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Old 5 Days Ago (3:01 AM).
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Originally Posted by U-Hacks View Post
It's cool Rom hack but if Pikachu will follow you it would be also great and if you can add johto,hoenn and sinnoh region too it would be great.
That's a WAYYY too over the line of request,man.One ROM couldn't fit all that in.
I support
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Old 3 Days Ago (1:17 PM). Edited 3 Days Ago by 34erfwe44.
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I started playing this a bit and found a glitch. I was at evolution manor and decided to go rogue and steal eevee. I put eevee in my pc after finding it, and I battled the three brothers and still kept the 3 evolution stones. I later tried seeing if giving back the eevee triggers some kind of event but it didn't I don't get anything for giving back eevee so I save-stated back and just kept eevee. Is this a glitch? Do you need to give the kid eevee to trigger some kind of event other then 'thanks for my eevee'..?

Also is there a way to get back to santa village to catch more Shelders? The shelder I have has a bad nature for a defensive type, and I want to catch a different one.

One more thing, I got the super rod now and can't find a Dratini or Dragonair at the safari zone lake, is it possible to catch one there?

Edit: I've tried using Firered codes for more moonstones and they don't work on this hack

So Far my team is a Naughty Nidoking, A Modest Pikachu, A quiet Gengar, and a Naughty Pidgeotto. I Want a tanky Cloyster, and I have a baby Exeguttor saved with a modest Nature for it. Any good places to EV train for special attack / physical attack with the VS Seeker..? Also I don't know where But I found an item in a rock called '?????????' I think its item value got mixed up with something because I'm finding sunstones under some rocks.
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