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Showcase (Accepting) Dvor-ak Sprites

Started by LHT October 24th, 2019 1:21 PM
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Laverre City
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Whoa.. I'm not gonna lie I was kinda shocked to see all of this. This is legitimately great work! If those were made in 2015 I shudder to think what you're capable of now! :)


Age 26
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Completely agreeing with Fairy, here! It's clear you have an extremely good grasp on elements of pixel art. Your use of colors are very fun and vibrant, and your shading is very smooth. I'm wondering what the fairy-type Charizard is meant to be, btw. I'm loving that design! A regional variant, perhaps? Honestly, I'd love to see more pixel art from you too, Pokemon or not! The fairy-type Weezing makes me chuckle a little bit, especially seeing how different the actual Fairy-type Weezing we have now looks compared to this one.



Taisho era
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Those are amazing sprites, you're really great at this ~
Would the cancelled fangame's name be Spinel, by chance?
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