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Yellow Mew Vs Mewtwo

Started by mcrunner June 14th, 2015 5:33 PM
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Seen July 6th, 2015
Posted July 5th, 2015
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Hello all, this is my first hack ever, but I think it is decent for a first one, you’ll be the judge of that.


Same story as yellow, I’ll have to learn how to script and prevent events and to enables new events, if someone could help mewith that that would be awesome.


-starter pokemon gary= mewtwo, ash= mew.

-Gym leader different pokemons

-Difficulty is enhanced

-changed almost everything regarding mapping aprox:75%(caves, forest, towns, routes)

-prize of coin case= 2000coin=40 thousand $ for either mewtwo, articuno or dragonair.

-different pokemon can be captured in the grass

-text changed ataprox: 25%


There are a couple, but only minor things.

-writing goes of the box

-prizes collected with the coin case act as pickachu.

Not a bug\mistake

I did on purpose to not label the market or pokemoncenter (adds some difficulty) and I also added random buldings.


If someone wants to join me in finishing the hack,email me at’d like someone who has some experience in changing event scripting etc…. Thegame is below if you want to try it out and give me feedback, on what toimproved\changed that would be awesome.
If you a pokemon yellow fan, this game is for you!


I do not own the pokemon yellow rom or any of the hacking tools.
Director: Satoshi Tajiri: Pokemon yellow

Hacking tools used:
Swampert Tools: Challenge, GymEdit GB, MartEd GSC, PrizeEdit GB, TradeEdit GB.

JigglyPuff: PikaMap

TFG: Pokémon Yellow Sprite Editor
UNKNOWN (please tell me): PokéText

Harrison: RBY Wild Pokémon Editor

If I miss someone please tell me.


The Master of YamiNoGames

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Posted June 23rd, 2018
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Interesting hack? It doesn't look like much has been changed. Why would you give people the choice of Dragonair, Articuno and Mewtwo? Even more, why are they exactly the same price? I don't think anyone's going to script the whole game for you. You'll have to look for tutorials yourself.
Seen July 6th, 2015
Posted July 5th, 2015
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The reason why I give the choice for people for dragonair, mewtwo, and articuno is because I gave gary all the best 1st gen pokemon. At Indiago league gary has mewtwolv85, dragonitelv70, moltreslv85, joltenlv85, articuno lv85 and areotactyle lv85. To clearify, there is to ways in finishing this game. 1: the easy way by purchasing mewtwo, articuno, dragonaire and easly capturing moltres and zapdos with ultra ball and by purchasing rare candies in marts that I enables for 4800$. On the other hand, there is the harder way which you can chose to take mew with less strong pokemon in the grasses, but this will require some grinding similar to hack ''Dark Rising'', but way less intense! Having the two makes it flexible for a player to chose between having an easy game play or a harder game play.

On the other hand, regarding the scripting comment, your totally right, I just wanted someone to direct me to a post or website that will show me how to change an event in the game or cancel one.

To finish there is a lot of other things I made for the game, but I did not want to give a spoiler, anyway if you want to try it out, I put the Zip file below, your comments are appreciated.



Mewtwo worshiper

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-starter pokemon gary= mewtwo, ash= mew.
It would be a lot better if Gary would have Mew and Ash would have Mewtwo.
Mewtwo X Espeon 4-ever!
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