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  • Just expand the pokémon yourself, there are tutorials, or G3HS can do it for you. The sprites and data can be a pain to insert though.
    Hi the patch is up sorry for hindering you.. give me your save file and hall of fame screenshot so that I could post your player in the hall of fame when you win
    Maybe. I only have blackened night going right now and its on hold till the hack off is over.
    Thank you, however I'm unsure of the future of that run at the moment since I kinda despise that it's the most popular thing on my channel right now.
    Maybe. I've played the demo. I didn't really life what they did to Team Magma and Team Aqua. It seems like that they turned them into Team Flare. You know? Take all the seriousness out from them and turn them into a comedic villain.
    Hello there! Are you a ROM hacker? I am extremely sorry to disturb you, but would you like to join my small hacking team?
    Hey broseph, I just saw your message. Your mother and I were diagnosed at the same age it seems (or near the same age). Tell her congratulations on her 40th anniversary soon, I hope she is doing well and I hope the same for you!

    I never liked to talk about being diabetic, but when I'm honest with myself, it is such a major influence on my life, in good ways as much as bad. It is something that you live with for so long and only people who have to deal with it can understand. Thanks for the shout out man. It is nice to know that other people can relate :)
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