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Nintendo Switch Fan Club

Started by Greninlucarizardlup July 31st, 2018 5:12 AM
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This is a place to discuss Nintendo's current console, the Nintendo Switch.

It is a console that can act as a handheld, but can also connect to TV's and be played on them.

In this club, you can discuss games, exchange friend requests and much more.

1. Do not bash and flame people who have different opinions.
2. Do not spam, please stay on topic.
My forum : It has a variety of topics, including a huge Pokémon section.


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Posted August 3rd, 2019
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I'll join, since Jackster said he wanted me to, and we can just talk about nintendo here (i don't own a switch and we're very low income so i may never own one...).

I like learning new stuff about smash bros ultimate, though. The new fighters seem sweet, I like that you can actually play as an animal crossing animal character (Isabelle) now too^^
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Please join my forum :D

How odd. This forum no longer allows blingee signatures.....? *shrug*
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