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So I feel like I'm missing something but I am having trouble getting to the second cave portal I got as far as the psychic with the galar ponyta and slowpoke.
From this point, go upstairs. On the big room with ice floor, go to upstairs on the left. Continue until the hole. You need to drop in the hole and, right after, go north. And after this, just follow.

Trying to show screenshot but can seem to get it to show
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Hey FL, I doubt you remember my username, but I completed this game a few years ago back when the latest version was 1.2h. I was scrolling through and saw that this game had updated. I saw on the front page that I cannot update my old save file, but I thought I would ask anyway. Is there any way for me to update my save file to the newer version. I loved playing this game and ended up putting over 150 hours into beating it in the earlier versions and I do not want all of that progress to be deleted just so I can play an updated version. Would I be able to send my game files or something that I could do on my end to make it compatible with the new versions. I really want to play the update but having to start over would definitely prevent me from picking it up.