me, incineroar took a stone edge and got bulk up, healed and another, healed and another, healed and this time a crunch!? out of stone edges! darkest lariat...wait how did i outspeed it? barely survived and counter. well fk, there goes incineroar. salazzle toxiced it and hit sludge wave, got a nasty plot up and took a rock climb then dodged one, flamethrower finished it. next came probopass, took flamethrower well and KOd with power gem, marowak almost KOd with brick break but not quite, got thunder waved. sandstorm followed by another brick break, then power gem and another brick break, power gem again and a final brick break finished probopass. carbink was next and after sunny day a solarbeam then flamethrower and solarbeam to avoid another full restore (takign two power gems in the process) finished it. lastly came golem, hit solarbeam and died to thunderpunch, foddered marowak reviving magmortar, got sunny day up, took a thunderpunch and triggered flame body before a final solarbeam ended it.

              VS Acerola
              Clean sweep for Incineroar. tormented sableye as it used confuse ray (t1 was fake out) then took a shadow claw, got a bulk up, she had to confuse ray again cuz of torment and it didnt work obv, snapped out of initial confusion and OHKO with flare blitz, pallossand was next and not taking any chances Malicious Moonsauilt OHKO, dhelmise got outsped and OHKOd with flare blitz, froslass was a little annoying with confuse ray but after healing a darkest lariat finished it, healed on drifblim just in case, used amnesia. darkest lariat OHKOd took aftermath damage and done.

              VS Kahlili
              Annoying but another incineroar sweep, skarmory hit slash, got bulk up, spikes, lariat, spikes, lariat KO. mandibuzz was next hit flare blitz, confused with flatter, hit flare blitz, brave bird took me almost down, full restored and flare blitz finished it. up next was toucannon and it screeched then flare blitz straight up OHKOd, oricorio hit teeter dance and died to darkest lariat, finally was crobat, got flinched by air slash, healed and took another one, got supersonicd (question WHY!? crobat learns confuse ray fairly early on as a golbat, why keep supersonic?) hit self, got air slashed, hit self, healed, air slash, supersonic, hit self, healed, air slash, supersonic miss, Malicious Moonsault OHKO.

              VS Kukui
              A real battle for the ages this one. up first was lycanroc against torkoal, set up stealth rock and took a solarbeam, he healed it, another solarbeam, quick claw solarbeam finished it. snorlax vs incineroar, got a bulk up took a high horsepower and crit KO sadly, marowak took a good chunk with brick break then i got hit with high horsepower, revived incineroar as he switched for Primarina, decided to waste its Hydro Vortex on the low health marowak, torkoal came in but evne with sun up sparkling aria was an OHKO, salazzle outsped hit sludge wave but met the same fate, foddered magmortar to revive salazzle and finish with another sludge wave. snorlax came back in and so did incineroar tormented it right off and got bulk ups before healing, taking another high horsepower and finishing with darkest lariat, braviary came in and i was saving the Z move but i shouldve used it, went for darkest lariat instead and it barely survived and whirlwinded me out, he healed as torkoal took a chunk with flamethrower, got tailwind up and took another flamethrower a third flamethrower finished it (mustve gone for whirlwind) incineroar got taken to 9hp by magnezone and took it down to sturdy with flare blitz, RIP. he healed and salazzle took it down again, tailwind let it outspeed and KO salazzle, torkoal is my last poke tailwind dies i take a tbolt revivng Incineroar with my very last revive (Max thankfully) and get paralyzed, quick claw triggered and flamethrower took it out. ninetales alola was the final poke, took a blizzard, hit flamethrower, both healed, sun died out, hit body slam, took a blizzard, flamethrower almost took it out. took another blizzard, thought it was gonna die and incineroar would finish the job. but little Tortoise shines through with another quick claw proc and a final Flamethrower.

              Don't think i'll go for the extra stuff seeing as how i didnt do it in my last playthrough which was a normal playthrough, so this would be my first time and i'd rather not try it with a challenge team.

              so with that
              Pokemon Moon: Fire Monotype done!
              Games still to complete:
              Platinum (4/8)
              White (1/8)

              Final Team

              Orchid LV 58 Incineroar
              Incinium Z
              Flare Blitz
              Darkest Lariat
              Bulk Up

              Stylin LV 56 Salazzle
              Black Sludge
              Sludge Wave
              Nasty Plot

              Flambé LV 55 Magmortar
              Sunny Day

              Volcana LV 56 Marowak Alola
              Firium Z
              Shadow Bone
              Brick Break
              Stomping Tantrum
              Flare Blitz

              Tetsudo LV 56 Torkoal
              Quick Claw
              Body Slam

              Don Flamenco LV 56 Oricorio-Baile
              Sharp Beak
              Revelation Dance
              Teeter Dance

              MVP: Incineroar
              Was there ever any doubt? i havent used the other 2 starters yet (probably will pick one of them in UM) but in my 2 playthroughs of moon so far Incineroar has been hands down the best poke, darkest lariat is too good, bulk up is a great move that it gets super early and it just all round never really showed any signs of being bad. flare blitz at the end helped a lot
              i cant pick one, for once all of my pokemon were good at one point or another, Marowak i guess due to not having any good STAB moves for a long time but its variety and decent stats helped me edge out Olivia twice so even it was useful
              Unexpectedly Useful Move: Torment
              Preventing the same move being used twice in a row is incredibly helpful believe it or not, saved my ass against totem Wishiwashi and totem Mimikyu as well as helping against acerola and kukui in the league
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                I played a little bit more Pearl Mono Ground this weekend, but I've also been playing Zelda:BOTW, Animal Crossing:NL, and Mario Kart 8D.

                Part 2

                I actually did farm some honey trees, and I managed to get a female Burmy. However, I looked at a list of the moves Wormadam could learn in 4th Gen and didn't see any decent Bug moves. So I boxed that Pokemon and moved on. I had to rematch Gardenia several times, but eventually we won. Grotle was the key to our success, just because he wasn't getting hit insanely hard by the Grass-type moves.

                I caught a Wooper and named her Blue, but I can't remember if that was before or after the third gym. Anyway, gyms 3 - 6 were all kind of a blur. None of them were a major challenge. I was just super anxious because I wanted to get through all the story events and all the gyms to be able to finally get into Wayward Cave and get my Gible. I caught one today and named her Ripster, but I have to do a lot of training to get her up to the same level as the rest of the team.

                So far, the team has been pretty well balanced, with Splinter taking a slight lead. I'm curious to see if Ripster will be able to catch up at this late stage of the game and earn more victory points than the rest of the team. She arrived late in the game, but I suspect she's going to be a powerhouse.

                Current Team:
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                  I signed up on the previous thread and left my run until yesterday when I finally completed it. Do I just have to sign up again and report my victory (with pictures) or should I just leave it and start a new run? If the former, here are the details first of all:

                  Forum User Name: Quizas
                  Pokémon Type: Normal
                  Challenge Mode: Single
                  Game(s): FireRed
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                    Don't know if this thread is still being monitored, but I'd love to give this a try!

                    Forum User Name: RayBeforeJay
                    Game(s): Pokemon Sun
                    Pokémon Type: Ghost
                    Single/Ultimate/Free Mode?: Single. For now

                    Edit: Does anyone think I can catch a ghost type before gym 2? I'm not too far into Pokemon Sun
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                      Originally Posted by raybeforejay View Post
                      Don't know if this thread is still being monitored, but I'd love to give this a try!

                      Forum User Name: RayBeforeJay
                      Game(s): Pokemon Sun
                      Pokémon Type: Ghost
                      Single/Ultimate/Free Mode?: Single. For now

                      Edit: Does anyone think I can catch a ghost type before gym 2? I'm not too far into Pokemon Sun
                      It's still being monitored, I just update it very slowly. :p

                      And yes, you can get Gastly, Drifloon, and Misdreavus in Hau'oli Cemetary. As well as Litwick if you use Island Scan on Saturday, also in Hau'oli Cemetary.
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