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August Stats

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Old September 11th, 2017 (6:00 PM).
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Quieter month - no huge peaks on the same scale as those in the last two months so rather flat in views/day. Not the slowest month of the year, mind.

The Raw Numbers
August total views: 53,823 (July: 73,729, June: 78,360)
August total visitors: 37,954 (July: 54,349, June: 57,815)
August average views/day: 1,736 (July: 2,378, June: 2,612)
Daily High Score: 3,141 (Best ever: 78,064 views, July: 6,298)
Lowest Score (for a full day): 1,274 (July: 1,500, June: 1,388)
Number of 100+ days: 31 (July: 31, June: 30)

Image of hits/day:


Articles visited since start of month until 1st Sep:

(Note that articles posted in the month have the orange tab to the left. Those with < 40 hits in the month were cut for image size.)

Lycanroc news articles were the main winners this month, for obvious reasons. Worlds also did decently, which is nice to see. (Spoiler - reddit sharing of the preview article helped it.)

MJ also got some attention but I think less than other MJ update articles (need to check though). TCG set review got a solid ~500 views, and Salazzle news article did better than I expected (maybe people really wanted one?)

As for older articles, one to note is the "What happened to Pokémon Crystal's eShop Release?" article. It's been slowly growing in views on a daily basis (not surprising but still interesting).

Google-specific stats ('clicks' = views, lower than total stats):

BTW, the peak early in the month corresponds to Lycanroc news. And highest search terms are Crystal or Lycanroc related.

Search engines terms (what people put in anything but Google to get to the magazine.

Odd top search term from non-google searches...

Google search terms by clickthrough rate (CTR; top 50):

(Removed those that gave only one click.)

The funny and weird searches (that got clicks, and including google) include:
poknem. duel [twice!]
qr code marll pokemon
pokemon tucan
whos that pokemon its eevee
pokémon with the best curvea
pojemon duels
lana pokemon love
as fotos da lillie e vulpix branco do pokemon sun & moon
whàt stats is matter of pokenon to be strong
premium bandai
falling pokemom lillie
magikatp hump final update
japnes rap vedeo
알로라 식스테일 [for me in google this has to do with alolan vulpix]
Google's top clicked pages (top 50):

(Removed those that gave only one click.)

Referrers (what sites people came from to visit the magazine):

No huge contribution from reddit this time, only the one article. Twitter and Facebook did better, and tumblr sprung up curiously.

Clicks (links clicked in articles)

People like links to the original source!

Country breakdown:

US on top. Only 4 countries in the 1,000 list this month, but each with 2,000+.
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Old September 11th, 2017 (6:07 PM).
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    Pretty good numbers. The dex guide is still doing strong which is nice.

    I'm curious going forward what will continue to pick up views and what in the coming month may get big hits.
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    Old September 11th, 2017 (6:30 PM).
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    And now, your standard weird search reactions!

    poknem. duel [twice!] - Someone forgot to turn autocorrect on?
    qr code marll pokemon - Other than the typo, this is a pretty normal search
    pokemon tucan - It's spelled Toucan.
    whos that pokemon its eevee - Looking for an Anime clip I presume
    pokémon with the best curvea - I can't tell if this is a Rule 34 search or just... Actually it's almost definitely Rule 34. But how did it link here???
    pojemon duels - again, this is why autocorrect exists.
    lana pokemon love - I can't tell if this is a Rule 34 search or someone looking for a SM dating sim
    as fotos da lillie e vulpix branco do pokemon sun &amp; moon - That's a really butchered Spanish search I presume. I'm guessing the intent was "las fotos da lillie y vulpix blanco do pokemon sun and moon" or similar, which with my very rough Spanish knowledge translates roughly to "the pictures of[?] Lillie and White Vulpix of[?] Pokemon sun and moon". I'm writing this off as another rule 34 search.
    whàt stats is matter of pokenon to be strong - Speed and exclusively Speed. Also I do like searches that obviously linked to my articles:).
    premium bandai - Namco Bandai hasn't dealt with Pokémon since... Oh, it's Pokken.
    falling pokemom lillie - Definitely a rule 34 search
    magikatp hump final update - Clearly a series of typos, but it works just well enough that I can write it off as yet another Rule 34 search.
    japnes rap vedeo - What
    알로라 식스테일 [for me in google this has to do with alolan vulpix] - pass
    Long ago, superstitions were spread about it,
    saying it brought disaster. This fed a hatred of it,
    and it was driven deep into the mountains.
    It protects fields and warns people of disaster,
    so one ought to be grateful for it.

    Challenges - TCG - Trade Corner - Daily
    Avatar credit to Sylphiel!
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