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Started by lloyds95 September 5th, 2019 12:41 PM
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Posted September 5th, 2019
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Hi guys!

I'm new to this forum, I've been playing Pokemon since RBY on the Game Boy Colour, played up until Diamond & Pearl and fell off by the time B/W came out (didn't like the look of the Pokemon) but with the announcement of Sword/Shield I decided to dust off the old DS and play through Pokemon White as well as pick up a 3DS and played through X and I'm going through Ultra Sun as I type this! I'm really excited for Sword and Shield and am really looking to maybe get into the competitive battling scene when I complete Ultra Sun and do some reading up on it!

Hopefully you'll be seeing me around here more often!



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Hello Lloyds95
I started with Gen 3 I picked Sapphire so your going through X and Ultra Sun Wow so which game is better in your opinion X or Ultra Sun?
Welcome to the community. !_!
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Hi there lloyds95! Welcome to the community! It's great to see more people from the RBY days of Pokemon joining this forum, and even more so that you're excited about Sword & Shield! I hope you're Ultra Sun run is going very well too. :)



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Hi Lloyds95! I hope your day's going well. You are my senior in pokemon and in age,haha. By the way, who's your favourite pokemon ? What's your favourite region/game so far?


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Yeah I'm excited for SwSh also, especially the Camp feature since I can let my mons play together. About time haha. Welcome to PC, it's nice to meet you. :>

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