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  • yo i make some fakemon man i send it to you, and i want help fixing your design, - sorry for bad english

    here is the one of my fakemon "Chillit" =
    Icon = file:///C:/Users/batik/Desktop/driver/Game%20Maker/Sprites/FAKEMONS/900.png
    Sprites = file:///C:/Users/batik/Desktop/driver/Game%20Maker/Sprites/FAKEMONS/Ice%20Kitten.png
    That's fair, I did go back and fixed up the tail. I do want to get better at sprinting though, I had to splice some of Pokemon sprites to make it.
    Hey! I'm liking the look of Amaryllis. Actually some pretty decent Fakemon (rare thing for me personally). I've been out of the hacking game for a while, but I would like to see if I can help some. I usually map, and I'm trying to re-learn tile inserts. Not typically a spriter, but I can see what I can do, shading is my downfall though.

    Heres a thing I tried, not completely done. http://imgur.com/a/1n6sI
    Also for the evolution, how bought instead of a sharp beak, instead a tube that blows icy winds?
    And I'm looking forward to playing it on PC's Hacks Spotlight! ;D
    Really looking forward to your hack. Definitely think it has a lot of promise!
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