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Other OPEN For Supremacy [M] [IC]

Started by gimmepie July 17th, 2017 5:05 AM
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For Supremacy

We live in a mutliverse, a conglomerate of of endless universes each governed by their own god or gods. You’d think that being a divine, near-omniscient being would never be dull but there’s not a lot for the gods to do at times but observe and talk… and talk they do.

Meetings between gods tend to quickly devolve into debates over who rules over the superior universe, and by extension who is the superior god. To end such squabbles, a method of determining the truth of the matter was developed. The gods would pit their universe’s greatest warriors against each other, keeping track of who beat who in a leaderboard. Thus the fight for supremacy begun.

  1. All PC and RPT rules apply.
  2. This RP is rate M on account of all the violence.
  3. I’m allowing you a lot of leeway really, but don’t godmod. Seriously, nobody should win every time.
  4. Battles between player characters should be done in JP format. In these posts, try and decide for yourselves who will win or lose. If for some reason you can’t, I’ll do it.
  5. There is no single setting for posts. You can set your battles in any kind of location you can think of. All of the multiverse is yours to play with.
  6. Try and remain active. This is a casual thing so I’m not going to start kicking people the minute they post a bit late, but aim to post at least once a fortnight. More frequently if you can manage.
  7. Have fun, that’s the big thing here.

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Marx V Merk
The Tank Versus The Doped Up Shapeshifter
Round 1
Merk landed with a thud on the dusty ground, his combat boots kicking up sand everywhere. Behind him, he also heard a much bigger thud! He looked back and saw AVA, his one true love, sitting fornlorly on top of a sand dune. The metallic sheen of his tank shines in the midday sun and, as how Merk sees it, it's like an angel ready to rain down gunfire towards opponents.

What confuses the tank driver is how he did land on the area in the first place. There was nothing to be seen all around, except sand and more sand. He felt for the gun holstered on his waist as an act of comfort.

At the same time, Marx flew through the air, plummeting headfirst towards one of the numerous sand dunes nearby the tank and its driver. The man landed, ungracefully with his legs flopping about in the wind as he lay half buried in the fine grains. Slowly but surely, the dune around him began to fall apart, evening out with the rest of the desert as Marx clawed his way to the surface.

"Psyduckin' piece of muk. Where am I? Must be the work of the damned Balbyon." The ex-military man brushed himself off, taking in his surroundings. "Well, where's the rest of them then?" Finally, after scanning the area, Marx's eyes rested on the man and machine standing only a short distance away from him. "Hey! You one of the army too then?"

Merk looked towards the voice and saw a flimsy man wearing a flak jacket coming towards him. There were a bunch of dog tags hanging around his neck, like some kind of accessory. Doesnt' that defeat the purpose of dog tags? How the psyduck are they gonna identify you if you have too many names on your psyduckin' neck? The man looked like a foreigner and something about him made the hairs on his neck stand up.

"Yeah, I'm a Brigadier General for the USA Army. The name's Merk, short for Merck III, and the beauty right there," Merk pointed towards his tank. "She's called AVA." Merk smiled proudly. "Are you also from the USA Army or some muk? You looked like you've seen the end of the world?"

Marx's eyebrows raised slightly. "Ah, so you're from one of the other planets. I'm from planet XVAI, ex-military I suppose. I guess your planet's a little less developed than the others then, huh? AVA as you call her, seems to be little more than a relic. Here I thought our planet had a bad rep, must be real bad for you guys over there on USA."

"What the psyduck you mean by that?" Merk exclaimed. "Are you one of those alien muks or summin? And excuse psyduckin' you. AVA is a top-class tank. She's a Leopard 27A+, which means it's hell on whoever is on the other side of her. Calling her a relic is such an insult."

"Ah, I see. You must be on the very bottom of the rung then. You've yet to even figure out interplanetary travel? Machines such as those have been out of fashion for hundreds of years. No soul core, no star cannons, none of the other bells and whistles that some of the powerless like to add on. It's a surprise a race such as yours even found its way into the Balbyon."

"What the actual psyduck are you talking about? Are you on drugs or something?" Merk unbelievingly said. Star cannons? Soul core? "You must be high off of your ass then, little kid. And don't you go psyduckin' insulting my own damn planet which you maybe have left in one of your trance or summin."

"Oh muk! Thanks for reminding me. Haven't had my dose for the day. Doctors said the trauma from the war should've wiped my memories clean, vegetized me y'know?" Marx was completely absorbed with himself, opening his jacket and pulling out a small vial and a needle. "These drugs though, they help to remember and also to forget. All I've got left inside of me's the demons I supposedly dreamed up while I was out there on the field. With this though, I can see my comrades again. Hear their voices, hold conversations that were never even had. It's some real amazin' stuff." The man poked the needle through the bottle's top, filling the syringe to the brim before injecting it into his neck. "I'd really recommend it, might even help to elevate your status y'know? After we've taken care of the threat here, we could always see about havin' you transferred over to our planet."

Merk just looked at the other man absurdly as it started indulging in his drugs right in front of him. He was psyducking weird and there was something about him that creeps Merk out. "Man, you're psyducked up." Merk put his hand on his holster, his senses tingling. The man in front of him seemed... so lifeless.

"Yeah, so I've been told." Marx's entire body began to vibrate vigorously as the drugs took effect. "They said that's why I was the perfect man for the position. But they dumped me so quickly after it had been done. Used up. Dried out. Braindead, so they said. But here I am, still brimming with power. I just need a little... stimulant, is all." Slowly, the braids of Marx's hair began to lengthen until they'd brushed against the sands which had began to blow away from the man's feet. "It's been plently long enough, for the others to get here. Seeing as we're the only ones around it can only mean one thing Merk. You're the one I've been sent to kill by that psyduckin' whale. Psyducked as it is, I like the little home I've got. Sorry bud, but this is the end for you. I'll try to make it painless."

Merk took a step backwards, uttering a small "what the psyduck." As if on cue, a horn sounded from the skies above. It was a very long and very deep sound. "I don't know what's happening yet, but hey. You freak me out and I kill the freaks that freak me out." Merk took out his two guns from the holster and started firing it towards the man with the dog tags, all the while taking quick steps towards AVA.

Marx smiled evily as the bullets passed right through his body, droplets of water staining the ground behind him as he walked towards the man and his tank. The dreads continued to lengthen, coiling around his feet before rattling and slithering across the ground towards the military man. As they closed the distance, the dreadlocks which were now clearly recognizable as rattlesnakes leapt for the man's face. Marx filled the syringe with his medicine once more and slowly injected it into his neck over again, his eyes darkening by several tones.

He saw the magic happening right before his eyes and Merk only managed to barely avoid the rattlesnakes-hair that msyteriously appeared from his opponent. He knew his bullets won't be able to do that much damage to the man so Merk sidestepped another one of those rattlesnakes and touched the metallic armor of AVA. Having done it countless of times, Merk swung himself onto a ladder and climbed into the turret above the tank. He locked it, ensuring that nothing can get inside the tank with him. AVA roared as Merk keyed the ignition alive. Like clockwork, Merk released the smoke grenades from the side of AVA, hiding him in a cloud of black smoke.It'll give him more time to process what the psyduck just happened.

The smoke quickly consumed the vehicle along with the man who'd disappeared inside of it. Marx's grin grew wider as he walked straight into the cloud, his hair returning to its natural form and position upon his head. The man stepped onto the tank, his feet causing parts of it to dent in under some unseen pressure. "Little piggy little piggy, open the psyducking door." Marx's arm turned into a hammer roughly the same size as his body as he began to slam it down with all of his might onto the tank, causing the vehicle to bounce off of the ground in reaction.

Merk felt the impact throughout the tank. It was a very strong attack and Merk had no idea how that happened. He trusted in the modular armor of AVA to hold while he try to get his bearings. He looked at the binoculars and saw the weird man slamming onto AVA with a morphed hand. Merk had never been the underdog all his life but, right now, he felt the man's words. That he is indeed at the bottom of the psyducking rung. What to do now.


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MerkAVA vs Marx

Sand Everywhere

After several minutes of hammering down on the roof of the tank and screaming, Marx finally let up. The man's body reverted to its natural state and he simply stepped down from the vehicle. The thick smoke had dissipated, and so too had the color from the shapeshifter's eyes. The once darkening retinas had turned to a cloudy grey color as Marx walked out into the desert, absentmindedly pulling the vial of medicine from his pocket and taking another dose to the neck. Slowly, the man's body seemed to lose all substance as he melted into the sand itself, like a wax figurine under a torch.

Merk, looking at the binoculars, saw the strange man step away from the tank and knew it was an opening, if there was something like that. He revved up his tank and started to rush towards the man, intending to run over him and his strangeness once and for all, before he could even realize what Merk is planning to do. However, the needle once again disappeared into his neck and so did he into the desert sand. Merk stepped on gas harder in an effort to reach the spot where the man just disappeared. Like a madman, Merk started firing on the ground, sending out particles of sand and the liquified Marx everywhere. AVA stopped in the exact spot where the druggie disappeared. Everything was silent on the desert. Merk stepped on both the brakes and the gas at the same time. The track rotated in place, sending more sand and that strange liquid everywhere. "Turn back to man you freak!"

But nothing happened. The liquified remains of Marx's body continued to be strewn about the sands, mixing together with them and disappearing into the massive mounds. Several minutes passed with nothing seemingly happened, but all at once nearly twenty replicas of the man rose from the ground in a circle surrounding the tank, and various others within arm's reach of the opponent. The legs of those copies who formed the circle stayed buried beneath the ground, but their bodies continued to grow and expand until they were hundreds of feet tall and formed a wall around the vehicle and its attendant. "This is a bad idea, ****!" Merk exclaimed. From inside his tank, he chose the more powerful bullets in his arsenal and equipped AVA with it. Thankful for the automatic replacment system the tank has, Merk doesn't need to be outside his tank to do the replacements.

Meanwhile, the six versions of Marx who stayed inside the circle began to take on different and much more subtle transformations. One's arms changed into tentacles, another grew a second pair of arms, a second head, a pair of wings, the lower body of a horse and the final copy simply changed itself into a replica of the tank ahead of it. "How dare you copy AVA? " Merk exclaimed from inside his tank but he knew his opponent wouldn't be able to hear him say it. He started clipping rounds of gunfire to the opposing copies of the druggie, rotating the turret in order to get as much damage as possible to the most copies. There was a huge bang! as each shell hit either the target or the ground.The recoil from the gunfire is sending shockwaves throughout the walled area, shifting the sand slowly.

Several of the copies of Marx whose changes weren't as drastic, fled into the safety of the tank they'd created. The copy with an adittional set of arms rushed at the opposing tank, deflecting the bullets and shells coming at it and its brothers as it rushed to the opposite side of the vehicle and began to lift it up by its tail end. "HEY!" Merk fired another smoke grenade, this time the one with a slight irritator mixed into it. Merk just hoped it would have some effect towards the... freak. AVA was holding up defensively but there was not just enough firepower in her to hold off all attacks and fire back her own ones.

Sure enough, as the gas inside of the grenade dispersed it caught the four-armed Marx off guard, causing him to lose his grip and become crushed beneath the weight of the tank. Slowly, the body dissipated and fell into the sand. "YEAH!" Merk cheered as the copy disappeared underneath him. As AVA came into a more level position, the Marx's tank fired off a volley of shells in its direction, hoping to catch the man unaware. However, AVA's superior defenses held up, even against a copy of the same tank. "HAHA!" Merk revved up the tank again and sped up in order to crash into the faux-AVA. He was thinking that it would be made of a different material and it would surely put a dent into the other tank. As he was rushing, he sent another cannonfire towards the other tank for safekeeping. However, due to the archaic nature of the vehicle, the full extent of its capabilites as well as its inner workings were known to Marx, which made his version of the vehicle a near perfect replica of the beast now bearing down on him. The tank tanked the cannonfire, completely unfazed as it revved up, charging at the original.

High in the sky above, the version of Marx who'd sprouted wings was charging up something interesting between his clasped hands. A brilliant light began to shine through his fingers, illuminating his entire body as the two tanks clashed against each other. Merk felt the huge impact as AVA crashed against faux-AVA. As soon as AVA was in contact, he started bearing down cannonfire on the faux-AVA, relentlessly. "Take this!" Each explosion shook the ground beneath them.

"Get out of the way!" The Marx high in the air screamed out, warning his brothers of the impending attack. At once, the other versions of Marx dissipated into the ground, leaving AVA firing into the sand and just spewing more sand everywhere. Merk turned his turret upwards and sent another round of gunfire towards the winged-copy but he was just a bit too high. The shells fell towards the sand soundlessly.

"I've only seen this one used a handful of times, but I think I've got the gist of what it can do." Slowly, the clasped hands of the winged Marx began to come apart, revealing a violently swirling black orb which expanded the further that his hands spread. "This is what ended the war on our planet all that time ago. I was only able to use it then with the help of its creator, but I don't have that luxury now. Now I've got t-" As the copies' hands began to spread outside of his shoulders, the orb shattered. The copies' body was torn to shreds instantaneously as he was crushed down to something smaller than a grain of sand and absorbed into the darkness along with the remains of the orb. The air where the copy had been only seconds before shimmered and was tinted and unnatural black color. Merk heard a huge booming sound from the air above him, much like a bomb explosion only much larger. He felt the shockwaves reverberating on the metal sheets that AVA is made up of.

The distortions in space radiating from the orb and its implosion caused the planet that the military man was on begin to shake. The sands began to shift much more drasticly than before, the massive bodies shaking as a pit opened up in the ground beneath the tank causing both driver and vehicle to fall helplessly into the darkness. "Oh, ****." Merk could only exclaimed as him and AVA got swallowed up into the ground, as a huge void opened up beneath them. From his binoculars, Merk couldn't see anything beyond two feet in front of him. He tried his pedals but they wouldn't work and why would they? Against all logic, Merk and AVA is falling underground.

After several seconds passed, something began to appear in the abyss.Thousands of glowing red eyes peered up from within the darkness at the man and his tank. What little light managed to seep into the abyss glinted off of something white and metallic a great distance below the surface. A whirring sound echoed throughout the hole, presumably originating from the metallic glint. The eyes began to glow brightly as they slowly moved up towards the tank, rotating rapidly as whatever they were connected to ripped through the sands surrounding them. The whirring sounds grew louder, and as the being drew nearer to Merk, the lights of the tank shone on a fragment of the creature and revealed it in its true horror. A massive worm-like being, an amalgamation of metal and organic materials with hundreds of thousands of eyes dotting its exoskeleton. The being was spiraling through the ground, millions of teeth lined its maw and each moved independantly of each other as the distance between it and the military man was almost nonexistent.

Merk screamed in horror as AVA continued to fall into the creature's despicable jaw. "NO! ****! AVA!" Merk's feet pressed all of the pedals underneath him. He released all weapons he could release into the mouth but it seemed endless and all too powerful. In a feeble attempt, Merk launched another series of smoke grenades but it was quickly dissipated by the creature's breath. Merk could smell the horrible odor wafting from the creature and imagined what kind of creatures are there still. As the creature's jaw opened wider to receive the tank, Merk offered a small prayer to whatever god there is. "****, Jesus or Buddha or whatever you are. Forgive me for my sins or summin."

Merk's God, whose name was unpronounceable in modern tongue but chose to go by the name Mike, akin to a common name used by his creatures, plucked Merk and AVA from the battlefield and conceded the battle. "I am not powerful enough for this tournament, I know that. Why can I just not opt out and leave me alone creating my young universe?" Mike knew it was a futile attempt for mercy from the other gods, as they were bullies and they needed someone to bully. Mike covered Merk and AVA in his palms, removing their memories of Marx.

The God who ruled over the universe in which Marx resided cackled wildly. "Balbyon 742 is a magnificiently ferocious place. To have come into posession of such a creature, simply magnificient. I was right to choose this warrior as my first. He should be more than capable to carry me through this tournament on his own." The God let out a long and deep laugh, "I doubt I'll even need to worry about finding warriors other than him in the time to come. Perhaps I'll just call on one of the Balbyons themselves next time if this is what they have to offer. That Magi was more interesting than I'd originally thought. I was right to give him a portion of my power." The God pointed his finger towards the abomination which Marx had become. In an instant, the man returned to one and his original form, collapsing on the ground unconscious before disappearing back to the place from which he'd come. "This is what my world was created for. All of my subjects strive for powers such as these. This tournament is exactly the thing that I'd always hoped for."

"I just want to be left alone," Mike murmured as his opponent started rambling about Balbyons and winning ther tournament. Mike went back to his world and scanned his Earth. His humans were busy thriving as usual, unaware of this great big tournament. "Don't worry, my babies. Mike's here to protect you." Mike was pondering how he could be able to even give a dent to the other gods' champions with his weak creatures and then had a grand idea. He smiled as he turned his Earth a few more hundred turns.

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Oltt’Gkhalrut v. Drocolyte
Representing: Yyatl v. Maxigreatus

In a contained pocket dimension of space, two godly beings met in a black expanse that was vividly colored with drifting spreads of interstellar dust and points of shimmering light. A small, pale creature readjusted its footing, spacing out its twiggy legs as it grew used to its simple avian form. It effortlessly balanced itself on a floating liquid substance that collected itself into the shape of an orb, giving way slightly beneath the creature’s weight. As the creature lifted its featherless, glossy wing to its cheek, it brushed a little glimmering cosmic dust off of what looked like a bleached bone skull. Its face was of a totally different, ill-fitting species.

Speaking in a common tongue, the ivory face didn’t bother to move its jaw as a base, rumbling voice resonated out from within it. “A little dust in my eye hole, there. Does it bother you as well? Should I put up a barrier?”

“Ho ho! Please do, my bone-headed friend.” the fellow entity replied, falling backwards onto an invisible cushion and stretching his limbs. In stark contrast to the wiry and pale bird, this god had taken a more grandiose and flamboyant incarnation in the form of a muscular, ten-foot-tall male of a species he had - clearly - thought of himself: hunams. A blinding toga of pure light was wrapped around his hips and shoulder, small sparks occasionally flying out from the cloth and the sandals on his feet. The man’s enormous, glowing biceps flexed as he reached to stroke his even glowier mane. “Yyatl, it has been many eons since I had the chance to glance at your hideous mug. Doing good? Or rather, god?”

Yyatl wheeled around on the rotating orb, mumbling, “This is why I don’t talk to you, Maxigreatus...” The bird grumbled something about a meathead as well.

“I presume you’ve gone ahead and picked your ‘champion’, eh? It was a fairly difficult task for me - my creations each being mightier than the next.” Maxigreatus boasted, taking the opportunity to perform another proud flex as he ignored the bird-god’s comment.

With a quick flick of a wing, nebulae were immediately expelled from around them. A wash of light in the shape of a sphere domed the two gods in as Yyatl’s barrier materialized and then lost its reflective surface, becoming invisible. The small skull-faced bird looked over a shoulder and back at the guest. “I did not find the task at all difficult,” Yyatl began, with a gesture of a wing. “I knew exactly who I wanted to showcase first. The only problem is, they play a vital role in keeping some of my wayward creations under order, and that upkeep lately has been daily.” The orb below the bird slowly rotated again to let the its host speak face-to-face with the giant. “So, I decided to pull a compromise: they gave me their arm. Frankly, an arm is all we need.”

Grave laughter echoed out from the little creature, clearly content with the volunteer.

“An arm. Huh.” Maxigreatus sat up, scratching his chin with his gigantic hand. “Ever the morbid one, Yyatl... However, your, ah, ‘compromise’ as you put it, will be no match for what I’ve got in store,” the bearded giant boasted. He cracked his knuckles, sending sparks of light as the joints popped. “And the best thing is, my universe has got tons of them. So no negotiating to be done.” He grinned.

The god raised his arm high, gathering some power in his fist before slamming it down in front of him, hitting an invisible surface similar to what Yyatl had just created. From the sparks, a translucent image of a large reptilian creature materialized.

“Behold, the epitome of evolution!” Maxigreatus boomed, his chest growing twice in size. “Or, lack thereof. One of my very first hostile creations, built in my image. The image of ruggedness and ferocity, that is!” He added, generously illustrating with a flex of his bicep. “Let us have a look at what you brought.”

Yyatl, lacking any expression on the fleshless face, canted a head to the side at the curious creature. “Surely that creation would be formidable against a stout, trudging prey, but against what I have set aside? Regard!”

With a tap of a few rough claws against the orb, a ripple ebbed across the black surface before the image of a softly-glowing light appeared from within. Yyatl bent over to peer inside. Recognizing the essence of the light, the god asked, “Coordinator! Is Commissioner - “ it sounded as if the name was pronounced Oltt’Gkhalrut - “prepared for a summons?”

Emanating softly from the orb, a quiet and gentle voice replied in the bizarre language of their universe’s ancients.

Yyatl gave an approving nod, and after standing back up straight, tapped the orb again to shut off the transmission.

“The arm of my warrior and vessel are almost ready, mind you not, Maxigreatus.” Yyatl took a seat, the gesture showing the god’s security in the situation. “But I will say, this arm and vessel have much different strengths to their opponent! So let us be fair: in what terrains does your champion excel?”

“Hmph.” the giant grunted, visibly displeased with the implication that Yyatl thought their creation was stronger than his own. If there was a chance for him to get the upper hand however, he surely wouldn't turn it down. Stroking his beard pensively, Maxigreatus mused, “Well, when I made them, they were meant to prowl on dry land... but the later generations seemed to prefer water, wherever I put them. An ocean, perhaps? No, that would be too much.” A few seconds passed. “Ha!” He suddenly boomed, “I've got it!”

Raising both arms this time, Maxigreatus slammed down onto his invisible counter with his open hands. A circular platform of light appeared beneath the reptile he had summoned, and as the deity ran his hand across, detailed features began to materialize on the platform - shrubs, ponds, grass. After a few moments, the platform took color.

“There! In my universe, I have called this area a marsh. A rather empty battleground, to be frank, but this would give my creature quite the edge. Not that it would’ve needed it anyway.” He crossed his arms sternly, sitting up to his full majestic height.

Yyatl stared on with empty black eyes, teeth forever locked in a grimace. After mulling it over, the bird called, “So long as there is solid ground, this is not an advantage for your creature, but a way to even the playing field. I accept this proposed arena.”

Maxigreatus nodded. “Let us not delay this any further, then. If your champion is ready, let us send them down.”

What appeared to be a ridge of plateaued mountains looked faint in the misty, atmospheric distance, encircling and closing off the entire space within. In their valley spanned the marshlands, where hard-packed earth battled for territory against the deep pits and straits of clouded water. Little accented the environment, with short shrubbery and scattered posts of brittle, rotted wood. The entire arena was illuminated in dim light, as the sky was a blanket of grey. No wind, nothing moved in the stillness. The arena was set.

Bright inscriptions of glyphs suddenly spawned in the middle of a large plot of central land. The lines and characters connected into geometric shapes across the short grass for a second, before leaping off the ground and weaving themselves into the air like thread binding around an unseen form. They briefly took shape into a massive, grossly asymmetrical figure, before immediately dispersing. In that instant, a colossus was born.

This creature was an abomination of massive proportions. Its body was a frankensteinian mash of flesh, patchy in color though otherwise seamless as functioning, rippling muscles wove through a lumbering frame. Its torso bulged with meat and exposed, sharpened ribs that separated at the stomach for a glowing space of nuclear green light, and a pair of small, dangling legs. Unfortunately, those were not its walking legs. Poised ready off of its right shoulder, its right arm looked like that of a thick, bony spine with craters of bubbling green sludge scattered on top, all of it tapering off into a jagged three-hinged claw. Hanging off the left shoulder, its left arm was far too long. Those bone-pierced knuckles rested on the ground by a leg that sprouted not into a calf and foot but the upper body of a brawny, horned fiend, which hoisted itself up by unbelievably powerful arms. It and the dense morningstar-like vertebrae of a dead creature that made up the bottom of the right leg had to be durable, as on top of the giant strapping torso was the red, calloused arm of a titan. The body would surely have lost its balance if the enormous arm that acted in place of a head had not laid its clawed hand down against the ground. Right at the gaping site where the arm had originally been severed, it seemed as if the owner didn’t try to cleanly cut it off, as a serrated bone jutted out like a horn. Standing there in all its offensive glory, the monster’s spaded tail erratically lashed about behind it, drops of the same green secretions flicking from its open pores.

Any semblance of sentience originated from the fiend that composed the left leg. It leered on with two eyes like orbs of murky peat, its twisted mouth full of edges for teeth left in a barely flexible grimace. As its jaw cracked open, stale breath did not leave any lungs, but an unholy voice dredged itself out in a long cry.

Wretched victim... to this... forthcoming wrath…” it droned on in an ancient tongue, its voice unnaturally amplified to ring out nearly throughout the flat wetland, “Plead mercy… for I control... not the... Hand of… The Commissioner…

Almost immediately in response, a cry akin to a roar and a hiss resounded from the other side of the marsh, dragging for a few seconds before coming to an abrupt end. Whatever was there had clearly heard it - whether it was coming to plead for mercy or not was another matter.

The reflex was instant. With a swiftness nearly unnatural for the mass that it was, Commissioner Oltt’Gkhalrut’s Left Hand shot forward, slamming against the ground and leaving a shockwave that stirred the surface of surrounding waters. As the body beneath its bicep sharply leaned into the Arm’s contraction, the Hand followed through with the motion, propelling its entire body clear off of the ground and into mid air. The creature’s trajectory was an outstanding arc, and in an almost delayed reaction, the attached body had to cooperate.

Flexing its fortified core muscles and twisting at its hips on the downarc, the torso was able to generate enough momentum in its torque as gravity took over, now spinning the Arm into a rapid twisting fist of a missile. The drilling behemoth immediately penetrated the once still, cloudy water of a nearby marsh, the gust of wind from its turbine twist majorly displacing the water. A wall of tide that towered out stories high into the air emerged from the force.

Shooting out of the water and through the wave, a massive, green figure charged at the colossus, its legs almost invisible at its speed. In terms of size, the animal paled in comparison to the massive red fist, but the softer, shorter amalgamation attached to it stood only a little taller than the Drocolyte itself. With its jaw shut tight, the Drocolyte slammed into the Arm.

The sudden power of the surprisingly great reptilian creature was enough to majorly offset the angle of the driving Arm. The blunt smash of the snout against the fist’s wrist forced the abomination to take on new inertia. As its form was outstretched like a nuclear head to touch down on its target, the monstrosity was top-heavy and prone, and now the spinning body attached to the end of the Arm began to topple forward and over the whole thing.

The body smashed into the tidal wave of a wall that once encircled it, the water having yet come down to gravity in those initial seconds. While the body cleaved through the now descending high wake and the fist did just the same on the opposite side, the Arm flexed in immediate response. As the body was attached to the swollen bicep, it took a sharp angle in towards its forearm. With the proper timing in that crucial moment, its bone-like right arm used the combined momentum to lash out at the alien reptile that had rebounded off after smashing against spinning Arm. The spiney claw had used the force of its dying spin to bolster the strength of the strike while a thick, pus-like sludge geysered out from its craters and plastered over the victim’s scales.

The Drocolyte writhed in the air as it was was slammed down on its back, the foul goop on its body obscuring all its senses. Despite this, the reptile skillfully maneuvered itself to adjust its falling trajectory, landing into the murky river which snaked around the marsh. The area of impact fizzed and smoked as the goop came into contact with the cold water, creating a thick cloud of smoke where it landed.

A few seconds later, not far behind the monster, the Drocolyte re-emerged downstream of it, letting out a low hiss similar to the earlier cry. Taking advantage of the monstrous torso’s back being turned as it came down from its freefall, it charged forward again, this time with its jaw open to attack. As it reached the base of its foe’s wrapping, whip-like tail, the jaw clamped down and let razor sharp teeth tear through the boneless flesh. After a second of applying crushing pressure, the behemoth’s tail was chopped clean off. The Drocolyte tossed its head up, swallowing a piece of the sticky, pus-oozing flesh it had just bitten. Sizzling steam spilled from between the creature’s teeth as the green, adhesive sludge mixed with the cold marsh water that rolled on its tongue.

When the beast splashed back into the water, so too did the entirety of the amalgamation, the torso landing flat on its back as the Arm was in mid-contraction - all of it crashing onto the Drocolyte directly beneath it. Islands around the marsh pits were immediately awash in the ensuing wake. Steam rose as the toxic pits of green pus were drenched in water. There was no scream of yearning for the loss of the tail from the conscious fiend that was the monster’s left leg, as muddy water had flooded its mouth. While it tried to keep its mind to attention in those vital seconds to control the body, The Commissioner’s Arm reacted on its own yet again. Though somewhat slowed by the slough of the water, the Hand flexed its fingers out, and at the tricky twist of the wrist, it dug its nails into the flanking hide of the Drocolyte right under. It gripped with the intent not to let go, its nails beginning to puncture as it immediately tried to apply massive, crushing force.

The reptilian creature writhed and thrashed around furiously, trying its best to escape the Hand’s grip before it was too late. The hyper-regeneration of the reptilian’s skin meant the claws’ damage would fade away soon, but there was an issue - they were still dug right into the skin. As the fingers closed and the grip tightened on the Drocolyte, its frantic movements changed from wild thrashing to rhythmic, deliberate convulsions.

A few moments later, two globs of thick grey sludge shot out of its mouth, flying out of the water in an arc before splashing back in. The globs sizzled slightly while they were in the water, as the grey substance which seemed to come from the animal itself was mixed with the little bit of green sludge that had yet dissolved in its mouth. After a few seconds, the mucky globs began to wash away, revealing the silhouettes of two strange, half-digested alien creatures inside. They still had a pair of what looked like insectoid wings, and long, thin abdomens with pointed stingers at the end.When the grime had finally dissolved in the water, their bodies bobbed up to the surface.

“This is pathetic.”

Completely remote from the action going on down in the arena, there was a stone balcony sculpted out of the cliff face of the high and distant border mountains. A small avian with an immovable skeletal face stood on the seat of a giant, ornate marble throne. In a similar seat beside it sat another familiar god, shining a brilliant radiance to cut through the thin clouds.

“Your creation is so desperate that it resorted to perfidy!” Yyatl said offendedly up at Maixgreatus, head bobbing like an inspecting bird while speaking. “Utter duplicity! This was supposed to be might against might. How would you like it if I materialized a couple entities out of nowhere? And I was so fair as to even the playing field by accepting this terrain!”

Perfidy? Maxigreatus put a hand on his chest, faking shock and indignance. His slight grin masked by his dazzling facial hair, he shook his head vigorously. “Why, I would never! In fact, my creature is merely a dumb, uncultured animal! It cannot know things such as deception, or trickery.” he said, (un) convincingly buttering up his words. “And besides, these creatures were technically part of my champion’s body, so fair game. The reality is, you are simply amazed at the ingenuity of my creations, Yyatl!” the god boomed, flexing towards the sky.

“You insult me and my champion by calling your own a ‘dumb animal’, as if that were a challenge to rival my works. And then you call this ‘dumb animal’ ingenious?!” Yyatl’s wings fanned out, almost as if raising them in challenge themselves, but they were quickly lowered as composure was retained. “You, Maxigreatus, will witness retribution of a nature not divine, but of a natural course. And I will relish it.”

Beneath turbulent, violently bubbling waters back in the valley of the wetlands, the sinking vessels of the gods had not surfaced. The Commissioner’s Arm extended in a fast twitch reflex, and while the crocodilian monster was still squirming in its grip, the victim’s side soon met the mucked yet hard marsh bed. It was thrust in with such power that the mire collapsed in from the impact, sinking the Drocolyte in somewhat. The Hand’s grip did not let up in all this time, slowly boring its nails through the hide now and into flesh, straining bone and muscles to crush bone and muscle. The Arm began to contract at the elbow to let the rest of its body follow suit there in the bottom of the marsh river, but the body’s reactions were delayed. After a few seconds, the hodge-podge torso was in line to let its two legs - the grotesque, spiked club spine for a right foot and the bogged-down fiend for the left - let out a coordinated and concentrated barrage of bashes and punches against the fallen Drocolyte. It was durable, but only to a limit - and the monster, combined with the arm’s grip, was slowly reaching that limit. Realizing that its flailing would only serve to waste its energy, the reptile instead began to smack the lower body of its opponent with its spiked tail, the smacks aimed mostly at the limbs which were attacking it.

Suddenly, two slender insectoid figures darted into the water, slamming into the larger of the two fighters before darting back out, almost in a spearing fashion. It didn’t look like they were particularly aiming for anything, just the bigger target, and said target happened to be the large, menacing, and slightly egg-looking eyes on the behemoth’s sentient limb. After a few attempts, one of the insects hit its mark, its stinger stabbing right through the eyeball before completely dislodging it and itself, tearing the eye right out of the socket. The wasp’s partner followed soon after, and a second stinger plunged into the open socket.

The fiend’s mouth let out a torrent of bubbles, its scream distorted yet barely audible at this depth. As its socket bled a black-colored liquid, the insectoid’s stinger struck into a collection of cerebral nervous tissue that webbed itself behind the right eye socket. Tearing clear through it forced the fiend to convulse viciously, the monstrous body now aimlessly thrashing dangerously in the water. The oversized left arm began whipping about with its sharply edged knuckles, if not assailing the water and occasionally grazing against the fore of Commissioner Oltt’Gkhalrut’s Arm, then beating mercilessly and thoughtlessly on the Drocolyte beneath. The bone mace of a right leg flexed and twisted all about, if not swinging back to accidentally leave shallow, jagged punctures on the back of its thigh, it would pummel into the trapped victim below and against the mutated crocodilian tail, or scrape against the flailing arms of the spasming left leg.

The loss of control of the body appeared to have no effect on the Arm, however. If sound were not distorted underwater, the first cracks of bone would ring out from within its grasp. The Arm, in fact, contracted its bicep even more, lowering the uncontrolled body attached to it much closer to its trapped victim. Pummeled by all four of the attached vessel’s limbs and hopelessly caught in the Arm’s grip with its stabbing, tearing claws, the Drocolyte began thrashing even more as its skeleton cracked and shattered. Its hyper-regenerating cells could only heal around the Hand’s fingers, worsening the situation.

In a final, cruel twist of irony, one of the insectoids who had finally lodged itself out of the fiend’s eye shot right through the water, and straight into the animal’s open jaw. It let out a momentary growl before its body finally conceded to the pressure. Its ribs shattered and snapped, the pieces all piercing its internal organs as the bony chassis surrounding its body crumbled. With a muffled snap, the animal was crushed by the Hand’s grip.

As if it could sense no more struggle from beneath its palm, The Commissioner’s Hand tore its claws away from the flesh of the Drocolyte, leaving gaping, bleeding holes that were now slow to seal as the life of the reptilian had passed on. The spasming vessel still attached at the Arm hadn’t calmed down, as still lodged in the fiend’s eye was the other wasp creature, unable to free itself from how deeply it seated its sting in the bed of nerves. The Arm only reacted, and after straightening itself so that the torso was up off the ground and at the mercy of the water’s slow current, it used its massive fingers to creep its way along the muddied marsh floor and to the Drocolyte’s head. With its pinky, ring, index fingers, and thumb on either side of the head, the massive middle finger pulled back before flicking forward, bashing at the creature’s skull square between the eyes. The Hand did it again and again and again until the skull completely caved in from the trauma.

When all was done, the Hand splayed its palm flat on the bed floor, and with a massive push off, managed to propel its entire form flush out. The colossus erupted out of the water, with giant murky waves flung from every direction of its exit. Landing on solid ground was not as graceful though, as the Arm landed with itself curled inward, the violently twitching torso attached smashing against the earth first. The very impact caused a great cracking sound on the land as it caused a small depression beneath, and a choked cry of pain from the left leg as it contorted from landing onto the dog-sized insect that immediately splattered beneath its head and shoulder. The landing had in fact driven the creature’s stinger in deeper, and limbs began an intense, epileptic clawing at anything in their involuntarily path.

Oltt’Gkhalrut’s Hand reached out beside it, took the fiend’s head between its thumb and index finger, and crushed it. The body immediately went limp.

With a vile mass of disease-dripping dead flesh still sealed to the end of its bicep, The Arm stood itself up, regardless. It was a massive pole of woven flesh and bone, and its vessel was a draped, rotting flag - and yet it stood, marking the marshland and the battle in victory for God Yyatl and The Crux Universe.



Crobat is ProBat

Seen 6 Days Ago
Posted April 13th, 2019
MerkAVA vs Houga Bouba


It was a city setting. Merk was still confused on how keeps on getting himself to this weird places but at least he has an inkling why. There is a fuzzy memory in his mind about a battle with a shapeshifting man in a desert where he was utterly destroyed. He was prattling on about defeating opponents and such and Merk guessed that he is supposed to fight.

His first mistake during the previous fight was underestimating his opponent. There was some freaky magic happening around and his guns won’t simply work against his opponents. He decided that he wouldn’t waste any time and just go inside AVA before he do anything else. He looked back and spotted his shiny lover basking in the high sun’s light. He opened the hatchet on top and cranked up the engine. AVA roared into life. Merk checked all the controls, all the weapons, before he even took his first feet.

A roar sounded as a building exploded beside him. Concrete rain fell off onto AVA but the sturdy armor proved to be a match to the material. Merk controlled the periscope inside his tank and directed it towards the broken building. A huge creature with three horns on his head is roaring in anger. Merk could approximate that it is at least fifteen feet tall. It was holding a huge double-sided axe that sinisterly glint in the sunlight. The creature’s two eyes were huge circles on its head and its irises were deep red. A bunch of veins are popping out on its neck and forehead. It was wearing a ragged clothing as its clothing but not much armor. Merk reckoned that he could take the thing out, at the very least. There seemed to be nothing spectacular about the creature.

Merk started the fight with a single tank-shot to the creature. Merk was aiming for the face of the creature in an effort to knock it out with one hit. However, for some weird reason, the bullet swerved away just before it hit the giant. It roared again and started running towards AVA. Merk fired another round towards it but, like the first one, it simply dodged it.

“Nothing hit Houga!” the creature roared. Merk thought that Houga was an ugly name but didn’t have enough time to think about it as the creature smashed its axe on top of AVA. It was an impressive attack as Merk could feel his tank’s armor vibrate from the impact but he trusted that it would hold. At close quarters, Merk felt that whatever was sending his ammunition away from Houga would fail. He fired another round towards Houga but the bullet simply flew upwards, completely missing Houga. It fell with a clank not ten feet away from the two. Meanwhile, Houga was smashing and pounding away on AVA. Merk put the tank in reverse to dodge the next axe blow and this unbalanced Houga. It fell on the ground face-first.

Merk revved his tank forward again, not missing a heartbeat. If his cannons and guns would not be able to bring the giant down, running him down will probably do the trick. However, even if Houga was down, AVA was met with an invisible barrier that seemed to block it. The front end of AVA crumpled but Merk managed to brake in time to reduce the damage done to the other parts of the tank. Merk’s head shook as it tried to assess the situation.

Houga roared as it stood up. Its nostrils flared and looked at AVA directly. Its eyes were full of malice. Houga bowed down and started running horns first. Merk saw the form before in fantasy movies. Houga is trying to flip AVA upside down. He hit the reverse again and started driving back. He was firing his cannons towards Houga but each hit swerved away. Thankfully, Houga was not an endurance fighter as it stopped before it reached AVA. Even if the giant is panting, Merk knew that he is at a disadvantage. He couldn’t hit the giant with AVA, and he can’t even run him down. None of his weapons seemed to work against the giant and Houga could crumple AVA with repeated blows from the axe.

As if reading Merk’s mind, Houga rushed towards the tank again. Merk tried to do a little turn to evade the attack but Houga put its big hands on AVA, locking it in place. Merk looked around the surroundings and see if he could use anything. Houga started hammering away.

Merk only saw huge buildings around. Nothing natural. No water, no trees. Just the paved road and the building. That’s it. Merk fired another round towards Houga and, unsurprisingly, it swerved. Most of them just clattered uselessly on the floor. Merk continued his assault of the giant until one of the bullets swerved enough to hit one of the buildings in the area. It started to fall towards the pair. Merk knew that AVA could still survive that. He hoped that Houga won’t. Merk continued to fire for good measure, letting more bullets hit more buildings.

Houga was impervious to the attacks being done by Merk as each cannon fire bounce off his invisible shield. It continued pounding AVA with the axe which is starting to leave dents in the armor. However, Houga didn’t see the buildings that started to fall around them. Merk smiled as he heard the concrete breaking.

However, the buildings simply bounced off the back of Houga. The giant was distracted and cared to look behind him. The buildings were simply floating in mid-air. It didn’t crash into Houga as Merk expected. Merk stood inside AVA with his mouth open as Houga laughed, the sound very crass and very painful to the ears.

“Houga blocks all attacks that can do considerable damage. Only Houga’s axe enter shield bubbe,” the giant smiled. It raised the axe again and cleaved the AVA’s turret off. Merk groaned. That would psyduck up the weapons system of AVA. Not that it matters of course since it seemed that Houga was practically impossible to kill.

“Houga axe kills puny beings,” Houga roared as it continued it onslaught. Slowly, AVA’s armor was deteriorating and that was when it hit Merk. He had only once chance to defeat the giant. He activated the smoke launchers from the side of AVA, releasing a thick smoke throughout the battlefield. Houga was confused for a moment as the smoke filled the whole area. There was zero visibility. Merk slowly opened the hatchet of AVA and climbed out. Houga didn’t see Merk come out the tank. Merk tried to approach the giant and managed to position himself behind him. As the smoke cleared, Houga still saw AVA in front of him. He laughed and continued his assault. It pained Merk to see his loved tank be subjected to such beating but AVA would not be able to help him now.

He started climbing Houga’s back. Thankfully, there were a lot of holds on the giant’s back due to scabs, scars, and callous. When Merk reached the back of Houga’s back, he drew his knife and pricked Houga. It wasn’t much but it did call Houga’s attention.

The giant roared in annoyance and surprise as it turned around. Merk could only hold on tightly to a hair follicle as Houga whipped around looking for the opponent. Merk pricked the skin again which only seemed to anger Houga more.

In its annoyance, it raised its axe and swung it down his back. It was not the brightest of giants as it roared in pain as his own attack hit him. Merk kept on pricking the neck of Houga to infuriate it more. It didn’t learn.

By its own attacks to itself, Houga fell down, his back full of axe-marks where he hit himself in an effort to defeat Merk. Green blood was dripping everywhere but Merk just kneeled there and shouted for joy since he just had his first win.


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