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Other Fire Red: Changing which World Map Loads

Started by metapod23 February 6th, 2015 7:25 PM
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This is a fairly simple inquiry, but one I can't figure out for myself, lol. Does anyone know where the data might be stored in the Fire Red rom that determines which world map is loaded for any map that is in the game?

For instance, Pallet Town will always load the Kanto map, so I'm assuming it has something to do with the headers, but I'm not sure. I also thought that the byte used for the Kanto map might be 8E, due to this in Advanced Map's map editor:

But I haven't been able to figure that out. It would be so much easier if that "Manage world map number" button wasn't grayed out, lol, but I guess that was never implemented. Anyone have any more information about how it works, or if there's a table that determines which map loads based on the header or the maps in the games themselves?


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This was answered by Jambo51 a while back here.

It's determined by a set of arrays in the ROM. These arrays are terminated with the byte 0xC5 (as 0xC5 is the highest map ID in FR). It searches through each array, one by one, and if it finds the map name ID, it stops.

The exception to this rule is if the map name is less than 0x8F (so, 0x8E and down), then it automatically appears in Kanto.

It's relatively simple to redefine which maps appear in Kanto, and just as easy to define which maps appear elsewhere by repointing the arrays.

The Kanto definition byte is at 0xC0064 and the arrays start at 0x3F1AA4 and end at 0x3F1AFF (Total data size) with Sevii Islands 1 starting at 0x3F1AA4, Sevii Islands 2 starting at 0x3F1AC2 and Sevii Islands 3 starting at 0x3F1AE0.

By changing these bytes around (and repointing if necessary) you can define which map name appears on which map quite easily.

ETA: The world map flags only control the availability of flight spots, additional information and the colour of the minor locations on the world map, nothing more.
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