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Pokémon FULL Hearts Reborn - A Johto Journey Page 2

Started by LinearAxel June 21st, 2016 7:55 PM
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Emma Ward

After taking a well needed rest, Emma finally made her way down route 30. Her lantern bumping against her leg rhythmically as she made her way towards Violet city. Coming across the fork in the road Emma branched off to the left taking the old man's advice.

Along the way, Peering through the thicket separating the two roads there appeared to be two guys battling. One of them seemed to have a black bird looking pokemon. "Yeah, Glad I didn't get held up with that... Although that is a pretty cool looking Pokémon." She commented to herself, seeing tiny snippets of the battle through the tree as she walked.

"You seem to be a bit distracted." A familiar voice called out to her. Recognizing the voice instantly Emma snapped her attention in front of her almost immediately.

"Lucas!" Emma called out to him as she ran forward to hug her brother. "What are you doing all the way out here?"

"I need to pick something up in Cherrygrove city, figured I'd try to catch my little sis' in the int process. Although with your patience I should have figured you'd already be leaving by now. Don't you think you're pushing yourself a bit too hard?" Lucas teased, finally breaking up the hug between them.

"Well, leave it to you to be a huge worrywart about me. I'm fine, I have a plan laid out and everything! I did my research and apparently the Violet city gym leader uses flying type pokemon, Emil, my Pichu here should be able to Handle that without a problem!" Emma Boasted, Proud of her plan.

"Is that it? Just your Pichu there? How many battles has he been in?" He asked, smirking a bit as he already had a general idea of the answer.

"Well, One... But It'll be fine!" Emma tried to ensure her brother. "Emil here is a tough little guy!"

"That's one more than I would have guessed." He teased, his smirk growing larger as he crossed his arms. You're going to need more battle experience than that to beat Falkner you know that right?"

"Emil here will be fine!" Emma tried again to ensure.

"Not likely, Falkner isn't going to lose to someone who's only battled with their Pokémon once before. He didn't become a gym leader for no reason ya know." He started to lecture,

"You should know well enough Lucas that it won't be my second battle ever. Heck, we went to the same school!" Emma retorted starting to get frustrated.

"Maybe, but it's only that Pichu's second one right? Not to mention from the sounds of it, That's your only Pokémon, Falker will use three against you." He continued, not in full on, cross armed, lecture mode. "Uhhh..." Emma started before getting cut off. "At the very least you should have a second pokemon, preferably two more and..."

Emma started to tone him out, learning a long time ago that there was no point trying to interrupt him. Ever since they were kids he always did this to her.

"Hey, Are you even listening?" Lucas called out, noticing the spacey look on Emma's face.

"Huh? Yeah, catch another pokemon and something." Emma said, snapping back to attention.

"It's so hard to get you to listen sometimes..." Lucas sighed.

"Maybe you should be less dull then!" Emma retorted, lightly punching her brother in the shoulder.

"Alright fine, I walked into that one. Just be sure to think your plan through, alright." He reaffirmed, sighing at the joke.

They spent the next fifteen minutes catching up with recent events. Emma leading the conversation talking about the crate she delivered to the store-keep and the crazy old man to guilted her into taking a tour. Lucas, whenever he finally got the chance to speak talked about his team of pokemon and not much else.

"Alright, I gotta get going, See ya Sis!" Said Lucas, ruffling Emma's hair before departing. Leaving her slightly grumpy.

"See ya Lucas..." She sighed back. "Gosh dang it he know I hate it when he does that!"


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Route 29 | Age 17 | On the Hunt

Reaching for his next Pokeball, Marcus was suddenly told to stop by his friend.

“Actually,” She began, looking up towards Marcus with a mischievous glimmer in her eye “I do have an idea…”

“I know that face.” He responded, sighing. “This is either going to super dumb, or complicated with no real payoff. What is it?”

“Now I almost don’t want to tell you.” She responded in mock offense. “But there is something a certain member of our teams both have in common... Your Joltik and my Spinarak”

“Are you suggesting a Spider-Fight?”

“I am suggesting a Spider-Fight.”

Pretending to sigh but actually a little intrigued by the premise, Marcus changed his plans to have Sylvi jump in, motioning towards the Joltik in his hair instead. The Joltik crawled out of his improvised nest, moving the hair to cover the little hole he left with his entrance before jumping to the ground. On the other side of the field, after ensuring her Murkrow was safely secured, Vi pulled out her second Pokeball and released her Spinarak. Both arachnids stared each other down, waiting for the first move.

“I guess I’ll go first this time. Sampson, Night Slash them!”

The Spinarak’s horn started to glow with a purple aura, leaving a small trail behind as it rushed towards Ixod. Unable to dodge, Ixod took the hit directly, catching itself from stumbling.

“It’s pretty fast…” Marcus muttered to himself. “Okay, slow it down with a Thunder Wave!”

Sparks shot across the little Joltik’s fur, building in quantity before suddenly discharging. The sudden discharge caught the Spinarak who, despite not actually showing any signs of pain, seemed to struggle moving it’s limbs the way it wanted.

“Don’t let that get in your way!” Vi shouted. “Night Slash him again!”

“Don’t let him hit you” Marcus shouted in return. “Counter it with a Cross Poison!”

The Spinarak’s horn once again shone the strange light as it awkwardly tried to finagle its limbs in a running position. This time, Ixod was able to dodge the attack almost effortlessly, doing a little roll to the side for emphasis. Taking advantage of the missed attack, Ixod’s lifted his front two legs, seeping with a dark toxin, and made an “X” shaped cut towards the Spinarak’s body. Sampson winced back, hurt but not affected by the poison itself, and retreated back a little.

“Okay, you don’t have to be close to attack. Don’t let him hit you like that again, Poison Sting!”

Large poison needles sprayed from the Pokemon’s mouth in the direction of Ixod. Ixod attempted to dodge some of them, but ultimately was hit with a few of them. The needles broke as soon as they hit, but Ixod stumbled trying to take a step forward, wincing in pain. It looked like he was hit worse than he expected, and actually got poisoned by the attack.

“We’ve got to finish this quick, Cross Poison them once more!”

Rushing forward despite the pain, Ixod jumped forward, baring his front claws once more. Little droplets of poison dripped as Ixod flew through the air at his target, swinging wildly.

“Gotcha.” Vi Smirked. “Hit him with a Night Slash.”

Once it was too late for Ixod to change his trajectory, Sampson’s horn glowed once more. Rushing forward into the attack, the twin claws hit their X shaped attack on the Spinarak’s back, but Ixod caught the Night Slash attack directly across his exposed stomach. The momentum and location of the attack seemed to have amplified the damage done, and Ixod hit the ground, hard. Giving a few attempts to stand back up, but the combination of the attack and poisoning caused it to collapse each time, finally lying down, dejected.

“Sorry Ixod. Bad way to introduce you as the Destroyer of Worlds, huh?” Marcus said, withdrawing Ixod into his Pokeball. “Well, looks like we’re one and two.”

“Sorry, but I did say I wasn’t holding back.”

“Don’t blame you, I wouldn’t either.” He admitted, before turning to Sylvi. “You good to go?”

A proud squeak told him all he needed to know, and the little Azurill rushed ahead to the field.


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Lucas Laramie
-Violet City-


Luke and Elekid stared at the sky as they walked through the city. “Still no sign of ‘em”. The pair stopped by the pond in front of the Sprout Tower. Luke looked out across the water to the tower.

“Maybe we could check there? These pokémon probably ain’t out in the open, otherwise finding them wouldn’t be difficult, and I’ve been wanting to check the tower out.”
Luke started walking across the bridge when Elekid began tugging on his leg. “Be-be!” Electricity sparked between the two prongs on Elekid’s head as the small electric pokémon pointed toward the edge of the pond. A group of Unown were flying around each other over the water.

“I’d let you handle this but your attacks ain’t gonna beable to reach ‘em an’ I don’t think you wanna swim out there”. Luke grabbed a pokéball off his belt and tossed it in the air, releasing Ekans onto the bridge.

“Think you can take ‘em?” Luke looked down to the purple snake beside him who raised its head and hissed in response. “Good. Keep low and dive when ya get close. Don’t want ‘em spottin you and attackin before you get close enough to bite.”

Ekans slithered into the water and swam toward the cloud of Unown. “They kinda remind me of a swarm o’ beedrill.” Luke muttered as he watched his pokémon approach the group of psychic types. Ekans’ head disappeared beneath the surface as he got closer to the hovering swarm. Just as Ekans was ready to strike the cloud of pokémon looked straight down and shot red beams from their eyes into the water sending water up into the air and giving the pond a red glow for a few seconds. The rising water fell back down to reveal Ekans wrapped around one of the Unown. Ekans bit down on the Unown as the psychic pokémon tried to shake it off. After minutes of struggling, the Unown crashed into the water with Ekans still holding on.

“Ekans come back!” Ekans’ head rose from the water and looked up at the horde of pokémon then turned to swim to his trainer. Ekans swam back to Luke as fast as it could, dodging attacks. “Elekid, see if you can swim out with Quick Attack and get Ekans out of there.”

“Be-be!” Elekid nodded to his trainer and dove into the water. Elekid used Quick Attack to swiftly glide through the water and reach Ekans. Elekid blocked a red beam with a Swift attack then grabbed Ekans and swam back with another Quick Attack boost. Luke knelt down and pulled his pokémon out of the water and returned Ekans to his pokéball.

“Rest up Ekans, you did good.” Luke looked up as the Unown horde moved closer. “I should’ve thought this through a little more…”



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Emma Ward

"Come on Emil, Can you please get off the tent?" Emma asked letting out a yawn. Emil, laying on top of the disassembled tent, didn't give much of a response beside looking up at her with a groggy expression.

"Alright, I asked nicely." Emma shrug as she pulled the tent out from under him. Sending Emil tumbling off the side slightly panicked. "Pichu Pi!" He said, looking up at Emma with a frustrated expression.

"Oh come on, You know that I asked you to get up already! Besides, we need to head into Violet city!" She said starting to bundle the tent pack up into it's sleeve. "Although, I have no idea what I'm gonna do once inside... As much as I hate to admit it My brother is probably right. Would a gym leader even accept my challenge at this point?" She thought to herself looking down at her very annoyed looking Pichu as they passes through the gate of the city.

"Yeah, I guess I should have just let you back inside your Pokéball huh?" She asked, awkwardly rubbing the back of her neck.

"Pi Pi!" Emil replied back, Still clearly annoyed.

"Alright, So new plan then. There should be a place here called Sprout Tower. I wasn't originally planning on checking it out but If there is a place to get you some battle experience that should be it." She said looking down at Emil. "Although, If what my brother says is correct I should also catch another Pokémon, I have plenty of Pokéballs so that shouldn't be a problem and I can train you both during my visit!" She said out loud hyping herself up. Alright that should settle it! New plan is set so it time to put it into motion!" Emma cheered to herself, sending a fist into the air.

The journey to the western gate of the city was for the most part uneventful, the roads busy with people minding their own business trying to get to their jobs or school. Aside from some guy passing out fliers near the Gym, nothing seemed too interesting until...

"You lazy little sloth! Do SOMETHING!" A young, Flamboyant looking man screamed at a pink Pokémon near the gate, The Pokémon was almost expressionless. As if he didn't hear the young man at all.

"You worthless pink blob! Do you even hear me!? I swear I've yelled at rocks more responsive than you!" He continued screaming at the top of his lungs. The people walking by started turning their heads away as they passed by him. As if they don't notice a thing. Emma just looked at him, stunned in disbelief as the young man started to kick the Pokémon.

"Ugh, It's useless." The young man sighed, Returning the slowpoke to it's pokéball. Shoving it inside of a bag he kept on him. "Hey you!" He called out, finally noticing Emma staring at him. "You have a problem here?"

"I have a problem!? You were just kicking that poor thing!" Emma shouted back, walking forward to meet the young man face to face.

"Why shouldn't I? It's not like it's going to do anything about it!" He shouted back, his voice rising even higher and louder than before.

"I don't know, Maybe you'll scuff up your pretty shoes there. They make those for men too ya know!" Emma retorted, crossing her arms smugly.

"What? I'll have you know I like to put some effort into looking nice. A concept that is obviously foreign to you!" He yelled back, taking a quick glance down at his shoes just in case.

"I'm surprised You can see anything past your ego." Emma shouted back, Starting to get just as frustrated as he is.

"Well, I'll tell you what I see. Your little runt of a Pokémon there! Luckily I still need to burn off some steam so I think I'll let my Golbat play with it! Go!" He shouted, taking a few steps backwards before throwing his pokéball. The Golbat screeching as it emerged.

"Well, I guess your battle is coming sooner than I thought Emil, Go get em!" Emma shouted, Emil meeting the Gobat between the two trainers.


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Route 29 | Age 17 | On the Hunt

Marcus was ready to issue his first command to the eager Azurill when Vi put up her hands to ask for a time out.

“Things are getting a little late,” She started, fiddling with Sampson’s Pokeball. “Should we just swap to our last Pokemon?”

“I mean, it benefits me more than you…” He replied, a bit taken aback she wasn’t ready to press every advantage. “But if you want this to be a fresh battle, go ahead.”

“Thanks. I think having our starters go all out would be a lot more interesting than Riley fighting an already poisoned Pokemon.”

With a low whistle she called back the large spider, and after a second whistle the little Jackal like pokemon took its place. If he remembered correctly, it should be both Fighting and Steel type, and the fighting type meant he would be worse off with Sylvi’s Normal typing. Heck, even if she was evolved and replaced the Normal with Fairy it was still a one sided match. Still, Sylvi was enduring and with a few clever plays he could maybe swing the tides a little. The Riolu slipped into a loose fighting stance, while Syli merely tried to stare down her opponent.

“Start off with a Blaze Kick!” Vi shouted, taking the initiative.
The Riolu broke into a short run, one of his bottom paws catching flame. Doing a small flip, Riley planted his foot firmly into the ground, leaving a smoking hole where Sylvi stood before a last second roll.

“Was that flip really necessary?!” Marcus shouted, realizing the only reason the attack missed was due to the unnecessary showboating.

“Hey, you can’t deny it wasn’t cool.” Vi shouted back, grinning widely.

“Cool doesn’t work if you can’t hit anything.” He finished, breaking into his own smile. “But thanks for the attack.”

“Wait… what do you mea-“ Vi managed to mutter before getting cut off

“Use Copycat!”

At the sound of the command, the little green mouse shimmered with a faint white light, fading everywhere except her foot. The light concentrated, growing brighter and brighter before it turned into a patch of raging flame similar to the Riolu’s. Sylvi wasted no time bouncing up and slamming the ablaze foot into Riley’s face chest, knocking him back significantly. The Riolu landed on his feet and took up another fighting pose, but the smell of burnt fur remained alongside a singed outline of a foot.

“Woooow!” Vi joyfully shouted, not even caring her Pokemon was the one who took the attack. “I did not see that coming at all.”

“You can’t be the only one with fancy moves.” Marcus boasted, sweeping his hair back.

“Well, we just gotta make sure you can’t do that again.” Vi proclaimed. “Hit her with a Quick Attack!”

Wasting no time, Riley rushed into a full blown sprint, landing a rough body check before Sylvi could even react. The little mouse rolled back a little, before standing back up and shaking off the hit.

“Don’t let him close, keep your distance with water gun!”

Perking up, the Azurill let forth a torrent of water from her mouth, buffeting the Riolu. The little Jackal was thrown back even more, leaving line of torn grass from where it tried to maintain its position. Whenever the first blast ended, and Sylvi went to take a breath before continuing the assault, the Riolu took off, running in a large circle around the Azurill. Sylvi let loose several more torrents of water towards the speeding figure, but Riley either outran the stream or suddenly changed directions. Vi watched with an analytical eye, sizing up the situation.

“Okay, go for the quick attack now!” Vi suddenly commanded. Sure enough, Sylvi needed to end the Water Gun and grab some air right when she yelled. Taking advantage of the small window, Riley dashed forward and rammed the Azurill with his shoulder, sending her rolling once more.

“We can’t keep them at bay then…” Marcus muttered, thinking to himself. “Go all in; Copycat!”

The white light returned as soon as his Pokemon gained her footing, focusing once more on her feet. She suddenly began to close the distance once more, moving at a much faster speed.

“Hit with your own Quick Attack!” Vi shouted towards her partner.

Both pokemon sped towards each other, violently colliding and throwing each other back. Both the Riolu and Azurill seemed to have hit the ground hard, and took a few seconds to get back up, but it was Sylvi who was first to her feet.

“Finish it!” Marcus shouted excitedly. “One more Water Gun!”

“Not on my watch!” Vi barked back. “Endure it!”

Sylvi let loose one more torrent of water, buffeting the Riolu. Riley braced for the impact, digging both feet and even one of his paws into the ground to prevent being dragged back. The impact of the water stung, but right before he collapsed the pain itself seemed to fade to nothing but slight annoyance.

“Quick Attack!” Vi calmly stated, giving her final order.

Sylvi’s torrent ended, and within that second window Riley launched himself forward once more. The little jackal collided with the mouse, and they both rolled back. Once the two pokemon finally managed to stop themselves, Riley was the only one who stood up before falling to one knee.

“Looks like this one is mine.” Vi smiled, triumphantly.

“Okay, okay.” Marcus muttered back, a faint smile on his face. “You got me. That’s an impressive Pokemon.”

“Come on,” Vi deflected, hitting Marcus lightly on the shoulder. “Sylvi held her own well. One more water gun and I would be done for.”

Sylvi blinked back into consciousness on the ground, a little dazed but no worse for wear. A small set of paws pressed up on her back, sitting her up once more. Looking behind, she saw the Riolu pushing her up off the ground. At first she wanted to spray him with water for winning, but that would be a little too tiring in her state. Instead she accepted the help, her sore legs secretly appreciative of the help, and the two sat back to back, supporting each other.

“Cmon,” Vi said, motioning towards the two Pokemon, quickly falling asleep. “We can talk on the way to town. Let’s get these two checked out.”

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