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It's Christmas time... so it's now time to enjoy a bunch of featured Pokemon!

Feel free to discuss Sawsbuck as a whole & what you liked/didn't like about Winter Sawsbuck's design :) How would have you enhanced Sawsbuck's role in-game?

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GREATEST POKEMON OF ALL TIME!!!! (and one of the most underrated)

Amazing design (especially the Winter Forme), awesome to use, everything about Sawsbuck is awesome (except the fact that it can't change seasons outside of Gen 5)

Winter Forme is my favorite because it just looks so warm and majestic and a little fluffy :)

Only thing I'd do to improve it is to maybe give the formes a different typing like make Winter Forme a Grass/Ice type or something

Sawsbuck is the deer Pokemon that I always wanted, it's a lot better than whatever Stantler is, and it's a "gimmick Pokemon" that isn't just a gimmick (thank you GameFreak :)) and it makes sense to have a deer show off the seasons since deer live in areas that see all 4 seasons usually and have to change and adapt to those different seasons to survive

(I really tried to contain my excitement when I saw that Sawsbuck (especially Winter Forme) was the featured Pokemon lol)
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    Sawsbuck is a beautiful pokemon and the first time I encountered one in the game was in winter and once when I saw it, I just had to catch it. I also like that they change forms in different seasons.
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    Such a beautiful and unique Pokemon. The winter form I think is the most ravishing of all and very special since I first played Black during the Christmas season so it was the first Sawsbuck I saw.

    I how I miss the seasons in-game...
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