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Featured The Multi-Dimensional Seaside Resort (IC)

Started by Daenerys October 21st, 2018 12:30 AM
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Welcome to the Multi-Dimensional Seaside Resort! This is basically a little IC hangout - a simple roleplay where you can bring any or all of your characters in to just chill and relax anytime. There are no sign-ups - you don't even need a character! Feel free to come in as yourself; this is not limited to regulars of RPT and we encourage anyone to hop in, so just have fun and let your imagination run wild.

This resort is "multi-dimensional" in that any of your characters from any of the "worlds" are welcome, even if it doesn't make canonical sense. What you do here does not affect ongoing RPs. Please only use characters you have created, and/or show up as yourself if you do not RP.

Rules are pretty lax here - basically don't kill anyone or make uncomfortable advances, but aside from that, do whatever you want and interact with the amenities of the resort however you like. Most importantly, have fun!

You may interact with and control the NPCs of these areas to a reasonable extent, ie. for the purposes of ordering food, renting a boat, etc. You do not need to wait for permission or for me to resume control of these characters to proceed with these minor interactions.

The main attraction of the resort. White sand and crystal blue waters stretch on endlessly, with gentle waves rolling in occasionally.

Located down by the beach, this quaint little father/daughter-run establishment serves cool beverages to quench your thirst, or quick bites to eat if you're feeling hungry.

The waitress is a young girl of about 10, who wears a little nameplate that reads "Jackie". Despite her age, she operates the front end of the cozy restaurant smoothly.

Her dad can be seen working away in the kitchen, and serving up orders at a fairly impressive speed given he is the sole chef. He wears a matching nameplate with "Ben" written on it.

The chalkboard sign hanging on the wall reads:



Shrimp Salad
Fish & Chips
Salmon Burger


Iced Tea


Banana Split
Fruit Cup

Inside the lodge itself, a concierge named Andrew greets you. He informs you that each room for rent is a spacious, ocean-view balcony suite that comes with two double beds and a television. The bathrooms also feature a Jacuzzi tub.

Adjacent to the lodge is a fancy-looking restaurant. The dining area is run by a rotation of part-time waiters and waitresses. A tidy little bar is in the corner, operated by a young woman named Anne. Occasionally, a live band will be playing on the stage as well.

The menu reads:



Clam Chowder
Mixed Greens Salad


Surf n' Turf (Lobster & Steak)
Pan-Fried Scallops
Seared Halibut


Chocolate Lava Cake
Crème Brûlée
Strawberry Meringue Pie

Alcoholic drinks served on request, to those who are 19+ only.

Attached to the other side of the lodge, a colourful little building with a spacious, fenced-in yard stands, where various Pokémon can be seen frolicking in the sun. Occasionally, the Pokémon are also brought down to the beach for some supervised playtime by the ocean.

A man named Calvin wearing a red apron informs you, "If you would like to spend some time exploring the amenities without your Pokémon, feel free to drop them off here - they can play with other Pokémon in our care!"

Just be wary, sometimes a little surprise might be waiting for you when you return to pick them up...

And lastly, a small shack can be spotted down where the beach finally ends. A doddery old man lives here; his name is unknown and he seems a little senile, but he will rent you one of his boats for a small fee.

From time to time, I'll unleash horrific throw in random events to add a bit of "plot", or just fun things to react to and take part in with your characters. Check back often to see what kind of shenanigans happen on this resort!

written by JUNO


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Okay, I almost forgot to do this, but here's my character from the homemade superhero RPG Association of Superheroes we used to play with my friends for almost 7 years. I'm currently trying to write down most of the events, so I think using this character could help me remember some details:

Quick summary of the universe:
In the year 2015 the terrorist group called The Sect of the Human God figure out how to give people superpowers and wreck havoc on the Talpica City. Jennifer Halsey is tasked with stopping them by a government. As she's assembling team of scientists and soldiers, she meets extraordinary citizens that agree to help her. To become the symbol of hope. To become superheroes...

Real Name: John Rainy
Superhero name: Nightrick
Profession: Magician/Scientist
Appearance and Personality: John is tall white male human. He has medium long brown hair and brown eyes. During his years as superhero, he grows English mustache. After his training with the Association, he's quite athletic and fast. He also learned one thing or two about martial arts. Thanks to his profession as magician, he's good at convincing and manipulating people, skill that proofed to be useful as he became the recruiter and teacher of the heroes. He's smart and is interested in robotics. He creates his own gadgets like card shooters, mechanical magic wand and staff/rod, drone and AI. He was also able to create smoke bombs.
His original costume consists of black tuxedo, black shirt, lime tie, silver masquerade mask, black cylinder and . Even though he changes tie and shirt sometimes. He also wears 2 card shooters on his wrists as well as small tablet on his left arm so he can control the drone. But he made more that one costumes. For example during the War of Elements, he creates Elemental suit, that is made to absorb and use the power of fire, ice and wind.

A woman is robbed during one of the John's street magic shows and John decides to follow up the criminal and catch him. He returns the belonging to the woman, who introduce herself as Jennifer. Jennifer is interested in John and puts him under several secret tests. He succeeds and his offered to become part of her team. He agrees and becomes Nightrick, the world's first superhero. He is trained by the best soldiers in the country and is quickly sent to action.
War of Elements
He saves girl named Raven Galanis from the Sect's slavery and helps her learn how to use her powers that Sect gave her. After that he, Raven, superpowered scientist named Tobias Wendler and superpowered soldier Pedro Ruben creates group named Association of Superheroes.
He fights one of the Sect's generals codenamed Phoenix. The fight results in the destruction of the local school and creation of the group lead by the Vagabond that want to get rid of every superpowered person in the city.
During the following months, John saves more people from the Sect, including more of their innocent prisoners that were given superpowers. One of these is Rowena Fulton, who he develop romantic feelings for. He also helps his drug addicted sister Mimi to go to the rehab.
During the final weeks of the War, Vagabond's group is working together with the Association and more people from the Sect joins them too. John, Vagabond and Phoenix confronts the leader of the Sect codenamed Human God, while the rest of the Sect is trying to detonate DNA bombs that would give more people superpowers. The trio stops the Human God, but one of the bombs detonates.
Golden Age of Heroes
Association takes responsibility for the events of the War and takes people affected by the bomb under their wings. John is one of the main teacher for many of these people and he even takes one kid as his sidekick. Aside from these people, he also starts training his sister Mimi, who later becomes known as superhero Justice. He's also sent to the Bick City and helps two former soldiers/couple Bobby Flyers and Kate Banks from Vagabond's group to become superheroes. There are so many story arch at this time and I want to keep this post as short as possible, so I'll just post some important details and then skip to the another big arch.
John gets together with Rowena, who is now known as Polar Queen. He joins the fight against Light Cult and is shortly possessed by the Darkness - substance created by the Human God. He and Jennifer creates more teams to cover the rest of the world - one of them is known as Young Vigilantes. 2 members of the Young Vigilantes are Polar Queen and John's sidekick Roar that are sent to the London. Mimi is caught by the superpowered serial killer Oliver Kraft and is blinded by him. When John come to the rescue his leg is broken by Oliver.
John, now unable to go out on the streets, supports his teammates from the HQ. He also helps his sister learn to live with her new handicap. When the cities all over the world get destroyed by the huge unknown flying object, he is one of the superheroes that investigate the object. The group encounter huge shadow alien, but it's killed before they can learn more about it.
These objects and aliens start appearing more frequently and are destroying more and more cities. Because of his injury, John isn't actively hunting them down as other superheroes, but he is present when the alien's mothership appears above the Talpica City. He is part of the group that goes into it with goal of stopping the invasion. They split and each of them encounters alien's leaders and seemingly beat them. As they are returning on the ground, John finds out weird gateway and human explaining, that this is gateway to the different dimension full of otherworldly predators and that the aliens wanted to unleash them on the Earth. John can't contact other heroes, so he and the human decides to blow the whole ship up. As the ship is exploding, John is thrown in to the gateway.
In the Amiddimension
John spents years in coma floating in this different dimension while his conscious is sent to different timelines, where he lives his life. Few times, his whole body is sent to different timeline. This is one of these times...

The story of the Association continues at this point, but I think this is good place where to put this Seaside Resort.

And here's the post itself:
I've woken up in the new world again. This time, I'm not in the Talpica City. I'm on the beach. The sun is slowly rising from the ocean. I get up and check myself. My tuxedo has holes in it. I have only last few cards in my card shooters and I've lost my cylinder and mask back on that ship, which was... How long ago? I have honestly no idea.
"Karin, you hear me?" I asked my arm. Or the small computer attached to my arm to be precious. I wonder how it survived all this time.
"I can hear you, John." she answered.
"Can you tell me where we are?" I asked, kinda expecting the answer.
"According to my calculations, we're in the Talpica City."
"Well, I don't know about that." I said while looking around me. I!m on the huge empty beach.
"I'm picking heat signatures all around the place. You might as well explore this place."
I was already on my way down the beach, when Karin said that. I was telling Karin about the last world I've been on. That world was real dystopia. I became a hacker and joined the Resistance, but was killed when our hideout was raided by the government.
After a while, I noticed a Seashore House in the distance. I quickly made my way there, preparing for anything that could wait on me there. There was a bar with a kid behind it, mixing drinks. The whole place was deserted, except for that girl.
"Oh wow, a customer in the morning. What will it be, mister?" She said the moment she saw me.
I looked at her in confusion. She pointed at the chalkboard behind her.
"You look terrible! Did you try to fight the Sharpedo?" She adds with a smile, expanding my confusion.
"Oh, you're not from around, are you?" She puts the glass she was holding on the bar and says: "Welcome to the Multi-Dimensional Seaside Resort!"
"What is this again?" I asked.
"Multi-Dimensional Seaside Resort. Do you want to write it down?"
"No, I'm just confused."
"Okay, I think this will help. On the house." She starts mixing liquids from the various bottles from the bar and then hands me lime drink.
"What is this, girl?" I asked suspiciously.
"Just drink it. By the way, my name is Jackie."
"John." We shake hands.
"So, what region are you from? You look like an actor from Unova."
"Where's Unova? I'm from Earth."
"Earth?" I nod. "I have no idea where that is. Do you at least have Pokmon? You don't know what Pokmon are, right?" I shook my head. "Okay, this will be fun."

She explained to me not only what Pokmon are, but also what I can find at this resort. She even showed me her Pokmon. It was huge pelican. After that I told her about Earth, that people there live without Pokmon and how I got here. I also showed her Karin and she called her Pokdex. She mentioned, that Pokmon professors sometimes come tho the resort and they could help me get back on my Earth. She also promised me to help me get a Pokmon for myself if I would have to be here longer. But she has to wait for her dad to return.

And so we were chatting more...
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