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Started by Babebraham February 10th, 2014 4:01 PM
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I really wasn't all that disappointed by the new pokemon this time around.

Binacle is stupid, but it's evolution is okay. Honedge, Swirlix, and Klefki are all examples of pokemon based off of inanimate objects which I disliked at first, but I've come to accept them. :) There are certain evolutions which I was disappointed by Aromatisse no longer looking like a bird, Malamar having legs, Florges being much larger than "the smallest pokemon", and Diggersby being ugly. However, I wouldn't say that I hate them, because I understand the direction the designer's were going with them.

...compared to some Gen 4-5 pokemon which I still despite to this day. >_>
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Klefki, Honedge(Duoblade & Aegislash), Binacle(and Barbaracle). I don't see how they can be Pokémon.

Klefki is a bunch of keys. Honedge is a sword and Binacle is like a pair of mole's arms with eyes on them stuck in a rock.
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Not sure why the inanimate object Pokemon always get so much hate....
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Not sure why the inanimate object Pokemon always get so much hate....
Because they are inanimate objects, there's been a pretty long track record of them getting hated. But I actually like the "inanimate objects" we got this generation. Klefki and Aegislash are actually now among my fave Steel-types.
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Not sure why the inanimate object Pokemon always get so much hate....
Not sure either. All generations got 'em too lol.

That being said, my least favorite Pokemon in Gen VI would be Vivillon. There's already a lot of pretty butterflies in Pokemon already imo. Beautifly for example.
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Negativity is lame, so I'm going to pretend you asked which I like the most. Lots of cool new Pokémon in this generation, but I'm going to go with Meowstic and Pangoro. Thought they were pretty cool when I found them as Espurr and Pancham, and together they pretty much destroyed Team Flare by themselves.


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There really weren't many I disliked this gen.. None of their designs really won me over, but I didn't hate them, either.
Klefki was definitely a silly design, but I just didn't much care for it. Same goes for Diggersby and Honedge - they're none too appealing, but I don't hate them, I just actively avoided them.

Am I the only one that thought Barbaracle looked kinda cool? I kept him around when I found it, he was neat-looking and super handy to have around.


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Not sure why the inanimate object Pokemon always get so much hate....
I think people deem them uncreative because they're not alive in the real world. But I think they're creative. I still hate the Vanillite line because of their dumb looking smile, though.

Having said that, I was quite disappointed with Pangoro's performance in battles, but maybe I came in with too much expectation because it's so badass-looking. Same can be said for Pyroar. I also don't like Aromatisse... But for the most part I liked the new Pokemon introduced this generation.


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I liked all the Pokémon introduced in this generation. I am still disappointed with Aromatisse, though. They could have made a badass Plague Doctor Pokémon, maybe a fairy/poison type, and they made a can can dancer. Really GameFreak? :(

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I didn't hate any really, but going based of design alone, I'd say binacle, slurpuff, and aromatiss (or how ever you spell it). Those, to me, have the worst designs out of all of generation 6
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Diggersby for sure. I used to think that Glameow was the ugliest Pokemon but definitely Diggersby takes the mud pie cake on that one. Binacle comes second.

Seriously, Diggersby...what happened to it? I think it's facial expression and dark "mud-like" coloured fur contributes to its ugliness.

But that's pretty much the only Pokemon I actually dislike from gen 6. Granted, there were practically no new Pokemon to begin with but I think they did a nice job in this region. Though, I dislike most of the Mega Evolution designs.


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Seriously, why are Snubull and Granbull now pure fairy tpes, completely turning around their skill vs fighting types? I never recorded a bull being a fairy.
I thought the same thing too until I saw Granbull's species name is the "Fairy Pokemon". No, seriously, it is: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Granbull

But then that brings up the question of why the hell its species name is that in the first place...
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I also disapprove the changes to Clefa, Clefairy, Clefable, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Marril, Azumaril and most of all, Granbull.
Yup, I agree with this.

To answer your question, I really hate Dedenne. I know they've started a trend with electric rodents but a bit of originality would have been nice. It's just an ugly Raichu rip-off. Even a different colour scheme would've been an improvement.


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Diancie, Carbink, Klefiki, Floette, Florges, Spritzee, Aromatisse, Swirlix, Slurpuff, Deddene, Sylveon and Xerneas.

I also disapprove the changes to Clefa, Clefairy, Clefable, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Marril, Azumaril and most of all, Granbull.
Judging by this and your sig, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you are not terribly fond of Fairy type.


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I wasn't particularly fond of the fairy types for a few reasons:
-Dragons are sometimes overpowered, yes, but the amount of time it takes to train them, find them, and evolve them is kind of deserving of high power. Sure they may have needed another weakness but dragon moves can't touch fairy types at all, they should still be able to hit them with dragon type moves that are normally effective rather than no effect at all.

I also wasn't too fond of mega evolutions because the extreme power boost it adds to all of the pokemon capable of mega evolving, not every Pokemon needs to have Stat Totals of 600-700 and 1-Hit K.O Everything. Game freak tried to balance the game more with fairies but honestly they ruined it by adding mega evolutions in my opinion:/

I didn't like the changes they gave to some of my favorite previous gen pokes. Especially Granbull, yes I realize it is in the fairy egg group and is the "fairy Pokemon" (Btw this makes no sense) but ITS A DOG. NOT A FAIRY.

Seriously, I don't see the resemblance here:

and another thing...Dedenne...No, just no. Everyone can clearly see that Dedenne is a straight copy of Pikachu/Pichu with Raichu's colors and long whiskers.
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Diggersby. Everytime I see it I cringe. Not only because it is ugly and derpy looking, but mostly because I can't not see the dirt on its ear-arms as fecal matter. I hate that thing with a passion.

Go forth, fellow PokeCommunity members. Look up Diggersby in your Pokedex and try to unsee the poop all over it. You can't.
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