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How do you guys play your games? (Strategy Wise)

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Old July 15th, 2018 (3:58 PM).
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    Title is self-explanatory. I'm interested in how other people approach the games, what tactics/strategies are applied or do you just go for it and don't over think it.

    I've recently finished/replayed Leaf-Green, and I think I overtrained way to much and abused the hell out of the VS. seeker. My strategy was basically 10 lvls for each gym.

    Gym no.1 - lvl 10
    Gym no.2 - lvl 20
    Gym no.3 - lvl 30
    Gym no.4 - lvl 40

    Once I completed the sixth gym I noticed im way over leveled. By the time I reached the Elite four, I had all my pokemon lvl 60, except my charizard which was lvl 83. My team consisted of; Charizard, Dragonite, Nidoqueen (HM slave), Pikachu and Pidgeot. Needless to say I destroyed the Elite four with just my charizard. Except against Lorelei, who one shot critted my charizard and f*cked my pikachu (Probably should've evolved it). Although anything can be fixed with a max revive!

    So yeah, I grinded to much. How about you guys?
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    Old July 15th, 2018 (4:10 PM).
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    I find proper Pokemon, EV train completely even before starting the game, and those Pokemon are usually what I use post game competitively too.

    I'm a grind heavy perfectionist who loves to fight. I pretty much lived inside that battle shack place (where you rank your titles up) in Y.

    Needless to say, the in-game trainers rarely provide much challenge.
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    Old July 15th, 2018 (7:12 PM).
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      In the beginning I would just go with it.
      Lately when I play, to make it more interesting strategically I aim to be under-leveled, so I try to get away with minimal grinding.
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      Old July 15th, 2018 (7:43 PM).
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        Yellow version is noticeably harder than its Red/Blue counterparts. Although they nerfed Brock and kept Misty the same, Lt.Surge gets a level 28 Raichu with Normal Type moves(as opposed to exclusively Electric moves in R/B) and every Gym Leader with significantly stronger Pokemon and better movesets. The biggest discrepancy is Koga where in R/B his Ace is level 43(with 1 Pokemon knowing Toxic), while his starting Pokemon starts at level 44 and ends at level 50(with each one knowing Toxic AND Psychic).

        The stronger Pokemon for Gym Leaders and the massive spike in level between Erika and Koga all but leads to facing Gym Leaders underleveled unless you do some grinding. I personally like being roughly as strong as their Ace, hence after beating Erika, I got a lot of grinding to do to get near level 50.
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        Old July 16th, 2018 (11:36 PM).
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        I'm just a guy who likes my battles to end quickly, so I rarely use up a turn to use a Status move.

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        Old July 17th, 2018 (2:42 AM). Edited July 17th, 2018 by Resolve.
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          Underlevel myself to a reasonable extent just to make in-game trainers at least even remotely challenging (though I find some games manage to make do without this).
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          Old July 17th, 2018 (9:58 PM).
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          My strategy is basically turn my brain off going into the games, and just have fun (for my initial playthroughs, at least). I couldn't care less about building perfect teams, extensive grinding, breeding for egg moves, etc.; if it's not something I would do as a real-life trainer, chances are I won't do it in the game.

          If I'm doing a new playthrough of an old game (whether it be for a challenge or just for fun), then I might use a bit of strategy in building out my team and planning out their movesets, but even then I leave room for spontaneity, since I have more fun that way.
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          Old July 18th, 2018 (3:19 AM).
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            I don't really have strategies but the last time I played Yellow I used ideas from the speedrun.

            Trained Nidoking with Horn Drill and collected ethers and elixers all the way through, so I could just one shot most of the Elite Four.

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            Old July 18th, 2018 (3:13 PM).
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              I try my best at getting a team with lots of different types. I'll also try using Pokemon I like, but giving a chance with new ones.

              I'm playing FireRed right now, and I've been using a Parasect. Articuno is also one of my favorite legendaries, so I kept an empty spot on my team for that.

              For leveling, I just fight every trainer.
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