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What are your favourite moments with Ash in the anime?

One of mine, was when he was possessed by that evil king, and then brandan calls him a coward, but he breaks free for a moment and says "NO ONE EVER CALLS ME COWARD!". I thought that was a pretty cool moment. ;v;
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Oh boy here we go.

- Any moment where he throws the Power of Friendship at someone tbh. It's hard for me to define one of them as one of my true favorites because so many of them make me smile.
- There some moments when he throws himself in danger for the sake of his (or another) Pokemon. Monferno is a huge example here when he throws himself in to help it when it goes crazy from Blaze. When Lycanroc starts getting overwhelmed with it's "anger" as well!
- One particular moment I really really love is his moments with the Cottonee in Best Wishes. For a series where he's deemed as a "newbie" he did such a good job helping it grow stronger? It totally highlighted that he does have his experience that he so call 'lost' when it got to Unova.
- Episodes N when he lets himself get electrocuted by Pikachu is also a particular moment that I really really love. Really showed how much he trust and loves Pikachu and how far he's willing to go to help his partner out.
- Also the episode in Hoenn when Pikachu was possessed was another moment when I felt that.
- Many moments with him and Pikachu that showcased their partnership honestly
- This is from a movie but his death in the Victini Movie is not only one of my most emotional moments for Ash but one of my favourites. Even in the end when he was freezing to death he was thinking more about Victini and how sorry he was that he was breaking his promise to it and aaaaa i get emotional every time. Especially when I watch it in Japanese because Rica is A+++ during that moment (more than usual)!

Honestly the more I think about this the more moments I think of so I'll stop before this gets any longer. I love this kid don't @ me.
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    Ash is pretty dedicated to his Pokémon and none more so than Pikachu. Even Anabel was impressed by it when he arrived to challenge her for the Frontier Symbol and is partly why she developed a crush on him. Curious as to whether she will return in the SuMo Anime being that she appears in the postgame.

    Anyways, what makes Ash memorable(and one of my favorite moments) is the fact he’s so dense. Anabel tells him about the Beedrill nesting grounds in one Episode and the very next Episode, he’s training right by it and disturbs it. It’s like... how dense can this kid be? That was one of my favorite moments along with the infamous scene with Sabrina’s Dad where after hint after hint, he still didn’t make the connection. Bonnie’s burn in XY80 is still pretty bad but nothing beats the original.
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    As a Charizard fanboy, I'm a pretty big fan of Ash's arc with his Charizard. I love how he rescues Charmander when it's abandoned, goes through growing pains with Charmeleon and Charizard, and eventually earns Charizard's trust when he nurses it back to health from being frozen.
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      This scene is one of my favourites because it really shows how much Ash cares for his Pokémon.

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      my favorite moments are those few precious episodes of the sinnoh league. also has an attachment with the lavaridge gym arc, for some reason. used to replay that arc all the time when i was a kid. partly why i like magcargo and torkoal so much
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        When Ash shaded Misty in the second Gloom episode from OS when she implied that she was pretty and he was all like "Misty, only one of us can hallucinate at a time." He was so sassy.
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          I hate Ash for being a Goku copycat, but here are my fav moments chronicly:

          -Him likeying/protecting Caterpie in episode 3 and parting with him in episode 21, shame the anime team doesn't want Ash and Butterfree to be reuineted for even for an episode
          -Him hugging his new optained Squirtle (so cute)
          -Him taking care of an injured Houndour
          -Asking Chimchar to join him after Paul treated it like trash (shame in the polish dub, Ash was voiced by a man that time)
          -Calming down Chimchar/Monferno/Infernalape's rage by hugging him


          -Ash taking care of Charmander after Cross litterally kicked it, when it evolved into a Charmeleon, it even hugged Ash (unlike the anime where the same Charmeleon burned him)
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