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Name: Kira Wolf || Day: Monday, September 21 || Time: Day
Location: West Wilds

One Egg-citeing Adventure

Kira grumbled as she felt something cool splash her face. Groggily, she wiped off her face with the back of her arm “Water…” she muttered to herself.

Kira quickly shot awake as she realized where the water came from. Turning to her left Azure stood squaring off against a larger yellow Pokemon with black, boxing glove hands. Heaving a large tree limb, he threw it in Azure’s direction.

“Azure quick! Brine!” Kira called out, scrambling to her feet. With a large burst of water Azure shot the tree limb from the sky, breaking it in half and sending it twirling to the left and right.

“Alright Azure, The Makuhita this time! Brine!” Kira called out. Azure however uncharacteristically didn’t follow her orders, instead turning towards her with a happy, welcoming bark. The Makuhita as well seemed to give a friendly wave before shuffling through a nearby bush, pulling out another tree limb.

“Azure!” Kira called out, still not exactly grasping the situation. The Makuhita appeared to call out to Azure before heaving another tree limb towards him, one Azure breaks in half with another salty burst of water.

Finally understanding the situation, Kira breathed a sigh of relief. Silently thanking Azure’s tendency to make friends. “Hey Nyx, you up?” Kira asked, quickly spotting the small fox alone a few feet away.

Kira quickly dug through her bag for a box, from inside pulling out a few palm sized pink berries. “Hey, it’s not much, but I got a bit for you to eat here if you’re hungry.” Kira said as she approached the sulking fox, holding the food out for her.

Nyx gave an angry cry as she clawed at Kira’s hand, glaring at her trainer as she disregarded the offering.

Kira gave a small yelp in surprise as she was clawed at, dropping the berries and grasping at her hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding. “I guess I deserve that… I’m so sorry Nyx.” Kira apologized, giving Nyx a sad look.

Nyx gave a bit of a huff as she got up. Refusing to look at Kira, she sauntered over to the discarded berries and claimed them before returning to her spot to eat.

Kira sighed “At least she’s fine…” she said under her breath before turning to Azure. “I got a few here for you as well.” she said as she pulled out blue and a red berry for Azure. “Again, not that much…” Kira apologized.

Suddenly something soft struck Kira in the shoulder, splattering all over her shirt as it impacted. “Ack, the hell!?” Kira exclaimed, her attention shifting over to the culprit.

The Makuhita laughed at Kira’s misfortune before turning his attention to the tree behind it. As he shook it, many berries fell from the tree and landed on the ground nearby. One by one, Makuhita picked them up and pitched them towards Kira.

Not fully ready Kira panically threw up her hands, resulting in another splash of berry juice and pulp, earning another laugh from the Makuhita. “Alright fine, this time then!” she said as she took a baseball catcher’s stance.

She started off a bit rough, several of the berries slipping through her fingers as they were thrown, however eventually she managed to get the hang of it and caught nearly each one thrown her way. “Alright, I think I got it, faster!” She called out, starting to get into their game.

As the Makuhita picked up speed, one of the berries she caught seemed significantly harder than the rest. “Hold up there!” Kira called out to her new friend, looking over the strange pink oval berry. Flipping it over in her hand, Kira nearly jumped out of her skin in surprise as the face looking back at her cried out. “Ack!” she said startled, dropping the strange berry.

The ‘strange berry’ rolled across the ground a few feet before aligning itself upright. With short hops it made its way over to the berry pile, digging through it one berry at a time with some sort of psychic force.

Kira cocked a brow as she watched the strange pokemon hop across the ground. Pulling out her Holotch, she opened up the Pokedex app and scanned it “Exeggcute huh? The picture shows six though…” she wandered out loud as the pokemon dug through the pile of berries, keeping a wary eye on its audience.

Suddenly the Exeggcute let out an excited cry as from the pile, two more emerging. All three nodded at each other before hopping deeper into the forest, occasionally turning to keep an eye on the group they left behind.

Kira stared momentarily at the eggs slowly hopping away from them before turning to her own crowd of Pokemon “Lets go check on them.” she called out for Azure and Nyx before turning to the Makuhita. “Thank you again for the help!”

The Makuhita shook his head at Kira’s apology and took the lead towards the Exeggcute, following slowly behind the panicking pokemon. “Huh, I guess he feels bad…” Kira remarked as she followed behind, grabbing a few more of the berries at the base of the tree before following along.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was a leisure stroll, following behind the panicked egg Pokemon deeper into the forest. “We’re not trying to hurt you.” Kira called out, her efforts proving fruitless.

After about half an hour of this “chase” the Exeggcute hopped down into a small hole under a nearby tree, hiding in the dimly lit burrow from its pursuers. “Hey, come on out, none of us want to hurt you!” Kira called out in a soft tone as she knelt down by the hole.

The egg Pokemon merely cowered in the furthest reach of the burrow, too afraid to do much of anything. “Alright, if you’re not coming out, we’re coming in!” Kira called out, in a playful warning tone before turning over to the party. “Nyx, can I count on you for this?”

Nyx gave a huff at the command, defiantly laying down in the shade of a nearby tree. “I guess that’s a no then…” Kira muttered annoyed before turning to Azure and the Makuhita. “Either one of you then?”

Eagerly, Azure quickly volunteered and rolled up towards the burrow. Trying to fit inside proved to be rather difficult however. Being rather large and round, he simply plugged up the hole as he attempted to enter.

“No luck then…” Kira sighed, turning to the Makuhita “I’m guessing you’ll have the same problem then?”

Makuhita looked at Kira and nodded affirmatively. Suddenly though, he threw some sort of pink object at Kira with the quickness.

Kira quickly threw up her hands in a bit of a panic, miraculously catching the berry this time. After giving it a bit of a look over in her hand, her attention turned towards Makuhita who was eagerly pointing towards the hole. “Wait, you’re expecting me to do it?” Kira asked. Makuhita nodded with a confirming grunt.

Kira gave a heavy sigh as she looked back at the burrow “Alright, I’ll give it a shot.” Kira resigned. Kneeling down she dug at the sides of hole, widening the gap just a bit before beginning her crawl inside. It was a tight fit, making it difficult to move much more than forwards or backwards. “Damn it, I should have brought a light…”

After a few feet of crawling she could hear the same Pokemon from before, whimpering a bit at the far end of the burrow. “H-Hey…” Kira called out, pushing past a tree root “I brought you something.”

As she presented the pecha berry the silhouette of the Pokemon could be seen moving closer. There seemed to be more of them this time though it was hard to tell exactly how many, Four, five? Either way, the group cautiously moved forward, examining the berry closely before presumably eating at it.

“Right, Then let's just get out of here and…” Kira began before interrupting herself, noticing something behind her was blocking her from crawling backwards.. “What the?'' Kira muttered, trying to kick whatever it was out of the way. “Hey! Help! Someone out there!” Kira called out as she began to flail her legs, trying to break free any which way possible.

Suddenly, she felt something grab a hold of her ankles before swiftly dragging her out, the Makuhita cheerfully praising itself for its handiwork as Kira laid face down on the forest’s floor. “Ugh… Not what I expected, but thanks.” Kira groaned as she sat up, brushing the dirt off of her shirt.

Timidly the Exeggcute hobbled out of the burrow in a cluster. There seemed to be five of them this time, all looking up at Kira with a weary look. With them they seemed to be an oval shaped stone, carried along with a psychic force they cradled it closely.

“Hey, you know that’s not another one of you all, right?” Kira asked as she reached out for the stone. The Exeggcute’s eye’s all glowed a bright blue color as she got close to it. “Right, you all can keep the rock!” Kira said as she quickly pulled her hand back. “Still though, aren’t there supposed to be six of you?”

The Exeggcute let out a cry as they faced out deeper into the jungle. Looking up at Kira, they gave her an expectant look before hopping in the direction they pointed, all while carrying their precious stone with them. After looking at each other and exchanging a shrug, the group followed behind them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

After an hour or so of following the group came across a small clearing, dominated by a tall tree in the middle. From its top three yellow egg-like heads hung, one of which seemed cocked a bit, as if it’s ready to fall off.

Looking up at the tree, the Eggecute let out a loud cry before turning back towards the group. Quickly, Kira pulled out her Holotch, scanning the new Pokemon “Eggecutor, so this is what you’re looking for then?” Kira asked as she read through the entry. “Alolan variant, Dragon grass, If a head falls off it becomes… Oh, so that’s what you’re wanting.”

The Exeggcute nodded at Kira’s deduction. Quickly shifting its attention from Kira to the Exeggutor with an expectant look.

“It’s a fully evolved dragon type… Even with type advantage I kinda doubt Azure could take it on his own.” Kira explained as she looked down at the Exeggcute. Makuhita however, didn’t seem to care as he stepped forward, flexing his arm ready to battle.

Kira gave Makuhita a surprised look before turning to Azure “I’ll leave this up to you then buddy. If you’re up for it, we’ll fight.”

Azure gave a nod before rolling up towards the clearing, meeting Makuhita side by side. In response the tree began to shake as it uprooted itself, turning to meet its challengers.

“Right then, Azure, Aurora beam!” Kira called out. The bright Multicolored attack shot from Azure’s mouth, striking the Exeggutor in it’s long trunk and staggering it backwards just a bit. Makuhita, following up on Azure’s attack, charged forward and struck it at the base with a thrust of its palm.

Despite the attacks, Exeggutor quickly regained its bearings and lashed out its tall head, striking Makuhita and sending it flying back towards the edge of the clearing.

“Nyx! Quick! Go in there and support Makuhita!” Kira called out. Nyx however was hesitant to respond, looking between the Exeggutor and Makuhita, she gave a sorry look before ignoring Kira with a huff. “Ugh, fine. Azure! Stagger it before it attacks again!” Kira called out, hoping to buy Makuhita a bit of time to recover. Just as before, Azure struck at the Eggecutor again with the colorful, icy beam.

Exeggutor however recovered much more quickly from the attack this time. Taking a few steps forward, a green veil of energy surrounded its foot as it stomped at Azure. “Roll to the left! Get out of there!”

Azure was quick to oblige, leaving behind an icy trail as he dodged out of the way of the first stomp. However in the process he ended up rolling behind Exeggutor where he was promptly smacked by the pokemon’s long, wooden tail.

“Azure!” called out a worried Kira as the Exeggutor continued its approach. Taking a moment to recover from the previous attack, Azure only managed to watch as Exeggutor stomped. “No!”

Charging forward, Makuhita threw himself in between Azure and the Exeggutor with his arms crossed. As Exeggutor stomped a green barrier formed around him, blocking its attack.

Kira gave a brief sigh of relief “Alright, you’re both up! Azure, get in there with Makuhita and use ice ball!” Together, the two Pokemon charged forward and struck at the base of the trunk.

Exeggutor stumbled backwards, looking as if it was nearly ready to fall over. On its last hop though it recovered and lunged forward, sending several large, orange glowing seeds towards Azure and Makuhita. Each of them exploding on impact.

Kira gasped, not expecting the surprise attack. As the smoke cleared, Azure and Makuhita were both still up, however it was clear they were both on their last legs. With a loud cry, Exeggutor surrounded itself in a bright green glow, the bits of bark they managed to chip off together mending, the ice left over from Aurora beam melting.

“Its healing… Both of you! Get out of there!” Kira called out, scrambling for Azure’s pokeball. Before she could manage to recall him though a swift gray blur charged forward from behind Kira. With a dark aura, the creature somehow managed to disrupt the Exeggutor’s glow, stealing it for themselves. “Nyx!” Kira excitedly called out.

Exeggutor seemed panicked, its trump card interrupted by the new arrival. Once more, it swung its head at the group.

“Alright, the three of you go! End this!”

Makuhita took a step forward and crossed his arms, protecting the group from the attack just as before as Nyx and Azure charged forward. With a swipe of Nyx’s claws and a bash of Azure’s icy rollout, the large tree was sent toppling. Its top landing a few feet away from Kira and Exeggcute, knocked out cold.

Kira let out an excited shout as she ran forward “You did great Azure!” She said, rubbing the seal affectionately on the head with a smile. “You too Nyx!” She said as she reached out to pet her on the head as well.

Nyx took a guarded step back away from Kira… before stepping forward again, accepting her praise with a weary look. Almost as if she was telling Kira “You owe me.”

Suddenly she heard Makuhita call out from behind her. As Kira turned to look, one of the Exeggutor’s heads could be seen hopping away from the unconscious body looking around in confusion. Quickly the Exeggcute from before hopped up towards it with an excited cry. After a few exchanged nods and grunts, the former head joined together with the other five Exeggcute, finally completing the set.

“Well, congratulations to you all!” Kira said excitedly as she approached the set of Exeggcute, each of them giving Kira a happy cry. “As for you…” Kira began, her attention turning to Makuhita. “You were a really big help. I don’t have a pokeball for you right now but if you’d like to join us, you’re more than welcome to.”

Makuhita shook his head in response, much to Kira’s surprise. “Hm? Okay, can’t say I was expecting that…” Kira remarked in a questioning tone. Taking a step next to the Exeggcute, he looked down at them with a proud look before turning back towards Kira.

“Alright, I see… Here, at least let me get a picture of you four before we part ways.” Kira said as she pulled out her Holotch, beckoning Azure and Nyx over into the shot. “Alright, look over here and smile!” She called out. With a click, she took the picture. Each pokemon framed giving a joyful smile, even Nyx, although less exaggerated.

“Alright…” Kira began as she turned specifically towards Azure and Nyx “With that done… where do we go?” she asked, pocketing her Holotch. Each of them gave an unsure look before the Exeggcute hopped forward. Enveloping it in a blue glow, they picked up the rock they were cradling before and flung it far in the direction the Exeggutor’s head was pointing.

Kira watched as the rock soared far into the distance, disappearing in the loamy tree tops. “I guess I’ll trust you all on that. We’ll see you all!” Kira called out, waving bye towards Makuhita and Exeggcute.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

After several minutes of walking, the three of them could hear movement up from ahead, setting the three of them on guard. As the brush ahead of them parted, a young man in ranger’s clothes emerged, holding his shoulder in pain. “The hell are you doing out here so late?” the ranger asked, looking over Kira suspiciously.

“We were taking a guided tour and got lost.” Kira lied, waving down Nyx and Azure. “I’m really glad you found us!”

“Yeah, I was just heading out here because we heard a crash.” He explained, looking past the three of them. “You didn’t have anything to do with that did you”

“No!” Kira quickly replied, looking the man over. “What happened to you? Are you hurt?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Oh, this?” He asked, rolling his shoulder. “Yeah, get this, a rock flew from the forest’s canopy and nailed me. Nearly knocked me to the ground.” he explained, rubbing at it some more. “Still have no idea what threw it, whatever it was must have had a hell of an arm.”

“Yeah, one hell of an arm…” Kira agreed, unable to look the ranger in the eye as she spoke,

The ranger gave a sheepish look as Kira repeated his words. “S-Sorry, I shouldn’t be cursing like that in front of you. Either way, let's get you back to town. You look like you’ve been through a lot.” He said, beckoning Kira along with a wave as he turned back into the brush.

Kira cocked her brow at the ranger apology but decided not to say anything about it. “Sure thing, let’s go.”


Pokemon on Hand


[B]Azure the Spheal
Male / Calm / Thick Fat
Level: 23 --> 24
- Brine
- Aurora Beam
- Aqua Ring
- Defense Curl
- Ice Ball
- Rollout

[B]Nyx the Zorua
Level: 18 --> 19
- Pursuit
- Feint Attack
- Fury Swipes
- Hone Claws
- Leer
- Snatch



1 Burn Heal


3 --> 9 Oran Berry
4 --> 5 Chesto Berry
3 --> 4 Leppa Berry
1 --> 5 Cheri Berry
1 --> 2 Pecha Berry
1 --> 3 Rawst Berry
1 --> 3 Aspear Berry
1 Persim Berry

Trainer items:
Ability Capsule
Rocky Helmet
Eviolite Collar

TM56 Fling

One Piece Swimsuit
Pokemon Fan Club Membership (Expires: October 17th)
Mysterious Stone

Gym Badges:
Slateport City

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Junko "June" Enomoto
Thursday, September 24th, Morning

June makes sure to wake up two hours before she's supposed to meet Avril today.

There's a burst of time where she's stressed over what to wear, and she's lucky there's a large selection of old clothes her family has left behind- and fortunately her aunts all had a similar build to her when they were June's age, so they should all fit like a glove. Of course, this comes with the downside of too many options, but with the help of her uncle, who's oddly energetic this early in the morning, she narrows it down to a high v-neck pastel pink dress that reaches just a little below her knees and matches them with pointed white flats. It's not something she'd wear on most occasions, but Avril seems to like pink.

After that, she prepares a bento to pack with her. It dawns on her she's not actually sure what Avril likes, and she's even less sure if her being from Kalos has any impact on what she likes. June just decides to prepare her breakfast favorites: slices of tamagoyaki, a few onigiri, broccoli, soy sauce for dipping, and a few strips of grilled tofu and Seaking.

With everything ready, Tetsuo cheers her on as she heads out the door. On her way to the Pokémon Center, she tries bracing herself by hiding her nervousness for what she has in store for her.

After walking past the automatic doors of the Pokémon Center, June quickly peeks into her metal bento container to make sure everything is still in place. It's a bit unnecessary, as the food is compact enough that moving around isn't likely, and it's the same with the contents of this container. She sighs with relief and takes a few steps forward, nervously shifting her head to seek out Avril.

It turns out to be difficult to spot the girl she's supposed to meet in a crowd of trainers preparing for the day, but eventually her eyes land on exactly who she's been looking for: Avril, standing close to the Jobs board, Poppy floating nearby, and she looks quite absorbed in her reading. She’s not really paying attention to her surroundings, is she? June figures it's up to her to approach her.

"Um… Avril! Hello!" She speaks up as she steps closer to the blonde girl, meekly grinning non-stop.

“O-oh good morning J-June!” She turns around quickly, seemingly startled by June, but just as quickly is able to put up a smile on her face. “H-how are you today?” She asks, as Poppy waves and chirps at the brunette.

"I suppose I've alright," June responds, twirling her hair while noticing Avril's polka dot dress, in place of the pink one she was wearing the day before. "I-I actually spent the morning packing breakfast." She holds the metallic container up by the handle to show Avril, slightly blushing. "I wasn't sure what you liked actually, s-so I hope you enjoy what I've brought along..."

"U-uhm, I a-a-a…" The Kalosian looks at June's breakfast with wide eyes. "S-sorry… I was s-saying, I just thought we'd have b-breakfast together at the Pokémon Center and you r-really didn't need to prepare all of t-this…"

Poppy looks much more thrilled about June's breakfast, though, and flies closer to take a better look while Avril breathes in. "Still, t-thank you so much for this, June! R-really…"

"O-oh no, it's really not that much of an issue for me! I-I mean, I certainly didn't mind preparing it for you…"

The blonde girl scratches her head, adjusting her flower hairpin with a serious expression, but soon starts to grin once again. “W-well June, do you k-know of any nice p-place where we could s-sit outside? T-this looks like a p-perfect day for that!”

"Th-there's outdoor tables, are there not? Perhaps we could settle there!"

“A-amazing! L-let’s go then!”

It doesn't take long for the pair to seat themselves in one of the many tables scattered outside the center for outdoor dining. As June settles down, she detaches a level from the multi-layered bento container, removing the lid from the top layer to present to Avril.

"As I've stated, I'm unsure what kinds of food you like, so here's a favorite breakfast of mine: tamagoyaki, onigiri, grilled tofu, broccoli, and some soy sauce for dipping. B-b-but I didn't know if you liked meat, s-so I included some grilled Seaking as well b-but if you don't like it I don't mind eating it…"

“T-that is so much food, and it looks p-phenomenal too!” Avril gushes- that's a good sign. “It’s all s-so new to me though…” She smiles with a hand in her hair. Poppy flies closer to inspect June’s breakfast as well.

“O-ok, I think I’ll start from the… tam-” Avril stops, grimacing. “O-omelette looking d-dish there, as ice b-b-breaker…” She blushes more and more heavily as she keeps talking.

"I expected this might have been the case, that you're unfamiliar with dishes popular in Ransei, but hopefully that's alright." June modestly explains and then hands the girl sitting across from her a fork. "I-I also considered you probably use this instead of chopsticks. B-but yes, the tamagoyaki is pretty sweet, and I find it quite enjoyable because of that."

“T-that is true, yes… s-sorry June for butchering the n-names of food!” Avril replies. “And y-yes, we never used c-chopsticks at home… b-but I can try if you w-want!”

"Well if you'd like…" She grabs two pairs of wooden chopsticks, handing one to Avril and breaking apart the other.

The blonde girl tries to mimic June, and gets that first step right quite quickly… but then spends minutes on end just fiddling with the sticks, clearly struggling to pick up any bit of food with them. It's honestly kind of charming seeing a foreigner struggle with something that's so mundane to June. Avril's cheeks turn red as she throws June some nervous smiles. “I w-want to really e-eat this food the w-way it’s meant to, b-but as you can s-s-see this is my f-first time and I’m n-not doing do well and I’m s-sorry, June…”

"O-oh, no it's not an issue! Afterall, I brought a fork along for that reason!"

“T-thank you, I’m j-just too used to it!” Avril giggles, as she very gleefully accepts the fork. She looks as happy to actually be able to eat as June is that she's even eating her cooking. She gives some of her food to Poppy as well, before finally starting to eat.

“This is r-really so m-much stuff and I-I’d love to try it all but… how do y-you even have such b-big breakfasts h-here?” Avril eventually chimes in, laughing playfully.

June's not sure what she means. "Is there really that much food?" She asks, tapping her lower lip. "This is an average breakfast for me, I'm always certain to start the day with enough protein, vegetables and carbs."

“A-average? T-things are so different than in K-Kalos then… you n-never stop surprising me!” Avril’s cheeks turn red once again. “G-g-guess that’s why you’re this t-tall, hehehe…” Actually, the reason she's as tall as she stands is because it runs in her family- Her Aunt Akira makes June look short in comparison- but she doesn't find it worthwhile to bring up. "Y-yeah, I suppose so." She answers, placing a piece of broccoli into her mouth.

“I-I was k-k-kidding…” Avril adds as she munches on some grilled Seaking. Oh, that's kind of embarassing- June isn't exactly great at picking up jokes of that ilk. “And no Poppy, this is not for you, trust me.” She then calls out her Pokémon, who chirps playfully as she floats in circles around the two girls.

“R-right, we were s-supposed to look up C-Contest themes for later? D-Do we have to go to the h-hall this time or…?” The blonde girl then asks, tapping her lower lip with her finger like June usually does. “In D-Dewford, they were at the Fanclub b-board but I d-didn’t find them at the PokéCenter b-board today…”

"I believe they have them posted on the Contest Hall website…" June simultaneously shovels a slice of tamagoyaki while pulling her PokeGear from her purse. After opening the browser and closing numerous Bulbapedia articles about bug Pokémon, she does a quick search of the website.

“O-oh! T-that’s good to know!” Avril smiles, trying to move closer to the other girl.

While the page loads, June takes a bite of the last tamagoyaki slice before moving onto the tofu. "It seems it's at 3 pm today, and it's a Doubles contest. The themes are…" When actually reading the themes she pulls her head back and pokes her lip. "Medieval, Revolutionary, and Lightning?" Were these picked from a hat?

“T-those are weird themes i-indeed!” The blonde girl remarks. “A-at least we have more time to p-prepare, though!”

"That's true- I suppose I should start preparing for these ahead of time. B-b-but I did want to ask, wh-what were our plans until the Contest?"

“D-did you plan anything y-yourself, June? I have not…”

"I-I'm afraid not actually… I must have been so caught up in preparing breakfast that didn't cross my mind at all…" She follows with a stilted nervous laugh that doesn't last long.

“Actually…” Avril looks pensive. “R-Right! Before you c-came in the lobby, I was r-reading stuff on the public board and… I-I think I’ve found a job offer from the C-Conservatory that your f-f-family has? And…” She takes a heavy breath. “H-Helping you out would be the l-l-least I can give back a-after we had dinner and even b-breakfast together! P-Please, June?” Her cheeks are even more red than usual as she finishes, and it definitely makes June flushed as well.

"O-oh that! Uncle asks trainers to take attendance of the Pokémon living there and compensates them. It's pretty simple really, all you need to do is check off Pokémon on an attendance form to make sure everything is alright. It's a nice way to view species that aren't usually found in Hoenn!"

“T-That sounds very cool!” Avril gushes, with Poppy chirping after her. “G-guess we now know what to do this morning, r-right June?”

"Of course! That sounds just lovely!" She answers, clapping her hands together. Nothing seems desirable quite like being surrounded in nature with Avril by her side.

🐞June's party🐞

  • Einstein (Dottler) lv. 26 M|Telepathy
    Struggle Bug|Super Sonic|Confusion|Light Screen|Reflect
  • Chip (Wimpod) lv. 22 M|Wimp Out
    Struggle Bug|Sand Attack|Defense Curl|Aqua Jet

  • Sting (Beautifly) lv. 23 M|Swarm
    Mega Drain|Gust|Poison Sting|Bug Bite|Electroweb|Air Cutter

  • Kit (Surskit) lv. 24 F|Swift Swim
    Bubble|Quick Attack|Sweet Scent|Water Sport|Bubble Beam|Agility
Dottler sprite by KingOfThe-X-Roads, Wimpod sprite by leParagon
NNID: Bluekirby2
3DS FC: 3050-8098-0622



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Jacques 'Jack' Tenenbaum
Location: Happily Ever After, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Sunday, September 20th

Chapter 2 - 2
A Place to Soot the Soul - Part 2

A pot of red soup bubbled in front of me as it slowly simmered, releasing a mysteriously exotic yet appetizing fragrance. As if my empty stomach needed any more push for me to hurry up and chow down the boiling noodle soup in front of me.

How did it come to this?

Initially, I and the mysterious man beside me only conversed about small kinds of stuff, nothing much really. The weather, about the cafe itself, you know? The usual boring ones.

Our conversation was cut off by my grumbling stomach which led to the stranger walking to the back of the counter to prepare something I didn’t expect.

He went back to our table with a portable stove and several ingredients which apparently he used to make a noodle soup on our table.

Yes, my stomach grumbled, but I didn't expect to be cooking instant noodles at this hour, together with a stranger to boot. Also, the girl that had manned the shop? She was now sitting next to the stranger with a giddy expression as she waited for the soup to be done.

"And, it’s done! If only it was raining It would’ve tasted even better, oh well... Can’t do anything about it. Hey, take some. It's best to eat this while piping hot."

"Piii~ Piii~" A Pokemon cry could be heard as it slowly climbed on the old man's shoulder. The voice came from a Piplup.

"What is it, Cody? Didn't I already tell you that you can go sleep on your own?"

The Piplup puffed his cheeks before it started to hit the old man with weak pecks on the cheek.

"Hey, why don't you sleep with me instead? Come here Cody~" Callie said to the sleepy Pipup while opening her arms widely.

Unfortunately, the remark only caused Cody to stick his tongue before hugging his trainer’s face tightly. A gesture which she didn’t take too happily as she started sulking.

"Hey! Hey! Cut me some slack, I don't have time to deal with two spoiled brats at once." The man said as he cradled the sleepy Cody with his left hand. He shook his head with disapproval painted on his face. "Sorry, you had to deal with this…"

“Oh no, it’s okay.”

“Glad your face brightened up, it’s much better than the doom and gloom you showed up in earlier… Well, the Pangoro eyes are still there, but that’s what a good night of sleep would easily fix,” He grinned.

I giggled slightly, I guess I would’ve looked horrible right now if I saw myself in a mirror.

"Sorry that this may sound intrusive, but if you want to pour out whatever it is that’s bothering you, I’m all ears.”

“Are you sure about that?”

"Of course it's fine! The atmosphere right now calls for it anyway. So if you have something you can't say to others, then maybe you can clear your mind here. You probably wouldn’t meet us again after this, so your secret will be safe.” Callie answered for the man while making a zipper gesture, encouraging me to talk up.

I hesitated for a bit before I told my story. I obviously skirted through several aspects of it, but I essentially told them how all my efforts in studying Pokemon battling didn’t seem to hit the mark as expected, which eventually led to my current state.

"...That's a problem. But if you do want my advice on it, then I suggest that you should run away from your problems."

I almost choked on the noodles hearing his response. Running away!? What!? Like, how? How could I run away? I’ve tried my best for my entire life, yet this guy would tell me to do that in a straightforward face? What the hell!?



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Jacques 'Jack' Tenenbaum
Location: Happily Ever After, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Sunday, September 20th

Chapter 2 - 3
A Place to Soot the Soul - Part 3

"What are you doing? You're shocking the poor guy."

"Sorry, sorry… I guess I didn’t phrase it well enough. By running away, I mean temporarily..."

The man smiled softly before taking another portion of the noodle soup.

“Listen, from your eyes itself I can see that you’re trying hard. But even humans have their limitations. You get tired, you get bored, you get fed up, those things are humane, if you experience them that is the sign that you are a human. And that’s why you should learn when to run away.”

“But, what if I had run away from my problems for so long? Do I have the right to run away again?”

The man sighed, before smiling again.

“Silly kid… You already knew half of your issue all this time. However, if you force a machine that has too much wear and tear to work, it will eventually implode. Surely you don’t want your brain to go kaboom, yeah?”

It was a serious moment, yet I couldn’t help but crack a bit with how the old man described the situation.

“Take a day off, don’t think of anything remotely close to Pokemon training and you know, maybe you can just take a walk, or go to an arcade, or have a picnic somewhere, or… Even better… You can help me here.” Callie answered on behalf of the man.

The man rolled his eyes while smirking mischievously. “Woah, I didn’t think you’re this desperate, Callie.”

“What? I’ll tell you that my beauty and personality would make everyone in my vicinity all swoon over me.” She confidently said while waving her hair.

“Yeah right, if that’s the case then please do tell why you were rejected by Bar—”

“AWAWAWAWA!” Callie started to scream incoherently as she scrambled her way forward in a panic to shut the man’s mouth. However, the noise also awakened the already asleep Cody, causing him to lunge in a fit of rage towards Callie.

It was a rowdy atmosphere, but all of us shared quite a lot of laughs inside the coffee shop.

“Welp, it’s been a great time talking with you guys, but sadly I’ll have to bail now. I have some work to deal with later.” The man raised himself from his seat while cradling the sleeping Cody.

I looked at my Holotch only to end in a panicked state as I didn’t realize it was already 3 o’clock by the time we finished talking. So I paid for my meal and walked out… Well not before I exchanged contacts with Callie, learning about coffee seemed to be a fun way to spend my free time.

Who knows, maybe I could brew one for dad when I visit him. so I parted ways with both the man and Callie… Only to be embarrassed when I realized that the old man and I shared the place to stay as I met him once again at the beach house reception.

“Pfft… I guess this was fate, huh?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that exactly. But Sir, may I ask your name?”

“Well, you should tell me yours first if you want to know mine.”

“The name’s Jac— No, it’s Arthur.”

“Arthur, huh? That’s a great name… Mine’s Vincent, nice to meet you, Arthur.”
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Robynn White
Wednesday, September 23rd, Noon

Hello there, my wonderful viewers! You may be wondering what I'm doing here, just standing in-front of the PokéCenter on this very average day, checking my phone for the time. My answer for that would be that I'm waiting for a package from a brother of mine.

Just yesterday, he promised a package would be delivered to me today- although shipping from Unova to Hoenn in that short amount of time makes me skeptical. It's a minute from the promised delivery time, and…


There's a noise from above, and I look up to see a Pelipper descending from the sky. The flying-type lands on an outdoor dining table, and I notice it wears a blue cap with a logo imprinted on it and a dash reading "Pelipper Mail Services".

Oh, uh. Alright I guess. I was expecting a mail carrier to just hand it to me, but this works. Plus, they're kind of cute- although I hope these little guys are being well compensated.

The Pelipper opens their beak, exposing a medium-sizes cardboard box that has my name on it. With relative ease, I pull it out of their beak- I don't know how it's not covered in saliva, but I'm not complaining- and find that it's not super heavy.

"Thanks little guy!" I say to the Pelipper who "nods" (Can Pelippers nod?) and lifts off. Truthfully, I have no clue what's in here, as my brother refused to tell me. He likes surprising things, sometimes to an annoying extent, but it's kind of charming, y'know?

I haul the box up to my rented room, peel the tape off the top and see a note is greeting me.

Hey Robynn!

I heard you're doing contests in Hoenn! I'm so happy for you, and I'd LOVE to take a trip to Hoenn with Mother to check out your performances someday! But I'm stuck with all this incredibly boring paperwork I have to sign to acquire the gym before becoming the new leader. It sucks, but it'll all be worth it in a few weeks!

Anyways, here's my old prop case! With the gym and all that I won't have time to act in musicals anymore, so I figured you'd put this to better use than me!


P.S. Be sure to introduce me to Wallace when you meet him!

That last bit gives me a good chuckle, but when that wears off I realize I've struck gold! Digging through all these packing peanuts eventually nets me this cute pink carrying case that has a heart seal on it- yep, this definitely used to belong to Conny. Clicking it has it pop open, and I see all these little pill-shaped things with a small button in the center scattered throughout, separated into different sections- although I'm not sure why.

I'm familiar enough with how these work. Click the button on the center, and it'll fold out into a prop for Pokémon to wear- basically like a Pokéball, just y'know, for clothes. I'm not sure why humans don't use this technology for clothes, but whatever.

I pick out individual capsules and press the unfolding button, only to press it again to have it shrink back into a pill. There's quite the variety: a top hat, a pirate hat, maracas, a frying pan, a black cape, and I go through these until I find something that'll help me out.

"Perfect!" I cry as a capsule expands into a miniature crown that can fit the head of a small child- or a Pokémon, in my case. This'll definitely benefit me for tomorrow's contest.

❄️Robynn's lineup❄️





Seel as Peridot
lv. 20|M|Ice Body
Aqua Jet|Water Sport|Encore|Icy Wind|Ice Shard|Helping Hand

Meowth as Ruby
lv. 20|F|Technician
Fury Swipes|Fake Out|Growl|Pay Day|Taunt|Bite

Pokeball x9
Poryphone 2
Ultra Ball x3
Prop Case

NNID: Bluekirby2
3DS FC: 3050-8098-0622


Sorry if u can't see what is writen here, idk how to change its color

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Miranda Lockhart
Saturday, September 19th
Chapter 2: Part 1 - Sandslash
10:58 to 11:05 - Slateport's Harbor - Slateport to Dewford Ferry
“If you ask me, I’d say you did pretty good!” Maritza says, putting a hand over my shoulder while we wait for the ferry to Dewford. “It was your first battle, and against a Gym Leader nonetheless. Sure you could’ve done better, but for a first battle… it was a fun experience, I bet! You learn from these mistakes.”

“But I didn’t learn muk, that’s the problem!” I yell as I try to get her hand away from me. Who does she think she is? “The battle was too short! I wasn’t able to do much, and the few things I did weren’t useful for anything!”

It was a humiliating defeat if you couldn’t guess already. Sandygast did absolutely no damage to the Leader’s Sandslash, and while his Diglett would theoretically be easier to deal with, that asshole wouldn’t stop going underground! Before I could even realize, I was done for!

While I rant about it to Maritza, the ferry finally gets here. We take a spot for ourselves in the ship’s deck and then Maritza keeps asking me questions.

“By the way, why did you keep using Mega Drain against his Sandslash?”

“What do you mean by that? It’s type advantage: Grass is stronger than Ground.”

“I mean that’s technically true, but…” she sighs. She takes her PokéGear outside and looks through the Hoenn Ranger Database application. “Here look, on the Sandslash page: … while commonly, Sandslash are desert creatures that have an affinity for the Ground type, the Alolan variant of the species has evolved to make its habitat in the tall and cold Mount Lanakila. Developing sharper claws to help them climb and break big boulders to make their homes in, this Pokémon has gained affinity for the Ice and Steel types... In short, it’s not a Ground type. Look! There’s even a picture here, comparing both variants: Not only are common Sandslash more yellowish, while the Alolan ones are blueish! Common Sandslash also have more needles on its back and the Alolan variant’s needles look more like icicles coming out of its back! Not only that, look at their claws! Desert Sandslash’s look like knives or daggers, to put it that way, they are just like straight nails. It’s what you would expect from a Pokémon that just uses them for hunting, but take a good look at the Ice one’s, they are shaped more like pickaxes! Not really big pickaxes, though, just enough for them to-”

“W-wait! Let’s go one step at a time, alright?” I interrupt her, before my head explodes from listening to her so much. “So basically, you are telling me there’s this one region where Sandslash not only live in a totally different place than usual, but also are a different type than normal, is that right?”


My breath starts getting more heavy as I try to understand all this muk. I hold my bat against my chest while I rest my chin on it. I try to remain calm, but... “How the psyduck was I supposed to know!?” I yell, dropping my bat on the ground and holding my head instead. “There’s only one Sandslash we get in Orre! Nobody told me anything about these ‘regional variants’! And you say it’s… an Ice type, right? Ice AND Steel type nonetheless!” Maritza nods. I gotta love how she doesn’t seem to be upset about how pissed I am with all this muk. She just smiles and nods as if she’s making fun of my idiocy. “That’s bullmuk! Mankey could’ve taken care of it in one blow! It was the perfect match-up!... Oh my god, I must’ve looked like an idiot right there… what the psyduck was I doing using Mega Drain on a Steel type?”

“See? I told you this was a good experience, you did learn someth-”

“Why the psyduck is it even called Sandslash then anyways? I understand the normal species live in desert so the name does makes sense, but why not change the name for this one that lives in a psyducking piece of muk icy mountain so it doesn’t confuse anyone!? Who the psyduck thought it was okay to keep it that way!? Why not call it Iceslash or something?”

Maritza does seem to be ignoring me again. She looks like she is thinking about something else while I keep ranting about how much I hate Sandslash now, but she is constantly turning her eyes at me in a creepy way… well it’s not really creepy, just weird because she is constantly looking between me and her PokéGear. “I know!” she cheers all of a sudden, clapping her hands and almost dropping her device doing that. “Why don’t you leave a comment about it on the Sandslash page in the Ranger application?”

“Why would I do that, so assholes can laugh on my face for using Mega Drain against a steel type?”

“Well, that will happen probably… but you don’t know how to read, so you will never-” I hit her leg with my bat and then try to push her aside. She laughs and then says sorry before continuing. “... but maybe you can get a professional answer on why they kept that name, or maybe have it changed!”

“Okay, that sounds alright…” I answer pretty much instantly, not with any kind of interest at all, more like interrupting her but not wanting to be an asshole because she forgot the most important part! “... but you are missing something… I. Don’t. Know. How. To. Write!”

“That’s what is interesting about it! It’ll be your next lesson.” she says “Take this as a writing exercise. I will help you redact what you try to say before posting it and also help you if there’s a word you don’t know, but you’ll do your best to write it.”

“So you’ll teach me how to write ‘piece of muk icy mountain’ basically.”

“What? No. That’s another thing: No swearing. It’s pretty possible that your comment gets deleted if you did that and you can get banned from posting comments too, that would be missing the whole point.”

I go quiet and think about it for a while. This is probably the weirdest lesson ever! I got angry at some Pokémon’s existence not making any kind of sense and Maritza just said ‘Yeah, you tell ‘em!’ She is pretty much giving me the chance of telling other people to go eat muk!

“Let’s do it.”
Current Party:

- 4 PokéBalls
- 5 Potions
- P★DA (Pokémon Digital Assistant)
- ₽100
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3-4: Clawful Surprises

🌳 Petalburg City 🕙 Sept. 22nd, Morning

The room felt cramped, and the bed was small. She didn't have her own thermostat, and the showers were shared between all the other Trainers staying there. At least it was clean and well kept. Marcella didn't sleep well, but she felt rested enough by the morning. Doing her makeup by the window with just a compact was a bit of a challenge, but she was definitely not pushing and shoving for a mirror in the public bathroom. At 10 am, she was finally dressed and ready to head out, with Bijou at her side.

Before letting her party out of the room, she knelt down to talk to the Wooloo enthusiastically sniffing at the crack under the door. "Opal. Hey." She wasn't too used to her new name yet. That, or she just didn't want to pay attention to Marcella. The girl frowned. "Hey!" The Wooloo finally looked up.

"We won't use the 'leash' today, but you stick to me like glue, okay? Just know that I have the scarf in my purse in case, so don't wander off from us too much."

Opal burst through the door as soon as it opened and rolled down the hallway. Marcella had half a mind to wrap the scarf around the Wooloo's neck right then and there, but the Pokémon stopped at the end of the corridor like she was waiting for them, giddily bouncing on her hooves. Marcella smiled and sighed, shrugging at Bijou. It was a good enough compromise.

Downstairs, they passed by the odd jobs board on the way through the Center. Her eyes flickered towards it briefly. No, I'm not that desperate yet. It was fine. The complementary room was fine.


Doesn't hurt to take a look though.

There weren't too many people standing around the board at the moment, so she casually made her way over and looked through the selection of flyers and notes posted up on it. Menial tasks for menial pay, as she'd expected. Even if she was in dire need of extra cash, she didn't feel like temp-waitressing for hours or whatever to earn it.

As she turned away from the board, she walked right into the person behind her, causing them to drop the papers they had been holding. Embarrassing. That was clumsy and unlike her. She blamed the lack of a quality sleep she got last night. "I'm so sorry, excuse me—"

"—oh, my bad. It's okay, I got it—" They both began at the same time. As she feigned stooping down to help pick up the scattered papers, she caught a glimpse of some ugly, green font spelling 'PETALBURG FOREST CENSUS—HELP NEEDED", before the man quickly collected everything himself. They looked up at the same time.

"Oh, hey." What a small city. It was the Ranger she'd met the previous evening. He sounded as unenthused as she remembered, but he was smiling at her.

"Good morning." She greeted him back. "Still recruiting, I see."

"Yup." Parker nodded towards the board they were standing in front of, before putting down his flyers and shuffling around some of the other notices pinned up. "You looking for a job?"

"Hm? Uh, not really." She hesitated, unsure of what else one would be doing by an odd jobs board. "I was just kind of, you know..."

"Curious about what the commonfolk get up to in their spare time?" He teased as he finally pinned one of his own papers up. Marcella watched him carefully avoid covering anyone else's leaflet. Considerate.

"Very funny," She smirked, leaning in to get a better look at his Forest Census thing.


- Observe and spend time with the local wildlife up close
- Fun way to learn about wild Pokémon in their habitat!
- Will be granted access to the amenities and equipment of our Ranger Station
- Trainers with prior experience handling Pokémon preferred

Your task is quite simple! Participants will be to helping tally the displaced local wildlife in the area. As with previous years, volunteers will be assigned a quadrant within the outskirts, so please stay within your assigned area and report back with your findings when you are finished with your tally. Warning: do not attempt to enter the forest.

For more information, please stop by the Ranger Station marked out below.

It was accompanied by a small map, pointing to the location of the Station, as well as a few research papers on forest wildlife census methods and the results of previous years' census cited in fine print with QR codes to each. The flyer read like the epitome of "we'll pay you in experience", but the kind of experience it was offering was exactly what she needed.

She must have looked lost in thought, as Parker cleared his throat to get her attention. "Did you actually want to stop by? You didn't seem particularly interested yesterday."

"Maybe. I mean, no offense, but you didn't give the best description of the job, really. I think you guys need a different recruiter. I take it you didn't make the flyers."

He laughed. "Fair enough, and no, I didn't. I am heading back now, actually—putting up these flyers was the last of my errands to run in the city, so feel free to come with if you want."

Marcella thought it over. She didn't really have anything planned for today aside from looking around the city. And the man wasn't bad company, if a bit quiet. "Sure, lead the way."

"Yup. Oh, wait." He paused, glancing at her. "Hm. That's okay, we have extra ranger outfits. I'm sure something will fit."

You want to put me in a uniform? "Oh, give me a few minutes, I'll change." She said quickly.

"What, you don't like what I'm wearing?" Parker joked, giving her a twirl as Marcella shot him a look.

"Miles, please. Just wait here, I'll be right back."


As soon as they stepped outside, Parker whistled sharply. Marcella glanced around, puzzled. A cluster of Taillow that had been pecking at the ground nearby scattered off, and a Meowth emerged from the shrubbery next to the building, giving her Trainer a dirty look before zeroing in on a slower Taillow and scampering after her prey.

"Hey, cut it out. Come back." Parker called out to her, far too quietly for the distance she'd already put between them, and far too lackadaisically for the offense of completely ignoring her Trainer. The Meowth did not turn back, and Parker did not seem particularly bothered.

"She's kind of a wild one," Marcella commented, recalling her antics on the ferry. "Maybe you need to be a little more assertive." But before he could answer her, Opal had excitedly decided to roll after them, too. "Hey! Opal! What did I say earlier? Like glue!"

She set off a few paces after her, but the Wooloo was surprisingly fast when she wanted to be. Marcella tsked and let her be, watching the Meowth chase the Taillow up a tree, with Opal circling them at the base. "Didn't seem like either of our approaches were particularly effective there." A clearly amused Parker observed, as he caught up to her at a leisurely pace.

She's not mine, what's your excuse? Marcella thought to herself, annoyed, as she quickly sat down on a nearby bench to root through her purse. It seemed like she needed to bring out the scarf-leash after all. "Oh! Actually," She looked up and scanned at the nearby shops. "You live around here, right? Do you know anywhere I could get like, a Wooloo-shaped harness, for example..."

"Oh, uh, there's... Pocket Pets Accessories over there—usually for, you know, Yamper and the like, but I'm sure it's not a stretch to find something you can wrap around your Wooloo." Parker paused. "We'd probably have something more suitable down at the Ranger Station, actually. And if not, Sharon's pretty good at tailoring gear to fit specific Pokémon, so I'm sure we'll find something for her there—"

Marcella's surprised gasp cut him off, as she suddenly noticed something sitting quite close to her on the bench, that was not there just a moment ago. It was a Meowth, and it'd appeared so noiselessly that she jumped a little when she saw it, but it quickly endeared itself to her, purring softly as it sauntered right between her and her purse. There was a little bit of debris in its fur, but despite that, it seemed shinier, with a brighter coat than others of its kind.

"Oh, cute! Is this one yours, too?" Marcella asked as she reached out to pet it. The Meowth eyed her purse curiously as it continued to purr from the attention.

Parker looked over. "Um... No. You might not want to get too close, actually—the wild ones are known to nick things."

Bijou put her front paws up on the bench to investigate the stranger. She looked like she wanted to jump onto the seat as well, so Marcella scooped her up and watched as the two feline Pokémon greeted each other with sniffs.

"Look, I think they like each other!" Ignoring Parker's advice, Marcella pulled out her phone to snap some pictures. He sighed, looking off in the distance. A minute or two later, the Meowth turned to leave. Deftly leaping over her purse, it trotted down the other end of the bench and disappeared into a crowd of people walking nearby.

"Bye, sweetie!" She called after him, deleting a few of the blurrier pictures she'd snapped before turning back to Parker.

"Alright, if you're ready to go now..." His voice trailed off as his eyes landed on her purse. "Hey, was your bag open like that the whole time?"

Marcella shrugged, still swiping through her photos to find The One for social media. "I was watching them the whole time, nothing happened."

He exhaled sharply. "I dunno, I think you should check your stuff. I'm serious! Those little guys are sneaky." Parker insisted as she gave him a dubious glance.

"Tch," Was her response, but she finally put her phone down and did as she was told. "I'm telling you, I-" She rooted around the bag confidently, but suddenly went quiet. Parker raised an eyebrow.

Hold on, where's my wallet? There's no way...

She didn't want to tell him he was right, but the beat of silence probably gave it away.


"It- I may have lost my wallet."

"Lost- I hate to say 'I told you so', but, y'know. Come on, let's go track it down." It was the first time she'd heard him do anything close to raising his voice, and honestly, he seemed more bothered about the missing wallet than Marcella should have been. "Aw, damn - where did that rascal go?"

As Parker scanned the area, Marcella wondered if it was worth the trouble. It wasn't a lot of money, but it was all the money she possessed at the moment. I wonder if Daddy considers this an emergency... she pondered, but quickly squashed that train of thought after imagining how the conversation of 'I need more money because a wild Meowth stole my wallet' would play out. No, she had to get it back.

"There it is!" She looked up, in the direction Parker was pointing. As the crowd dispersed, she could still see the shiny Meowth quietly padding off with its new treasures. "Hey, come back here!" She called out. Its body went rigid momentarily at the sound of her voice, before picking up the pace as they started chasing after it.

"It's running! Bijou, get 'em!"

One tortured expression from the Purrloin later, she set off after the Meowth as she was told. As if it weren't hard enough for Bijou to chase anything that moved, the Meowth also turned back periodically to pelt her with something. The pellets glinted in the sunlight as they flew in her direction, landing on the pavement with a soft tink.

Are those...? Marcella stopped to pick one up. Unbelievable, it's weaponizing my money.

She heard another sharp whistle from behind. This time, Parker's Meowth dropped out of the tree she was in, narrowly missing the little thief below. "Go! Bite!" He called out, as his Pokémon raced after it.

A few more coins were being thrown in their direction, cutting through the air like razor-sharp shurikens. At this point, she was just... kind of impressed, to be honest. Its aim was quite good, considering it had to switch from running on all fours to a sort of bipedal lumber to dish out the coins.

Suddenly, a ball of white wool barreled past them, and into the Meowth. "Oh- Opal!" She didn't know when the Wooloo had started paying attention to the situation—probably when her playmate fell out of the tree—but Marcella was glad she did. The wild Meowth was knocked to the ground, dropping the wallet. As Marcella and Parker started closing in on it, the Meowth quickly started picking up as many coins as it could. Before it could launch them again, though, Parker's Meowth had also caught up, tackling it down with her Bite attack. As they all stood around the wild Pokémon, it dropped the coins, defeated.

Parker and his Meowth helped Marcella pick up most of the scattered coins, as she deposited their findings back into her wallet. "That all of them?"

"Yeah, more of less. Thank you."

"Cool, and don't mention it. Anyway, ready to go?" He set off briefly before turning back. "...Marcella?"

She had stooped down next to the wild Meowth, who was now cleaning its fur. It stopped to look up as she knelt down. Marcella smiled and held out a handful of the coins.

"Hey, you want this?" The Meowth looked at her suspiciously. "You can have 'em, if you want to come along with me. Maybe teach Bijou how to do that thing with the coins." They both glanced back at the Purrloin, who was... catching up, slowly, but surely. But most definitely slowly.

The Meowth snatched up a coin and considered it. Suddenly, it dove into her purse.


This time, it pulled out an empty Luxury Ball, and nudged it towards Marcella. "Ah," She giggled. "Right, let's make it official, then."


Purrloin ♀ // Bijou
Level 22

Fake Out
Sand Attack
Play Rough


Clamperl ♀ // Pearly
Level 13

Water Gun
Iron Defense


Wooloo ♀ // Opal
Level 20

Double Kick


Meowth ♂ // ???
Level 15

Pay Day

Dear Diary


2-1: M.I.A.
2-2: Footwear Filchers
2-3: Cut Off
2-4: Bijou Bootcamp
2-5: Beached
2-6: Pearly
2-7: Showtime - ft. Avril, June, Tsu, Robynn, Shuna
2-8: Natsuko vs. Marcella - ft. Tsu
2-9: The Three C's
2-10: In/Dependent
2-11: Connections - ft. Avril, Hikaru


3-1: Fiancé
3-2: Promise
3-3: Roughing It
3-4: Clawful Surprises


₱31,000, more or less

Medium-sized leather suitcase of clothes
Rotom Phone (Sky Blue)
Fanclub Membership Card (Annual)
Luxury Balls x 3
Silk Scarf
Contest Pass

Trainer Info