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RenSkall island
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Posted April 10th, 2019
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The final check for shininess compares a 16 bit derived from the Pokemon's PID, the Trainer ID and the Secret ID to an 8 bit value, which is 8 normally. If the 16 bit value is smaller than the 8 bit value the mon is shiny. So under normal circumstances 8(0-7) out of 65535 values result in a shiny, or 1 in 8192. I could have edited that 8 bit value and the maximum shiny chance would have been 255 divided by 65535 or 1 in 256, decent odds but I wanted to be able to do better. I decided to use an in-place replacement of the instructions to avoid that users that had already altered their ROMs would not have any of their edits overwritten or corrupted. In order to get the needed space for this I had to change the way the 16-bit check value is determined.
Okay, so what where do I go in the ROM to edit the shiny rate that way?
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Posted January 19th, 2019
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I don't know how to feel about this this tool. I just tested it and made the percentage for shinies to 0,025% (1/4000) and everything seemed fine. I had 100 Pokemon in my PC and none of the were shinies. Also non of my Party Pokémon were shines. So I went for a shiny hunt for a shiny Growlithe. After 10 min I encountered a shiny Ekans. I thought, that I just got lucky, but 2 min later I found another shiny Ekans.
And well, 1 min later I found a shiny Pidgey. I don't think, that I'm that lucky, so can anyone give me advice, how to make this program actually set the percentage of shinies to 1i4000 or 0.025%?
Maybe I'm just bad at maths.

Using the Numerator and Denominator seemed to work. Haven't found any shines in 20min.
So don't use the percentage thingy. ;)
Please fix it. ^^


Hau'oli Outskirts
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Posted 3 Weeks Ago
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are you still working on this, possibly updating it to work with other gba/gbc/nds games?
I love to try out Fan Games and ROM Hacks (though, I'm not that big on unfinished games unless I'm utterly amazed and have to check it out, though) Currently I am supporting these games in development:
Pokemon Cosmos (no beta/alpha), [ROM HACKS] Pokemon Ancient Ruby and Ancient Sapphire, Pokemon Black Redux, Pokemon Heart Red, Pokemon Ruby 2 and Sapphire 2 (no beta/alpha), Pokemon Saiph, Pokemon Ancient Platinum (no beta/alpha), Pokemon Saffron, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Advance (no beta/alpha), [FAN GAMES] Pokemon Alabaster, Pokemon Empyrean, Pokemon Red Lion, Pokemon Jade, and Pokemon Dark Rising 3 (not on PokeCommunity)
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