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[PKMN FULL] Hoenn: Square One [IC]


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    Hoenn: Square One

    edison, marie, natsuko, kira, clint, miranda, jordie, junko, avril, marcella, arthur, sophie
    made by juno in charat chibi maker

    This roleplay is rated M to account for any paths players wish to take with their story, but I expect the majority of content will be T. For new application status, please check the OOC here.

    chapter & location index

    Prologue: Fed To The Rules

    Chapter 1: Hit The Ground Running
    Slateport City​

    Chapter 2: Live For Fun
    Dewford Town
    Littleroot Passage
    Granite Cave
    West Wilds​

    Chapter 3: Your Brain Gets Smart
    Route 104 South
    Petalburg City​

    Chapter 4: So Much To Do, So Much To See
    Route 102
    Oldale-Littleroot Township
    Cottage Grove
    Route 103​

    Chapter 5: You'll Never Know If You Don't Go
    Route 110
    Mauport Bridge​

    Chapter 6: Shine And Glow

    Chapter 7: Game On
    Mount Chimney Park Reserve
    The Desert
    Lavaridge Town
    Chimney Peak​

    Chapter 8: Rock Star
    Route 113
    Fallarbor Township​

    Chapter 9: Shooting Stars
    Coming soon, for a given value of soon!

    cast list - active

    GROC as Edison Kintobor
    CUBETH as Jordie Hughes
    ELEANOR as Avril Reese
    GROC as Natsuko Soyokaze
    CUBETH as Miranda Lockhart
    AQUACORDE as Marie Rachelle Mocinno
    CAESAR as Clint Shaw
    JUNO as Marcella MacMillan
    QUEENNOTHING as Junko Enomoto
    WIZARDOFODD as Arthur Weissmann
    WIZARDOFODD as Sophie "Purcell"

    cast list - hiatus

    DRAGON as Sakura Yuna
    EMBYR as Kira Wolf

    cast list - retired

    PINKISWIN as Jason Lee
    MDEBOURG as Andy Richter
    ROYALTY_THE_QUEEN as Connor Bleu
    ROYALTY_THE_QUEEN as Donna Logan
    ADVENTURE as Devin Mik'hulo Angelo
    TOOI AKOGARE as Kendall Douglas
    FIZZYOX as Michael Steele
    PUDDING as Koko Ara
    PUDDING as Emilio Estéban Grácia
    MADAME_EVOLITE as Cameron Leton
    QUEENNOTHING as Robynn White Papillon
    EVILY as "Shuna Kamado"
    DRAGON as Mahina Kaʻuhane

    This thing is your key to success! It's a very handy reference for all mechanics and worldbuilding that we've established. All updates to this document will also be cross-posted to the OOC thread. Additionally, I've made a spreadsheet to keep track of characters and inventories- check that out here. For additional information about gym leaders and other world NPCs, there is a document here. And finally, a comprehensive post summary spreadsheet logged in IC chronological order is here!
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    Prologue: Fed To The Rules
    Area: Ferry
    Weather: Sunny, Breezy
    Pokémon: None.
    IC Start Date: Thursday, September 17th, 11:00am.
    IC End Date: Thursday, September 17th, 2:00pm.

    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    You're on a ferry.

    The docks of Akurnai are still in sight, but the bustling noise of the port city is drowned out by wind and waves. Maybe you've been at sea a while, hopping from vessel to vessel and region to region, or perhaps this ferry is the first you've boarded. Either way, you are now closing in on your final destination.

    Slateport City, Hoenn.

    This ferry is… not very fast.

    Admittedly, there is a headwind, and that certainly slows things down. Your estimated time of arrival is 2pm, which means you have to find something to occupy you for the next three hours.

    There's a complementary buffet, you've been told, which is good for those who aren't sensitive to the gentle rocking of the ferry. It's breakfast fare at the moment, but they'll be changing over to lunch within the next hour. Several passengers are milling about in the dining area at any given moment, though they may or may not be looking for conversation. Three single-stall restrooms are located at the back of the dining area. There's not usually a line.

    There's a shelf near the buffet featuring a few slim booklets, mostly detailing tourism information. You may have already read them, either while on the ferry or waiting at one of the terminals. Maybe just skimmed them, really. They're not particularly engaging. But one does stand out to you, an aspiring trainer: JOURNEY HOENN.

    JOURNEY HOENN is exactly what you need: a basic primer for trainers new to the region. Skipping over the blatant advertising for the more tourist-oriented locations, you can find useful passages on things like trainer license registration,
    "Trainers entering Hoenn must register their license with the regional government. This may be done at any Pokémon Center. A valid license is required to do such things as capture Pokémon, purchase certain items, use trainer-oriented facilities at no cost, apply for Contest Passes, and challenge the Hoenn League. Though certain license classes have extended expiry dates, the most common..."

    capture laws,
    "Hoenn is a land of incredible diversity, and its inhabitants have worked extremely hard to preserve that, even as the human population grows. As such, there are region-wide laws regarding the capture of Pokémon. Journeying trainers are allowed to capture only a single Pokémon per designated area. There are also only certain species in an area that are deemed legal to capture. These legal captures are listed in the publicly accessible Ranger Database. If a trainer makes an illegal capture in an area, they will be tracked down and the illegally captured Pokémon will be removed from their possession. Furthermore…"

    data synchronization,
    "The Hoenn Ranger Database application is compatible with all commercial trainer-oriented devices made within the last decade. Trainers are able to access the HRD from anywhere that allows data transmission. The HRD is constantly updating as new information becomes available. Much of this information is collected by the Rangers themselves, though trainers' personal PokéDex scans play a not insignificant role."

    Hoenn League basics,
    "There are fourteen cities with licensed gyms in the Hoenn Region. It is recommended that a League challenger battle all fourteen, but only seven badges are needed to participate in the League tournament. An accepted mark of completion from outside of Hoenn may be used instead of a badge, though seven marks are still needed in total and at least three must be from Hoenn. Accepted marks include any badge from the Kinyo League, any Grand Trial completion stamps, any…"

    and quite a bit more. Hopefully the important parts stick with you. They'll come up frequently over the course of your journey.

    PROMPT: make a friend… or an enemy?
    IC: If you have nothing else to do, you may as well mingle. There seems to be plenty of people your age on this trip. Some of them have Pokémon with them. Maybe they're here to challenge the Hoenn League as well?
    OOC: Showcase your character's social skills… or lack thereof. JP with another player, or talk to an NPC of your own creation. Have someone help you with a task, or inform your classmates of your sudden identity change. You've got three hours… go!​
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    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Jordie "Jo" Hughes
    Thursday, September 17th
    Prologue: Part 1

    11:25 am - Ferry's Deck

    Jordie had to take another ferry in Akurnai City in the Kinyo Region. They heard it was a dead region (similar to Orre) as in the lack of a Pokémon League, but honestly they didn't know how much of it was true since they were pretty sure there were at least one or two trainers their age when they boarded the ferry.

    They were at the ship's deck, resting on one of the reclining beach chairs that were left for the passengers to use. Jordie was holding one of the tourism booklets from the dining hall with a bottle of water by their right side. Besides them, in a folding chair, Gabby was resting looking at the sea.

    "You can't have a full tour through the Hoenn Region without visiting the multiple Slateport beaches and Slateport's International Market! The best place for tourists and aspiring trainers to find souvenirs and high quality items to help them in their journey!" they whistled, acting amused and turned their glance at Gabby. "Well, I am a tourist and aspiring trainer! We could relax on the beaches too! Swim a bit and try some surfing as well, maybe. I might need to buy a new swimsuit, though..."

    Gabby turned her gaze at her trainer with a preoccupied look and went back to stare at the sea again. Jordie looked back at the booklet, a bit annoyed by their Pokémon ignoring them and kept reading:

    "While you're having a look around Slateport, remember to visit our Oceanic Museum full of blah, blah, blah, history of the region. Bleh! Boring!" Jordie laughed at their own acting and turned their eyes at Gabby once more. The Pokémon ignored again and Jo sighed.

    "Gabby girl, you've been quieter than usual since we left. Are you feeling okay?" they asked.
    Gabby shook her head. "Are you feeling homesick?" Gabby nodded.

    Jordie chuckled, left the booklet on their lap and took a sip of water from their bottle; then they put their hand over Gabby's green bubble and started patting her. "We'll be fine. We don't need them. Remember that we planned this for months! Water?"

    Gabby stared at the bottle she had in front of her, considering drinking some. She shook her head, though, and went back to look at the sea.

    "Yeah… don't do that. I put my mouth there, it would be gross." Jo laughed. "No offense of course!" Jordie leaned back to the chair and closed their eyes, took a deep breath and said: "Don't worry about it too much, Gabby girl. We're going there only to take the trophy home." they put their hand over Gabby's slimy bubble again and said: "You know? I brought you with me because I know I can count on you with this. Together, we're going to take every other challenger down." Jordie didn't see it, but Gabby looked back at them and smiled. The Pokémon then moved by their side and snuggled under their shirt. Both, trainer and Pokémon sat in silence, listening to the waves, relaxing. At least until Jordie got hungry and woke their Pokémon up to follow them to the dining area.
    Current Party:
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]

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    Princess Era 🎀
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    Avril Reese

    16 - ♀ - Laverre City

    Pokémon / Inventory:
    🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) - ♀ - lv. 15
    Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Razor Leaf, Lucky Chant

    MONEY: ???

    🌼 Avril's Sign Up
    🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097
    Differences and Similarities
    Thursday, September 17th - 11:00 to 11:45 a.m. - Akurnai to Slateport Ferry
    Am I the only one?

    This question still irks me, ever since I boarded the first ferry back in Coumarine. Many days have passed, and - believe it or not - this is the last ship I'm boarding before I reach my destination. But just like the previous time, I'm here, walking rather aimlessly around the whole place, doing nothing but looking at all the people who've boarded the ship with me.

    I can feel Poppy bouncing around her flower, looking around the ship like me, but with much more excitement. She's cheering for me from up there, but her cries of happiness are still drowned by the chattering of all the other passengers. And speaking of which, I notice that a reasonable number of them has a Pokémon or a Pokéball with them: out of all the ferries I've boarded, this is probably the one who's carrying around the highest amount of Pokémon trainers.

    In a way, I don't feel alone anymore. Just like these other boys and girls, I befriended a Pokémon and shared many good and bad times with her. That may actually be enough for… no, I don't want to talk to them. I shake my head, not at anyone in front of me but at Poppy: she's learned that it means no a long time ago, and that's exactly how I feel about her desire to float around and make me interact with other people. I tell her to stay on my head, trying not to look like a fool for supposedly talking to myself.

    See, the thing is… even if I've befriended a Pokémon just like them, that is where the similarities end. At least for the few trainers I've seen up close so far. Given how they packed their things and how they were dressed, I could see them going off beaten paths and into the wilderness to adventure - and be prepared for it. I could see them partaking in ferocious battles of great intensity, challenging even the strongest Gym Leaders or making their way into famous Tournaments. Or… let's be honest for a second. Maybe these trainers wouldn't accomplish any of that, but they would still try and give it their all because that is what they feel like doing. This is what they're here for, and they're happy to be on this ferry.

    Me? Well, I...

    Look, I can't do any of those things. I even struggle to spectate Pokémon battles at times. I'm not happy to be here, in fact I don't even know what I'm here for… isn't there anyone else who feels the way I do? Just one person… I sigh as Poppy finally decides she's had enough of sitting on my head and appears right in front of me. She glows faintly, and seems to hum a little song of encouragement before smiling and returning on her place. I smile back as I fiddle with my red headband, helping her to find the most comfortable position.

    I finally arrive near the buffet area of the ferry and decide to wait for a bit before getting some food for myself. This morning's generous breakfast still makes me feel satiated and satisfied, so I take a seat in the adjacent lobby, skimming through various flyers… but my mind is elsewhere.


    As a child, I would have never thought of becoming a trainer. I just wasn't interested in that, despite the fact that my mom was a very good one. And even after meeting Poppy, I still wasn't interested in all of the things that being a trainer entails! Sure, I like taking care of her and playing with her, and she's a great, great friend to have. So what?

    Apparently, it was a big deal, because everyone kept telling me that "I had potential" and I was sent to a trainer school for… three years, I think. And then I was continuously encouraged to try and start a Journey of my own, because "oooh, it's such an important experience and you shouldn't miss out on it!"

    And this brought up a bunch of problems. I didn't like arguing or partaking in conflicts, and I really tried my best to find a compromise with my family and friends. For the first time, I was no longer feeling comfortable at home. I talked about it with one of my closest friends from the Trainer school, who had just come back from his own Journey in another region, and - ice cream and map at hand's reach - we found a solution.

    "You can go and travel in a different region, it's surely a possibility. Don't pick the region I've been in though, the League is even harder than the one in Kalos! I've heard rumors that some of the leagues in these southern regions here are a bit more forgiving. And… you'll be far enough from your family for a while. You can clear your mind, explore a new region, go at your own pace."

    That's what he said. And of course, when he finished speaking, Poppy was in seventh heaven. She made it very clear as well, to the point of making me feel guilty about letting her down: with my parents, I could usually try and shrug it off but… not with her. I started questioning just how much I could have pushed myself with her encouragement, but in reality it was more like giving in to her own attitude. Which I eventually did.

    I picked a random region on the bottom half of my map. It was just one big island, with a rather interesting shape - unlike Kalos, I suppose - surrounded by many other little green dots. I read the name out loud: Hoenn. And then, I started to ask around for opinions, getting mostly positive ones in response.


    When my parents knew, they surely gave everything they had to comply to my weird, up-in-the-air desire to travel abroad. They genuinely seemed very happy to hear I was at least considering the idea of journeying as a trainer, and brought home a lot of blazing new stuff to help me. We picked most of it together, too, and I remember going all the way to Lumiose's most famous shopping districts once! My family isn't really that wealthy, meaning that their efforts are even more important and meaningful. And that is probably what sold me… alongside Poppy's incredible enthusiasm, of course.

    And still… it didn't take long for me to become conflicted about this, not at all. As Coumarine disappeared beyond the horizon, and with it the docks where my parents were standing for their last goodbye in a while… I gave in to doubts. Do I really have to do this if I don't like battles? Do I need to put in effort or can I just pretend? How much can I bend before I break?

    My mind goes back to the other trainers I've laid my eyes on some time before, trying to find some similarities once again. But, it seems, only the differences are striking enough to surface. First of all, I've seen people wearing casual, practical clothes, while I'm going around in a swing dress. I like it, sure - it's white with polka dots all around, and a ribbon on my waist, but it's just not practical. Let's throw in my sandals, necklace, big glasses, headband and various other little pieces of jewelry, and the difference is even clearer. And to top it all off, while it's true that I'm carrying my stuff in what is essentially a backpack, mine is not as sleek and well packed. Sitting under my seat right now is a large, beige, rolling backpack, that looks almost like a gym bag instead!

    Case in point, by hopping from one ferry to another, I've finally realized that I've overpacked. I mean, my bag looks in pain! Probably the wheels gave me a sense of security - but that's obviously going to backlash when dragging this thing along isn't an option and I'll have to put it on my shoulders. In fact, I was able to squeeze in all of the things my parents got for me - decent adventuring shoes, as they called them, various clothes, and commodities such as an umbrella, a flashlight, a sleeping bag and similar. But I also added in some more clothes and pieces of jewelry that I really don't need, including a second dress similar to the one I'm wearing! Oh, and a written book. Oh, Avril, you could've figured out how to use e-books but no, too complicated…

    The flyer I'm reading has a front picture that speaks more than a million words: this is what a trainer looks like. A brave young boy climbing mountains with just a small backpack in order to find the rarest, most powerful Pokémon. I turn the page and said Pokémon is shown fighting another giant… Gyarados, undoubtedly - how can I forget the name of such a scary Pokémon. And finally, there's that trainer again riding a Wailmer… underwater. I can feel Poppy leaning over my head, trying to look better, and cheering at the thought of partaking in such fights. Once again, I have to shake my head. I whisper: "I'm sorry… I can't, Poppy."

    "Journey: Hoenn", the title of this flyer, is what I've signed up for, though. And yes, while most of this doesn't really entice me (at all), there's gotta be something good that can come out of this. And it's really just… becoming closer and closer with Poppy. I really believe, by now, that I wouldn't have done any of this without her: and for once, I really need to trust in her more.

    A little tear falls from my face right onto the flyer. I try to stop it as I quickly hide the flyer inside my backpack and pull out another clear copy from the shelf nearby. I'd better read this carefully, it's the least I can do.

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    Arthur Weissmann
    Location: Akurnai City
    Pokemon at hand :
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]

    Thursday, September 17th, Akurnai City - 08.30 A.M.

    Chapter 0 - 0 (Prologue)
    Start of Another Journey

    It was another day as usual in Akurnai City for the local inhabitants, most of them are preparing themselves for another day as usual. But it wasn't the case for the league challengers or those who were supposed to be one, they had to rush to the docks to ride the Ferry to the Hoenn Region in order to continue their journey. Arthur was no exception to that.

    "Hmm… This looks good enough." Arthur looked at himself in the mirror as he tried his new look. It's been a while since he had hair that's not white and he rarely wears a sweater before due to his dislike of hot places. But it did look quite nice, it didn't give a feeling of cheapness even if he bought them all from thrift shops all around the city.

    His Metang behind him nodding his head in agreement, all while his Darumaka and Wingull busy with their own activities, with his Darumaka jumping on the bed with joy while his Wingull was busy eating berries on the floor.

    Arthur tried his best to remember everything just in case he forgot something important, with not much energy left which is a severe understatement to his current state. He decided that his preparation seemed to be impeccable.

    "Well, nothing else we can do about this… We'll just have to hope that this is going without a hitc..aahh." The young man closed his mouth as he yawned, he looked back at the mirror… And yep, his face looked horrible. He wished he had more sleep, but he had a ton of things to prep with.

    He had to find some good looking clothes with a tight budget, stop by the laundromat to wash them first, cut his hair, buy a hair dye and learn how to use it, scrapping useful junk parts from broken Pokegears he could find, and building a barely functional Pokegear out of them, it was a day full of schedule and he only got two hours of sleep... All because of his 'brilliant' idea to disguise himself as a trainer from Kalos.

    "I hope this works, or else…" Arthur carefully went outside his lodgings, he put back Kaplan and Braveheart into their Pokeball while he hugged Muchorin to make him as an extra pair of eyes to watch for any danger to his plan. After making sure there was no danger in the vicinity, he decided to buy a can of cold Mocha Latte to help him stay awake. With high hopes, he rushed to the docks.

    However, as usual, a hindrance-less plan is nothing but a pipe dream. As he slowly reached where the ferry was supposed to be, he immediately saw a red flag, causing him to quickly hide behind the of the warehouses of the dock.

    "Darn it, why Alice had to be there!?" He angrily muttered. From all the places she could choose from, she just had to stand very near to the ferry. Arthur wanted to vent about his cursed luck, but he had no time to waste as he knew he had to act fast. He quickly reached his backpack for his Holotch.

    "132 missed calls!? Alice…" Arthur was shocked as he saw the missed calls he got from Alice yesterday when he muted his Holotch, he then gritted his teeth as he covertly gazed on his best friend, she didn't look good at all, a worried expression painted in her tired face causing Arthur to grief.

    No Arthur, you've gone this far… It's too late to pull back now.

    With a heavy heart, he decided to call Alice. But before he could dial Alice's contact on his Holotch, Alice already called him first, he hesitated to answer but he knew there was no escaping it.


    "WHERE ARE YOU!?" Alice hysterically screamed.

    "Ouch… Calm down, I'm at the Pokemon Center right now…" Arthur took another peek to make sure Alice didn't overhear his Holotch noise.

    "S-sorry… We're just about to board the ship, so… You should come here fast…"

    "Alice… You do remember what I said last night…"

    "Come on… Stop with the joke… It's not funny…"

    Arthur could start hearing sobbing noises from his Holotch which caused him to grit his teeth even harder.

    "Look… I just- I… It's not your fault Alice… It's all mine haha… Just board the ship now, okay? I can just wait some other time to challenge the league."

    "I'm sorry… Please, come here now… I didn't know… I was insensitive… Just…" Alice's pleading was cut off by her own tears flowing down, causing Arthur more distress than what he could handle. He knew that Alice wouldn't leave him that easily and the fact that Alice is going to search for him even for just a bit was something he was banking on. However, none of the scenarios he thought of involving Alice breaking down, it caused a pang of guilt inside him. Unable to continue lying to his best friend at that state, he shut off the call with his shaking hands before Alice could compose herself and continue the conversation. Arthur shut his eyes with grief as tears slowly flowed from his it, he felt like an absolute scumbag to pull that move.

    "Pain of separation is temporary, it's all for a greater good." He frantically repeated the sentence a few times to help him calm down. Muchorin who saw what was happening to his trainer was quick to hug his right leg, afraid that his trainer was having a breakdown. Thankfully the rising temperature of his right leg helped him to quickly snap out from his mutterings.

    "Thanks, Pal. I'll be fine…" Arthur smiled while patting his Darumaka to calm him down. He took another deep breath and a huge sip of his coffee to help him steel himself. After he put Darumaka inside his ball and made sure that Alice wasn't there anymore. He quickly put on his trilby and scarf he already prepared before, with his black hair and obscured facial features it would be enough to buy some time to enter the ferry before anyone else realized his presence.

    He had carefully prepared this plan, from his class chatroom he got the information that there was only one ferry prepared for the trainers so unless he boarded this one he will have to pay with his own money, which was a luxury he couldn't afford to do. With him backed into a wall, there was no chance to hesitate. Full of confidence he walked towards one of the staff on the boarding spot.

    "Sorry Sir, is it the time to board the ferry yet?"

    "Oh, unfortunately, it's 15 minutes from now… Our crew is still preparing the ferry."

    "Uh, this may sound a bit rude but I really need to go inside… I don't think I can hold my bladder much longer." Said the boy while he pretended to fidgets in front of the crewmember.

    "Um… May I see your ticket, please?"

    "Oh, Mrs. Deidre told me to show my trainer card and she's the one paying… Is this enough?" Arthur flashed his card which was quickly identified by the crewmember.

    "Well… Except for your hair, everything else matches… Oh well then, not many people should've known about this arrangement anyway, the nearest loo is on the right side, just climb one set of stairs and then go straight, you'll immediately find it."

    "Thank you!" Arthur ran as fast as he could through the stairs to keep his act, he felt some gaze directed towards him, but he was sure that most of them are just wondering why there was a noise of someone rushing through the stairs. With himself inside the bathroom without any prying eyes, he immediately sighed out a sigh of relief.

    Arthur looked at himself in the mirror. "Yikes, I looked even worse than earlier this morning…" He muttered, he then tidied up as much as he could. After he exited the restroom, he decided to find a hiding spot where there's little to no prying eyes that would blow his cover. But with not much time to scour the environment, he decided that the best course of action to take is to ask the sailor on-board the ship.

    With little to no difficulties, he managed to find one.

    "Excuse me, Sir…"

    "Yes? Wait, a passenger? Isn't the boarding time 10 minutes from now?"

    "Oh yes, sorry. It was an emergency and I had to use the loo. But I had my identities checked already so you had nothing to worry about." Arthur calmly explained while showing his trainers card.

    "Well, fine then. There's no merit in forcing you to go back down… Is there anything I can help you with?"

    "I kind of need a place with not many people going through it, I hadn't had much sleep you see…" Arthur laughed nervously.

    "Ah… A nice place to nap, well… Uh, without any person passing through right? I honestly don't think it exists here, sorry." The man bowed slightly.

    "Ah, it's okay... Thanks for your assistance." Arthur returned the gesture as the crewmember returned to his post.

    Okay… So that means there's no conventional place where I can sleep without raising red flags especially with Alice, she's going to scour the entire ship at this rate… But if I can think carefully… The young man tried his best to muster all the energy he had to avoid himself being knocked out cold in public. But with little time left until people started to board the ship, there was only one option that he could think of.

    With that knowledge in hand, he made his move as fast as he could and it didn't take long until he reached his destination. "Well, beggars can't be choosers," he said as he put down the toilet lid for him to sat down. Just in case it hadn't been cleaned yet, he decided to use his hand sanitizer in his possession alongside with the available toilet paper to wipe the lid clean before he sat down.

    Today was rough… The young man took a final sip of his canned coffee, the coffee didn't help him in staying up as he already guessed, but the memory of Alice during the morning was weighing heavily on his conscience. But he had no choice, it was the best possible answer he could ever think for both of them.

    "Shoot, my head hurts. I guess I'll just have to curb the consequences later… At least, everything is going as planned." The man mused. Finally, he decided that it was enough thinking for now and it's time to rest. He already saw some staff rushing upstairs, so maybe that's where the people going to be most of the time. He didn't know if there was a toilet upstairs, but there's no time to check it, if he did, he might meet someone who knew him and that's a red flag. He only could wish that there was one so people don't have to enter the stalls around him and disturb his much-needed sleep.

    "Let's go, Ar- No, Jack... You can definitely do this." After he finished pep-talking himself, he finally took a shuteye, with a hope that by the time he woke up, the ferry hadn't turned back towards Akurnai City yet.

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    Edison Kintobor
    Thursday, September 17
    Ferry, en route to Slateport

    "Ah, breathe in that fresh air!" Edison stands on the deck, inhaling deeply through his nose as he looks out over the waves. He reacts with surprise at the smell. "Ugh... salty. Somewhat tangy, actually." Deciding he's had enough ocean for now, he heads back inside the ferry.

    Looking around, the little vessel is positively packed with Trainers. Quite a few of them have their Pokémon out with them, but Ed had decided to keep his in their Pokeballs for now. He takes a moment to touch on his Pokeballs, particularly the empty spaces on his belt that previously held two other Pokémon. Releasing his Wingull had been a simple affair, as the water bird hadn't been too keen on traveling anyway. But the other...

    He shakes the thoughts from his head. Rem had made her choice, and he needed to respect that. Besides, he still has Neo and Addy with him, and a crowded ship is no place for a baby or a living magnet. Either one would be a handful, but both at once would be all kinds of chaos.

    As he's thinking that, the lights above him suddenly flicker and cut out, leaving the hallway somewhat dark. "That's... unconventional. But... it can't have been me. A magnet wouldn't short out lights, especially inside his Pokeball."

    "Short out?" A voice came from the shadowy corner. "Would you say that the lights... Sputtered?" A purple flame illuminated the hallway, revealing a familiar face and her Litwick.

    "Sunny Dey?" Ed is shocked to see his self-proclaimed rival on the ferry, but his surprise gives way to confusion. "Did you just damage private property just to make a pun? And how did you even do that?"

    Sunny's cocky smile fades, replaced by nervous realization as she looks around the currently empty stairwell. "Um... do you think they'll be mad? Sputter learned Hex while challenging the Gym, and I've been wanting to test it out ever since."

    Ed puts an arm around her shoulders, guiding her down the stairs. "Maybe if we don't stick around, they won't suspect us? Just act casual. But Hex, really? How's that work?"

    Initially confused by his bold gesture, Sunny smiles when Ed starts scrolling through his Holotch for move information. He hadn't changed a bit. "Here, use mine. I actually have the relevant data in it." She offers her device once they reach a spot with functioning lights.

    Ed happily reads through her Holotch, not even bothering to remove it from Sunny's arm first. "Ghost type... disrupts internal systems, more effective with persistent status effects in play, fascinating! Perhaps it targets internal electrical impulses, such as those carried through the nervous system. If so, then Sputter may have inadvertently-"

    Sunny pulls her arm away, laughing and giving Ed a hug. "You're such a nerd, Eddie! I was so glad when I saw you outside. Kinyo would have been so boring for you."

    "Yes, well..." Edison awkwardly pats her on the back, not really able to move his arms with her hugging him. "I'm a Pokémon researcher, aren't I? Aspiring, at any rate. I go where the Pokémon are, and that wasn't Kinyo."

    Sunny disengages the hug, but keeps a hold on Edison's shoulders. "Well, it's good to see a friend. At least I'll have one in Hoenn. Now come on, let's get some food."

    "Thanks, but I'm not- okay, I guess we're going, then!" Ed's attempt to turn her down is cut short as she pulls him along toward the buffet table on the main deck.


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    Shuna Kamado

    Prologue - Epoch 0: The Ferry
    Thursday, September 17 {Afternoon}

    New Beginnings!

    "Goodbye Kinyo…" Shuna mumbled as she sat down, knees up and arms leaning on top of them, leaning her back on the ship as she watched the scenery go by. She looked to the side and saw Akurnai's docks still in sight, but at the same time, they were far away.

    She never thought that she'd have to leave Kinyo so early, maybe in the future, yeah, but as a teen? Wasn't planned, and saying goodbye to her grandparents was hard, especially when it was through the phone.

    She wished Pidge was fully evolved so they could have flown to their hometown and say goodbye directly, but he wasn't and walking all the way over would take days, which she didn't have. The ferry left in a matter of hours, barely leaving her time to get ready, say her goodbyes, prepare herself mentally, and go on board.

    Hearing a familiar cry, Shuna looked up, seeing Finn jump onto the Ferry. Pidge appeared, landing on the railing as Finn shook itself before letting out a happy cry, running over. Shuna smiled as her partner jumped at her, causing Shuna to move her sitting position to criss-cross so she could hold him in her lap as said pokemon landed and sat on her lap. The teen patted the pokemon's head, feeling the moisture on his skin. She should have gotten some towels before, but getting them now is a good time.

    Shuna stood up, placing Finn beside her, already having a plan in mind. "Let's go inside and get some towels to dry you off, I don't want you wetting the floor or furniture every time you do that." Seconds later, Pidge was perched on her shoulder with Finn crying out happily at the thought of being in water.

    Just as the girl was about to walk away, she felt the device vibrate, stopping her tracks. She pulled it out, noticing the called ID was Unknown. Staring for a few seconds, she let it ring out, pocketing the device. Was it them? The number shown was the same one her grandfather warned her about, how did they get her number?

    She shook her head, causing another though to take over. "I wonder how everyone's doing…." Shuna trailed off, looking at the ocean, before looking at the Holotch in her hand. "Did I ever tell everyone about my new name… I don't think so…" She unlocked her device and opened the group chat. She typed in the box: 'This may be sudden, but I changed my name! Sorry if I didn't inform you guys sooner! Family stuff came up and decided to change for the better. My new name is now Shuna Kamado, instead of Momoka Kuchiki.'

    "That should work, can't tell them too much. Now let's go, we got some towels to find." No doubt that reveal is going to raise alot of questions, hopefully they don't use my old name in public...




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    Jacques 'Jack' Tenenbaum
    Location: Ferry
    Pokemon at hand :
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]

    Thursday, September 17th - 0:30 PM.

    Chapter 0 - 1 (Prologue)
    New Friend (?)

    "Hmm?" Jack was finally awake from his slumber, initially, he was more than content to drink his coffee. But as he realized that his coffee can was now empty, he finally remembered to check his Pokegear to see the current time.

    As he saw the text on the Pokegear showing that it's twelve-thirty in the afternoon, he sighed with relief. If he had slept one and a half hour more… He didn't want to think about it. With himself feeling safe, he then opened the door of his toilet stall before he started to wash his now rejuvenated face.

    "Yikes, it hurts… But at least I could get some rest before I reach Slateport," Jack mumbled while holding his left shoulder. Sleeping in the toilet was a bad idea, but sleeping out in the open with current risks seemed more dangerous than sleeping here. At least it was clean and didn't smell bad which helped him getting deep into his slumber.

    Jack considered to go back to his stall and read to kill some time, but even after he had faked his identity. He still felt the need of finding some friends, it could be a huge problem if they realized that he faked his identity, but Jack was confident that they're not going to find out at all as long as he played his cards right.

    He exited the toilet and was immediately met by the stinging sun rays. "Well… This is Hoenn alright…" Feeling the familiar heat that was unpleasant to him, Jack removed his sweater before tieing it around his neck. The ladies at the thrift market told him that it was a popular fashion style, and he personally thought that it was not bad at all. So it was even more reason for him to wear his sweater on the neck instead.

    Still on high alert, he tried to observe his surroundings. Not many people to be seen around him, but he could hear some noises upstairs. It seemed that his prediction was correct that the main venue was not on this floor.

    "If it wasn't I'm probably done for…" Jack muttered. With the vicinity free from anyone that seemed to be a threat to his identity, he immediately scoured the floor with relaxed disposal in order to find someone who looked amicable and was alone to be friends with, as he hadn't felt confident yet with his Kalosian speaking language to speak towards more than one person.

    After walking for a bit, he saw a girl who stood alone looking towards the sea. She wore round glasses, a white wide-brimmed hat, white shirt with black heart patterns, and a black knee-length skirt, completed with black tights and a set of high heels. She looked friendly enough for him to befriend. Jack hesitated to come close and try to socialize as his new persona. But socializing was a problem he'll have to face eventually, it's not like he could stay pretending as a mute Kalos-born trainer for his entire journey, that's plain torture.

    He took a deep breath before he approached the girl. It's been a while since he talked to a stranger just for a plain chit-chat which made him even more nervous.

    "Bonsoir, mademoiselle~ It's a nice weather isn't it?"

    The girl giggled before she twirled her short brown-colored hair. "Heehee, yeah it's a great day. I'm not used to this hot climate though."

    "Ah, where are my manners. My name is Jacques Tenenbaum, you can just call me Jack. Nice to meet you..." Jack offered his hand for a handshake.

    "Katrina Purcell, you can call me Kat. Nice to meet you too." Kat accepted the handshake with a bright smile plastered on her face. But something wasn't right for Jack, there was something about her expression that Jack couldn't put his finger on. But since it was still the start of the conversation, Jack decided to soldier on instead. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

    "So I presume you're a trainer, yes?"

    Kat nodded. "Yes, your guess is spot on. Where do you come from Jack?"

    "Ahaha… I come from Kalos, not from a big city though… I'm basically a country boy, haha…" Jack rubbed the back of his head while grinning.

    Great… This is going very well, just a little bit more chit-chat and at least I can get someone to… Wait… Is that a scowl? Did I mess up somewhere? Jack was shocked as he saw a scowl that the girl showed so suddenly, feeling it was a bad premonition. Jack chose to retreat immediately from the Operation: New Friends.

    "Ah... Mademoiselle… I think it's my time to leave… Let's meet again someday, Au Rev-" As soon as Jack tried to turn his body away and flee the scene, the girl tugged at his sleeves preventing him to escape.

    "...Do you know that bonsoir actually means good evening?" The girl looked at Jack's eye with a cold expression.

    Welp, looks like I'm busted already. Jack's smile turned sour as he realized he just jeopardized his painstakingly built disguise.

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    Natsuko Soyokaze
    Thursday, September 17th
    Akurnai-Slateport Ferry

    The sun is high, there's a slight breeze, and the occasional cry of a water bird cuts through the sound of waves lapping against the side of the boat. That, and background conversations from the various passengers. "This, as you can see, is the sea..." Natsuko turns the camera toward herself, shrugging as she gives a small smile. "I heard there's a lot of water in Hoenn, so here's hoping I don't get tired of it!" She gives a V-sign, then ends the video.

    Putting her phone away, Natsuko moves away from the side of the ferry and into the crowd, making her way downstairs. "Oh, excuse me... whoops, sorry!... excuse me, I'm just gonna... thanks..." This place is packed. Admittedly, she's never been on a boat before (except that one time when she was five, but honestly, who can remember that far back?), so she's not sure if this is normal or not, but there's both plenty of people to talk to and no one to talk to.

    She stops by the buffet cart long enough to grab an apple and a granola bar, then tries to find someplace quieter. A door marked 'Employees Only' catches her attention, mostly because no one is near it. Trying her luck, she finds it unlocked, and slips inside.

    She finds herself in a small hallway, with a couple other doors on either side and one at the end of the hall. "Perfect..." She grabs a Pokeball from one of her coat's many pockets, sending out Sunshine. The little Ponyta looks around the narrow hallway, ears flattening in annoyance.

    "Heeeyyy, Shiny~..." Natsuko moves in close, ducking down to hug Sunshine's head. "It's okay, I know you don't like being inside, but I could really use a friend right now."

    Sunshine snorts, stamping a hoof in annoyance.

    "Yeah, it smells weird, huh? I think that's just the ocean, though. You know, the big blue wet thing? But, hey! Free food on this boat!" She presents the apple, causing Sunshine to let out a happy whinny. Natsuko chuckles as Sunshine bites into it, unwrapping the granola bar for herself.

    She gets two bites out of it before Sunshine starts sniffing at it. "Oh, you want some? Here." She offers the bar, and Sunshine delicately bites the end, then pulls the whole thing out of Tsu's hand. "Hey, that was mine!"

    But it's too late. Sunshine has already eaten it all. Natsuko sighs, dramatically putting the back of her hand to her forehead. "I guess I shall just starve, then. Why was I cursed with such a greedy daughter, who has such a big appetite and just the cutest wittle face?" She laughs as she smooshes Shiny's face and scritches behind her ears.

    The fun is interrupted when the door at the end of the hall opens. Natsuko quickly returns Sunshine to her ball, backing up and reaching for the door handle. "Oops, this isn't the bathroom!" She loudly but casually announces. "Better look somewhere else!"

    And she's back in the dining area before anyone can catch her. Getting to spend a moment with Shiny has made her feel better, so she decides to go mingle, stopping by the information desk to pick up a pamphlet or two.


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    Jacques 'Jack' Tenenbaum
    Location: Ferry
    Pokemon at hand :
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]

    Thursday, September 17th - 0:45 PM.

    Chapter 0 - 2 (Prologue)
    Let's be Friends, Kay?

    Ah, shoot! So that's what I messed up… Psyduck! But this is too much for just someone who misspoke, no? Jack started to sweat profusely as he saw the girl's furious expression, how the hell could he dig himself into this hole? He felt so stupid to do a blunder since the start of the conversation, but the fact didn't change that he had to protect his fake persona.

    "Oui, ah did I made a mistake? Silly me, excusez-moi mademoiselle, I didn't realize that I was…" Jack was about to bow to show courtesy.

    "Did my mother sent you?" The girl cut off Jack's attempt to excuse himself while giving a glare towards the fake Kalosian.

    Feeling this was getting nowhere unless he explained himself properly, Jack finally dropped his phony accent alongside with the mannerisms. "Look, miss, obviously I'm not a real Kalosian… I'm a Hoennian. But, I have my own reasons to speak like that, not only because I do have Kalosian heritage but I'm trying to hide my identity from several people upstairs because of MY own personal reason. I'm not here because of you- *growl*"

    Jack's attempt at making a fake narration to defend himself was interrupted by his own stomach noise. It's true he hadn't eaten yet since morning, but he didn't expect it to grumble when he talked seriously. Feeling even more embarrassed than before he tried to end the conversation quickly.

    "Here's the deal, let's just pretend this thing never happened, okay? I'll turn the other way and so should you, kay? It makes things easier between both of us."

    "If you don't want anyone to find you out… Doesn't that mean you couldn't have lunch?"

    "On this ship? That's obvious. Well, I'll just spend more time somewhere else with no people around until we reach Slateport and that's it. So yes. Can we part ways now? I don't see why should we continue to converse considering both of us have no more reasons to talk." Jack irritatedly smile to escape the conversation.

    "Would you like it if I bring you some lunch, you know… As an apology." The girl flashed a genuine-looking smile, causing Jack to drop his irritated tone.

    "Oh… Really? That's very kind of you. I would love to ask that if you don't mind. Sorry if I was too cranky, I had a lot of stuff happening since yesterday."

    "Mmm-hmm, that's okay." Kat shook her head while smiling to tell Jack it was okay. "Please wait for a bit okay." The girl quickly dashed towards the ladder.

    Hmm… Maybe I was wrong about the girl, she's pretty kind alright. I shouldn't be too harsh on her, but still… Bonsoir? How stupid can you be Jack? That's one of the basics... Jack sighed as he gazed towards the sea, realizing the tough road ahead as he had to masquerade immaculately as a Kalos-born trainer.

    Not long after, he saw Katrina rushing back as she could while holding two plates in both of her hands.

    "Sorry… Phew, I had to sneak these out from the dining area because they were prohibiting these to be brought outside the dining area."

    "Ah, sorry to give you some trouble… I really appreciate it."

    "I don't mind at all, I'm the one who had to be sorry… I forgot to ask what would you like so I just took a little bit of everything."

    "Oh no, no… This is good enough, thanks." Jack smiled warmly at Kat's goodwill, but just as he about to take a bite on his first meal of the day. He realized that Kat was staring at him while smiling… But that grin… It was all too familiar for him.

    Hmmm… I knew this all too well, this totally reeks of trouble… Should I not eat this? No, it's too late to back out from whatever she planned, if don't eat, she would've just guilt trip me and it stays the same… Ah well, let's just chow in. Jack twirled the pasta with the available fork and put it immediately inside his mouth, it's actually pretty good for a buffet.

    "So, since I've helped you getting lunch…"

    I knew it... let's just hope it's not something outrageous. Although sid "Yes?" Jack smiled while hoping he would be spared from his schedule getting wrecked.

    "Well, you're a Hoennian right? Have you ever visited Slateport before?"

    "Oh, yeah… I've been there a few times with pops, not in recent years though." Jack answered calmly while trying to hide the fact he was still skeptical of Katrina's intention.

    "Ah, that's fine… Can you show me around? I'm not a Hoenn native, so…"

    "I really want to Kat, but... I think you should find somebody else to guide you around Slateport…" Jack flashed another fake smile of friendliness to drop Kat from his tail. Little he knew, that Kat knows exactly what he was trying to do.

    "It'll be fine… I just need someone to accompany me. I'll make it worthwhile by teaching you a bit of Kalosian language in exchange. After all, we're friends in the same boat, right?" Katrina tilted her head as she smiled, this time she was really upfront with what she wanted.

    Damn it, she's shrewd… Using my secret to ensure that I would accompany her while making sure I don't divulge hers, I bet this is not good at all… But, can I even learn Kalosian language properly by myself? I guess not… Well, it's for a greater good, might as well accept it. Not like I even have a choice in the first place.

    Jack had made his decision, even when he's cornered he wouldn't change his expression to show distress, so with a fake smile still hanging on his face he finally gave his answer. "Okay then if you don't mind, then I would love to help you."

    "Hee-hee… Thanks." With her goal already achieved, Katrina finally sat down and start to eat her share of the food.

    With Kat focused on her food, Jack immediately drop his smile and grimaced. He took a deep sigh as he wondered why that day was so horrible to him.

    "Hmm, something the matter?"

    "No, nothing… I'm just taking deep breaths that's all, haha."

    "That's great then." Kat continued eating her lunch.

    "Why do I always attract troublesome girls?" Jack mumbled in a low voice. He continued to eat while sulking because of Katrina's machination.

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    Chapter 1: Hit The Ground Running
    Area: Slateport City
    Weather: Mostly Sunny, Breezy
    Pokémon: Sandygast, Shellos (West Sea), Staryu, Stunfisk
    IC Start Date: Thursday, September 17, 2:00pm.
    Earliest IC End Date: Saturday, September 19, 11am.

    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    If you were to ask anyone to name the region's largest city, they would undoubtedly point to Slateport. By population, this is untrue- both Mauville and Rustboro surpass it. By area, this is also untrue- Lilycove sprawls into the surrounding countryside and technically the entire island of Mossdeep is considered a single city. But the reasoning is understandable- Slateport is the gateway to Hoenn and therefore is bustling all day, every day. It's loud, it's vibrant, it's got everything you need, everything you want, and twice as many things you never thought to look for. People from all over the world find their way to Slateport, though most will find their way back out to sea within a few days.

    You are not one of those people. You're here for a long haul.

    But Slateport is the overwhelming beginning, with much to do and much to see. It'd probably be a good idea to prioritize…

    You've exited the ferry terminal and find yourself at the southern edge of the harbor. The lighthouse and beach are all that's south of you; everything else is north or west or both. Now where to?

    Key Locations

    Pokémon Center
    Slateport, being a large city, has two Pokémon Centers. One is in the south, near the market and beach, and one is in the north, near the harbor and Route 110. You may choose to stay at either of them. Considering the process of license registration, a Pokémon Center will likely be your first stop.

    Hoenn Pokémon Centers have a fairly standard layout. The automatic glass doors open into a lobby with the reception desk facing the doors. Behind the reception desk, though closed off to the public, is the healing and assessment area; it spans the width of the Pokémon Center and doubles the depth. The desk is usually staffed by two or three people, but there are plenty more behind the scenes.

    To both the left and right of the desk are large lounge areas. The lefthand side is dedicated to guests of the Pokémon Center- this is where continental breakfast is served in the mornings, as well as snacks throughout the day. A wide staircase in the back left corner will take you up to the trainer lodgings. The righthand side features a café that opens onto a terrace, a small convenience store, and plenty of locals hanging out with their Pokémon. You will generally find the community bulletin board near the café.

    Public restrooms are three to each lounge. The trainer's side has rooms along the back wall that house additional amenities: two individual shower rooms, a small multiple-machine laundry, and two quiet rooms. There is an additional exit on the left side of the building, symmetrical to the terrace exit, but it is emergency only.

    PROMPT: paperwork
    IC: Here is where you must register your license if you are not from Hoenn. License registration has a processing time of twenty-four hours; you may take advantage of trainer-specific amenities while your license is pending, but you may not reserve a timeslot at the gym nor apply for a Contest Pass until your license is valid.
    OOC: Explore your character's thoughts and feelings about this process. Are they annoyed at being told to wait longer? Or are they happy to have a free day in Slateport?

    The Slateport Gym is located just west of the harbor, close enough for the converted warehouse to be mistaken for an active one. Gym hours are 7am to 7pm daily.

    Slateport's current gym leader is a man in his mid-thirties named Benjamin Inoue (though he goes by Benji).. Appearance-wise, he's not particularly remarkable- a little less than six foot, somewhat stocky, brown hair, brown eyes, and a tan following the lines of his work uniform. He's been a shipyard engineer far longer than he's been a gym leader, but he goes as both jobs with the same amount of enthusiasm- a lot. His naturally excitable personality is boosted in intensity by the volume he has to use to be heard in the shipyards, which he doesn't quite remember to adjust anymore. He'll cheer you on before, during, and after a battle but doesn't tend to have much actionable advice for people. Just support.

    Benji's hours are 7am-12pm Wednesday through Saturday and 7am-7pm on Sundays. Battle slots are half an hour and it is advised to reserve your timeslot in advance, though you could just show up and hope for the best. You can reserve a slot either by speaking to the desk attendant at the gym or by calling in and providing your trainer ID. For you specifically, it's advisable to reserve your time as soon as your trainer license becomes valid (24 hours after registration; probably around 3pm on Friday the 18th).

    To receive a badge, you must best him in a double battle. For each match, he will choose his Pokémon first and allow you to respond to his choice.
    OOC: Assume his Pokémon are roughly equal to the level of your own. You can not challenge Benji if you only have one Pokémon. You (the writer) may choose which two of his Pokémon you want to battle, but your character will not know what they are until the match. Your character does know that he will choose between the following six: Diglett (Alolan), Pineco, Sandslash (Alolan), Seel, Stunfisk, Wormadam (Trash Cloak). Pick your pair and then I'll DM you their overview. :) No discussion until everyone chooses, please!

    Benji's Full Team & Movesets

    Slateport Beach
    Wrapping the entire southern edge of Slateport is a massive beach. It's always busy, but rarely can even Slateport draw enough people to crowd the giant space. The water is shallow and filled with sandbars for a good way out to sea; during the development of the harbor, seafloor was dredged up and relocated to the southern strip to create a space where only the shallowest-keeled leisure craft can sail. The harbor is cut off from the shallows by a rocky jetty running north to south along the east side, which breaks the waves from the big ocean liners coming into port. Anchoring the jetty at the shore is Slateport's oldest lighthouse, open for tours during the day.

    Currently, all legal captures can be found at Slateport Beach. Comments by Lifeguard Ariel.

    "The kids are getting scared. Please, anybody, get them off the beach." [Rare - 10%]

    SHELLOS - West Sea Form
    "Local colony has learned to open coolers and steal food, resulting in population boom." [Uncommon - 25%]

    "We're getting really sick of flipping these [censored]." [Uncommon - 25%]

    "Usually just vibing in the shallows. [Common - 40%]

    PROMPT: beachcomber
    IC: Sandygast may be the most insidious of beach Pokémon, but Stunfisk are the most obnoxious. They're difficult to spot and seem to take joy in shocking anyone who missteps. Lifeguards frequently take turns walking up and down the shoreline to prod at suspicious patches of sand with specialized rubber-tipped sticks. Once found, the lifeguards dig the sticks under the sand to flip the camouflaged menaces and send them scurrying back into the ocean. Particularly reluctant lifeguards will sometimes plead passing beachgoers to do this part of the job for them.
    OOC: Write out your Stunfisk-flipping adventure. One section of beach takes an hour and a half to comb, round trip.
    Reward: On one roll, +20% chance to roll Stunfisk & -20% chance to roll Staryu. And you can have some pocket money from the lifeguard.​

    More Locations

    Slateport International Market
    The southwest corner of the city is entirely dedicated to Slateport International Market. The bulk of the market is open-air stalls, but some full-sized shops at the edge of the city proper and the hawkers along the west boardwalk are also considered part of the market. You can find anything here, from any region in the world. Not just trainer items, either- this market has everything. Have fun shopping!

    Oceanic Museum
    Learn about Hoenn's sea transit routes and Pokémon-assisted diving here. And just, yknow, ocean things. I'm sure they have other relevant exhibits as well.

    Pokémon Fanclub
    What can I say? They like cute Pokémon and they're pretty darn vocal about it.

    PROMPT: join the club
    IC: The Pokémon Fanclub is an esteemed organization with branches in many cities all over the world. A membership will give you access to all Pokémon Fanclub amenities and connections and opens many opportunities for the travelling Pokémon enthusiast.
    OOC: Purchase a membership. Club fees are $3,000 per month (membership revoked if your fee is over two weeks late) or $30,000 per year (if you pay all at once). Reward: You will receive a one-time sign-up gift of an Eviolite and a membership card that will open doors for you in the future.​

    Contest Hall
    Slateport's Contest Hall is located in the northwest quarter of the city. It is one of the biggest in Hoenn, featuring multiple theatres and hosting more frequent contests and practise times. All Contest Halls provide one-on-one or small-group coordinator lessons for a small fee. These lessons are a prerequisite for obtaining a Contest Pass, which allows participation in Contests across the region.
    OOC: Yes, you get money or other rewards for contests if you write them. No, contests are not required activities.​
    Monday: D-Rank Doubles, 10am. D-Rank Singles, 11:30am
    Tuesday: C-Rank Singles, 1pm. C-Rank Doubles, 3:30pm.
    Wednesday: D-Rank Doubles, 10am. D-Rank Singles, 11:30am
    Thursday: C-Rank Singles, 1pm. C-Rank Doubles, 3:30pm.
    Friday: D-Rank Doubles, 10am. D-Rank Singles, 11:30am
    Saturday: B-Rank Singles, 10am. B-Rank Doubles, 2pm.
    [First and Third] Sunday: A-Rank Singles, 10am. A-Rank Doubles, 2pm.

    Ferry Terminal
    The ferry terminal is just north of the lighthouse and just south of the main harbor. You're probably going to need a bit of money before you can buy all the outdoorsy gear you're going to need for overnighting on routes, so perhaps it's best to hitch a ride to Dewford and then Petalburg rather than go camping to the north. Lucky that all three towns have a gym, so trainers can ride between them at no cost. Kind of a leisurely beginning to ease yourself in, right?

    The more protected areas along the mainland's southwest coast allow smaller craft to zip around with ease, so it's only a two and a half hour trip to Dewford. Breezy Seas ferry service, who have a contract with the Hoenn League, runs free trips for trainers twice per day. Departures for Dewford Island are at 11am and 3pm daily. They're small- only twelve seats- and usually full; good luck getting a seat! If you get there and find you want to come back to Slateport, Breezy Seas runs that route at 8am and 6pm.

    Have fun exploring!
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    Name: Kira Wolf || Day: Thursday, September 17 || Time: Late Morning
    Location: The Great Blue Sea

    Family Matters

    Kira slouched over the ferry's railing from the stern of the ship, Nyx held to her chest in one arm as she quietly watched the wake from the ship's propellers disappear into the vast ocean. Normally she'd feel nostalgic, reminded of her seaside home of Kiuita Town. However her mind was racing instead, haunted by thoughts of the day before. "Only a complete dumbass would follow me. Can you not read the writing on the wall? There's nothing there for you in Vinylace! It's all a waste of time!" Echoed Deidre's voice in Kira's mind, tormenting her.

    Kira tensed up, the pain in her chest swelling up as she desperately tried not to cry. She knew Deidre was right, she always did. However while the rational part of her realizes this is the only way for her to be successful as a trainer, a strong part of her feels like she's giving up. More than anything else she wanted to travel through Kinyo, challenging each gym as she slowly made her way home where once she arrived she'd be an elite trainer, ready to take on the league. Abandoning this, it felt like a portion of her drive was left behind as well.

    Kira was startled back to reality as Nyx gave a panicked yelp, looking down at the small fox she was unhappily gnawing at Kira's sleeve. "S-Sorry!" Kira stammered, figuring she clutched at her too tightly. Returning Nyx to her ball, kira gave an exhausted sigh "I need something to distract myself..." she muttered, pulling out the booklet she picked up next to the buffet table.

    "Journey Hoenn, let's see what this has to say..." she muttered to herself, flipping through its pages. "Registration... Visit a pokemon center... Easy easy. Capture laws, I can probably skip that. There's no way it's more strict than Kinyo is. League information, might actually wanna read this..."

    As kira began to skim through the booklet however, she felt a hand from behind her grab at her shoulder. Without so much as a second thought, she clenched the booklet in her fist before ramming her elbow behind her as hard as she could manage, spinning around to meet this person. "What the hell!?" she began before recognizing their face, her eyes widening in horror as she saw who she struck.

    "I should be asking you that..." Said a short, adult man with mahogany hair, clutching at his stomach from Kira's blow.

    "Look, I can explain!" Kira started in a panicked tone, Silently cursing her luck. Of all the ferries in Kinyo, why did her dad have to be working this one?

    "I don't care about your reason Kira." He began, glaring at his daughter as he recovered from her blow. "What I want to know is when you planned on telling me or your mom about this."

    "I-I..." Kira began, fumbling over her words, trying to think of anything to say whatsoever. "When... I..." She began one more before falling silent, giving her father nothing but a guilty look.

    "I figured..." He said with a sigh, still keeping a pointed look at his daughter. "Did it even cross your mind?"

    "What's the point?" Kira asked in an aggrieved tone. "Neither you or mom wanted me to become a trainer. If I called you you'd just say no and I wouldn't even get the question out before mom would start pestering me to come home."

    "It's not like no has stopped you in the past." Her father remarked in an annoyed tone. "And at least then I'd have an idea where you were."

    "Why? So you can try to take me back home instead?" Kira said, glowering at her dad.

    Her father sighed heavily, pinching his temple in frustration. "You're just like her..." He muttered under his breath, barely audible to Kira. For a long, awkward moment it was silent as he contemplated on what to say next. "Fine, let me ask you this then. What if I said yes?"

    Kira blinked, her face slowly shifting from angry to skeptical. "What did you say?"

    "You heard me right. What if I said yes?" He said flatly, giving his daughter a stern look. "I'm not ignorant, I know why you're on here. It's for the same reason as every other trainer from Kinyo is, that's why I asked to be assigned to this ferry in the first place."

    "You already knew?" Kira asked in disbelief.

    "I knew there was a chance, not for certain though." Her dad explained, maintaining a stern look. "However that's aside the point. I can't say I'll be happy about it, but I'll give you my blessing as long as you can do one thing for me."

    Kira simply nodded. "Fine, let me hear it."

    "Call me!" He said in a very forceful tone. "At least once a week!"

    "That's it?" Kira asked, taken aback a bit by her father's tone.

    "Yes. You have a nasty habit of not keeping up with us and I want to know what my daughter is doing!" He said, maintaining his forceful tone. "Your mother deserves to know as well, I won't make you call her however you'll also have to accept I'll be letting her know what's going on as well.

    "Y-Yeah, I can manage that." Kira said with a bit of a stutter, still in a bit of disbelief over what her father is saying.

    "Shake on it then." He said, holding out his hand. "I want you to actually promise me."

    Kira nodded before giving her father a firm handshake, giving a huge, dorky smile in the process. "I promise! At least once a week!"

    "Alright... That's settled" Her father said, giving a bit of an awkward smile back. "Anyway, I promised the captain my break would be short so I gotta head back. I'll talk to you later right?"

    Before he had the chance to turn away, Kira quickly stepped up and embraced her father. "Seriously, thank you." She said, tearing up a bit. "I know you're not happy with it but really, thank you so much!"

    Her father smiled, returning Kira's hug. "Please, Just keep your promise and I'll be happy."




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    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Miranda Lockhart
    Thursday, September 17th
    Prologue: Part 1

    1:50 pm - Dining Area

    Miranda explored the dining area multiple times, moving her eyes from side to side, but honestly she didn't know who or what she was looking for -if she was looking for someone or something to begin with-, her instincts just told her to be alert of something. She swung her bat with her right arm, hitting it against the front legs of the last table in the room, in perfect coordination with how her eyes moved, maybe that was the actual reason she kept moving her eyes? She couldn't tell, honestly.

    Mankey was hanging from the edge of the table and peeked specifically at the table in front of him while swinging his tail around. Contrary to his trainer, the Pokémon was hungry, and the apple the man in front of him had looked tasty.

    As minutes passed, more trainers and sailors entered the dining area making the place more crowded and loud. Miranda was especially afraid of the sailors; what if someone realized she stole a ticket to get on board? They probably won't throw her to the sea, but they could take her to the cops once the ship gets to Slateport and that would be a problem, she didn't want to be arrested on her first day.

    "Enough!" she finally said, hitting the floor with her bat after seeing how yet another trainer entered the dining area. "This place is full as fuck! I can't even breath!"

    Miranda started walking quietly with her bat over her shoulder, and Mankey held himself from her backpack. What for the girl was just a quiet get away from the buffet, quickly turned into a havoc when Mankey pulled her against the table in front.

    "What the fu-!" Miranda stumbled and crashed against the other man, and his apple rolled to another table. The chaos made everyone turn their heads and gather around the trainer, and Mankey used the distraction to go follow his apple.

    "Are you okay?!" the man from the other table asked her, holding her arm and trying to help her get up.

    "Get off me, freak! Let me go!" the girl yelled, grabbing her bat with her free hand and trying to hit his leg with it. She then forcefully let her arm free from the stranger's hands and crawled backwards. She got up, adjusted her cap and seeing how everyone kept looking at her, she wildly swung her bat around, hitting the chairs and tables nearby. "What the fuck are you all looking at, uh?! Go back to what you were doing!"
    When Miranda walked outside the dining area, she saw her Mankey waiting for her with the apple in hand. He greeted her by dancing, jumping, and screaming holding the apple over his head. Mankey ran to her and showed her the apple he stole and Miranda, having enough shit for the day took at and tossed it away.

    Mankey screamed and ran to the ferry's rails, and cooed in a sad tone as he saw how the apple floated on the water.

    "You idiot!" Miranda yelled and pointed at the stolen apple. "This is a fucking buffet! If you were hungry you could've just grab whatever the hell you wanted without stealing it and I wouldn't be humiliated on that piece of shit show you did over there!"

    Mankey has too busy looking at his apple that he didn't even hear his trainer's scolding. He sat behind the railing and kept looking at the apple with tearful eyes. Miranda sighed and sat by his side and opened her backpack.

    "Here. Eat." she said, showing him another apple. "I took another one before walking outside." Mankey started jumping with excitement and cooed at his trainer as he approached the apple on her hands, but Miranda moved it away to tell him something first. "But hey! No more stealing! Okay? Unless it's really necessary!"

    Mankey nodded and quickly took the apple from his trainer's hands. It wasn't that long after that they heard the captain of the boat announce that they have already arrived to Slateport. Miranda and Mankey were the first ones on the ferry to set foot in the city.
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    Koko Puffs
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]

    September 17, 2:15 PM

    Amidst the bustling buffet area a lone, Moo Milk stainless steel thermos cup sat with hot contents. The bittersweet aroma of strong coffee lingered near its vicinity, and with the ferry docked and emptying itself of passengers it was a miracle no prying hands had taken a liking to the steel thermos. Fortunately Koko could be seen in the distance standing next to the shelves scanning her surroundings. Upon successfully recognizing the cup out of the dozens of moving bodies she began to jog over, muttering out a "f***k" and sigh of relief when cold fingers wrapped themselves around the familiar, warm cup.

    "Glad I didn't lose you, you expensive thing."

    ♤ ♡ ◇ ♧
    Chapter 1.1
    ♤ ♡ ◇ ♧​

    A faint reflection of Koko and her Pokéball rolling from side to side by thin fingers could be seen by the cafe's large, curved glass display case. Baked goods ranging from triple chocolate brownies to brown sugar croissants have been freshly made, ready to be served at a moment's notice. One by one these delicacies vanished, hand-picked by the hungry trainers that, like her, desired to satisfy their sweet tooth all the while they waited for the 24 hour registration to be done with.

    "Uh… can I have a triple chocolate brownie and a medium toasted white chocolate Frappuccino, please?" at last she speaks, having decided her victims.

    Outside, the briny sea scent meshed with the fresh air to create a surprisingly addicting smell for Koko. Furthermore, the cool breeze tickled her exposed skin, yet the beaming sun forced her to put away the heavy jacket and expose the tank top tucked beneath short, black shorts; today's color is mauve purple.

    Sluggishly she set her drink and bag of sweets down as soon as she stepped to the side of the Pokémon Center's sliding glass doors. She gripped the bottom of her thick jacket and held in her breath. In one smooth motion upwards she successfully pops the attire off, stuffing it lazily into the already-packed backpack of hers. In hopes of easing the pressure inside she rummages for the pokéball belt of hers and clicks it to her waist, Kiko Kin Kin's pokéball jiggling with every motion.

    She was ready.

    Unable to contain her excitement, a muffled shriek escapes from her tight lips as she speed-walks over to the beach. With the sweets in one hand and her thermos cup in the other, she would pause to take a long sip before resuming, an odd sight to see. Now, the reason behind her eagerness to reach the beachfront was to at last release her large creature from his hiding den; laying with an onix on the shoreline with cool water lapping over sounded like a euphoric experience. Thus she did not hesitate to head straight for the shoreline.

    Crisp, salty air from the sea overpowered her coffee's own, a refreshing atmosphere opposed to her own home's. But the same smell did nothing to quell the uneasiness that came with her first time in a ferry hours prior. It was no wonder she couldn't contain a wide smile as she set foot on the new land; she fared much better within airplanes in the sky, for the sea was a vast, cold, enigma to Koko.

    When she reached the steps leading down to the beige white sands of Slateport's beach she plopped down on to the hot pavement and removed her footwear. Into the backpack they went, next to milky white, thick headphones. This same device had previously blared out a podcast to Koko's ears, one that had been informing her of Hoenn's wildlife and tourist spots during the entire duration of the ferry. But no knowledge like that of Granite Cave's rare stones that had long attracted collectors and trainers alike could prevent her from sighing in frustration. Much to her annoyance she donned thights and not your ordinary socks.

    Unwilling to remove them at the nearest restroom she continued her journey to the shore, at first cringing when the soles of her feet pressed against the soft sand.

    Waves lapped the shores, tourists and residents alike frolicking amidst its cool waters. The sea glistened and sparkled beneath a baby blue sky with the occasional white cotton candy cloud strolling along. It was a perfect day for her fellow partner to make his first appearance in a day.

    And so Koko released Kiko Kin Kin the moment she found an isolated spot on the shore.

    With the press of its white button the pokéball unlatched itself and set free a red, amorphous bundle of light that expanded to form the shape of an onix. In the blink of an eye the red silhouette popped to reveal an ecstatic snake, blinking upon the sudden change in brightness in its environment.

    "Heeey! Kiko!" Koko hollered out to her faithful companion, a hand shielding her eyes from the blinding heat rays shining on them. He swiftly turned his head to the sound of her voice, eyes still adjusting. "Do you mind being at the beach? I thought you'd like-" Unsurprisingly her onix immediately slammed itself against the lapping waves next to him, cooing and briefly rolling around before resting a few yards deeper into the sea. The resulting splash of water drenched Koko and everything and everyone within a ten feet radius.

    A startled Poochyena screeched and sprinted back to its owner. "WAIT, I'M- okay… I'm sorry though," she initially yelled the beginning of her apology, but as it disappeared into the crowd, soon nowhere to be seen, she immediately quieted down and began to saunter over to Kiko.

    Her dark, chestnut hair mildly stuck to her skin, thights and shorts absorbing the seawater. But as she neared Kiko he rolled further to the point only his rocky protrusion stuck out like a stone shark fin.

    "Kikooo… be careful, now I'm soooooaked," whined Kiko, trudging through the rising waters, thigh high deep.

    Hmmmmphiiiiiiix! bellowed out Kiko as he broke the surface of the water, unable to hold his breath for long. He scooted closer to his trainer and then coiled, setting his head atop himself. He hummed in joy as Kiko sluggishly placed herself next to his cheek, shifting for several minutes until she managed to lay her chest and outstretched arms against the creature's cheek, legs dangling underwater on either side of the snake's boulders . Her hands began to pat the hard surface in an uneven rhythm, sighing as she stretched before settling in.

    "Oh wooow… this feel so damn good like… I mean, are you comfortable? Are you?" She received a hum of excitement, comfortable as the ocean wrapped its cold tendrils around his body in an odd warmth; it's been forever since he had been to any shore. "Ah, good… good good."

    Then there was silence. Both relaxed, taking in the breeze and plethora of background voices minding their own business that steadily tuned out when compared to the cute, quiet roars of incoming waves.

    "...so, for the three hours of the ferry I was listening to this podcast, right?"


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    Shuna Kamado & Avril Reese

    Prologue - Epoch 0.1: The Ferry
    \Day: Thursday, September 17/ {Afternoon}

    New Friends?

    "I'll keep one towel for now… I hope that's enough." Shuna arrived at the lobby adjacent to the buffet area, hoping to get some food before returning to the deck. Beside her is her partner, Finn the Marshtomp, who is looking around and chirping at everything he sees, making sure to stay at her side. The white towel was laid across her shoulder, her right hand kept it in place as the silver bracelet shined a bit from the lights.

    They were going to go back out to deck and allow Finn to keep swimming, but she heard other passengers comment about the buffet, making her thoughts stop and backtrack. Is it already time to eat? She grabbed her Holotch from her pocket and unlocked it, noticed the time, and pocketed it. Laying the towel across her right shoulder, she turned and called for Finn to follow, hoping the buffet was still open.

    "Let's see... " As Shuna was looking for any open tables, she noticed a teen with short, blonde hair sitting alone at her own table, seemingly looking down at something in her hands. As Shuna got closer, she noticed the teen was a young girl wearing round glasses, she looked troubled. Should she go and check on the girl? It could be an internal crisis that didn't involve her, involving herself might anger the girl. However, it didn't sit right with leaving and not even trying to help. Lifting her head, which lowered as she thought, and nodding, she turned in the direction of the teen, hoping to help. She didn't expect Finn to have beat her and was at the girl's side, placing his palms on the table, peaking at the girl, chirping curiously.

    "Finn!" The anxious girl speed-walked over and stopped behind her Pokemon, placing her left hand on his head. "I'm sorry about him, miss! He's very friendly and curious… Are you alright? You look troubled?"

    "I- hello!?" Avril lifted her head very quickly as she heard the chirping, only to find a Marshtomp having appeared right in front of her. "I'm… I'm just reading this… flyer here." she then explained to who was supposedly Marshtomp's trainer, her voice still unsteady and her eyes somewhat watery. "And I'm a-alright, thanks! N-nice to meet you two…"

    Not exactly. Avril would've just wanted to stay by herself in a corner, figuring things out and calming down at her own pace. And most importantly, without anyone else seeing her in that condition! This girl and her Marshtomp coming up to her so suddenly really didn't make things easier, but… how could she ever say no to someone who really looked eager to help her out?

    She looked more closely at the girl. More athletic than her, more prepared than her, the usual things. Her outfit was quite… complicated, to say the least, but seemed to be just fine for adventuring. What stood out the most, though, were her bright pink hair, which definitely made for an interesting contrast. At least she wouldn't have forgotten about her that easily.

    "Nice to meet you too!" Shuna grabbed the chair closest and sat down, allowing Finn to sit on her lap. "My name is Shuna Kamado, and this is Finn! Is it ok if we sit here? I hope we aren't disturbing..." She hoped she didn't make the girl uncomfortable, but this was a good opportunity to make a friend since she didn't know where the others were at. She didn't check the group chat though, should probably check once they get to Slateport.

    "Yes, it's fine. I'm Avril, and this on my… wait. Poppy!?" the girl seemed to turn even more worried as she scratched her head and fiddled with her headband. "Where did she…" she muttered, instinctively reaching for her chime pendant and rattling it - by now, that had become her favorite way of calling Poppy without actually shouting out her name and looking like a fool.

    "Poppy? Is that the name of your Pokemon?" asked the pinkette, cuddling Finn as she watched people walk by from the corner of her eyes. Poppy was a type of flower, so maybe a Pokemon that had the appearance of a flower?

    "Yes, that's her name…" Avril sighed, looking around the area but still hoping that getting up and searching around, bag in tow, wouldn't have been necessary. "She's a Flabébé. She's very tiny and floats in the air, even… but she should be good at finding me."

    "A Flabébé? Those are from Kalos, aren't they? They're small, but adorable! I've seen pictures of them before, do they choose one flower for life?" Shuna was excited, she's seen pictures of the Single Bloom Pokemon before and thought they were adorable, if possible, to catch one in the future. Although, they seemed to only appear in Kalos, so after Hoenn, maybe she could take a trip to Kalos.

    "Yeah, I think so! Well, I got Poppy quite a long time ago, and she already had her flower with her. And then she never changed it. I-I think it's because they breathe life into the flower." the blonde girl explained, slowly getting more at ease with Shuna. She had just found a topic that Avril was alright discussing, after all, and was able to distract her from her negative thoughts even just for a bit. "Well, or that's how I've been told."

    "That's interesting…" Shuna mumbled, so a Flabebe never changed flowers? What do they do if something happens to the flower, do they find another? She shook her head from the thoughts, returning to her newfound friend. "So, how is it like having a Pokemon? When or how did you first obtain her?"

    "It's been some years. I found her in a berry field, wounded, a-and healed her. We started becoming closer and playing together, and…" the girl laughed, finally. "And by now she spends most of her time on my head or floating around me! I almost never use her Pokéball."

    "So you also met by finding them injured, and healed them as well. That sounds similar to how me and Finn met, except after I healed him, he'd follow me everywhere. My grandparents found it adorable, followed around the garden, outside the house, into the house. I played with him at times, but other times I couldn't, helping my grandparents around the house. Eventually, they gave me my own pokeball so I could catch him, but I decided to wait a bit before catching him. After that, we've stayed together, he would stray often since he gets curious about everything, but luckily, he doesn't go too far." Shuna smiled at the memories, she missed her grandparents, but she wanted to find out about her parents and wanted to become a strong trainer, for herself and the sake of her grandparents.

    "T-that's adorable!" Avril smiled. "B-but… I'm starting to worry for Poppy now. How far could she have gone? Ugh…" the girl turned worried once again, and once again rattled her chime. This time, some reassuring chirping was heard in the distance.

    "I'm sure Poppy's not that far! Maybe she's on her way back!" assured the pinkette. Finn, on the other hand, heard chirping, and turned his head, noticing a very small flower floating their way with a very small Pokemon attached. Finn turned to his trainer and patted her arm, chirping a bit to gain their attention.

    "What is it buddy?" Shuna looked down, only to turn as Finn pointed in a certain direction. "A Flabébé? Wait…." She trailed off, mumbling as she realized, turning to Avril. "I think your Poppy is coming, she brought someone along too."

    "Yes! Finally…" the girl let out a sigh of relief as Poppy flew forward with Fairy Wind. Her eyes were fixed on her, her attention was nearly all for Flabébé as well… except for a little voice in the back of her head. She brought another person!?




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    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Jordie "Jo" Hughes
    Thursday, September 17th
    Prologue: Part 2

    11:45 am - Buffet Area Lobby

    Before Shuna even appeared in the room, in fact, Poppy had left her comfortable resting position and had started to fly around the room, the petals of her flower flapping around as she twirled in the air and blew some Fairy wind to move her tiny body around. Avril was still fully focused on reading the flyer she held in her hands - but also, on holding back the tears - and therefore, she didn't notice anything at all.

    The Flabébé knew that was the case and, tired of not getting any attention from her trainer (or at least, that's what she thought), decided that exploring was the best thing left to do. And, in order to do so, she floated above and beside the heads of many passengers. That is, until she found one that she thought could help Avril out: blue eyes, green hair, an encouraging smile, and a Solosis to top it all off!

    She flapped around some more, spinning around their head and jumping on their arms in hopes to get their attention… and got the hang of it. It was fun! She even bounced on Solosis's head a few times, but always in a delicate way.

    The green haired trainer caught the small Flabébé, trying not to put too much strength on their hand. Their Solosis just looked at Poppy with a bit of annoyance but it didn't complain.

    "Oh, hello there, little one!" they exclaimed, excited. Jordie didn't think Flabébé could be found in Hoenn, and that was definitely not the case here; but they weren't even native to Unova so the excitement of seeing one for the first time was genuine. "Are you lost? Do you have a trainer?"

    Poppy, slightly disappointed that she was caught, at first tried to escape the trainer's grip but soon gave up, seeing as they weren't holding her tightly. She nodded in approval at the trainer's questions though, and tried to point in the general direction of her trainer before attempting once again to set off.

    Jo wasn't really sure about what to do now. Was the Pokémon trying to take them with it? The Flabébé seemed to be asking for their attention before, but it didn't seem to like being held by them either.

    They opted to let it free, since they seemed to have a trainer, and just waited for the Pokémon's reaction to decide whether to follow it or not.

    Glad to have been let go, Poppy started once again to float around and twirl in the air, going through the crowd gracefully and gazing back at the green haired trainer every once in a while. She was actually surprised to see that someone else was already talking with her trainer, though!

    A pink haired girl and a Marshtomp were already standing close to her beloved Avril, but that didn't stop Poppy from continuing to lead the other trainer to the blonde girl. The more, the merrier, she thought.

    Jordie didn't mind meeting new people so early at all, but it didn't really seem that exciting. There were two girls in front of them now (both of them small compared to Jo) and while one of them looked like a trainer and had an already evolved Pokémon with her, the other one didn't give that Pokémon trainer vibe they would expect..

    Gabby was still shy about the whole thing, though, and prefered to stay back. After Jordie told her that there was nothing to be afraid of, she just shook her head and looked back at them with a concerned look. It took Jordie to be more insistent with her for Gabby to finally accede to follow them.

    Meanwhile, Avril's attention was all for Poppy, whose Fairy Wind propelled her right onto the side of the girl's head. She elegantly perched herself close to the headband, and waved at both Shuna and Jo as her trainer turned around herself. Her now curious eyes settled on the green haired person who had followed her Flabébé. "Well, hello to you as well. I'm sorry my Pokémon bothered you…"

    "Oh, is it yours? Don't worry about it! If anything, Gabby seems to be more bothered than me, and I'm always up to meet new trainers."

    "Yeah, she's my partner!" Avril nodded, slowly getting more at ease with the two trainers. If anything, that conversation was distracting her from her musings about being a trainer or partaking in fights.

    "So this is your partner, she's cute!" Shuna smiled as she watched the interaction between the girl and the Flabebe, they looked very close and she was glad, seeing people and pokemon get along. She mentally frowned when she remembered the way her grandparents talked about her cousins, but shook the thought away. Not the time for that!

    She turned to greet the new arrival, "Hello! It's nice to meet you! Is that a Solosis?" Shuna noticed that said pokemon was beside the green haired trainer, wasn't that pokemon from Unova? "My name is Shuna Kamado! If it's alright, what are your names again?" Shuna turned to the blonde, then back to the green haired trainer sheepishly.

    "Jordie. Jo is good!" they answered. "And this shy girl over here is Gabby. We were going to the buffet area when your Flabébé over there found us, you see?"

    "Let's try this again then! My name is Avril Reese, and she is my partner Poppy." the girl introduced herself again to Jo. "Your Pokémon are very nice too… and, Gabby right? I'm sorry on behalf of Poppy, she can be very playful."

    Gabby looked at Avril, then back at Poppy and then at Jo once more. She shook her head at her trainer and hid behind them. Jo chuckled at that reaction and smiled at the other trainer's Marshtomp. "And who is this guy over here?"

    "Oh, you mean Finn?" Shuna looked down at her partner, who was looking at the new pokemon, chirping curiously. "He's one of my pokemon, my very first pokemon actually." She pet his head as the mudfish pokemon raised a hand and waved once he caught eye with the two pokemon. "Sorry if he's too friendly, he likes to meet new people and is curious about everything."

    Jo nodded and smiled. "I see. I'm guessing you are here for the gym challenge then?"

    "Pretty much! Are you here for the same thing?" Shuna asked, she had a feeling it was the same, but she had to be sure.

    And here was the question that Avril had hoped not to receive, but that was almost guaranteed to come up. She was still reluctant to say yes, because of her own distaste for battling and underwhelming preparation. But saying no also didn't sound right, for herself, for her parents, and for Poppy.

    Not knowing what to say, she kept quiet for a moment and tried to find an answer. She rattled her pendant for a bit before just muttering something - anything. "I'm just not sure. I don't know if I can do this."

    "Hmm… Maybe you're right." Jo said. "No offense, but you don't look like a trainer to me. You see, this is, in some way, a competition between ourselves. Taking this challenge implies that you're up to give it your all and sacrifice everything to win, and you don't strike me as someone who is up to something like that."

    "I-I… I know." Avril nodded slightly and bowed her head, thinking of a better reply. It was Poppy who knew exactly how to react, instead. Just like before, she jumped out of Avril's head and floated towards Jo, visibly pouting before blowing another Fairy Wind in their face - nothing too worrisome for a person, coming from a small Flabébé, but strong enough to let Jo realize her stance on the matter.

    "No, Poppy! Come back here!" Avril tried to grab her friend with her hands, missing her a couple times before succeeding. "Ok, uhm…"

    "I like Pokémon, they're amazing creatures. But it pains my heart to see them hurt, especially in Pokémon battles. My love for Pokémon made me heal this wounded Flabébé and befriend her, and we're now really close friends! But since this happened…" Avril took some heavy breaths, and tried once again to contain her emotions. "Since this happened I've been told I had potential to be a trainer. I've been sent to a trainer school and now, on a journey. But… Poppy, listen well here! I don't wanna put m-my dearest friend through all this. It's even worse of a feeling." she explained, her voice growing more unsteady. She turned to her Pokémon. "I-it's my love for you that makes me so conflicted, Poppy!" she pleaded, unable to keep the tears at bay anymore.

    Jordie stared at Poppy, not really paying attention to how Avril was feeling. "Your Pokémon is a different story, though. She seems to like the idea of battling, I don't think she would react that way if that wasn't the case. Interesting."

    Shuna waited a bit before putting her two cents in."Jo is right, you don't look like a trainer. But we can't judge a book by its cover, you could be a great trainer in disguise and just have a unique clothing style." Commented Shuna, nodding as she watched Poppy and Jo, then turned back to Avril. "Hoenn isn't just a place for battling tough, someone could be here to just explore or do contests. Sorry if my question was a bit insensitive." Shuna gave a sad smile, "I know, we know what you mean. Pokemon are wonderful creatures, they are a part of our family. Don't stress yourself out, you'll find the solution."

    "I-I hope so too! We'll find a meeting point eventually… isn't it right Poppy?" Avril declared, more as an attempt to reassure herself, as she turned towards her Pokémon once again and smiled as she nodded in approval. "I-I guess we can give battling one more try. Or this Contests thing. Thanks, both of you."

    She pulled a tissue from her backpack, then cleaned her glasses and dried her tears. "B-but now I have more questions. You look like proper trainers. You know, like this one." she gestured towards the shelf, where the various flyers about a journey in Hoenn were sitting. "But you said it before… I don't. I feel unprepared. Just look at my bag." Avril looked at the two trainers standing beside her with hopeful eyes, expecting a more positive and reassuring reply at least this time.

    "Maybe a bit too big, but you can carry a lot of stuff there." Jo answered. "I think it's fine enough if you're comfortable with it. What about you, Shuna?"

    Shuna looked over the bag, seeing the size, then looked at the others and shrugged. "I don't see anything wrong with the bag. If she feels comfortable having it like that, then it's fine to me. But she might need another bag or a bigger one to carry more stuff, you're bound to get more stuff on this journey."

    "Ok, but this has wheels and… usually trainers don't use t-this kind of bag…" Avril muttered, but at this point all she was doing was blow off steam. She really was just letting her anxiety out and, admittedly, the two trainers she had in front seemed good enough at helping her cope with it. "And if it wasn't enough, I'm the only trainer with this kind of bag, this kind of pendant, this dress…"

    "Girl, I think you're giving a lot of thought to this whole thing." Jo quickly replied, a bit annoyed at Avril's behavior. "The kind of bag you use isn't too troublesome, you know? The clothes can be a problem if you decide to keep traveling, though. As for the pendant… I don't think it matters. Why would you even carry something like that?"

    Shuna perked up at Jo's last sentence, noticing the pendant and gave Avril a kind smile. "I agree with them, but the last part, you don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable. I used to carry a pendant around, but the remains of it are moved to this bracelet." The female lifted her wrist, showing her right wrist, where the silver bracelet rested, the light from above reflected off of the small stones. "I think it's nice to have a piece of jewelry on you, makes me feel girly since during this journey, there won't be too much time to be girly and getting dirty is going to be a norm."

    "O-Ok, uhm…" the blonde girl took some time to calm down and breathed heavily, as Poppy chanted a little song for her just like she did some time before. "First, I can agree with you Shuna, plus your bracelet looks really nice! As for why I wear this…" Avril rattled her pendant once again, the sound of the chime inside fighting against the background noise to reach the other two trainers' ears. "This was my mother's pendant, which she gave to me to… cope with anxiety, she said, but also to remind me that she's always looking after me no matter where I am. And… it actually works, this sound is very calming."

    She turned towards Jo and seemed to notice the annoyance written on their face. "I-I'm sorry for being so bothersome, you probably had never expected to have to deal with this. But… thanks for listening to me! At least I'm not keeping my worries bottled up anymore."

    Jordie put a hand over the other girl's shoulder and smiled at her. "It's fine, girl. Don't worry about it. Sorry if I said something harsh before, but see, I don't like keeping things to myself and…"

    Jo stopped talking after they were interrupted by their stomach growling. They looked at the two girls for a second and then looked back at Gabby who was hiding behind her trainer, then remembered what they were doing before this meeting took place. "You see, Gabby and I are a bit hungry right now, so if you'll excuse us… we'll be going now."

    "Oh, it's time to eat? We could all eat together, if that's fine with you guys." suggested the pinkette, smiling sheepishly at the two trainers. She was also hungry, but making new friends was fun and she hoped they could talk more before the ferry landed, and landing meant splitting up.

    That… actually wasn't that bad of an idea for Avril. Sure, Jo didn't sugarcoat things for her or made her more at ease, but still felt like they didn't have bad intentions and were still trying to be helpful. And Shuna still acted kind and understanding after all. In the end, sticking with them some more would've been fine. "Alright, I'm coming! H-how does this buffet work?" the blonde girl announced, her words being met with a grin on Poppy's little face.

    "We can eat whatever we want." Jo answered. "We just go take a seat, and whenever we want to eat we get up and grab our food. I'm pretty sure this is covered with the ferry ticket."

    "Sounds amazing!" Avril replied, as she got up from her seat and gathered her stuff. "I'm feeling better now, I'm ready to come with you."




    Princess Era 🎀
  • 6,565

    Avril Reese

    16 - ♀ - Laverre City

    Written with Evily as Shuna Kamado and Cubism as Jordie Hughes

    Pokémon / Inventory:
    AVRIL'S MONEY: ???

    🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) - ♀ - lv. 15
    Flower Veil
    Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Razor Leaf, Lucky Chant

    🌼 Finn (Marshtomp) - ♂ - lv. 19
    Bide, Water Gun, Ice Ball, Mud Shot
    🌼 Pidge (Pidgey) - ♂ - lv. 16
    Keen Eye
    Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Sand Attack, Gust

    🌼 Gabby (Solosis) - ♀ - lv. 15
    Magic Guard
    Hidden Power (Bug), Recover, Psybeam, Trick Room

    🌼 Character art made with [SPAN="color:rgb(40,180,40);"]https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097[/SPAN]
    Peer Pressure
    Thursday, September 17th - 11:45 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. - Akurnai to Slateport Ferry, Buffet Area
    "This food really is great, don't you think? It reminds me of home…" Avril grinned as she finished everything that she got for herself. "I may want to go again!"

    "So this is how buffets feel like… And this food is really good!" added Shuna as she continued to eat her plate of food, looking over at Finn. "How's the food buddy?" Finn looked up at his trainer's voice and chirped before going back to eating his share of food.

    "Yeah, it's really good!" Jordie agreed "Gabby here seems to enjoy it too, am I right?" Gabby looked back at them and a little embarrassed lowered her head and nodded. Jordie laughed at her shyness again and let Gabby keep eating. "We have a few buffets in Unova, but not in Nimbasa where I came from, so I couldn't frequent them much. Where are you two from?"

    "I'm from Laverre City in Kalos." Avril explained. "My family has a berry field there, and that's where I found Poppy! We both go crazy for them, haha!" she laughed, handing Poppy - who was now resting on the table surface - a little piece of a Pecha Berry.

    "I'm from Mahono Town in Kinyo. I lived with my grandparents until recently, but how is it like in Unova or Kalos? Is the training different?" Shuna was curious, in Kinyo, the training of pokemon wasn't as good as before, but other regions still kept the tradition strong and alive.

    "Different? Can't really tell, I haven't heard much about Kinyo. But in Kalos, the League is still popular and fairly difficult. My mom works as staff in Laverre Gym and that job alone can get her quite busy. But it's also why my parents really wanted me to become a proper trainer once I've met Poppy."

    "The training business is still really big in Unova. There are many Battling Facilities like the Battle Subway and there's the Pokémon World Tournament that takes place once a year too!" Jordie answered, turning at Shuna. Then they turned at Avril and looked at her intrigued. "Now that's a funny coincidence! My mom is a Gym Trainer too, in Nimbasa! My dad and brother are trainers too, but they work in the Battle Subway! One would think that being part of a family of trainers would have you going for the same goal, but look at you!" they threw a friendly, light punch on Avril's arm and laughed before going back to eat.

    "Ow…" Avril yelped, caught off guard by Jo. "Yeah, as I said I can't stand seeing Pokémon get hurt in battles…" she then explained. "They may recover later, but does it matter when they keep going through so much pain just for our sake?"

    "They are sturdy creatures." Jo answered. "Even Magikarp that are known for being some of the weakest Pokémon can take a Hyper Beam without dying. Plus some of them like to battle! Just look at Gabby here; she may be small and shy but she exchanges blows like a champ! Isn't that right, Gabby girl?" Gabby looked back at her trainer with the same embarrassment as before at first, but this time she smiled and nodded happily.

    Taking cues from Jordie's words, Poppy nodded as well, chirping from near Avril's plate. But she was once again uncertain of what to answer. "I-I'll need some time to get used to it… if I even decide to take this seriously. And if that wasn't clear… even landing blows on my would-be opponents can be heartbreaking."

    "Yeah, pokemon get hurt from pokemon battles constantly, but it's something they like to do, and basically, the only way for them to learn. They need to battle for the experience, that exp. helps them become better and, like us humans, grow up, but with a flash." Shuna looked over at Finn, who had finished eating and was now standing beside her, looking at Poppy and Gabby, chirping from time to time. "I was scared when Finn was battling, I didn't want him to get hurt, but I knew he needed to battle. And we can't stop them, especially if they are family, they might have the instinct to protect us."

    From nodding and chirping, Poppy went straight for dancing and floating around in happiness. She really wanted to show that she agreed with those words… well, one word above everything else… one word that also caught Avril's attention.


    Avril was already acquainted with that concept, since she had to study it at school, but she knew that evolving had big… very big implications. She was specifically shown how her best friend, Poppy, could have turned from a little pixie into a gorgeous, one meter tall, flower fairy - and this didn't really entice her as much as it enticed Poppy. If her friend evolved all the way to a Florges, she couldn't keep her around at all times anymore, or have her blend in inside her hair. She couldn't really count on her at any given time.

    Taking note of her expression, Shuna waved her hands. "I-I'm sorry! I hope my words don't sound like I'm trying to persuade you into battling!" She grabbed Finn and placed him in her lap, hoping the change of topics helps. "So, have you ever thought of evolving Poppy…" She then turned to Jo. "... or Gabby?"

    "Of course I have! You see, Gabby and I are going to become the strongest battlers ever. She is aware that evolution is part of the process to become stronger and she is excited for when the time when she becomes a Reuniclus comes." they answered, looking at Gabby who had just finished eating.

    "I actual-" Avril tried to speak, but was interrupted by none other than Poppy. She got right up to her trainer's face and blew some Fairy Wind onto her, just like she did with Jo before. And she kept doing it multiple times, too! Every time Avril would try to answer, she would get stopped… until she gave up and changed her answer. "Maybe. And yes Poppy, I said maybe. By now I can't live without you standing on my head, you know it."

    Avril then smiled, and brought Poppy closer to her, something that she gladly accepted to do. "Come on now… peace?" she pleaded, as her Pokémon chirped happily, leaned forward and gave her a little nudge. "Thanks!" Avril continued, before letting Poppy rest on the table once again and feeding her another berry slice.

    "That was… something, she really is on fire today!" the girl then laughed it off, turning to the two trainers. "I hope that explains it."

    Jordie laughed at the recent act too and agreed with: "Yeah, it really does… I say you should give it a shot once we get to Slateport. There's a Gym there, right?"

    "I think so, if there isn't, well… the city's got interesting stuff still. Although…" Shuna stood up and walked, grabbing a brochure, and returned to her seat. "... There should be a gym here." She opened the brochure and saw the section about gyms. "Yeah, it says there's a gym in Slateport." The pinkette placed the brochure on the table and turned it around, moving it forward so the other two could see it, pointing to the area talking about the gyms.

    Avril's eyes did land on the Gym section, but there were many other things on that flyer that enticed her more. "This is good to know but… there's so much more to see in this city! Coming here was still worth the trouble!" she giggled. "Thank you Shuna."

    "No problem! I was thinking of checking out the beach and contest hall! I've always wanted to try being in a contest!" Shuna smiled as she pet Finn with her other hand. "Seeing them on tv is amazing, but imagine being in one, must be magical!"

    "I might check Slateport's International Market and the beach." Jo said. "There's also the Pokémon Fan-Club and… yeah, looks like I'll have a lot of stuff to do there."

    "Now that I think about it… same, all of this sounds enticing. I'm probably not gonna get involved right away, but the least I can do is check these places out. Which means…" Avril paused and remained quiet for a moment. "Which means we might meet again in the city, right?"

    "Sure! I don't see why not!" Jordie answered, then shrugged and smiled at both trainers and said jokingly: "Who knows? Maybe we could have a battle as well."

    "Of course… but you seem already way too strong! I might as well let Poppy fight while I spectate…" Avril replied, once again being vocal about her struggles but, this time, attempting to force a grin on her face while doing so. Poppy, in the meantime, was looking at Gabby carefully, twirling and flapping around her, and the Solosis followed her with her eyes and with an open mouth. Jordie and Avril looked at both Pokémon and chuckled at their act.

    "I don't mind a battle, the more experience, the better!" agreed the pinkette, smiling with a nod. "I think it's better to fight with a trainer than wild pokemon, they're more unpredictable." Shuna turned to Avril, "Letting Poppy fight on her own isn't bad, I've done it before with Finn."

    In the background, Finn had jumped off Shuna's lap and walked over to Poppy and Gabby, trying to follow Flabebe's twirling.

    Poppy, happy to see one more friend joining the party, turned her small twirling into an actual game, and cheerfully started to bounce around the two Pokémon, chirping excitedly. "Aw!" was all that Avril could add, as she also followed Poppy with her eyes. "They're just adorable playing together. And you're telling me you wanna make them fight? As long as it's nothing serious, maybe… ugh…" she muttered, still struggling to accept the idea of sending Poppy to fight.

    "You or Poppy don't have to fight, just remember, battles are what pokemon need to grow and evolve." reminded Shuna as Finn continued to dance in the background. "If battles aren't your thing, there's a lot of other options. Nobody said that being a trainer is obligatory, it's just what most people like to be. Choose what you want to be, what you and your pokemon are comfortable with."

    "I wish I could just do that and be… maybe a cook! Or a nurse. But again, I was being pushed to be an actual trainer this whole time." Avril shrugged. "I wonder who's right now… me or my family and friends. It's a gamble…"

    "It depends on you, like before, as long as you and your pokemon are comfortable with what you choose." Shuna smiled, placing her hands on the table.

    "As I said before: Give it a shot! Pokémon training is not for everyone." Jordie added. "Who knows? Maybe you end up liking it and decide to participate on the League Tournament."

    "A-alright!" Avril nodded, the confidence she'd struggled to find for so long now finally resurfacing. "I feel a lot better now, thank you Shuna and Jo." Poppy bowed her head as well, in sync with her trainer.

    By then everyone had finished their buffet and felt satisfied with what they had already eaten. "We're ready to go, aren't we? What are your plans now?" the blonde girl looked at them eagerly, before explaining: "I'd like to go up on the deck and just relax a bit. I've got a lot to process and hopefully there's still a couple spots left."

    "I'm going to explore the ferry a bit, maybe. We still have a lot of time left until we get to Slateport." Jo answered. "Maybe we'll see each other at Slateport. As rivals of course." they laughed. Avril just pouted slightly, seeing as Jo was still hammering that point in, but eventually laughed it off.

    "I'm going to the deck too, but I need a clear place since Finn likes to jump in and out the ocean." Shuna replied as she collected her plate and silverware. "I hope we see each other again! It was nice talking with you two!" As the girl stood, she realized something. Maybe she could get their numbers so they could stay in touch, it doesn't sound bad. "I have an idea! We should exchange numbers, to keep in touch!"

    Jordie smiled at her and nodded, laughing at how they were about to ask something similar. "That's a great idea, I would love to keep in touch with both of you! What about a group chat as well? Since Slateport is a big city it could be fun talking about what we see there if we are going to go our own ways!"

    "Uhm…" Avril was caught slightly off guard by that suggestion, and had no answer ready. "T-that sounds like a good idea, yeah! Just one moment…" she muttered, as she (not very easily) pulled out her Holotch from her backpack. "And here we go!"

    Shuna quickly pulled out her Holotch from her pocket, unlocking the device, and going to the contacts app. "Alright, let's swap."

    Jordie took out the stylus from their Xtransceiver and tapped it a few times then nodded. "Okay, girls. I'll create the group chat now, give me your numbers so I can add you."

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    Kendall Douglas
    Chapter 0: Ferry to Slateport City
    Thursday, September 17th

    An almost tangible atmosphere of excitement and intention could be felt in the docks of Akurnai this morning, more than usual at least. Anyone around with a discernible eye could sense a certain difference to the crowd currently boarding the ferry about to set east, a set of distinct personalities who all looked either hungry with ambition, or just hungry. About to join them was a brown-haired teenager in the back of a blacked-out white SUV, currently with all of his pearly whites out on display as he looked out towards the ship.

    "Smell that air, Stewart? This incredible, musty air that trainers since the dawn of the league's establishment must have faced every day in their struggle for greatness. If it was in a bottle it would sell for millions…"

    Stewart mentally rolled his eyes before physically rolling out of the car to circle it and open the back door. The pair had just dashed out of the hotel restaurant as soon as the phone call had ended, and his passenger for the last fifteen minutes had repeatedly urged him to drive in speeds well over the limit at eight o'clock in the morning, "just in case". Questions about what had happened in the phone call were replied only with deliberate obtuseness.

    "Have you got anything planned for when you reach Slateport, sir? You mentioned a gym if I remember correctly."

    Kendall stretched out the creases on his outfit while replying. "I am not completely sure, Stewart. I read last night that the gym requires the trainer to own two Pokemon before they are able to challenge the leader to a battle. Unless a suitable partner makes themselves known to me I'm heavily considering skipping it altogether, for now."

    The two made their way towards the ship and joined one of the several thin queues that had formed in front of individuals donning freshly ironed white outfits with heavy navy accents all over. Once Kendall flashed his ticket to one he turned to face Stewart whilst stepping backwards to the entrance of the ferry.

    "Enormous gratitude for your help, Stewart, it's been nothing but a pleasure…"

    "That's ok sir-"

    "…and the very best of luck with your future endeavours, I am sure someone as crafty and shrewd as you have shown to be can bounce back from anything…"

    "Wait, what-"

    "Well, anyway, wish me luck!"

    Stewart helplessly looked at the grinning mug of the boy he had just helped escape until he disappeared into the ferry. Thank Arceus he had decided to hold off on getting that imported Mach bike last night.


    The clashes between waves and the sides of the vessel were abruptly deafened by the blare of the foghorns. Followed by it a monotonous voice announced the ship's arrival to its destination. "In about ten minutes, we will arrive at Slateport City…"

    The disruption on the gentle ambience that had lulled Kendall into nodding off on an upper deck bench a few hours earlier startled him into full consciousness. Cupped on his right hand was a half-opened pamphlet with the title 'JOURNEY HOENN' gracing the front cover. He rubbed his eyes with his left before lazily having another gander at the booklet.

    "Hoenn is a land of incredible diversity… region-wide laws… only a single Pokemon… this is the sort of rules that truly limit the trainer from having the freedom and autonomy to reach heights never touched before. A shame, really…"

    Kendall tossed the leaflet into his bag before making his way inside to the dining hall. The announcement seemed to have triggered a gentle rush amongst passengers to get ready to leave the ferry. Outside the window to the east of the ocean a shiny, golden hue started to creep into frame bit by bit. Kendall pulled out his Holotch. Eight missed calls and fifteen unread text messages. He swiped away the notifications offending his lock screen.

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    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]
    Koko Puffs
    Hoenn: Square One [IC]

    September 17, 2:45 PM

    The serenity shared by the onix and young woman did not last as long as they wished, disturbed by the rising water levels as a result of having nestled so far from dry land.

    "Mmm… why do I- Ah! sh*t," she gradually leaves her state of tranquility upon her elbows feeling the cold sting of water, immediately lifting the backpack on her lap to prevent its contents from being further soaked. The onix woke from his cat nap at her shifting and movement, eyes briefly squinting against the brightness of the environment.

    "Sorry Kiko, just uh, didn't want my stuff to get wet," she explains, scrambling up the side of the rocky skull to sit on the dry scalp with legs wrapped around the bag. "Just gotta check to see if anything got wet- sh*t- Kiko, Kiko, Kiko," she began to call out to him, fingers snapping as she rose to her feet and held to her onix's rocky protrusion with one arm as she discerned a larger wave seconds away from impact. With one outstretched arm she held her heavy backpack over herself, other hand rapidly tapping the protrusion to grab his attention in time. "Kiko, up! Up up up!"


    "Kikooooo-!" The poor woman overestimated the incoming wave, sucking in a breath upon impact; the water reached up to her knees, far from the horror she had imagined. Not only did this fact mildly embarass her, but as her pokémon lifted himself seconds after the event took place, she realized she may have overexaggerated the height of the wave as he towered over the locals and guests nearby.

    "...thanks. That really helped me there, Kiko."

    ♤ ♡ ◇ ♧
    Chapter 1.2
    ♤ ♡ ◇ ♧​

    Furiously combing the shorelines was a raving lifeguard in his mid-twenties. The young man's shoulder-length, lavender locks had been sloppily tied into a bun, exposing his ear lobe plugs and icy blue eyes against sandy beige skin. Ruby shorts, white tank top, and matching red sandals did nothing to obscure the tribal tattoo sleeve on the entirety of his right arm.

    "This is some real bullsh*t." Fury began to leak out from inside and on to the strength of his arm, his prodding having transformed into stabbing. "I know you're going to do the job right. I don't trust Rick. I know he'll do a sloppy job, yeah, well, "boss," if you let him sit and sleep in his truck all day then of course he will never know how to do jack sh*t! AH!" he initially grumbles, finishing with a bellow of rage and one last stab at the sand.

    The lifeguard sighs in contempt, lifting the rubber-tipped stick to observe its details. "I can't quit… I can't quit, ARGH!" he complains further, kicking the sand to the point of having created a small hole. Passerby would offer him a glance of pity, or merely a scoff at his actions. Koko, however, did not seem to pay mind to this lifeguard yards away from her. As the seething worker unbottled his emotions Koko had laid out a small, snow white blanket with a fuschia edge to it. On it she had gingerly placed her backpack whose soaked base fortunately did not ruin any of its contents, thus the brownies were safe to eat.

    "...oh," the man noticed from afar, an idea emerging from the depths of his exhausted mind.

    He approached Koko holding the stick with one hand and a rescue tube in the other. Kiko the onix observed him do so upon noticing him from the corner of his eye, menacing height causing the male worker to grow mildly threatened and grip tightened.

    "Good evening, m'lady," he began, coughing into his elbow crease prior to continuing. Koko flinched, turning to face the taller, tanned man.

    "Ah, sorry, haha… Good evening. Did I, uh, did I do something? Sorry, it's my first day here, if I did something I wanna apolo-"

    "No no, nothing of the sort. The truth is…" He crouches to get a better look at Koko, now allowing her to look down on him as he does his best to avoid contact with her onix. "You see, we're short staffed and have been asking beachgoers to lend a minute of their precious time in making Slateport's beaches a better place. The darn stunfisk population had begun to make themselves comfortable in the local shorelines, shocking anyone who accidentally missteps."

    "Oh, okay."

    "Normally, we lifeguards take turns looking for these stunfisk hiding in the shorelines using these specialized rubber-tipped sticks," he further elaborates, proudly lifting the aforementioned stick to Koko's eye level before standing upright. "When we do find them wese dig the sticks under the sand and flip them! This makes them retreat back into the ocean, which in turn keeps our beaches and children safe. So… what do you say? Would you like to help make the community a better place by looking for these evil fishes and sending them back to where they came from?" He smiles wide, pearly whites contrasting against the darker skin around. He proudly poses with the hand holding the rescue tube against his hip whilst the other began to twirl the stick around nimble fingers.

    Unfortunately his confidence and lengthy explanation did nothing to sway Koko, who gave Kiko a long glance before giving her response.

    "I'm really sorry, I can't," she declines, taking a moment to materialize an excuse out of thin air. "I promised Kiko I'd take him to the museum."

    "He-wha-come on, you can do better than that!" the man groaned, her lazy attempt of a lie doing more damage than her refusal to help. "He doesn't even fit in there!" he explained with hand motions mimicking that of squeezing an item. She scrunches her face, too late realizing the excuse was far too stupid to come back from.

    "I'm really sorry, I-"

    "I have money, look," he interrupts, holding out a finger as he scrambles to his pockets. "...two… four… five. I have five dollars, here." His extended hand was met with Koko's somber expression, beginning to feel pity.

    "I can't accept your money, it's yours-"

    "I have a pack of gum," he shot back, determined to get a break from the tedious task.

    "A-ah. I'm really sorry, I don't like gum-"

    "..." The man pressed his palms together against his lips, taking a moment to breathe out his impatience. "...how... about... I give you twenty?" he raises the reward, lowering his hands. She hesitates, more than enough of a response for him.

    Vexed, he scoffs. "Tch. Suit yourself." He turns and begins to return into the shallow waters. "I don't even know why I'm talking to a little girl. It's not like donuts could do the fu-"

    "What," Koko hollers out, heart skipping a beat at the mention of the sweet delicacies. She jogs over to the man. "You have donuts? What kind?"
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    Edison Kintobor
    Thursday, September 17th
    Slateport Harbor

    With the ferry now docked at the harbor, the arriving Trainers were free to go about their business. Edison finds himself heading to the Pokémon Center, but for the first time since leaving Mahono Town, he isn't alone.

    "So this registration thing should be a snap, right?" Sunny holds a pamphlet one handed, her other arm linked with Edison's so he could guide her as she gives the literature her full attention. "We've technically already done all this stuff, we just need to change address from Kinyo to Hoenn. How hard could that be?"

    "It should be fairly simple, yes." Ed finds it hard to operate his Holotch with Sunny on his arm, jostling her slightly as he opens his map app. "There are two Pokémon Centers, one close by and another further north... we'll go to this closer one, shall we?"

    "Sounds like a plan. Let's go!" Sunny takes the lead, dragging Ed along with her.

    Ed feels a twinge of annoyance at Sunny's domineering behavior, but knows he can't stay mad at her for just being herself. "Not that I mind your company, but I'm surprised you're going with me for this."

    "We both need to register anyway, right? We might as well stick together since we're both going to the same place. Besides... I can't leave you by yourself in a new city!"

    Ed nearly trips, his mouth suddenly a little dry. "And... why is that?"

    Sunny looks back over her shoulder at him with a sly smile and a raised eyebrow. "Come on, Eddie... you know why."

    Ed blushes, stumbling over his words. "You heard... I mean, that was just... I had a perfectly good reason to be there..."

    Sunny laughs, pulling Ed in close and tousling his hair, which he tries to avoid. "I'm just kidding! Never thought I'd see you at a loss for words, though. Come on, let's get this done so we can get out there!"


    Sunny lays slumped in a chair, slid down so far her head is level with the arm rests. "Twenty-four hours... what am I supposed to do for twenty-four hours?"

    Ed stands by his friend, partly out of sympathy and partly to make sure no one trips over her. "I'm sure there's plenty to do here, Sunny. It's not a small city, remember."

    "We're not going to a bar." Sunny grumps, crossing her arms and sliding even further down. She's basically sitting on the floor now, only her head still in the chair.

    "I wasn't suggesting that, and you know it." Ed offers her a hand up, which she grudgingly takes. "There's still plenty we can do, though! There was that market, a museum, the beach... we could even just go walk about town and see what we find!"

    "Museum? Boring! And it's a bit late to go to the beach, don't you think?"

    "Would you rather sit here in the Pokémon Center by yourself? Because I'm not staying here and doing nothing."

    Sunny pouts at the thought of being left behind. "That's blackmail, Eddie."

    Ed grins, knowing she only pouts like that when she loses. And he hates to say, but it's kinda cute. "It is not. At worst it's extortion, but I consider it a friendly push."

    Sunny grumps a bit more, but relents. "Fine, we'll go look around town. Lead on, MacDuff."

    "It's 'lay on', not lead." Ed gently corrects, but Sunny's confused "Huh?" tells him not to push it. "Never mind, let's just go. Why don't we go to the market first? We can pick up some supplies for tomorrow."

    "Why, what's tomorrow?" Sunny follows behind Ed, her curiosity piqued.

    "Like you said, it's a little late to go to the beach right now, but we could go in the morning. After my experience at Carmelion Beach, I'd want to be more prepared this time. Get some sunscreen, plenty of drinks, and may as well pack a lunch while we're at it! And Repels. In case of Wingulls."

    Sunny nods as she thinks it over. "I didn't pack a swimsuit or anything. And I doubt you did, either."

    Ed nods, slightly puzzled, but shrugs it off. "That's true, but I don't think we'll need them."

    "Eddie, how scandalous! I don't think it's that kind of beach!" Sunny grins, teasing a bit.

    "Not even remotely what I meant!" Ed knows she's kidding, but feels compelled to clarify. "Last time I just wore my regular clothes. Minus my vest, and you'd probably forego the leather jacket."

    "For someone so stylish, you have no fashion sense. Granted, it's outdated, but I can't deny it's a style." Sunny takes the lead again, apparently willing to go shopping after all. "We'll find some proper beach clothes, don't you worry."

    Ed follows along, glad she's back to her usual self. "Wait... what's wrong with how I dress?"