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Richard Wolstenholme
Saffron City, May 28th, Evening

Chapter 10 - 3
Welcome to Saffron!
Part 3

As the sun started to disappear from the horizon and darkness started to loom over the sky, people started to flood the main streets of Saffron City as they finished their work for the day. They didn’t waste any time rushing to their destination, whether it was their home, local bars, or even the place they had to go to finish their daily chores for the day. After all, they knew very well that even in the financial hub of Kanto, time was the one commodity that money couldn’t buy at the ‘City That Never Sleeps’.

Despite knowing that time can’t be bought with money, one boy had his index finger hovering above the doorbell for quite some time, much to the annoyance of the girl waiting for him to press it.

“Oh, Celia, I don’t think I can do this, can’t we just spend some time outside so I can get myself ready?” Richard looked back at his cousin who immediately sighed at this sight.

Without much said from her, she forcefully pushed Richard’s finger so it pressed the button.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine,”

Despite the reassurance that Celia gave, Richard couldn’t help but feel his heart beating faster and faster as he wondered what kind of response her aunt would give if she saw his face after all this time.

As the sweet, spring-like smell of the white lilies planted by her aunt in front of the house wafted through the air, Richard tapped his foot repeatedly as he waited for someone to open the door while Celia was peeking through the window to see why the door wasn’t opened yet despite few minutes had passed after the doorbell had sounded.

“Celia! Why are you getting home so late? I told you—

Richard couldn’t help but awkwardly smile as her aunt opened the door in a dour mood until she was dumbfounded seeing the blonde-haired boy that was standing beside her daughter.

“H-hello auntie, uh… How are you doing?”

Despite Richard’s lukewarm greeting, the lady wearing a light green apron above her long-sleeved orange shirt didn’t waste any time checking on Richard’s condition. “Richard! I’m so glad to see you! Are you doing alright, hun!? Have you eaten yet!? I think I cooked enough for—”

“Mom! Stop panicking, you’re scaring him off!” Celia stopped her mother who was being rather handsy checking Richard while bombing him with questions.

“No, no Celia. I’m not scared, it’s just a tad bit overwhelming, that’s all,” He answered with a little hesitation, clearly shaken by his aunt’s sudden actions.

“Oh, where are my manners? Come on in, wash your hands and we all can eat dinner together later,” she chirped cheerfully before humming in joy.

There was nothing Richard wanted but to see his family happy, but unfortunately, he still had something nagging in his heart that might break the happy thoughts that his aunt, Melissa got in her head.

“Is uncle in?” He weakly asked, abruptly stopping Melissa in her tracks.

“...Oh, he… As I thought, you didn’t read our letter, huh?” She exhaled deeply, struggling to find the words to answer the question. “He has late-stage brain cancer, I… Sorry,” She shakes her head with a sorrowful smile painted on her face.

“No, don’t be… You did nothing wrong. I just… I can’t… I know it’s dumb, but I’d rather stay in the Pokemon Center if I have to meet him,” Richard can’t help but be honest about his opinion on the matter.

It’s been more than two years since he enrolled at Cape College away from his uncle, yet he didn’t feel any longing for the man he loathed during his later years before enrolling in the institution. The memories about him were so painful that there was a small part of him that felt that his disease couldn’t have happened to a better man.

“Don’t say that, we’re the ones who were sorry. We were wrong, what you had gone through was so horrible, we… I am so sorry,” the middle-aged lady bowed deeply. “But can’t you stay here, please? You don’t have to meet him, but we really missed you.”

Richard’s face strained as he saw his aunt’s earnest plea, Celia’s tugging of his leather jacket didn’t help in the slightest either. There wasn’t much need to be said after what he had seen, for him, it would be a lie if he said that he didn’t miss them in the slightest.

“Alright, I’ll stay for the night,” Richard relented much to the elation of both Celia and Melissa who quickly went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner for the day.

As he went through the corridors and the stairs inside the house, he quickly reached the white door that would lead him to the room he was most curious about.

He didn’t waste much time opening the door leading to his room, and much to his surprise, his room didn’t change in the slightest, it was like the room itself was frozen in time.

Despite the fact that he had left the room for a very long time, the room was spotless, not even his collection of comics and game cartridges that were arranged alphabetically was any different than the state he had left it in. Everything else such as his craft storage, the posters of trainers hanging on his wall, and the clothes neatly folded inside the oak cupboard was kept in pristine condition, most likely due to the effort of his family that had awaited his return.

As Richard opened the only window in his room, he could feel a gentle breeze ruffling his air while the night sky slowly announced itself with the setting of the sun. He then let his tired body lay down on the very same bed that he had used five years ago, one that had been his source of comfort as his school life turned South.

“Nothing had changed about this place, huh?” He rested his head on the pillow before shutting his eyes.



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Richard Wolstenholme
Richard's House, Saffron City, May 28th, Evening

Chapter 10 - 4
Welcome to Saffron!
Part 4

Dusk had already long descended upon the ‘City That Never Sleeps’. As the blinding lights emanating from the sky-high buildings obscured the roof of stars hanging above the city, one blonde-haired young man was enjoying his time as he unwind after having to watch over his cousin who was gushing after she saw the Pokemon he had.

Celia and Eileen hit it off quite easily, there was almost no trace indicating that Eileen was once the very same Pokemon that used to hide behind her trainer’s back every time someone new approached. Sharon was also the same, she was quite accepting of Celia’s show of affection. There was no doubt in Richard’s eyes that she enjoyed the gentle affection that the girl with the pink ribbon had shown her.

Maddie however was a different case, Celia was very, very enthusiastic seeing her, so much so that the Bell Pokemon hid behind her trainer as the affection shown to her was a tad bit too much for her to take in. However, nothing that a brib– food offering of Oran Berries couldn’t fix when it comes to her.

Facing the fact that his trainer was engrossed in playing with other Pokemon, Archie wasn’t very receptive to seeing the sight in front of him, it reminded Richard of how jealous Uri was initially when he decided to adopt Eileen. Feeling bad for him, Richard brought out the sulking Growlithe for a walk and play fetch at a local park near his house. While he initially was reluctant to play with someone he barely knew, thankfully, at the end of the day they were close enough for the canine Pokemon to lick his face in glee as they strolled back home.

While recalling what had happened that day, the tranquil atmosphere Richard enjoyed was suddenly disturbed by the metallic sound coming from behind him. But as the visage of the one responsible for it came into Richard’s view, his perplexed expression turned into a soft smile.

“Hey, Pal. Shouldn’t you sleep by now? It’s not good for you to stay up this late just after you just got discharged,” Richard smiled at the Pokemon who had entered the rooftop through a secret hatch his late father made for him when he was a young kid, it was something he was proud enough to brag about to his friends.

Uri shrugged, pointing his finger to Richard before dragging it toward the hatch, signaling Richard should be the one who should exit the place which made the latter giggle. With no more objections, Uri grabbed a small chair near the drying rack to sit face-to-face with his trainer.

Seeing Uri in front of him, Richard felt that it was the right time to have the conversation he couldn’t have at the hospital due to the Intensive Care Unit’s policy of not allowing them to lounge around for long without reason.

“I knew about what you did to Victor and the girls. Seemed that Mr. Drill Sergeant tried to galvanize the troops without letting me know, eh?” Richard spoke, teasing his friend who seemed rattled as the words poured out from his trainer’s mouth.

Uri slightly sweated while struggling to keep his jaw shut, he didn’t waste any time frantically gesticulating using his hands to explain what had happened while his trainer lightly giggled, amused at the very sight he was seeing before his eyes.

As Richard gently poured the hot tea inside the white ceramic teapot into his cup, he started to speak about what the eyewitness had told him about what Uri had done behind his back.

“Haha, don’t worry I’m not mad at all. It’s just kind of funny to imagine how surprised the nurse was when she saw you bringing everyone’s Pokeball out of the Pokemon Center, not only that, but when she followed you, her jaw dropped even lower when you were doing some sort of rousing speech on an empty field over them before doing battle training. She said it was the wildest scene she ever saw with her own two eyes, ever.”

Uri shook his head with embarrassment as if he thought that what he did should’ve been a perfect tactic where no eyewitness’ suspicion would rise seeing a Kadabra carrying multiple Pokeballs out of the hallway.

In retaliation for his trainer’s nonchalant storytelling, Uri mercilessly poked the sides of Richard who immediately struggled for air as he kept laughing without any moment for a breather. The Pokemon soon decided to stop and sit back on his chair, but with an annoyed pout on his face before facing away from his trainer who slowly recovered his breathing.

“You were worried about me didn’t you?”

Uri looked back at Richard, lightly nodding.

For the blonde-haired boy this wasn’t much of a surprise, after all, how could someone look at him and straight up say that he didn’t have a lot of screws loose after they heard what Richard had done and gone through, especially during his violence is the answer days.

No one sane should have any desire to hang around him, and yet despite that, Uri had never stopped being on his side trying to do the best for him, even during his darkest times. Considering he even took one for the team despite how dangerous the attack was without much hesitation, Richard felt that it would be impossible for him to repay the debts he owed Uri as he didn’t even know where to start doing so.

However, that didn’t mean that he was content with doing nothing for him.

“You remember the dream that we both shared? To be the best trainer ever?”

Uri smiled, he clearly remembered the dream that had been lost with time, a dream once held by Richard who was once a bright-eyed youth full of enthusiasm and unquenchable hunger to be the very best. A dream that was lost as the frigid touch of reality froze Richard’s heart and his dream alongside it.

“Do you still want to go for it?” Richard asked.

Uri bobbed his head, his eyes showed sincerity to strive for it.

Richard hadn’t quite fully embraced the idea of chasing it once more, but with how his Pokemon had tried their best to train lately, it felt like his plan to just adapt to whatever life gave him after his graduation was nothing but a disrespectful gesture to their effort.

“Guess now I gotta give it my all again,” Richard scratched his neck while giggling. “Well, let’s rest up, shall we? Can’t train hard without sleeping well.”

As Richard turned his back to tidy up the rooftop, he suddenly found himself on a receiving end of an embrace.

“Pal, what’s wrong?”

Uri shook his head without letting out an answer, but for Richard himself, the fact that his eyes were downcast after was more than enough.

Richard turned his back and reciprocated Uri’s gesture. “You know, when you sacrificed yourself to protect us from the Electrode, never ever I felt so weak as I did when I was at the receiving end of the endless torment back at school.” Richard gazed at Uri’s perturbed expression, “However, this time it’ll be different. I do not have any desire to chase them for revenge and retribution as my foolish younger self did, this time I want to be stronger to protect you. I know it’s hard but… I don’t want to regret a lot of things anymore.”

Hearing what his trainer had to say, Uri proceeded to gently caress his trainer’s hair, like a parent being proud of his son growing up. Soon after, feeling a little drowsy himself as he started to yawn, Uri opened the iron hatch once more presumably to get some rest for the day.

“Hey, Uri!”

The Kadabra looked back at his trainer with his eyebrows arched.

“Let’s do our best again tomorrow!” Richard grinned widely at him.

Seeing his trainer in high spirits, Uri grinned, raising his left finger and imitating a thumbs-up gesture with his three fingers.
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Gwen Alanis ft. Arianne Chandler + Vera Hill
Sunday, June 2nd
Route 7
“You know, for a Pokemon that evolves into such a badass bird of prey, Talon sure doesn’t do much flying. Or attacking… or much of anything really.”

After dealing with swampy wetlands, abandoned factories, and dry savannas, it is nice to just travel through some pretty plain, uh… plains. It might not be as exciting as the previous environments Cape trainers were required to navigate, but Gwen’s had enough excitement for the time being. Plus, the simplicity of this route meant she could put more focus into what lies ahead.

Gwen’s fully aware of Celadon’s gym leader, Erika Fujiki, a grass-type specialist. That’s why she came fully prepared with her load-out for this route- more than half of her team has a type advantage against Erika, and she figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get some training in. Pix and Jess are mostly fine in that department, so her primary focus is on training Talon and her still unnamed Salandit. The latter has mostly been practicing his Embers, though for some godforsaken reason the former still refuses to use any offensive moves when commanded. All he wants to do is sit on-top of Gwen’s head.

“Talon really hasn’t changed much since I caught him, huh?” Gwen says while facing Arianne, trying to initiate whatever conversation she can with her classmate. She’s found that her desire to speak with Arianne has only been growing stronger since yesterday.

“Oh, uhm…” The black haired girl buys herself some time. “Yeah I think so. You, uh… haven’t battled with him that much after that one time in Vermilion, right?”

“Not much, yeah. I guess I didn’t really have time to after focusing too much on the tournament. But maybe spending so little time with him is why he doesn’t listen.” Gwen shrugs. Talon absent-mindedly straightens his feathers with his beak. “I guess the solution to that is pretty obvious.”

"Or maybe not!" Ari runs a hand through her hair. "Well, you won the tournament, you know your stuff… but I haven't had the best results just… battling it out with new Pokémon."

“That’s why you gotta train with them! Y’know the reason I won- aside from being the best, of course- was because I spent basically all of Thursday training. I haven’t had King very long but he still carried my team all the way to the finals because of all the practice we did. Maybe if you spent more time with your Pokemon you could have done even better than you already did!”

"Weren't you just saying that you hadn't spent enough time with your Rufflet?" Witch Lady chimes in from the back. "Care to share some of your methods with the rest of the class, or is it just 'train them better'?"

Gwen clenches her fist. She almost forgot about the nuisance that lagged behind them, and she wishes it stayed that way rather than be reminded by a petty comment. “That’s different! I had them for like, the same amount of time, but I’ve spent more time with King than Talon, which is why one is stronger than the other. And it’s not just ‘train them better’, with King I trained him specifically to use Splash to start flying. But even if it was ‘just train them better’, which it’s not by the way, that wouldn’t be bad advice because even practicing the same moves makes them better at it.”

“You’re right about the time thing,” Ari turns towards Gwen. “But now that I think about it… your Pokémon’s gotta enjoy the training above all else, right? Just like with Zebstrika and the musical performance…”

“Yeah, that too!... Hey wait, is that why Talon doesn’t attack? Does he just not enjoy it?”

Gwen hasn’t really thought about that until now, but that might just well be why. Maybe the solution is to adjust Talon’s role on her team to be less attack heavy, but seeing as how Rufflet, and by extension Braviary, aren’t exactly support Pokemon she’s not sure if that’s a route she wants to pursue.

Gwen holds her index finger and thumb to her chin. “So then, if he doesn’t like doing it, how do I make it more enjoyable for him?”

"Do you want my advice?" Witch Lady asks as she gets closer, no longer sulking behind them.

[i]”What useful advice would you even be able to give me?”[i] is what she wants to say, but remembering what she said before leaving Saffron, she bites her tongue. “Uhh… sure?” Yeah, that makes me look good in-front of Ari!

"That was rhetorical, of course you do." Witch Lady chuckles to herself before answering. "Even if they don't like fighting, there should still be something they do enjoy in a battle. You just need to find that thing and focus on it. For example, Ebony hates fighting, but he has a lot of ways to make other Pokémon stop fighting, and I think he enjoys that. So I have him focus on shutting down our enemies, to protect his friends."

“Oh, actually-” Ari interjects, “Maybe I don’t know all my Pokémon super well, but I’ve seen how much Zebstrika was proud of herself and ready to show off her power, and… let’s say I put a little more fuel on the fire.” She chuckles, smiling towards her Pokémon who’s been walking nearby and following her trainer. “You can confirm too, right Vera?”

Witch Lady frowns as Ari cuts her off, but she shrugs it off at Ari's question. "Sure, she seemed pretty excited on stage. Sometimes you just gotta give them what they want."

As much as Gwen hates to admit it, Witch Lady’s idea is actually really helpful. “So I gotta give him a reason to fight, huh?” She says to herself. “I don’t know if Talon really cares that much about my other Pokemon, so I’m not sure if that’d work. But maybe if I show him how awesome he’ll be if he fights more that’ll be a perfect incentive for him! Good idea Ari!”

"Yes, good idea Ari…" Witch Lady scoffs, grimacing slightly.

"That's not even what I… look, if Talon doesn't attack, have you tried to find out why?" Arianne questions, looking more genuinely curious than actually trying to provide help.

“Well… no, not really. I haven’t had much of a chance to. How would I even figure that out?” Gwen scratches her head.

Ari sighs. "Uhm, I hoped you'd know more than me, because… well, for my Pokémon it's just happened with time." The girl tries to explain, looking again at Zebstrika. "Bagon was easy - he wants to fly - meanwhile Zebstrika here took a bit longer. At least until the battle we had and the show that came after! And there's teammates like Espurr or Honedge that I'm still… pretty much clueless about, heh…"

"Have you tried talking to him?" Witch Lady mutters, though she doesn't sound grumpy this time. "Maybe you can pick something up. I tried it last night, and realized that half of my team didn't want to travel. I only have three left with me, but that should just make training easier, right?"

“I… didn’t think of that.” Gwen can’t help but feel a little silly she didn’t think of that, seeing as how bonding with her Pokemon was something she’s always touted as a tried and true method.

"I'm not surprised." Witch Lady smirks slightly. "But, it's not like I can say anything, it took me some time to figure that out myself. I guess we all still need some work when it comes to training."

Damnit Witch Lady, why do you have to be the one giving good advice!

“Uh, yeah, I guess I should just. Do that.” Gwen looks up to Talon as if he wasn’t sitting out of her view. “Hey Talon! What would make you want to battle?” Talon, being a Pokemon, says nothing, and continues to preen his feathers.

“Heh, I could only wish it was that easy.” Ari chuckles. “Maybe he’s not feeling it right now.”

"So he just needs some motivation, huh?" Witch Lady chuckles, her hat obscuring her eyes as she looks down. "I've got just the thing… Ebony! Go take out those silly hair buns! That ought to ruffle his feathers!"

“Hey! What the hell did you just say about my hair-”

A Poké Ball opens, and a Misdreavus comes out, heading straight for Gwen’s head. He circles around Talon, playfully tugging at Gwen’s hair with his hair hands.

“Ach- what the psyduck!?” Gwen shouts, swatting away Ebony while guarding her hair. “Keep the space buns out of this!”

Talon doesn’t look too pleased either. He’s so bothered by it that he goes as far as to fight back… by using Leer.

“Jeez, if you’re gonna psyduck up my hair in the process you can at least do a better job provoking Talon!”

A chuckle comes from Ari, who’s just watching from the sidelines. “Interesting…” Her voice fades out as she puts some distance between herself and the other two girls.

"Ohohoho!" Witch Lady cackles as Ebony looks uncertainly between Gwen and Talon. "I think we touched a nerve there. But just glaring at us won't do, so let's try something else!" Ebony nods in understanding as his eyes turn pure red, Spite taking away Talon’s ability to Leer. "What now, little birdie?"

With Leer no longer being an option, Talon decides to attack the source and flies straight towards Witch Lady and starts to repeatedly peck at her hat.

Suddenly a lot less smug, Witch Lady drops Trixie as she tries to protect her hat (and her head underneath) with her arms. "Hey! Stop! Your beak is sharp, you little monster! Ow! Ebony!"

Ebony hovers just off to the side, fretting and unsure what to do, but Trixie reacts faster, scurrying up Witch Lady’s back and jumping off of her head to attack Talon. She throws her stick tail at him, then sharply pulls it back with her shadowy claws to strike from behind with a Feint Attack.

That’s payback!” Gwen sneers as Talon shoots forward from the impact. “Alright, now that you’re attacking lets try Wing Atta-”

Gwen interrupts herself when Talon aims for Trixie, beak first, but phases right through her without leaving so much as a single scratch. “...Fury Attack? Talon, why are you using a normal-type move on a ghost Pokemon!”

"Gwen, catch this!"

Ari doesn't give her much time to think about Talon's choice, or about what 'this' is. But as it turns out, it's just a berry. And then another one.

And then… announced by wing flaps and angry cries, it's a flock of Taillow.

“Woah!” Gwen shouts, enamored with just how many of them there are. Maybe she should be more alarmed, but how can she be when there are so many cute Pokemon? “Where’d these guys come from?”

Ari, however, doesn't have the time to answer her as the Flying-types rapidly swoop in one-by-one and close in on Gwen.

"Uh, Gwen? Now might be a good time for those protective instincts to kick in…" Witch Lady holds onto her hat as she slowly backs away.

“Huh?- Ow!” Gwen cries as a Taillow pecks at her hand. She swats it away, but another one flies in to take it’s place. Then another flies in to get at her side. And then another. And then another…

Pretty soon Gwen is swarmed by an increasing number of Taillows swarming her. She’d send out Custard if that didn’t require her to use her arms for anything other than shielding herself from the countless jabs of their beaks. Suddenly these Pokemon aren’t so cute anymore. “You psyduckers! Alex, do something- use Ember!”

The albino Salandit jitters as the attention is thrusted onto him, but wanting to save his trainer, he spits out small spurts of flames, each one aimed at a different Taillow. Talon fights back as well, even if that just extends to him batting away the pesky birds with the back of his wings. But that's not enough to drive them away, not with how many there are.

“Ach!- Guys, a little help here!”

Ari looks way too calm for something like this. She’s smiling, even. “Well, Talon’s battling, isn’t he?” An arm extended in front of Zebstrika, she cheers for the Saffron girl. “You’re a good trainer, Gwen! You’ll come out on top, I’m sure.”

Gwen really isn’t too sure about that. Especially not when she starts to get so overwhelmed by the attacks that she falls to her knees. Al’s assistance isn’t of much help either when a fraction of the flock focus on him. But hearing Arianne’s praise leaves her obligated to handle it on her own- what would she think if she found out Gwen wasn’t as great of a trainer as she thought?

Ultimately though when the pecks grow more intense, Gwen decides life is of more importance to her than her pride, though not by much. “No, seriously! Help!”

In the blink of an eye… Eric is out, making his way through the flock with Rapid Spin before putting up a Protect on Gwen’s side. “How are your Pokémon doing, uh?” The Cinnabar girl yells one more time. “How’s Talon?”

“I’m sure he’s handling it better than me, being a Pokemon and all. Though maybe he could have used Leer to scare them off if somebody didn’t use Spite on him!”

Ari looks surprised for a moment. “Wait what-”

"Oh, you are not blaming this on me!" Witch Lady snaps. She hasn't moved, but Trixie keeps jumping off of her to attack any wayward Taillow that didn't go for Gwen. "I was trying to help! Both of you, bring on the Thunder Waves!"

Ebony starts unleashing waves of static electricity, which Trixie mimics, despite her broken Disguise. The flock of Taillow looks much less intimidating when half of them are on the ground, twitching.

“Yeah well look where your help got me!” Gwen reaches for her belt, finally able to send out her Pikachu. “Custard, Thunderbolt!”

With no hesitation, Custard releases as much electricity from her cheeks as possible, forcing dreadful squeaks of pain from the birds. Custard can only hit one at a time, but once four or five members of the flock start to bail the memo is clear to the rest and they collectively flee the scene. No longer being the target of the enraged fowls, Gwen stays still and takes deep breaths as she still recovers from the shock of the attack.

"Hah! That was… interesting." Ari claps from the sidelines as she recalls Eric. "Good job to both of you!" She smiles playfully, as if she's already expecting the banter to resume.

“Thanks! But…” Gwen, still kneeling, scratches her head and looks to Arianne, though she needs to shield her eyes from the sunlight shining from behind her. Taking all the credit here doesn’t feel right. “I-I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

"My help?" Ari chuckles, looking over to Vera.

“Okay, so maybe Witch Lady deserves some credit. But like, if Eric didn’t use Protect there I’d be a goner!”

"Arianne." Witch Lady says her friend's name coldly as she picks Trixie up from the ground, holding her close to her chest. "What were you thinking?!" Now she sounds mad as she glares at the Cinnabar girl.

"You were gone for all of one minute! Did you just antagonize the first group of wild Pokémon you saw? Did you know how many there were, or if we could handle them? Did you think at all?"

"Well, yes… this time, yes!" Ari grimaces, gesturing like crazy and pointing at her Zebstrika. "First thing I saw was a Weedle actually and… yeah a Beedrill swarm was… eh…"

“It could have been worse.” Gwen dusts her jeans off. “Besides, she was only trying to help! Don’t talk to Ari that way!”

"Wait, Beedrill?" Witch Lady is taken off guard for just a second before Gwen riles her back up. "Oh, she was just 'trying to help'? Well, that excuse didn't fly when I tried it, so how about you don't talk to me that way?"

“That’s different! You weren’t being attacked by a billion birds when you were giving Ari a hard time! She doesn’t deserve it!”

"And whose fault was that?!" She gestures to Ari dramatically. "Sounds like my anger is justified."

“Yeah well… well…” Gwen opens her mouth several times as if about to make a point but comes up empty each time. “Yeah well whatever! Nobody talks to her like that!”

"Gwen, uh…" Ari chimes in, giving her a nudge on the shoulder. "I'd say she can, well, sorta, but… first of all, I'm sorry, I am responsible for that. I wasn't expecting any super easy ordeal but I still thought it was manageable between the three of us… you know, considering what we accomplished at the tournament and all…"

“Okay, so lesson learned. Big deal.” Gwen shrugs. “That doesn’t mean you should let Witch Lady just walk all over you like that! Nobody should be allowed to talk down to you like that and get away with it!” It’s at this point Custard decides to return herself to her ball without her trainer realizing.

"Hm, if I say so I guess it's fine. But please, let me say," Ari tries to change topic, "I got you to work together! That was kinda worth the effort, right?"

"We worked together under duress." Witch Lady says bluntly. "We weren't even aiming for that, we were trying to motivate Talon. Honestly, I'd rather walk this road alone than have to team up with Gwen again. So how about next time either of you decide to stir up trouble, you don't hold back, okay?"

“Hey, I can’t stop you from leaving if that’s what you wanna do.” Gwen tries her damn hardest to hold back the biggest muk-eating grin to little success. “Yeah, me neither…” Arianne sheepishly adds as she looks away from the white haired girl.

"Wha… I… Arianne?" Witch Lady looks between the two girls incredulously, then stomps her foot in frustration. "Fine! I'm going to keep going, you two have fun on your own. Look me up when you get to Celadon."

“What do you even-” Ari quickly replies, almost shaking. “You’re angry at me, aren’t you?”

"I'm not angry!" Witch Lady snaps. "I'm upset with your actions! You shouldn't have gone after those Taillow! You shouldn't even have invited her in the first place! You make bad decisions when you're around that… small-brained… meatball head!" She points at Gwen accusingly.

“Oh my god, would you just shut the hell up already!?” Gwen screams, releasing all the frustration she had been building up since they left Saffron. “Why do you need to always be such a rattata! Like, seriously, can’t you just shut your damn mouth for 12 psyducking second!? I tried to hold my tongue, but apparently it’s too much for you! And not only do you take your rattatainess out on me, which is one thing, but on Ari too? I know you can’t stand my ass, but I thought you two were supposed to be friends! I know friends argue sometimes or whatever, but this is just ridiculous! Some psyducking friend you are!”

Witch Lady stares at Gwen, and looks like she's about to say something, but just closes her mouth and walks away, Trixie in her arms and Ebony following behind.

”Aaand stay out, asshole!” Gwen cups her hands around her mouth just to make sure Witch Lady heard her. Once the shouting has stopped, Gwen realizes just how much she’s hyperventilating. “Uh, sorry if that was too much Ari. Once she started getting mad at you I kinda lost control I guess.”

Ari is not where Gwen expects her to be, though. She’s a couple steps away from the other girl but going the opposite way of Vera and trying to look away, Zebstrika’s Pokéball in her hand and the Electric-type almost surely inside of it.


Main Team
  • Pix (Ninetales) lv. 35|F|Drought
    Flamethrower|Will-O-Wisp|Hex|Quick Attack|Dig|Fire Spin
  • Custard (Pikachu) lv. 26
    Thunderbolt|Thunder Wave|Double Team|Electro Ball|Quick Attack|Spark
  • Bead (Misdreavus) lv. 30|M|Levitate
    Hex|Psybeam|Spite|Astonish|Confuse Ray|Mean Look
  • Alex (Salandit) lv. 19|F|Corrosion
    Poison Fang|Ember|Smog|Poison Gas|Scratch|Dragon Rage
  • Talon (Rufflet) lv. 19|M|Hustle
    Peck|Leer|Hone Claws|Tailwind|Wing Attack|Fury Attack
  • Jess (Arbok) lv. 33|F|Intimidate
    Wrap|Poison Jab|Stockpile|Spit Up|Bite|Glare

  • Scar (Bouffolant) lv. 20|M|Reckless
    Revenge|Fury Attack|Horn Attack|Focus Energy|Pursuit|Rage
  • Marshall (Quagsire) lv. 29|M|Unaware
    Aqua Tail|Rain Dance|Slam|Mud Bomb|Amnesia|Haze
  • King (Gyarados) lv. 27|M|Moxie
  • Tusk (Axew) lv. 37|M|Mold Breaker
    Iron Tail|Taunt|Crunch|Dragon Claw|Dragon Rage|Dragon Dance

  • King's Rock
  • Iron Tail TM
  • Protect TM

CCS and art by Aquacorde


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art by Aquacorde
Arianne Chandler
Route 7
Sunday, June 2nd, morning

Written with QueenNothing as Gwen

Heart to Heart

“Uhh, hey Ari, is everything good? I’m sorry if I was too intense back there…”

"It's not…"

Arianne would be readily blaming herself and looking for some time alone but… this time things have gone too far. She's already crying and there's no way Gwen will lose contact with her even for a second, when she's in this state.

"It's not good. Nothing's going right today."

“Oh my god, are you crying?” Gwen frantically looks around and throws her hands on her head. “Ari, I’m so sorry, I really am! If I knew I wouldn’t have gone off on Witch Lady like that, I just- please don’t cry!”

"Eeh, I can't just… stop on command!" Arianne mutters, trying to accept the fact that Gwen has seen her in this state. "But it was my fault, with all the things that… that lead up to… yeah."

“It wasn’t your fault though! I mean, it’s not like you knew what was going to happen! Just- I dunno, seeing you all sad like this makes me sad!”

"I know what I said!" Arianne still isn't done. "If you don't wanna see me cry you can always leave, you know?"

“I can’t just leave!” Gwen instinctively cries, tightening her fists. “After everything you’ve done for me? No way! Do you know how many times you were there for me when I was crying- more times than I’m proud to admit, that’s for sure! Nobody except for Jenny has been as nice to me as you have and it’d be really screwed up if I just up and left when you were down!”

Most likely, Arianne didn't give much thought to those moments… not until now. "R-really? Alright, fine!" She seems to declare, launching herself towards Gwen for a hug, forcing a high-pitched squeak from the girl.

"I could explain but… I might have to tell you things you… may not be happy to hear."

“M-maybe not…” Gwen is still a little flustered from the hug but clearing her throat seems to take her out of that. “But- but who cares about how I feel! I’m not the one crying here.”

Ari takes her sweet time drying her tears and trying to find the right words for what she wants to say. And then… "The thing is, I tried to keep you and Vera… you know, 'Witch Lady', together because you're both my friends and all… and I made everything terrible for both of you. I, uhm…" She's got some more tears coming. "I should've gone only with Vera today."

Gwen frowns. “You saw how rude she was being to you though. Imagine how much worse it would have been if I weren’t here to defend you! Plus,” Her pupils wander off. “I… really didn’t want to be alone.”

"Look, we actually made a, uh… pact I guess. That we would get to Celadon together. But I screwed up right from the moment I let you come with us. I mean… I didn't have a lot of choices, definitely, but… sometimes it's better to spend time with friends one at a time, right?"

Just like Ren implied.

“So letting me come along was a screw up?” Gwen removes herself from Arianne’s grip. “Is that what I mean to you!?”

"Oh, of course not!" Arianne facepalms. "If you two could have gotten along things would have been fine. Maybe. But," she sighs here, "That was evidently too much to ask from you two and I. Should. Have. Known."

"See, it's my fault." Arianne almost starts to cry again.

“But you didn’t know things would turn out as bad as they did. You didn’t make Witch Lady rattata at us like that. If that’s on anyone, it's her! And… okay, it probably was my fault a little bit for just barging in on you guys. I guess that’s what you meant when you said it was a screw up…” Gwen scratches the back of her head. “But whatever, that’s not important! What’s important is that you stop being so hard on yourself!”

"Uh… ok, maybe you are right. But- I forgot the most important thing- are you okay? You know, after the Taillow thing?"

“Yeah, I mean it hurt a lot, but I’m fine. Honestly I kinda forgot about that already, I was too worried about you to even think about that.” Gwen grins.

“Oh please.” Arianne chuckles as well. “If you need anything, I can help. I got some basic medication and whatnot… oh and Eric.”

“Thanks, but I don’t need it.” Gwen dismisses. “Though now that we’re alone I guess I should ask you something…”

“Sure thing!” Arianne finally seems to have got a hold on herself.

“Do you think I went easy on you at the tournament?”

That question feels a bit out of the blue for Arianne. And not even in character. “Uh… no, why? The Gwen I know would never do that to anyone!”

“That’s good to hear.” Gwen sighs with relief. “I just, kind of had an argument with Casey yesterday and he said I’m not even that nice to you because I went easy on you. And that kind of psyducked me up. I mean, I was pretty sure I didn’t hold back on you and the thought of me not being as nice to you as I thought I was didn’t feel good at all.”

“Uh…” Arianne takes some time to think about this. “Where did he get this from anyways?”

“Hell if I know. But who cares. He’s wrong!” Gwen laughs. “Honestly though it is real nice to know you don’t think that. I’d hate if you didn’t know how much I care about you, because I do a lot! You’re kind, talented, fun, caring, pretty, and I just really like being around you because it just makes me feel really nice in a certain way and-”

“Oh my god.” Gwen completely freezes. Her jaw gapes open and she holds her head as if it needs the support. “I think I like you.”

Ari's eyes open a little bit wider with every word she's hearing. The way Gwen is describing her - some of it makes sense, all things considered. Some things are traits that Ari is hoping to have and improve, so it's got to mean she's doing something right. Some things miiight be a bit exaggerated.

"Are you… sure?" The Cinnabar girl mutters, trying to process all of that. She's not quite sure how Gwen is feeling or why she put so much emphasis in that last sentence. "I sure like you too, it's all good!"

"No, I mean I think I like like you. Like, I have a crush on you or something. I didn’t even know I could get crushes on girls!”

"Oh…" Arianne stands there, flabbergasted, still in disbelief that this actually happened to her.

“...Oh my god, what am I saying!? This is so embarrassing, I-” Gwen turns away, covering her face. “I’m sorry Ari, I don’t know what came over me! I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m so sorry!”

Hmmm. “Wait, what are you sorry for? You’re fine!” Arianne tries to reassure Gwen by putting a hand on her shoulder.

“But this has to be super awkward for you, doesn’t it? I should just leave you alone…”

“I… I don’t get it.” Arianne huffs. “Who said anything about being awkward, who said anything about leaving me alone?” She tries to beckon Gwen towards her, for another hug - if she wants to, this time.

“I was worried you thought I was weird or something with the way you reacted. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened, but…” Slowly Gwen starts to turn towards Arianne again as she winds down. “I dunno, there’s really a lot going on right now. I mean, I didn’t even know I felt that way until now…”

Deep down, the Cinnabar girl is still confused. “Well, I’m here for anything, I’ll do my best to, uh, listen…” She runs a hand through her hair… then just ends up hugging Gwen a second time. “You know what, I’m not that good with words.”

“It’s fine, I guess.” Gwen says, Arianne’s embrace soothing her. “Just… forget I said anything, okay?”

The taller girl remains silent as she keeps holding onto Gwen. “Well… what happens now, then?”

“I didn’t think that far ahead, so like… let’s just go to Celadon together? I mean, you don’t have to, but like if you want to…”

“Right…” Arianne laughs, then lets Gwen go and collects herself up a bit. “Alright, count me in!”

Eric, lv. 41 • Espurr, lv. 28
Zebstrika, lv. 36 • Alice, lv. 22
Lulu, lv. 37 • Mizar, lv. 23

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Richard Wolstenholme
Richard's House, Saffron City, May 29th, Morning

Chapter 10 - 5
Welcome to Saffron!
Part 5

The birds finally chirped once more signaling that the dawn had finally come for everyone under the shining sky. As bright as the sky looming above Saffron was, most of the people there were dreading the moment they had to start preparing for their white-collar jobs, well most people except a certain few like kids, trainers, and people who were fortunate enough to avoid that fate, Richard included.

Riding high on the spirit he had yesterday, he decided to go out for a run around the city before returning home and train his punches on the worn-out black punching bag that was clearly not used in years with his departure. But as he was finishing his workout routine, it was interrupted by someone who was knocking on his door.

As he wondered who was outside, it was quickly answered as a girl wearing a plain white t-shirt and short pink floral pants was visibly waiting for him as he opened the door, it was plain as day looking at her disheveled hair that she rushed to meet Richard despite having just woken up.

“Did you sleep well?” Celia yawned, smiling brightly a moment afterward.

“Yup, it’s great, although I would’ve enjoyed it more if the bed was a tiny bit bigger,” said Richard, drying his frizzly hair with the towel hanging on his neck.

“Maybe if you’re coming home more often, there would be a reason to buy a newer bed for you,” Celia gently pushed the forehead of the giggling Richard with her index finger. “Anyway, are you free today?”

“Umm…” Richard slightly grimaced, hesitating to tell Celia about the promise he made before parting ways with Lizzie. However, it didn’t last very long as he didn’t want to lie only to betray Celia’s expectations. “No, unfortunately, Lizzie and Keith want us to hang out after lunch at the Five Stars Club, you know the old place where we used to watch trainers battle each other?”

Celia nodded. Despite how long it had been since she last tagged along with them, it was apparent that she still remembered the days when they used to watch trainers battle each other in the establishment that wasn’t that far away from their house.

Contrary to Richard’s expectation of her reaction, Celia’s face brightened even further as she grinned widely which furrowed the young man’s eyebrows.

“Ah, I see. Then you’re free in the morning, right?” Celia tilted her head, clearly feeling playful.

“I mean… If it doesn’t take until the afternoon to finish, then sure,”

“Yes!” Celia clenched both her fists with a gleeful look on her face. “Then, let’s go out after breakfast, don’t forget!” She exited the room in a hurry, presumably to prepare for the planned excursion.

Richard couldn’t help but stare at his cousin with bewilderment, yeah sure now she had some time to hang out with him but it wasn’t something that warranted such overexaggerated reaction. Unless her invitation wasn’t just for a simple hang out.

After taking a cold shower to freshen up, Richard took his breakfast inside his room once more. He hadn’t met his uncle since the day he left to enroll at Cape College and he had no intention to change that fact, no matter what. As the long hand of the clock hit twelve, Celia didn’t waste any time dragging him out of the house, while Melissa visibly smile as she watched them leave while she washed the dishes.

Richard couldn’t help but wonder why the hell her cousin was in such a hurry, his guess was that it had to do with the fact that most shops in the shopping district that was near his house were opening at 9. Also, there was the fact that Celia was dressing very neatly for a mere walking around the area, where while it was possible that she just wanted to impress him with his fashion sense, it sounded so… Impossible for the blonde-haired man, but then again he wasn’t here since 2 years ago so who he was to give some thoughts about it.

As they finally stopped at their destination, Richard sighed seeing the two-story white building looming over them. He was disappointed in himself that he didn’t have at least an inkling that this was one of the possible destinations they were going to go to. After all, he knew well that one of the topics girls usually have an interest in was fashion.

“Richard, let’s go in!” Celia enthusiastically skipped into the clothing store.

Richard slightly grimaced in reaction to his cousin’s enthusiasm, after all, picking out clothes for her was definitely not in his forte, how he dressed was enough to prove that point. But contrary to his expectations, she didn’t go to the women’s section of the store. Oh no, she was rummaging through the men’s section.

“Here! I think this one fits you well!” Celia passed a blue checked cardigan to his cousin who was looking at her, unable to utter a single word while she continued to wander around the isles unimpeded.

“Um, so we’re not here for yours? But for mine? Really?” Richard said, still recovering from the shock.

“Yeah, mommy said that it’s fine to buy some clothes for you, so you know? Why not right?,” Celia momentarily looked back at him with a bright grin before going back to check the pants available for Richard to use.

“But isn’t my current fit decent enough, though?”

Celia looked back at her cousin with a jaw dropped wide, she was aghast at Richard’s passing comment as she shook her head in disbelief. She soon found herself tapping her foot on the floor while touching her chin, seemingly unsure about how she should answer his cousin’s question.

“Just hit me with it, don’t hesitate,” Richard answered, a smile popping up on his face encouraging Celia to answer.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, of course, I am.”

Despite what Richard had said, Celia twiddled her fingers while her eyes shifted away from her cousin’s gaze, clearly avoiding eye contact as she was still not feeling sure if being honest was the right thing to do.

But just a bit after, she took a deep breath and with eyes, full determination finally brought up her point.

“Even if you wear something that a jester wore from 300 years ago, it wouldn’t be much tackier than your get-up,” Celia spoke, little hesitation in her voice.

Richard was stunned at his cousin’s comment. He did prepare for an utter lambasting about his taste, but Celia’s comment felt like getting hit by a Machamp's Dynamic Punch. It’s short, but he’d be damned if it didn’t hurt his feelings.

“A-Am I, dressed that badly?” Richard stuttered, clearly still reeling from Celia’s words.

Celia nodded slowly, leading Richard to deeply sigh as he thought about what other people's opinion was about his way of dressing.



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Richard Wolstenholme
Saffron City, May 29th, Afternoon

Chapter 10 - 7
Welcome to Saffron!
Part 7

It was a cooler day than usual for the boy in— formerly in red, now in dark blue. It was not because the clouds were obstructing the sun, neither because there was a sudden change of climate, none of that Vermillion nonsense. It was because he wasn’t wearing his trademark red and white leather jacket and black shirt attire.

He felt a little worried about his looks for a bit, especially since his hair had also been shaved. It bothered him for a while as he looked at his look several times with anxiety as he gazed upon his new hairstyle in front of the mirror of the barbershop.

To complete the look he donned a pair of khakis, a white shirt, and a dark cardigan which freshen up his looks quite a lot, or at least that’s what Celia and Melissa had enthusiastically spoken to the boy who had no longer dressed like a member of a biker gang. But he still needed a lot of convincing from the pair to be confident about his look, after all, he had spent most of his school years with his biker-Esque aesthetics. It was something he carried from Saffron as the aesthetics make people think twice about messing with him.

However, he didn’t have that much time to think through about how he looked as he had to meet with his friends who were waiting to have lunch together, so with Celia in tow he went to the rendezvous point to meet his friends who didn’t waste any time pouring out their feelings about his new look. Lizzie was quite receptive to his new look, which was really nice on her part– If she didn’t also insult his old look by accidentally calling it ‘emo phase’.

Meanwhile, Keith as Keith was, wouldn’t stop teasing his best friend about his new look, especially the round vintage-looking specs that Celia had forced him to wear before the meeting to soften his sharp features. It would’ve been something to talk about for the entirety of their lunch, but unfortunately for Keith, Richard already had something up in his sleeves to change the way of conversation much to the former’s chagrin.

“For the last time, I’m not dating her!” Keith forcefully opened the door of the restaurant, peeved about Richard’s insistence on the latter’s point.

“But do you want to, though?”

“Well, that’s… Whatever, bruh!” Keith walked at a brisk pace in front of the group to avoid letting them see his blushed face for long, his face alone had answered Richard’s question.

The rest of them laughed but decided it was time to stop teasing the cheese maniac about the girl he fancied, lest he ran away due to embarrassment. Their destination after the scrumptious lunch was the Five Stars Club, but in the middle of the conversation the group had about Pokemon, Richard’s Pokegear vibrated, telling the young man that he just received a message.

“Oh no,” Richard muttered, closing the interface of his Pokegear as soon as he managed to roughly understand the content of the message he received.

“Is something the matter?” Lizzie gently asked.

“N-no, nothing in the slightest, haha!”

Richard was trying hard to hide his nervousness as sweat slowly dripped down his head due to nervousness, yet despite his denial, Keith had seen enough of his friend to know that something was wrong.

“Pal, you gotta know that your acting is worse than that creepy guy from The Room.” Keith shook his head, putting his right hand over Richard’s shoulder.

“Ugh, this is not the time, Keith. I legit can’t say anything about the message, at least not when Celia is watching us.” Richard hushed Keith in a low voice.

Despite usually heckling Richard for acting stupidly, Keith only nodded after hearing the desperateness in his friend’s tone. Meanwhile, the girls who weren’t invited into the conversation decided to respond kindly to this act.

“Look at them, boys and their secrets. What an unfair bunch, eh Celia?” Lizzie pouted.

“Hmph! Let’s leave them be then!” Celia shared the same sentiment before walking off with Lizzie, passing through the boys including Richard who was dumbfounded by their reaction.

“Hey, Celia! It’s not like that, Celia!” Richard chased after the pair with Keith following him slowly from behind, giggling.

Richard was glad that Celia didn’t press the matter about the message he received that time. After all, not only the news about PLG was concerning, because if either he or Keith slips up and accidentally told her about his hospitalization, he didn’t want to think about how bad her reaction would be. Making her feel sad again was something Richard would try his best to avoid, especially after promising that he would never end up in a hospital bed ever again after multiple times he did so during his delinquency years.

Not a long walk after Celia and Lizzie started to playfully tease Richard, they finally arrived at their destination. Five Stars Club.



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Richard Wolstenholme
Saffron City, May 29th, Afternoon

Chapter 10 - 8
Untangling the Messy Past
Part 1

Five Stars Club was jam-packed as Richard remembered it was. The facility was one of the many Pokemon clubs littered around the biggest city in Kanto which sustained the passion of Pokemon trainers living in Saffron after having their gym ripped out from the city. Despite having no gym, the trainer community had been passionate as always. And the shouting and enthusiasm oozing out of trainers battling at the Five Stars Club certainly proved that it rang true.

Despite two and a half years having passed without him ever stepping foot in the place, Richard couldn’t help but smiled gently as there wasn’t much change to the club except a few adjustments here and there. One of the things that stayed the same was one of the attendants, Graham Horton, Lizzie’s brother who helped stoke Richard and his friends’ enthusiasm during their youth.

The man with blonde flowing locks was a teacher and also someone akin to an older brother to the three, at least before Lizzie’s accident created a giant wedge between him and the boys. After that, it was dead silence between them, well until he approached Richard who was alone after Keith and Lizzie got their battling partner, with the latter’s battle being watched by Celia.

“Hi, you doing okay?”

Richard raised his eyebrows in shock, while he did expect Graham to be there as Celia already told him so, it was not the kind of interaction the boy expected. After all, the last time Richard met him was when he was beaten black and blue at the Saffron Central Hospital’s lobby after causing Celia’s accident.

There was never an amends or sorry that had been thrown his way, so for Richard, Graham giving him an unprompted greeting sent shivers down his spine due to how weird it was.

“Yeah, so far so good,” Richard spoke.

“Great… Great to know,” Said Graham, scratching the back of his right ear.

The situation was too awkward for Richard to handle, so the boy with the blue cardigan didn’t waste any time scouting out an empty field for him to battle in. But as he took his place and waited for an opponent, the older guy in green shouted at him.

“Wait!” Graham said, his arm stretched out toward Richard’s direction.

“Yes?” Richard turned his head, confused.

“I-I… Nevermind.” Graham went toward the direction of the staff room without saying anything else.

Richard was barely able to shake his head as he was completely befuddled about what was happening. But he had little to no time to process what was happening as a brown-haired boy that looked roughly his age approached the other side of the battlefield.

“You’re a licensed trainer? Or?”

“No, not yet. I’m still on my graduation journey.”

“Oh really? good for you! I did mine three years ago.” The young man with a denim jacket draped over his shoulder giggled. “Ah sorry, you’re here for a battle not for a storytelling session. The name’s Todd, please remember it as the trainer who will teach you about overcoming defeat.” He said in a teasing manner.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Richard, the student that’s going to humble you,” Richard replied in kind.

Both of their faces twitched as they tried their best to keep a straight face, but eventually, a giggle broke between the two of them. However, as both Todd and Richard grabbed their respective Poke Ball, they proceeded to put their game face on as they poured their full attention toward the battle at hand.