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Male or female protagonists?

Started by Homeskulled Kid November 6th, 2018 2:47 AM
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Stairway and the other story I'm soon to start work on both have male protagonists. That being said the deutoragonists in both are female. Really I'm perfectly comfortable writing a male or female character, it doesn't matter much to me. This is just how these characters have worked out.


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Since shattered crests has many prot. to be considered, I do have both male and female prot. I will say I'm probably better at writing the male aspect, but I do want to experiment with a female lead some time in a singular story.

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I too have no trouble writing male or female characters, I just go with the flow. With that said, I have no say on the character's gender if they're from another source material and go by how they're portrayed. My shorter stories is a mixed bag while my longer works tend to go more towards the POV of male protagonists.

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Females used to be my jam up until this year. I've always been drawn to them, and especially when they're placed in Rey-esque stories. Then I experimented with male characters and things clicked much better, and I had a lot more freedom with fight scenes because men can take more physical flak without becoming hideous or getting badly injured. And without training, they can still do a lot of damage. Women are fantastic fighters, but that typically requires training and sometimes that isn't compatible with one's plot. Weapons, sure. Fists, nope. I'm very big on hand-to-hand combat in my writing.

I think I'll keep on keeping on in terms of male protagonists. It feels more natural. More seamless. That's not to say I won't keep a solid female presence in my narratives. Girls are epic.
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