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Music That Band is Dead to Me!

Started by Palamon June 5th, 2019 2:47 PM
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What bands/singers are now "dead" to you? By this I mean, what groups/solo artists do you refuse to listen to that you used to love listening to? For the longest time, Three Days Grace was "dead" to me because Adam Gontier quit, but then I gave the new vocalist a try and I picked them up again. Outsider is a good album.

...But since Sick Puppies Shimon Moore left that band, that band has also become dead to me. I won't listen to the album Fury. I don't wanna hear the new lead singer.
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when i was like ashamed of being an ex-emo kid i wouldn't listen to all that psyduckin screamo and double bass muk i liked in high school but who am i kidding i'm still all about some killswitch engage and avenged sevenfold

although lmao i still can't go back to like. underoath. that muk like. that's too much
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Phil Collins at one point. Didn't listen to any of his music for a couple of years after seeing him in a bad concert. Now it's all good though.
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