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Posted July 2nd, 2019
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Hi, I'm also relatively new, I found this so far though..

You can change songs by replacing the .midi files in sound/songs/midi. You can also change the way songs sound by editing their .s files and modifying the voicegroup line (often line 3). In PokeEmerald there are 101 voicegroups in total. Each voicegroup has different instruments, that's why changing the voicegroup changes the way the song sounds. The .midi files are the notes, the voicegroups are the instruments.

I'm not entirely certain on how to add new songs or voicegroups though... So far I've tried adding new .midi files to the folder, editing the songs.h to include that file + adding a .s file that I generated with Mid2gbac. But I'm not getting the new songs to play just yet..

I found several threads that might get us in the right direction though:
They're all music hacking threads for binary hacking. This might give us an idea of how to add new voicegroups or how to properly implement new songs.

If you find anything new out, keep me updated!

^^ Thank you The Blueprint !!!
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