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Started by Aquacorde May 6th, 2022 10:34 PM
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Hey everyone! Two new roleplays are searching for players- Sabbatical '84 and Hisui Legends! Here's a quick overview of both- come sign up if you're interested!

"You're tuned into 104.5 Jubilife FM, bringing the best new music straight to your ears, tracks as hot as it's going to be this weekend out at Sandgem Beach! How'd you like that segue Terry? Yes that's right it's going to be bright and sunny all weekend, so get outside and enjoy that summer weather, and make sure to have those radios cranked to 104.5! Anyways here's another spicy jam for you, 'What's Love Got To Do With It'."

Welcome to Sabbatical '84, another Journey RP with a slight twist, we're winding the tapes back to 1984, where we will be doing things a little differently. Your Pokemon Journey will take place following your character's completion of high school, and before they join college or the workforce. It's customary to spend this gap year travelling around the Sinnoh Region, but what you do is up to you.. Attempt to defeat the eight gym leaders of Sinnoh in battle, perform in contests with some of Sinnoh's biggest and brightest stars, protect the region's flora and fauna by volunteering with the Pokemon Rangers Program, or wait tables at every restaurant from Canalave to Sunyshore- the world is your oyster.

Hisui Legends

Welcome to the Hisui region, a fresh land ready for you to explore and settle. You are a member of the Galaxy Expedition Team, composed of settlers from across the seas and led by Commander Kamado. Your role in this largely untamed region is simple: survive, settle and grow. Build Jubilife Village into a home you can be proud of.

Remember though, this is no easy task! Everyone in Jubilife Village has to pull their weight or there is no hope for the expedition team to build a future in these foreign lands. There is hard work to be found within the village and dangers beyond its walls. Pokemon are terrifying creatures capable of untold destruction if one isn’t careful in their dealings with them, the Diamond and Pearl clans are your allies but the expedition team must struggle to keep their neutrality when things get tense between them and the natural environment itself is full of hazards.

Still, if you do your best, you’re bound to succeed and build a bright future for yourselves and your descendents.

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