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Rate the Avatar of the person above you

Started by TY October 31st, 2013 10:20 AM
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If this game is still somewhere on Forum Games feel free to close this thread, i wondered where this game went and i couldnt find it in FG.

Welcome to Rate the Avatar of the person above you (the last edition randomly disappeared somehow).
Basically you rate the avatar of the person above you with a 1 (really bad) to 10 (really good).

All PC and Forum Games rules apply to this thread

So have fun ^_^


door-kun best boii

Seen August 29th, 2018
Posted June 14th, 2018
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AMAZING COLORS OMG. They look freaking good. 10//10. As expected from shivi, the icon master.


Seen May 27th, 2019
Posted June 7th, 2018
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10.3 Years
What's a dudebro that's a girl? A dudettesis? That's the vibe I'm getting.

Either way, surprisingly I like the character design. Though, the avatar itself is compressed to which is kinda jarring.
Pretty cool, if only I know the anime it is from. 8/10
Hajime no Ippo


the princess without voice

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Posted 1 Week Ago
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8/10 I've never played Ace Attorney , (but I've seen those characters and know that's where they're from) but it's a really nice avatar and great quality.
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doesn't work well with others...

At my desk on the computer
Seen October 4th, 2014
Posted September 1st, 2014
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I not 100% on who it is, but it looks really cool! I like it.
All About Dan! (at the moment, at least)
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I'm Reading...
Just finished a volume of Soul Eater, volume 14. At this point, it has become very different compared to the anime, and I kind of like it. Some of the characters have gotten a lot more fleshed out (specifically the meister team of Ox, Kilik, and Kim), and things are happening quite differently. An exciting read.

I'm Playing...
The iPod music game, Cytus. While I may not know very many of the songs, I really like its music, and the gameplay is easy to pick up yet takes quite a while to master. A friend has seen me play it and he says I make it look easy, but I am still having a fun and challenging time. Definitely worth the price.



The Shadows
Seen August 4th, 2015
Posted August 9th, 2014
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I usually don't mind sprites only avatars, but this is just poor due to the quality.
It's fine quality? Normal black/white Zorua Gif, with sunglasses of course
7/10 only because I don't watch any anime, heheh
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