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Old February 27th, 2017 (6:07 AM).
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    The hitmonshan knocks the Steelix forward from behind as the bird burns the steel type to it's utter defeat. As the Steel snake laid there, the sandstorm began clearing up some, getting weaker as Sparth looks back at the rest of the group and then back at Sevish. "We have to get the others!" Sparth charged back towards the camp area with Tassa in tow as he watched Chebyl's pokemon take on a Steelix head to head. Sparth bobbed his head back to Tassa towards the Steelix as the fire bird Focus Blasts the Steel type aside and starts using overheat. The steel type then burrows underground and makes a run for it away from the battle as the sandstorm finally settles. The last Steelix looks at it's defeated brethren and back at the coward that ran before giving a loud roar and retreating. "....*Sigh* Roll Call, Is everyone Alive and present?! Lin? Gelius? Chebyl? Sevish? Orion?" He asks as he digs into his bag and releases Kinn from his ball. He starts pulling out bandages and curses under his breath when he pulls out a mason jar of a golden-thick honey like substance. Dipping the bandages in it and wrapping the aloans boddy before spraying him with a potion that was nearly empty. He returns Tassa and Kinn to their balls and looks back. "We need to make our way to the barrier soon, the sooner I know who's alive, the sooner we can keep moving!"

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    Old March 2nd, 2017 (6:19 AM).
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      Double Team - Chapter 2 / Part Final

      Between the brink of life and death, it's all decided by the entity itself. When someone decided to take the former decision, their will to survive will be tested. If they emerged victorious, they'll simply grow stronger, eventually easing their replication on facing the same incident they'll face from the initial limbo and so on the cycle repeats...

      ...until they decided to give up.
      The slight breeze that blows slowly decreases in intensity. Skies are getting clearer for many minutes has passed. The sun shone its almighty ray, radiating the heat throughout the whole barren wasteland. No longer perturbed by the overwhelming sandstorm, the Urban Lion of Sinnoh giggled erratically.

      "Hehe, we...did it, I..."

      Due to the outfit she donned the whole time, she could no longer bear the heatstroke that she endured from the start of the defense. Falling on her knees into the golden sands of victory, the two Pokémon noticed that she has just gotten a terrible fever for breaking too much sweat. The Lumineon only looked at her with no grief whatsoever. On the other hand, Stonehenge approached the Neon Pokémon and spoke in their language, through imaginable audible voices.

      "We have to help her."
      "I can't."
      "What do you mean?"
      "I'm bound to only her orders."
      "Are you telling me you will do nothing? She is your Trainer."
      "I know, and I'm just awaiting her orders."
      "This is no time for some 'yes sir' reason. If you are not going to, then I will."
      "Do as you will. I'm merely following orders."

      The Compressed Pokémon formed several glowing, white gems to lift her and put her into his back. Gently moving forward due to his slowness, he said another sentence.

      "I know not much if she is a bad Trainer, but I find it ironic when Pokémon becomes too attached with their Trainer, in a much more different way that anyone would think of. Perhaps it is my Trainer who always put the laxness in our life that made me realize that you are just like a tool at this point."
      "I'm not a tool. I'm just one of her beloved Pokémon."
      "What kind of Pokémon who only helps when ordered? Can you really call yourself her beloved now?"
      "My point stands. I'm not a tool and I'm her beloved Pokémon. I'm better than anyone else, not even you will suffice against me."
      "Just as I expected, you are up to no good."
      "You're a slow observant, aren't you? Serves you right, this should be enough for a sitcom of my own victory. Then I don't need to act and hide it anymore. Time to put an end to both of you."
      "Your plan sounds retarded from the start, there is no such Pokémon who would do that. I have no idea what made you to turn sides either."
      "You don't even know her, yet you choose to help her, because your Trainer abandoned you to an outsider, right?"
      "He entrusted me to her. My responsibility is also hers. I am unfazed by your weak reasoning."
      "Playing hero and princess now? Heh, if I eliminate all of you, wouldn't it be a sad ending? Besides, I'm all here for the reward."
      "Reward? What reward?"
      "How uninformed. When she said to herself that anyone who wins this challenge will be granted any wish. ANY WISH! Who wouldn't want that!?"
      "Your lust for power has made you mad, huh? We will see about that."

      An unexpected turn of events has caused a confusion between both sides at first. But now that the malicious Pokémon has been found out to be a double-faced assailant who wanted to claim the reward for herself at the beginning, Stonehenge has no choice but to turn his side and defeat the rogue Pokémon. The water cascades will sever him through if he's not careful, and he kinda wished if anyone would be there to assist him. Without battle commands from his Trainer, he took a battle stance to ensure that he can focus on predicting every incoming moves from the cunning Lumineon. Letting out an intimidating growling noise, the unperturbed Neon Pokémon laughed maniacally, revealing her true persona.

      "I will make you eat rocks."
      "And I'll make you drink water."

      "Oh for the lord of mom's spaghetti, this is too bright! Maybe I'll be getting cool red eyes after this like what was it called again... Shaningan? Or was it Shenanigan? Uh... I think I got an itch on my butt and armpit, can you scratch the butt one? Augh! Not you, boxing guy! That's gross! Now if you please, I want to see the others firsthand. I'm sure they're unhurt...maybe."
      VPP: Darmanitan @ Level 100: 3,132

      NOTE: It's just a game in PokéTrivia. While you're at it, why not try coming in here to post?
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      Old March 17th, 2017 (5:56 PM).
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        Sparth walks over to the passed out Chebyl as he pulls out a clear-seethrough berry and squeezes it in his hands, bursting the berry and dumping fresh water it had been gathering all over her head. "Well, your alive so far.... I haven't heard from the others." He looks back at the tent and spots Mello. ".... We're getting ready to move to the next region where your trainer is. If anything, you better follow me for the moment if you want to get through the barrier." Sparth holds out a hand to help Chebyl up. "... Well, you should have enough POINTS to pass the first barrier. We need to get moving before those steel snakes regroup and come back."


        Shadoan finally wakes up after a long nap to see Avaith sleeping beside him and Cinders helping Irek Salvage the Behemoth's supplies while Jev, with his horn bandaged loosely, starts creating a barricade with what few crates he could salvage from the cargo. Irek places to stockpiled wood down to see Shadoan awake and rushes over. "Hey!.... You've come too." "Yeah... How bad is everything?" "1/2 the team is missing, Avaith is in a Coma, Jev is....recovering slowly, though I'm telling him to Rest, he's used up his ration of Baloo Leaves among anything with caffeine and started working on a barricade." Shadoan looks at his legs, still purple and sore fromt he crash landing earlier. "And our home?" "... We've lost engines 3 and 2, 1 is still intact and 4 can be fixed with some work. Although we've lost most of the super structure except for the wheel and the hull has a huge gap in it.... The lab is still intact however we've.... well...." Shadoan rests his back against the steel wall "We lost our larger Way Stone, our exit to get back to earth that we charged, did we?" Irek nods as Shadoan leans forward. "....Let's Rig the Behemoth. Cut the Dead engines, and remove the damaged excess from the hull. We can use what we cut out for materials to defend ourselves and get the behemoth flying again..." "With what?....." Shadoan holds his head in his hands and sighs. "Right... most of us are missing and were not even in fighting condi-" Shadoan looked up and out over into the mountains. " .... How long have we've been wrecked?" "A few hours." "And there are no league officers... And the pokemon tribes we're on Lethia when Grimor took it." "Ye- Muk.. We're about to be attacked, are we?.... Jev! Drag Shadoan in the captains quarters. Defend him and no arguments.... And change his bandages!! Cidners, I need help with some camouflage."

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          (JP Done by Myself and Quto)

          Sparth looked back out over the Silitune sands, and noticed the only one who had consciousness so far was Gelius. Sparth frowns as he drags one of the over-heated team mates over his Shoulder. "Gelius, right?... We need to carry who we can to the Barrier before nightfall."
          Sparth looks back out over the sand as his pupils widen. "If we can't get through the barrier, they'll be back and in far greater numbers."

          Gelius put a hand on his head. What the hell just happened, he did not know. But he had to help, even if Sparth could do on his own. He decided to pick out Blader the Sceptile and Sandgon the Flygon, his largest Pokemon, to help carry people. He grabbed Lin, and put her over his shoulder, as she was completely out. She seemed okay at first glance, but better be careful than having someone dead. The Sceptile carried Chebyl, and it placed Sevish on Flygon's back

          "That is obviously the smartest thing to do." Gelius said, ready to move.

          With the team in hands of both Gelius's Team and the boy's alike, Sparth leads the group all the way towards a section of desert where the biome looked like with was changing until he stopped. Holding his hand out in thin air, he pressed it against what looked like air until the invisible wall made itself know, glowing an errire violet light as a symbol of a hand appears on the wall, followed by a '3.' Sparth
          Turns to Gelius and smirks a little. "THIS is what you earn points for, to pass barriers like this... There are several across Lethia now, walling off the Biomes. If we want to traverse ALL of Lethia, we need points to get past the great barriers." He starts walking into the wall as it distorts like a shattered mirror until he and his load is carried fully through. Though as he passes, it looked like he had vanished into thin-air.
          He sticks his head back through the barrier until his head looked like it was a floating creature out of halloween. "Place your hand against the barrier first for the point exchange, otherwise, you'll just bump your nose.... Hurry through, there's something you gotta see."

          Gelius did so as he instructed, and passed through. Now what was this he wanted to see? His Pokemon followed him.

          On the other side of the mirror Shattered barrier was a LARGE engine that looked like it came off of a massive Air Ship. On the ground near t he engine was a chunk of wood that read "S.S. Behemoth...... Did a Cruise ship Crash here? This far inland?"

          "The Behemoth? That... Kinda brings me down to a memory lane. But what the heck is it doing here?" Gelius questioned. He thought the ship was sailing, erm, i mean, flying. He also remembered who was the owner of it. But he would never crash a ship, would he? Someone clearly have stole it, was his thought. But something was wrong.

          "Well, the better question is how did it get this far inland?" Sparth looked further into the forest green where the Behemoth wreckage was. as he started following the trail of debris. Leading from downed trees to carved rocks and crates both smashed and still intact. Sparth stopped along the way to check the crates and found various gathered supplies of herbs and plants from the Lethia Region. From Star Drops to the Water Berries.
          Including some Sol Vines among other items like potions and medicines. "Whatever crashed was very well prepared... There's plants and all sort's of **** from this region, you could run a store back on Earth with this kind of Cargo." Sparth finally comes across a leather booklet with pages that we're yellow from age and nearly falling out. He picks it up and reads the first page he sees. "..... Herbology of Lethia, Journal 1? Shadoan somebody...."

          Gelius was checking on stuff. These crates, and herbs inside em were really remembering of Shadoan. He was being cautious, and analyzing the surroundings carefully. That was, until a book that Sparth picked up caught his attention. What caught more attention to him was the fact that it was an Herbology of Lethia's Book. Is there any more attention inducing? Well, surprisingly, something caught his attention even more! Shadoan's name was referred. In fact, that book belonged to Shadoan! So this means, he must be somewhere within the ship. "Sparth, where did you find that?" Gelius asked.

          Sparth points at a familiar, torn rucksack buried underneath a scrap of metal. A loud shout is heard from a familiar voice 'Blast! JEV, GET YOUR BUG END OVER THERE AND REINFORCE THE WA- AAAAH!..... THAT'S IT!!" A large thunder bolt follows as it rains from the sky and down to the encompassed woods near the mountain. Static discharge filled the air and started making Sparth's Hair start to stand on end. "Sounds like someone need's help...."

          Gelius had picked up the rucksack. Yep, it was definitely Shadoan's rucksack. He then heard a familiar voice, and saw lightning hit the ground. There was no doubt. That was Irek, Shadoan defenitely is inside! He ran towards the ship.

          A group of Ghost pokemon we're attacking the ship as Irek was attempting to defend with a set of wires tape to his cheeks as he tries to act as the electrical current and a battery to shock the ghosts from trying to board the ship though he was beginning to loose consciousness and energy.
          He was breathing heavily as he attempts to fend them off, pulling double duty in defending his crashed floating home.

          Gelius ventured through the ship, Weavile out, ready for whatever it needed. He was hearing them. They were near. "Hold on guys, i'm coming..." Gelius spoke under his breath...

          Sparth sighed as he looked onward into the mist of battle and released his Combusken, "Let's go give them a hand." The two circle around the oppisite direction from Gelius and started charging from behind.
          In the dust of pitched battle, Gastly's were tackling the electrified defenses while haunter's we're attempting the hypnotize from a distance with glowing eyes malevolence. Dusclops we're firing barrages of Shadow Ball, a Spirittomb is using Spiritomb to pulse darker energies to dominate the field.
          A lone Gengar watches from afar at t he spectical and starts to giggle as the attack seems to have made some progress, all the while Sparth and his team we're creeping up behind it.

          Weavile simply started moving ahead, and once her got in position, he jumped forwards, using Night Slash on a Gastly, and afterwards, at high speeds, taking down the Gastlys. Once the Gastlys were down, Dusk landed on place, so the Weavile could show itself. Gelius soon enough caught up with the situation.

          As The Gengar too notice to the Weavile, He began floating towards it until the shadow of a bird took him down from behind with a firey blast from OVerheat as she pins it to the ground. Sparth walks around and bends at his legs as he stares at the ghostly type. "Long-time no see Gengar... or is it Spivus?" Sparth had an evil-looking grin as the Gengar frowned, looking on at the trainer in fear. "I don't remember you making this many friends.... or are they your underlings?"
          Irek fell back, exhausted from the use of his power as Gelius and his team came onto the scene. "It's about time...... ****." He yanks the wires off his cheeks, yelping in pain from the tape pulling part of his green fur with him as he looked onward as his rescuers began to fight.

          Weavile was ready to fight. A Ghost Type? "Dusk, can you handle this?" Gelius asked, as the Weavile nodded confidently. Therefore, Gelius would be able to leave it to the Weavile, while he could check on the others. If needed, Gelius still had three more Pokemon.

          Irek looked up at Gelius, chuckling. "Well, your a sight for sore eyes.... Shadoan is critically injured, but he's still alive and breathing for now... Jev is injured, Avaith is out for the count and his kid is resting with Shadoan." Irek get's up as he stumbles forward. As Dusk takes down a couple of Haunters, only to get surround by a group or spiritombs popping out of the ground and barraging it with Dark Pulses.
          "Your Weavile is about to become that way too if your not careful. These pokemon are more organized..." In the distance, Sparth could be seen talking to Gengar with Tassa holding it in place. It isn't long until Sparth get's up from his legs and Tassa throws the ghost type out of the battle using a combination or Focus Blast and a 2nd Overheat. "Tassa, assist the others." Sparth has his hand up to his chin as he starts to ponder.
          "So I wonder....."

          "Oh don't worry." Gelius said, as Dusk simply smirked, showing the claws. It starts by attacking the Dusclops forcefully, taking down most of them with Multiple Night Slashes. Again, Dark Pulses are not very effective. Weavile then turned it's attention to the Spiritombs, and engaged them to battle if needed. "How can i help you up?" Gelius asked.

          "Some Star Drops, I have a crate of Sol Vines to make medicine to help the others, but I need Star drops to make it." The remaining force pulls their focus from the wrecked ship and start gathering into a large ball of ghost's above, each of the ghost types looking down as a large amount of energy gathers, dark energy to form one massive Shadowball. When formed, the giant ball of darkness is released and begins to loom over the survivng group. Tassa runs up behind Dusk
          Setting fire to it's right Arm before Launching it into the air towards the ball of impending doom. Tassa Follows up promptly, firing a blazing flame thrower in hopes to stop the attack.

          Dusk simply uses the ship to jump around, and then goes for a big Jump, for a Night Slash, right to the ball. Let the high Critical Chances do it's job. Gelius in the other hand, went to find the Sol Vines, while Sceptile and Flygon were guarding the unconscious ones. Olympia the Eevee, Wave the Wingull and Metagon the Shiny Metang guarded the wounded ones.

          The ball of energy disperses as Dusk falls and Tassa Catches it, clasping it's fist to put out fire she made. She then drops Dusk and walks around him towards Sparth who was walking over to a wandering Gelius before he looks back at the downed ship. "So this is the Behemoth?" He inspects the downed aircraft from the debris down to the carge laying out and around. "A green Pikachu?" Sparth comes eye to eye with Irek as Irek stares back.
          "Yeah, a green, bad-ass called Irek." "....So your a league officer, I didn't expect one to be able to get past the initiation back on Earth." "I didn't, my trainer did." Sparth's eyes widen a little in surprise. "Trainer?... That's rare, I didn't think you had the free will to choose to be controlled by someone else to make your decisions for you." "Well, I didn't make the choice to be the officer either nor did I choose to have the ability to speak... You seem to know that Gengar pretty well."
          Sparth's eyes narrowed as he stared at Irek. "Well Played fur ball... Where is your trainer?" "Resting meat sack."

          Gelius had brought the Sol Vines. He also was carrying some of the stuff belonging to Shadoan, so he could return them when he wakes up. "Alright Sol Vines. Now, do Star Drops grow nearby?" Gelius spoke.

          Sparth answered. "They grow everywhere but rarely. There might some over the next rise... Eh, I'll go. Tassa, Stay behind and help the others." As Sparth leaves, Irek looks at Gelius. "Long time no see.... Where did you meet the asshole?" Irek Asked as he watched Sparth walk off.

          Gelius had sent Wave to assist Sparth in finding stuff, before he sat down. "Yeah it has been three years... I met him in the desert. We were a group to the league. Then we were attacked at the desert and decided to take unconscious people out. And then we found the Behemoth. What about you guys? What has life given you?" Gelius asked.

          Irek chuckled. "Research. Pokemon leagues don't really cut it for us anymore. Battles from the trainers to the gym's have become practical childs play for us. We got tired of fighting so we tried something a bit more domesticated and began researching Lethia's Plants." He looks back at the Crate of Lun Roots. "Like you know already, Lethia grows it's own breed of plants not really native or found anywhere back home. So we began to plant and reproduce the plants at a green house back in Johto. We started making cheap but effective medicines and products and started selling them off. We've made a pretty profit to keep the Behemoth running and started stocking up on the ship before we came here.... Though I have to admit, I didn't think the way stone that small would do us so roughly in... I'm also wondering what happened to the Way Stone Drive we had on the ship."

          "I see... Well, i myself, have changed since then... After i left Lethia, Orre was my next destination. I did indeed do some intense training, and learned that there was a long way to go. And then i tried The Indigo League. I finally saw my parents, I have beaten the 8 Gyms of Kanto, and i was eliminated in the League's first round. Kanto was no child's play. They had years of experience, and that showed to me, that, 10 years of experience is not enough. So, after a bit, i decided to a vacation. And when i heard about Lethia, i had a new objective. To prove myself i can do this." He said, and sighed. "It has been rough since i started, and i heard that Lethia changed a whole lot! That last part may be false information i was given, but eh, i came to check myself." Gelius spoke.

          "Well, if we found the Drive, then I guess you'd be wanting to stay here rather than head home; right?" He asked as he gathers some of the wood debris and uses his sheeks to spark a fire before starting a smaller controlled fire. "Well, that would be our offer. We prepared and designed a Teleportation using Waystone's we we're able to gether from other Lethia attendants and we we're able to charge them to get us back home to earth. Though when I did a run-down of the ship, It was knocked loose... That and the library of books plus Shadoan's Journals. Especially the ones on the Herbs in Lethia and our notebook on... Well." Irek sighed as he sat down and began roasted an Oran berry. "Our research to figure out the Ascendant evoloution; or what make's whatever abominations I am now work. 2 Element, higher IQ and the inability to evolve." He chuckled as he lays back and starts eating the cooked berry. "Kinda sad actually. Shadoan had a good idea and we made decent headway, but we we're only able to come up with 1/3 of the puzzle. We don't have our references any more to figure out the rest."

          "Right now, i would help you. But i don't wanna go back to Earth just yet. There's a Challenge, therefore, i must do it. But you need help, right? And before all, take these." He said, taking out the rucksack and book of Herbology. "These are yours, right?" He said, putting them next to Irek. "Well, what is this puzzle you talk about? Surely, i can help you with something." Gelius spoke.

          Irek Grinned "That would help some, yeah. That would restore part of our missing collection... Just 3 other Herb Journals are missing now. As for the puzzle..." Irek took some Charcoal and started Drawing on the Deck. "For the longest time, we though Grimor was responsible for the 2nd element bull**** on Ascended pokemon... We we're actually wrong... Or at least we think we're wrong... Grimors Body does contain the elements to do things at a smaller level in terms of cells and what not, invoking evolution, but he isn't the cause of it. Mostly because when we we're all here LAST time, the villains that cut his body up didn't make use of the ascendant evolution and just started using his body parts to control the region. If they did that, they could have figure out how to do the ascending evolution.... but they never did.... Shadoan and the rest of us started digging a little deeper into the mystery and we think that it's a certain plant or element on Lethia we just haven't documented yet. Something Native to Lethia. We think that if we could find it, we could solve a couple larger questions we've had about pokemon evolution that the other researchers would have taken years to figure out.... Maybe even invoke evolution to ascended pokemon... Like a green Raichu or something along that line, Maybe even Mega Evolve like what was discovered recently."

          "Pokemon Eh? So it's research you are focusing on... Well, myself, i still am associated with Elm, who, in return, is associated with Oak. If possible, we can dial em if possible. As for your puzzle, what you said, it definitely made sense. If it wasn't what you looked for, then something else is happening. I remember researching Mega Evolution, and i know something. It's sources are unknown. Where did it come from? What made it exist?" Gelius asked. He never achieved Mega Evolution, but he has managed to get some studies. "As for Pokemon itself, i can help you out, once again. You guys are expert in plants and stuff from Lethia, correct? Therefore, you know what Lethia offers, how to navigate through it, you know what are the dangers and it's geography. Meanwhile, i know almost everything about almost all Pokemon Species. I studied their behavior over years, since day one of my journey, and even documented stuff. Therefore, i am gladly to help you in research." Gelius said. Meanwhile, Wave was flying around, keeping an eye on Sparth, while looking for Star Drops.

          "Well, your here for the challenge, so why not take down two birds with one stone? Once we make some... alterations, we can get the Behemoth fixed and act as a temporary home and help everyone else find and fight Grimor. The region will belong to whoever beats him, right? I don't mind helping with the challenge nor would Shadoan..." Sparth returned with Wave with a handful of Yellow, plant-like bulbs, Star drops and some pinkish cotton material attached to some wood. "I found a few Star Drops and some Dream Marsh to help with the pain.... Where's your Sol Vines?" Irek pointed over to Gelius as he sat by the fire small fire with the others. "Well, here you go." Irek Took both the Star Drops and Sol Vines and began mixing and cooking the medicine before it churned out into a honey-golden like paste. "I'll need to let this cool a bit before application.... Whatever happen to your Pichu, Gelius?"

          "Ah the little fella? Well, remember when i said i Challenged the Indigo League? Well, crossing the Viridian Forest, we found a group of Pikachu. And Pichu seemed so happy in there, so he decided to stay there for the meantime. My parents still manage to keep an eye on him though. As in, Pichu and Pikachu at times come around Route 1, and my Parents live in Pallet Town. So therefore, if anything happens to him, i know right at the moment... Plus, the fights were not being easy for the little fella, so he wanted to take it as training. Though Weavile, when we found a Colony of Sneasel, did not want to go. As in, he wanted to stay with me. He's loyal. But you know what? I miss the little fella, and perhaps, when this is done, i go check on him." Gelius said. Then silence was heard. "Sooo... What happened to the other Pokemon? I remember that there were more." Gelius said. The Eevee lied down next to Irek, and Wave simply landed on Gelius' shoulder.

          "What your looking at is all that's left, everyone else got thrown off the ship... " "Then is THIS yours?" Sparth pulled an uncounscious Mello from his bag as Irek looked at him. "Where did you find her?" "In the Silitune Sands, Speaking english like yourself." Irek's eyes wided a little and turns to Gelius. "Is this true?" "Is my word not good enough." "Well, Gelius met you in a desert, your foul-mouthed and something about you pisses me off."

          "Yeah, it is true. So i guess we have found one of yours." Gelius said, puling out crackers. "Ya guys want some? I got plenty food." He said, putting them on some sort of plate, and putting it in the center of everyone. He then pulled out his Notebook, most of the first pages, mainly, all of the ones he wrote first time he was in Lethia, were burned or torn off. He then wrote down about what Irek said before. "So the Behemoth has rooms? Might be usefull." He said.

          "Those rooms are smashed, and when we finish re-building from what's left of the scrap, we may have to cut the rooms available by a LARGE number.... 2 of the engines are still intact though one needs to be worked on and the other two fell off somewhere in the region." Sparth looked around at the ship and back to Irek. "I'll fix it then. In exchange for some of that medicine and a temporary room onboard your ship. When we're both done on Lethia, I'll jump ship and you'll not have to bother with me again." Sparth looks at the Behemoth and sighs as he looks back at Sparth. "It's going to need a lot of work, We need to cut the Bow and shorten it be a couple feet, a set of something to act as Sails and materials to replace what already has a hole everywhere to make this thing sea-worthy and we need the damaged engine looked at and moved somewhere else." "I'll get started on the engines then. I may not look it, but I know a small ways around machines."

          "I can make makeshift habitable places. It's no problem to me. In fact, arranging the rooms to make it somewhat more comfortable and usable is no problem for me. But for now, we need to use pillows, blankets, mattresses and sleeping bags as our makeshift beds. We also need a place for the unconscious ones to rest a bit." Gelius said, and went silent for a bit. "Is it possible to explore most of the ship? Perhaps once we are ready, we can explore the Ship and finds materials and tools. Now about your medicine, is it almost done?" Gelius asked, looking at the medicines. He had berries and potions and medicine he got if needed to help healing up. "I shall take out my sleeping bag. It be best if Shadoan and Avaith used it to rest on it. It's better than floor to be honest." He said, taking it out. He also extended two blankets on the floor, and put a pillow. "The Melloetta should lie down there. Once again, better than floor." Gelius said, taking out his Full Restore to heal his Weavile.

          "This medicine is for Shadoan Gelius. He had his legs crushed and has lost a lot of blood. His limbs are still intact, but the bones are out of place. THIS, should heal him up perfectly, the combination is like an all heal for almost anything biological." Irek Checked the Jar he placed the honey-like medicine in and smiles. "It's cooled, it should work." Irek goes through Shadoans returned Rucksack and pulls out a knife. "I'm going to go apply this. You can leave the unconscious in the mess hall until we get what's left of the Behemoth afloat."
          Below on the sides of the Behemoth where the engines and inspects the motors. ".... Tassa, start cutting along the side.... ANY POKEMON ON GELIUS'S TEAM! We need some muscle here, We're going to move the engine over."

          Once the Unconscious ones were carried to a Mess Hall, Weavile and Sceptile helped the Combusken in cutting along the side, while Metang and Flygon helped in moving the engine. Wave was doing a scouting job, as in, if something happened, he would warn the group. Meanwhile, Gelius checked some part of the ship. It was unstable, and something could fall. Therefore, he was careful. He picked a Hammer, a wrench and a screwdriver. They can be useful. He took scraps of wood as well, since they can help in making makeshift stuff, such as beds, shelter, fixings, tools and even to create stuff. Surely, some bolts and screws were around, as wells as nails. These can be used. He started exiting said part, and took the items to where the job was being done. "Brought materials and tools. They might serve useful in the future." He said.

          After a while, they were Able to cut the engines loose, Sparth went through multiple floors on the ship and started spray painting red lines, where the group would have to start cutting. Walking back towards the stairs, he meets Gelius as he was exploring the ship. "Anything with a red line needs to be cut, Have your Weavile and Sceptile cut them while I start working on rigging the power to the engines new location when we atta-" He paused a moment and started walking towards Shadoan's Room where Irek was standing beside a bloody cot, and wrapped Sahdoan's legs in fresh bandages with only a 1/4 of the powerful healing medicine left. "What did the Behemoth run on in terms of fuel? What made the engines run?" "A combination of Gaia Stones and Waystones. Gaia Stones cause the anti-gravity which allows the ship to float and way stones have a massive collection of energy to keep them spinning faster to allow the Behemoth to ascend to higher altitudes." "Any method of getting the stones to spin for a minimal amount of anti-gravity?" Irek sighs as he finishes Bandaging Shadoan and tosses Sparth the gold medicine. "Not entirely, We can make a makeshift battery and I can charge it, though that will only get the Gaia stones spinning for a few hours, if anything, we're basically making the Behemoth jump long distances." Sparth leaves the room and locates a map of the ship plastered on the wall. "... We'll need to cut a little more here... then.... Though.... I wonder." As Gelius was returning from his scavenging with an armload of gear, Sparth pulls him aside. "I got a job for you and your probably not going to like it, but it's the best chance we have to get the Behemoth floating again."

          "Which is?" Gelius questioned, as Sceptile and Weavile kept doing their jobs. If it was in terms of Electricity, Wave could discharge a Shock Wave strong enough for a few more hours.

          "I'm going to need you to head over to a cave about a mile from here and look for some Psic Rocks.... The look purple and have a crystal like body, sort of like a shell covering a slightly smaller stone.... It doesn't sound so bad except that once you pick it up, physically, your going to go on a little trip as if you we're drugged as long as you keep it in your possesion." Sparth pulls out a slip of paper and draws a make-shift map of the area. "I suggest bringing 1 pokemon with you, mostly to both guide you and bring you back here safetly.... Leave the rest here to help guard the Behemoth, incase we run into other problems like those ghosts."

          Gelius nodded so as he Took Flygon with him. He kept searching, with caution. What the heck he meant with trip? He picked one up, and simply felt, huh, you know... Lightheaded. Flygon simply was waiting. Welp, now to wait.

          As Gelius removed the Rock from it's holding place, a few pokemon could be heard nearby as if waking from a deep sleep. All of them have immediately taken notic to Gelius and begin approaching him. An Alakazam fron him right, a Golem from his left and a Golduck was charing up from behind him. All 3 of them looked like as if they we're in a drugged state though they we're chasing after Gelius at a high-speed.

          Flygon got in the way, and tried to sweep em away with Dragon Rush. Gelius was still not able to respond. Flygon was ready to go and fight.

          The Golem Attempted Roll out to catch up while the Alakazam threw the Golduck into the air to grasp onto Flygon. Sparth, from the distance saw Gelius in sight, but still a far ways off as he was stumbing and running towards the Behemoth. ".... Irek, I'm going to need some Kuhla Berries and Ether bark if you got it." "What in the world are you going to make?" "A cure for drug highs." Sparth walked over and plucked some Blue, green and yellow berries along with some ether bark and started cooking over the hot embers of the camp fire created earlier.

          Flygon sweeps the Golduck, eventually, with a Dragon Rush, and just in time to Dragon Rush once again on Golem, pushing it back, It then does a Dragon Dance, before being ready to fight.

          Alakazam dodges an injured fallen Golduck as it floats closer in proximity and is just mere feet behind behind Gelius, Gold duck asting as a Distraction and.... Golem goes missing? The dirt trail behind Gelius is gon- Golem appears up front, he sped up and went around to meet Gelius head on. Sparth Starts mixing the concotion and ask's for some soda.

          Flygon simply took Gelius and rose a bit on the air, and then stomped down for an Earthquake, quickly going for a Dragon Rush. He used Dragon Dance yet again. The Golem tried to come again, only for Flygon to fly sideways grabbing Gelius, making Golem hit Alakazam. Which accidentally activated Alakazam's Psychic and lifted Golduck, making it hitting head on the ceiling really hard. Flygon then makes a run, erm, i mean, a fly for it, back to the Behemoth.

          Sparth pulls a few twigs from the dream marsh and dumps it into the soda with his concotion. Shaking it some, Sparth ahd Gelius place the precious stone down on the deck and force feeds Gelius the drink. Tasting as if it was a cross between ginger ale, cherry coke and milk.... Either way, the taste was pretty strong; the concotion broke Gelius of his light-headed drug trance. "Better?" Sparth asked as he dumped the rest on the rock he had him risk his life for.

          Gelius nodded. Now what? Weavile and Sceptile were still working, Flygon was munching on a Sitrus Berry.

          "Now we have our temporary core.... These brain stone things produce cosmic energies in both the traditional sense that you we're under but also in the regular sense like what a way-stone provides.... The only down side is these thing's don't produce the amount of power a way stone produces." Sparth begins to kick the stop through the door-way and down the stairs to the Behemoth's engine room. He begins hooking up the ship to the stone and the ship's power hums to life. Sparth walks back up to the deck and starts working on attaching the engine to the front of the ship. With the help of their pokemon and the entire day gone, Sparth works through the group works through the night until the blazing dawn. As the sun rises, slowly, the ghost pokemon who attacked earlier we're coming back for more. On their arrival however, Sparth was sitting on the bow of the ship, looking down at them and grinning at the Gengar. As the behemoth Roared, shedding the excess hull and debris to reveal a smaller, fishing-like boat of the Behemoth. With the Behemoth in the air, the ship begins to fly off, though only to be followed by any remaining ghost pokemon that could fight, hoping to get a hit in before the rising other otherworldly sun. Sparth yawned however and climbed onto the deck where he falls face-first and starts snoring. Considering he and the other pokemon we're working on cutting the Behemoth in half in order to make a temporary vehicle to get around the region.

          Weavile was ready to fight, so was Metagon. Flygon was kinda tired, but he can still go. After Miles of flying in it's lifetime, it's pretty much nothing an overnight sleep. Lin, however, woke up, feeling the place moving. "What is going on?" She asked.

          Irek began dragging Sparth downstairs below deck and across the halls. "You on an Airship babe, Your boyfriend is upstairs." He responded as he continued to drag Sparth through the halls ad Jev was seen rolling a few barrels down the other way. Above deck, the sun wasn't doing the ghost pokemon any favors as they began slowlydown resorting to long range attacks such as night shade and shadow ball, though the attacks only reach so far until the Behemoth looses sight of them. After a while, the Behemoth reaches toward Vivent Mountian range where Gaia's heart or at least it's rotating rock was in sight, miles and miles out and away from their location.

          -Vivent Mountians-
          A mountian range that lies in the very center of All Lethia, a massive crossroad in a sense. When the Earth and Sky region was held back on Earth, This area was popular amongst merchants and traders who participated in the combat league as they began trading their wares with one another.

          As the ship was making it's way towards Heroes Loft, Sparth wakes up a moment and yells to stop the ship. Though as his voice reaches Irek who was piloting, the ship starts to scrap and grind against the sky..... Another Barrier leading out. "..... Didn't want us dying.... Thank....yo-" He falls back asleep.

          Lin was confused. A Pokemon that talks?! And what boyfriend. Meanwhile, Gelius and his Pokemon Continued to fend off the Pokemon, which was, well, kinda easy. Having Dark Types on you help against Ghosts.

          AS the ghosts we're fended off. Irek walked over with a map of Lethia drawn and spreads it out over the deck and begins to draw lines on it, representing the 'barriers' they would have to pass through. On closer inspection of one, the price to pass through was 2 points. While everyone elses point count went up by 1. "Ok.... So from what I've gathered so far.... The region is cut off into different biomes, and neither pokemon or human can pass these barriers unless they pay the 'point toll.' The points gained is determined by days survived and fight's won.... And the objective of the contest is to find and beat Lethia's Master, Grimor....." Irek sighs as he begins to eat a roasted Oran berry. "1/2 our supplies survived, but we're short on food and the barriers make finding food difficult since the change in climate happens and affects the plants and other items that grow." Irek finishes his Oran berry as he tries to think. "Does anyone know where Grimor MIGHT be? Besides carrying the region on his back?"

          Lin had come to the deck, watching the Pikachu talking. "Why the heck is the Pikachu Talking?" She spoke under her breath. She was still a bit aching, but okay. She let the two talking. She went around to scan, and saw a room, and a young man down. She noticed the wound, and she gasped. Was he alright? She kinda went close to him, and checked it. It had a really bad aspect there. And it kinda is puke inducing. She tried to hold back, and maybe check around. Where was she anyway? Why was that Trainer Gelius speaking to the Pikachu?

          After hearing Irek, Gelius nodded. "We will need to be careful when using up our food. Any piece of edible food is going to be useful for us. As for Grimor, it's indeed something we need to be considerate in finding. It's just assumption, but maybe at Gaia's Heart, or Gullent's Pass. Somewhere where no one comes around often works. If a really frequented place is used, hiding would be out fast." He said, and turned around. "That's not all. We need Aerial Protection of our Airship. If it goes down or is heavily attacked, probably we are done, right?" He said, before turning back to Irek. "Whatever we do, i guess we just do what we do better. Improvise and let it fly." Gelius spoke.

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            Unfamiliarity - Chapter 3 / Part 1

            In the middle of the serenity of the mess hall, the two were still asleep inside their own sleeping bags, presumably owned by a certain Pokémon Trainer that was traveling along with them in the previous biome. With shoes and dirt being put onto the side of the bed, the girl leaned a bit onto the side and the light reflection hit her face. Closing the source of the brightness with her hands, she realized that her bangs are making it rather annoying for her. As a result, she slowly opened her drowsy eyes and looked around with a messy bedhair.

            "...How long I've been sleeping all this time...?" She thought to herself, yawning a bit from the sleepiness, "...It feels like I was in a never-ending slumber, only to be awaken in a place I know nothing of."

            The first person she saw was a green-haired man who also appeared to be the one who joined in the band after running through the desert on foot with the Lookout Pokémon by his side. He seemed to be sleeping calmly, but she averted her vision against him as she was disgusted by the droll he had in his pillow. The other thing she saw was a recognizable pair of trainers and multipurpose bag. Feeling quaint with the surrounding, she inspected all of her possessions to ensure that none of her equipment are lost. A one, a two, a three, and a four, there are four Poké Balls that was placed just beside her. Next, she checked her bag. Several Hyper Potions, Ultra Balls, and edible foods at exact quantities and a paintbook that gives her a nostalgic feel were all intact inside. Getting off from the sleeping bag, she packed all her possessions and put on her green cap.

            Before leaving the place, she felt rather sketchy. Whether about something that doesn't feels right, she tried to recap past events that she was in when they were in the desert. After a few minutes of thinking, she figured out that she exchanged her Pokémon with his. Recalling on what kind of Pokémon she traded with him, she took the Poké Ball that supposedly belong to his and retrieved her Hitmonchan back. Now with all that settled, Chebyl opened the door and observed around.

            The wooden corridor elaborated itself with the steel pipes and machinery. Although most parts of it were cleanly cut into smaller sizes to stabilize the constitution into its own minimum, she's still not sure with the old-fashioned interior and therefore felt foreign. When the creaking noise that was made from the door went rather too loud, Sevish jumped in shock and screamed spontaneously. Surely startled from the sudden voice, however, she tried to keep her lips shut and moved away as if she had noticed nothing.

            "Wait, wait." Still groaning over his straining butt due to an unintentional mistake caused by a lent Pokémon, he approached closer trying to keep his cool, "Where are we now?"

            "I don't know," She answered, "and I was about to find it out."

            "Well, this place is surely different from the fiery place we're in...yesterday?" He scratched his head, unsure about the time, "Anyway, I think I need clarifications on what kind of world we're currently in--as for how I am to deviate from my current flight to Hoenn is surely a vexing moment."

            "Hold on, are you saying that you were sent by accident?"" Inquired the girl.

            Nodding to her statement, Sevish searched around his pocket and withdrew what appeared to be a peculiar stone. Recognizing the very shape of the stone's exterior and wine coloration, he explained, "Back when I was in Driftveil, I bought this MacGuffin from a vendor in the item market. The time I held it with my palm, the next thing I saw was an admittedly pretty looking sandy coast, and a wide desert out of nowhere." Inspecting his bag that was put onto the side of his sleeping bag, he continued, "Perhaps you're too?"

            "I'm not." Tipping her cap, she glanced to the side windows that was emitting the area with a bright, warm morning breeze, "I have my own reason about why I come here in the first place, so to speak."

            "I see." Adjusting the light exposure of the camera he grabbed upon, he redirected the lens toward her and pressed the button. Bright flash blinked the whole room unexpectedly. As the camera printed it into the paper. Sevish shook the taken photo and giggled at the image captured within. Still feeling an afterimage vision, she rubbed her eyes and complained with puckering eyebrows, "W-what was that for?"

            "Sorry for not warning you though." He apologized mischievously, "It's just that whenever I hover my camera into a certain angle, most people around me'll just cover their faces out of modesty."

            Still rubbing her blinded eyes, she slowly moved her legs away from the entrance of the mess hall and responded back, "Still, I wouldn't really say no if you're going to take one. Please don't do that without their consent."

            "Truth be told, the filter focus in this camera is oddly glitched--a reason why I must be quick in the first five seconds before it fade into complete blurs." Explained the green-haired cameraman, with the photo taking its form, he handed the recently taken photo over to her.

            "And in exchange, I usually return the photos that I took." Walking past her with a smile, he turned back and pointed at her gleefully, "Besides, candid photos are great."

            Staring toward the awkward pose she had in the photo, she sighed and slipped the picture inside the paintbook. It'd be rude to discard it away, thus agreeing the fact that she hasn't been looking that surprised back then. Though also noticing the old photo depicting a boy with an identical smile, she giggled a bit and put the book back inside her bag. The two found themselves to be outside of the place soon after, but also realizing that they were in a big ship that somehow parked on the rough brown land. Standing on the deck, they gazed upon the vast and windy atmosphere.
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              Irek was walking by with a basket of food as he noticed two other trainers had woken up as he approached the pair. The green pikachu stared at them both and grinned. "Morning sun-shine." He waited a moment for their reaction as he laughed. "First time seeing an ex-league officer..... Guy's two other's have woken up!" He called out from above the deck as Sparth, awoken from his slumber stepped out with his eyes blurried and his hair a bigger mess than what it appeared. "... Well, put them to work then. We need food, don't we?" Sparth yawns as he walks off the side of the deck, landing on both feet as he pulls a hammer from the edge of the deck and starts hammering and 'patching' the holes the ghost pokemon left.

              ".... Well, then. I'm Irek, 1st mate of the air ship Behemoth... or what's left of it. The captian is resting up after a rough entry reach Lethia... We've agreed with Sparth to allow him and his team.... or that's what he's calling your group being you, to join us on board the behemoth until we locate Grimor and part waays. We're slightly short on supplies for food, so if you can lend a hand, we need food." Irek puts the basket down and skimps through the journal until he reaches a few pages and tears them out, the journal was falling apart to begin with. "If I'm right, there are Pikke' Carrots and Salvo Melons in this area. I'll give you the journal pages to find them if you could. Though if possible, I'd ask you release part of your team and leave them here to help guard the airship. We've recently run from a tribe of ghost poke-" " HOW DID THEY TAKE THE FIGURE HEAD?! LET ALONE LEAVE THIS GAP IN THE HULL!!!!???" Sparth was complaining as he was finding gaps in the hull to patch up. "....Well, needless to say, the escape was pretty narrow. We're not asking you to leave your entire team, just one or two to give us a hand in self defense..... unless you want to brave the wilds here on your own, then I suppose this is you stop of course."

              Irek looked out over the barren landscape of the mountians they had landed in, the crossroads of Lethia as they we're in the very center of the region.

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                The Tale Lin Cross Amethyst Aerith" - "The Ship is huge..."

                Meanwhile while Gelius was tagging along Irek, Lin was on her own in the ship still. Trying to recollect herself from the panic of not knowing where to go or what to do. She then looked at that room again. Everyone seemed to be gone. She then decided. That man was hurt. The least she could do is nurse him back to health, or at the very least watch over him.

                She and Kihone entered the room, and she sat down. She placed a bowl made of wood with water next to the man. Kihone used Ice Beam inside a bag, making some ice. In case if needed...

                She then looked through the bag. If he ever needed something, she could see if she had. She then sat down, and looked to him. Who was he? Then she questioned who was the Pikachu, and why was the Dark Blue Hat Trainer talking to him before like they knew each other? She simply pat Kihone. She was not sure what was happening now... She started reading a bit, while always on watch on young man.
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                  Know Your Whereabouts - Chapter 3 / Part 2

                  ...And among the possible inhabitants living in the strange looking place in its own past mishap, the two noticed a familiar person and a Pokémon with a differing contrast—mainly the body color and how could it can talk fluently like an average human left the two puzzled and whispering in the strangeness.

                  "...Did it just talk?" Rubbing her eyes, she backed off looking a bit confused.
                  "And green in color, I don't know an Emolga eating excessive veggies in the deli could turn like this." He sarcastically summed.

                  "Pretty sure that's a Pikachu—a somehow talking one to be precise." She corrected, "But still...this is just too weird."
                  Listening to their reactions, the Green Pikachu laughed, "First time seeing an ex-officer, eh?" He then yelled, "Guys! Two others have woken up!"

                  A little bit unsure with the addressing, it might've been possible that the two were collapsed during the time they spent in Silitune Desert. Chebyl didn't really remember what happened to her the last time see closed her eyes in the middle of the heated survival game, and for any reasons to be told, she couldn't really forgive herself for the humiliating aftermath that has happened to her. Facing toward a direction unseeable by anyone, she clenched her teeth tightly to express her incapability to take her own failure.

                  On the other side, Sevish, who's a random stranger that was being put in the desert tried to not remind himself about the recent incident that befell on him. Although a spoiler won't hurt, it might be not recommended to tell what her Hitmonchan did to his butt. Still aching, he stretched out his hand into his back and caressed himself a little.

                  Soon after his yelling, a familiar voice called in from the entrance where they came out from. The two eventually noticed the rude man that contributed their safety back in the desert—although not going to say thank you for his effort on dealing with the flock of metallic giant snakes. He looked a bit lazy, usually derived from a restless night, Sparth then said that they might be needing food to keep themselves revitalized for the whole day and night.

                  Almost going to contradict his statement, Chebyl had a second thought before rebuking her harsh words toward the unready situation. Certainly, there's plenty of food inside her bag, and mostly was made just for her and no one else. However, even by sharing all the food for everyone in the group—it won't be enough to even stay for the next two days and one night. Meanwhile, Sevish sighed on having to do some troubling effort, especially when he found out that he's now in a windy, craggy place that made him a little bit harder to breathe.

                  Soon leaving the group to patch the holes down below the hull—after a brief explanation, the Pikachu agreed to entrust the two with the task to gather some food. Reluctantly accepting, Chebyl grabbed the empty basket along with the papers containing detailed information about the specific vegetables that she had never heard about. Even though he was kinda joking about the vegan part, he started to believe that the Pikachu was indeed a vegan on his own—the words was never really explicitly mentioned to him though.

                  "Pikke' Carrots and Salvo Melons... Got it." She muttered.

                  Before the two left, the Pikachu then told them to put some of their Pokémon to guard the airship. The two never really realized that the place they were standing was a landed aircraft all along, but they were also not sure with his suggestion. Several more explanation followed by a loud rant coming from Sparth, she reluctantly placed her Ivysaur to wait for her return while the green haired man beside her decided to leave his Karrablast to stay in the site to do exactly the same thing.

                  "Alright, we'll go. Take care of my Ivysaur!"
                  "I'll be sure to come back in one piece, later then!"

                  Waving their hands on the wooden plank, the three smiled and patiently waited for their return. Creaking between steps, the two embarked on their expedition in search of the specified plants that was said to be growing in the area they were situated in. It might be looking a bit barren, even with the yellow green pine trees that are looking nice and hydrated. Checking on the broken hull, it seemed that the damage caused by the said Pokémon proved to be severe that it might be a good idea to stay on guard until it's fixed.

                  The rest of the details were untold, but soon will be deciphered one by one. With their sneakers gathering dirt, the two searched onward through the northern path.
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                    As Chebyl and Sevish Leave the Airship, they find a patch of woods and follow the path until Sevish bumps into the barrier leading further out. Placing his hand on the barrier, It shows an open hand with the number 2 beside it. Unable to go through, the pair start walking beside it to move deeper into the wood patch of pine trees. Checking the Journal Page on Salvo Melons, they're mostly huge watermelons that grow underground like potatoes, gathering nutrients and recycling the water, purifying it before slowly re-distributing it to the rest of the plant's root system. They could be mostly located near plants that are slightly larger than others.. Pikke Carrots we're mostly roots that grow on their side into walls and carry fluids uphill towards other plants at higher altitudes.

                    A few hours of searching pass as the pair of trainers reach the side on one of the mountains in the Vivent Mountains. The pair take notice to a few holes in the side of the rock along with a few patches of green, they've found some Pikke Carrots though there we're more holes than there was of the vegetable. Hearing some grunting sounds, there was a Lucio pulling them out of the wall and gathering a large stockpile onto what looked like a sack made from some form of grass and held together with Sol Vine. The Lucio take's notice to the two trainers and panics as it let's go of the Pikke Carrot and let's out a cry before running off. Before the pair can react, they being to feel the ground beneath them shake as a small Group of Tauros come charging from the trees towards the Direction of the trainers. they can see 2 Lucario riding one of them together.

                    4 x Tauros
                    2 x Lucario

                    The bulls behind to charge the trainers from the front as The lucarios hop off and begin to flank the pair.

                    Back on the Ship, Sparth attempts to fix the hull the Ghost pokemon left in the side of the ship, sweatting up a storm as he looks up in the sky. "... Is it just me or did the heat turn up some?" Jev was sitting in front of Fan in attempt to cool himself off as Irek started wearing his arm band as a bandana to absorb his sweat. "I think the heat just turned up...." Sparth started looking around as he stopped hammering nails into the hull of the ship and releases Kinn. ".... Dig and Scout." The frozen mole burrows underground and starts shifting through the dirt in the area. "We just got out of 2 frying pans yesterday, I don't want to end up in another one."

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                      The Tale of "Lin Cross Amethyst Aerith" - "The Infernal Heat..."

                      Lin was now feeling the heat building up. Since when was so hot around? She was fine, cause she had a bottle of water, but, you know, Kihone, the Ice Type, was not.

                      Kihone was lying in the ground, not handling the heat well. She was not able to move well. Lin simply stood next to the Alolan Vulpix, hoping that the pokemon would get better.

                      Lin herself did not like the heat. Gosh it was hot. Meanwhile that, Gelius simply took his jacket off. He was still focusing on looking through the books. Information is the key.
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                        Shadoan lift's his head up with his eyes slightly dialated and looking around. Under the medicine's Effect, he looks over on his nightstand or makeshift one to see bloodied bandages and a partial leftover mixture of the medicine used to heal him. ".....shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" He holds his head, amebriated as if 10 trains ran him over followed by 8 Snorlaxes, an Onix and a Psyduck. "IREK!" He yelled from the top of his lungs as the green pikachu looked back at the super structure. "Linn! Go check on Shadoan, it sound's like he's awake, the medicine may have healed him, but he's going to be drugged like a fox."

                        As the heat continues to rise Kinn Returns as Sparth finishes making the makeshift repairs to the ship. The frost mole draws a few symbols in the ground as Sparth's eyes widen. "Fire types?.... Who's leading them?" Kinn wrote a number as Sparth looks over the next rise. "That's so far from their home though, how to f*ck did they get here? Their territory is ages back at the...... Forget it; Head to the engine and keep it cooled, prepare for an escape and for a fight." Sparth gets on deck and taps Geliu's Shoulder. "Trouble. " Sparth dumps off his top shirt as he releases his Combusken as he watches the road and the hillside. "I know your there! Get your ugly hides out here!" From the mountain side a Charmeleon riding a Turtonator with a few torchics, a couple Camerupts being mounted by Pignites and Fletchinder's. The fire types using sunny day to turn up the heat in hopes to exhaust the current pokemon onboard the Behemoth. "...... Yeah, this is going to hurt." Irek mumbled as he walked over to the side and calls on the other pokemon guarding the vessal who haven't passed out from exhaustion yet to help them fight the next battle.

                        WORKINJG ON A Joint Post with Morian and Gelius, Expect a Large post coming up next!... soon, I hope.

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                          This post has been a long time in the making, written by the remaining member of the RP; Edited by Hyper Morian.

                          "Ouch! What the heck?"

                          While walking onward through the path they took, Sevish somehow bumped his nose onto something he couldn't see. She, who traveled with him was also alerted by the presence of something invisible.

                          "What is it?" She asked.

                          Placing his hand onto the invisible wall, another palm ominously appeared with a numerical sign resembling the number '2' beside it. If there was anything to describe the phenomenon that happened before them--it was cryptic. A bit freaking out, he instantaneously pulled his hand back before anything weird happens.

                          "S-sometimes I wonder about just what kind of world is this." He grumpily replied.
                          "I think I can agree with that statement." She followed, "Well, if this is a no go, then we should look for another way around."

                          Now facing toward the eastern direction, she leaded the way through the road situated just beside the path they previously took. Subtly grumbling, he'll simply follow until they managed to find an actual imagery of anything similar with the 'special' vegetables sheets. But for now, all they could see was just a plain craggy road leading to place known to only a few.

                          "Say, what's the reason behind your arrival in here?" Inquired Sevish.
                          "Why do you want to know?"
                          "I'm curious." He explained, "But if you don't want to, then that's fine too."

                          Still moving onward and forward, they headed their way onto the side of the mountain just to look for certain vegetation sources. She hasn't come up with an answer yet, or that's what he thought when she clearly chose to ignore his question. Nonetheless, they continued deeper through the path they took.
                          "You know, I don't really like taking orders from strangers. Besides, are we getting anywhere nearer?" Complained Sevish.
                          "I don't know about the exact point." She wondered, "And you're not the only one, but it's probably best to believe them for now."
                          "I think you have a point. After all, we wouldn't be alive if it weren't for them."

                          After loitering around for a while, Sevish curiously inspected the holes on the mossy boulder beside him. From there, he saw something that's sorta familiar with what he's been told from before. Still unsure, he tried to call her to confirm the 'dope things' that they mentioned about.

                          "Are those? Could it be?" Checking back on the ripped off entries, the characteristics of the two were an apparent match. Now to figure out how to get onto the other side, they thought about ideas until they heard a noise. It seemed as if it was grunting, but it's most likely coming from a Pokémon. They tried to look for the originating source, and to their surprise, there was a Lucario harvesting the carrots.

                          It eventually noticed the pair, since most of them could identify almost anything as long 'they had auras'. Soon, it let out a loud cry before abandoning its gain for reason unknown.

                          "...Something happened." Sevish commented, "...Chebyl? Wait, where are you going?"

                          Safety first, she raced through the winds by herself as the trampling noise came close to his position. When he took a hindsight, he dropped a sweat and quickly got up to run for his life. Things went horrendously awful, he ran as fast as he could and somehow outpaced her by a significant margin. Apparently she competed with a talented runner, and the moment they appeared on sight, it looked like they were having an expected company.

                          His panic has thrown him into a big tree in front of him. He scurried as he climbed on top of the branch, hanging from the incoming impact like a monkey.

                          "What should we do now?!"
                          "Don't worry, I have an idea."

                          By flinging, jumping and grabbing both feet of the Ember Pokémon, she was lifted upward. He thought it'd be some kind of gimmicky strategy to deal with them, until she just flew away from them and didn't return back.

                          "...What's the meaning of this?!" He yelled frustratingly, as he had to endure through the impact from the charging flock. Unfortunately for him, the force was strong enough to topple down the tree he was hanging on, and so the next thing he knew was he got captured by them--who were anticipating the two's pretentious nature despite their intention saying otherwise.

                          Back on the ship, the heat was getting to Irek and Sparth as they look over the horizon as the Fire-Types drew near to claim what was not theirs. Sparth issued the command to attack and the remaining pokemon started defending against flamethrowers, the incoming embers and multitudes of attacks.

                          "Is the ship ready for lift-off?" Irek yelled over at Jev who was coming up on the deck and gave a bug-like thumbs up while carrying a jug of water.
                          "Prepare it for lift...of?" In the distance of the sky, Sparth spotted Chebyl hanging on a Fletchinder whose direction seemed to be heading their way back to the ship.

                          "Clear a way for Chebyl to land!" Commanded Sparth. The crew stopped their offense and started defending from the attacks than return fire, intercepting the attacks that would hit her and their ship as she landed onto the deck. Her expression wasn't looking any different, but the absence of a certain figure made Sparth realize that something bad had happened.

                          "...Where is Sevish?!"
                          "Ehm, he goofed up." She shrugged nonchalantly.

                          Sparth's eyes narrowed, "...You left him behind, didn't you?"
                          "Don't get the wrong idea. He may be still there, perhaps."

                          "Perhaps?! He is in danger! Where is he now?!" He clenched his fist in anger.
                          "Over with a group of Lucario and Tauros." She crossed her hands, "If you intend to save him, don't waste and make haste."

                          Sparth looked over at the forest and then back to the angry group of Pokémon. "Hey Charl!! Your tail is so small your claws couldn't attract a mate in years!!"

                          "What are you doing?"
                          "Saving Sevish; Your tribe is so pathetic that they couldn't even take swamps territory! YOU CAN'T SWIM!!" He provoked. The Fire-Type Pokémon began launching concentrated attacks at Sparth as he yelled at Jev to get the ship lifted off.

                          "You don't have to insult them like this!" She protested.
                          "I'm cleaning up your mess. If you're not going to take responsibility for this, I have to do it myself! ...Speaking of... Hey! Do your Pignite hunt your food or do they eat it?! They look OVERWEIGHT!!"

                          The Behemoth took off with a tribe of angry Fire-Type Pokémon in tow. Chebyl felt like beating someone on the gut, though she refrained from taking such needless action over such trivial matter. Staying adrift in the noon, the ship then accelerated forward onto the direction she was pointing at. The view from above made it easier to look around the surrounding, although identifying people at specified height won't be easy either.

                          The ruckus that occurred on the surface may not easily perturb the occupants. Just below the deck, Shadoan was still feeling feverish as Lin tended to him, trying to bring his temperature down although she was sweating from the heat as well.

                          "Heeeeeeeeeeeeey beautiful. How have you been doing arooound here?" He asked with an inebriated tone.
                          Lin blushed as she looked at the injured captain waving at her, "N-nothing much; trying to ke-"

                          Unaware, Shadoan bumped his lips onto hers before she could finish her sentence--eyes closed. It held for a few seconds to let it sink in before she bopped him with her backpack and backed away with a face as red as a tomato. Shadoan was knocked out cold as she stared at him with a sense of awkwardness and embarrassment.

                          "I'm sorry! Are you okay?" Apologized Lin.
                          "...ZzzzZZZZZzz...... Irek, that's MY potato....... Avaith use....... WATER SPLASH!!.......zzzzz..." He shouted, later mumbling himself back to sleep.

                          "...L-let's just focus on getting you better." She sighed, her face still red as she applied a new water rag to his forehead.

                          The present bright shine from the sun mildly passes through the patches of the woods. Inside, lies the lair of the Pokémon that manages to incarcerate one of them for their suspicious behavior. Although no official name has been made for it, the name of the den is now referred as the Lucario Village.

                          "This is my third pinch and I've yet to awaken myself from this dream." Says Sevish to himself, "Third time's the charm they said. Maybe I'll never wake up from this cluster-crap of events going on tampering my life goals."

                          Through the pale leaves, Sevish is seen sitting inside a wooden cage pondering about. Between sequences and intervals, cheeks looking irritated from the constant stressful stretching, being held prisoner by indigenous creatures is indeed a very unwanted feeling to bear. Escape is impossible when the Aura Pokémon confiscated his possessions from the moment he was left behind by someone he trusts.

                          Seeing as how futile his state is, he choose to clear his mind by looking at things around him. What is placed beside his spot is another cage of the same size. Inside, he sees a strangely red-colored Riolu. The Riolu looks like it has been through a lot, covered in bruises and scrapes after a long fight. Yet, it is sleeping to its heart's content that it couldn't care less about its surroundings and whereabouts. The question arises, why did they confine one of their own? Is it because of differentials between them?

                          In the center of the village, the Lucario are dumping vegetables into a crudely made pots and boiling it. Watching the village cook its stew as he wonders what will become of him; until the skies momentarily turns dark. Curious, he takes a peek and notices something in the narrow gap of the sky...something large and unnaturally flying blocking the light.

                          "What in the blazes?" Sevish gags his mouth wide in confusion.

                          The Lucario take notice and step forward, preparing Aura Spheres to take down the Behemoth. However, the heat begins to turn up and the Lucario also notice the fire breathing attacks aiming for the Behemoth and the angry Fire-Type Pokémon in the distance behind them starts charging in for the village. The Lucario's attention are directed towards the Fire-Type Pokémon as Sparth slides down a rope and breaks open a cage with brute force--startling the incarcerated man.

                          "COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!"
                          "Wait! Can you get the Rio-" His sentence is cut when Tassa the Combusken joins in the fray by breaking the adjacent cage from above. Sparth then picks up the Fighting-Type Pokémon and extends the rope for Sevish, "JUST GET ON THE SHIP!"

                          After retrieving what appears to be his, they hang onto the rope tightly as they are pulled upward. The group flies off as Sparth puts the Riolu down on the deck while the remaining Pokémon below continue fighting and set the grounds ablaze in chaos.

                          "...Let this be a lesson, don't abandon your team or I'll have to take matters into my own hands to save them... Starting that tribe war is the result... Which at some point will come back to bite us."

                          "But, hadn't she done that, that'd make the two of us on the same fate." Sevish rebuts with delight, "Running on our two feet won't yield the same result as how we're now. Before she left me, she told me that she had an idea. At first, I didn't realize the way she think but I suppose I figured that out the moment I saw this ship."

                          "I know. BUT! That still doesn't mean you can just leave them behind in future cases. I don't want to see it to happen again, OK?"

                          "...Fine." Chebyl reluctantly answers.

                          Sevish looks at the different colored Riolu as Irek walks over with some Baloo Leaves. "...I've been meaning to ask why your Pikachu is green and can talk."

                          "All Pokémon can talk; just a lot of them can't fit the human language index into our skulls." Irek retorted.

                          "They're Ascension Pokémon... They reached a state of mentality where they can take on second elements, new weaknesses and are gifted with a higher I.Q. to boot. Irek can talk like us because he reached the mental capacity like us to do it. This Riolu can do the same...after we teach him."

                          The group looks at Sparth, Irek especially, Sparth knowing a bit more about Lethia than what he presents other than battle tactics. "...What? They don't just magically know the language in a day... They gotta learn it." Sparth sighs as he goes below deck. "I'm going to go check on our captain."


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                            Starting from an attempt to forage into causing a great disturbance between wild Pokémon, the group boarded themselves inside the flying airship, better known as the 'Behemoth' and turned its direction opposite of the seemingly unfinished brawl down below to make their way further from their reach. As the turbines began to spin, the flying ship is propelled forward, making their leave as soon as possible before any of the wild Pokémon could ever take a glance upon the ship's departure.

                            With the airship that carried its passengers hovering steadily in the midair, the group takes their time for a quick rest or perhaps, minding their own businesses in wait of what will their next move turn out to be. That is, before they'd gather up once more in the deck to discuss of said matter.

                            Just above the wooden ceilings of the mess hall is the deck where they chose to lounge at, although its size isn't as wide as the Behemoth in its former days until its untimely accident that led to its eventual renovation. The deck provides seating for them, through folded lawn chairs that are a bit rock hard, but still better when compared with the cold sturdy timber base they laid their shoes on. With the ship staying at an altitude, the sound given by the passing winds can still be heard but not too excessive for them to hear their voices. It gives a rather relaxing air when their worries fade momentarily with the breeze of the skies keeping the temperature at manageable level.

                            "Well, we got a while before we hit our next destination..." Irek starts chewing on some Autil Grass that easily fit inside his mouth, "...I guess we could talk."

                            One of the passengers who was accidentally a part of and recently rescued by the group, Sevish, sat still on the bench with a relieved gaze. Surely enough, the surreal world he is in demands more than just bravery and aptitude, but there are times where one can simply lean on one side and appreciate the sight to behold of from above. Still, he heard very well of what Irek said just now, intending to hit the green Mouse Pokémon with a question that has been nudging his curiosity for a while now. "Irek, was it?" He glances at him, "Can I ask you what's exactly going on in this place?"

                            "Can you elaborate?" Irek asked back.
                            "Let's say that I'm not entirely sure where we are now, nor do I know where we are going." Clarified Sevish.

                            Irek sniffs the air and sighs, "We're in the Boggah Marshlands. A swamp with pools of poison that can stun or kill small creatures like yours truly. I can smell the Muk and Grimer that inhabit this place."

                            "That sounds peculiarly morbid." Another passenger who claimed a shared seat in the deck, Chebyl, momentarily joins in the conversation they had with a snide remark without looking directly at the interlocutors, eyes glued at a particular opened book in between her hands. She seems to be particularly caught up with it, keeping a flat expression throughout while attentively listening them.

                            "Well, not everything in Lethia is as wondrous as Gaia's Heart. There are bound to be a few stinkers, pun intended." Irek continues his gnawing, "Though the poisonous pools aren't to be more worrisome... It's the hunters that inhabit it."

                            "Hunters? You mean, something like big, ferocious Pokémon?" Chebyl added.
                            "Not... entirely." Stated Irek in response to the girl's question, "Large Pokémon couldn't traverse the marshland with ease without getting hurt or killed. I'm talking smaller, about the size factor of a human roughly. Able to move with ease and detect or watch their step with the pockets of water and poison pools."

                            "It seems we're gonna have another rough time. But I guess that's just how it is." The green-haired boy lets out a disappointed sigh, "See if I can eventually go back to Hoenn after all this. I've been swaying from my destination for I don't know how long..."
                            "If we could restore our engine core to the Behemoth, that wouldn't be a problem... but it's shattered and parts to fix and polish a large Way Stone isn't easy to come across..."

                            The two sigh simultaneously, until they hear a creaking noise that caught their attention, noticing somebody appearing from the wooden entrance below. A brown-haired, green-eyed man with a somewhat rugged and sloppy, yet unusually young looking appearance despite in his mid-twenties already. As he's making his way to the deck with a curious look, Relieved of his well-being, Irek perks up and instantaneously goes to greet his partner, "HEY! Shadoan! You awake, oh Captain, my Captain?"

                            "I'm coming up, you green hairball..." Shadoan chuckled, "Has Avaith recovered?"
                            "It may be a bit, come say hi to the fresh meat." The green Pikachu glances at the two Trainers who had accompanied him in a little chat of questions and facts. Chebyl sure did see Shadoan through the wide gap that still let her to grasp a bit of her surroundings, though looking less interested to initiate unless asked to, unlike Sevish who immediately stands up from the bench to greet him with respect. "The Captain of the ship? Pleased to meet you, my name is Sevish."

                            Shadoan comes up, using a walking stick as a crutch to move on his broken legs from his earlier transport attempt into Lethia. A thump with each step like a pirate's peg leg. "I'm Shadoan, nice to meet you too..." He then paused a bit to observe the ship, recognizing several familiar faces among the new figures aboard. The moment he did that, both Lin and Sparth come up from behind; Sparth taking the ship's wheel as Lin walks up behind him red-faced. "Gelius is here, I see... And the rest of you are?"

                            The girl who's still reading the book peeks from the gap from the horizon of its cover. His eyes are directed at her, and no other person has said a thing for the next seconds she waited. The feel of being asked something very simple somewhat tensed her up, but she manages to get it over with as she closes her book and introduces herself vocally. "The name's Chebyl, and that's that."

                            "Nice to meet you..." Shadoan greets her response smilingly, then he turns to his Pokémon, "Irek, what's the status of...everything?"
                            "Most of our team is out of fighting condition; Jev is up, but barely holding and needs medical attention at some point. The rest are out cold." Still chewing on the residual Autil Grass, he continued, "Our experimental data and journal pages are scattered; we've lost about 45% of our cargo after the warp including food, fresh water among other supplies. Our ship's core is shattered and we're running on a jury rigged battery by the gent named Sparth helming our ship; which we lost a chunk of and had to saw into a rough quarter in order to survive and make a makeshift floating raft. We're going through the Boogah Marshlands though to where, I have no idea. Sparth has been piloting the ship since you've been out of it."

                            "......Ugh... Please tell me we still have a crate with Dream Marsh."
                            "Somewhere; most of the medical supplies made it, though not a lot of food." Informed Irek, wagging his tail side by side.
                            "I see..." He walks over to a folded lawn chair and attempts to open it. Irek gets up from his spot and helped him open the chair and aided him in sitting down. "Alright... Sparth, where are you taking my boat?"
                            "A cave..." Sparth replied, "Down there...somewhere... To get to Grimor...and kick his ass."

                            "Hmm, and may I ask, what is Grimor?" The green-haired boy asked again.
                            "... Is he a newcomer?" Shadoan whispered to Irek, "Most of them are, Captain." Irek nodded. Shadoan leaned forward to explain. "Grimor is... something else. I can't put into words what he's like; he's a Pokémon or something that is not... whatever the hell he really is; he's like a second Arceus who can do things in the natural world that a lot of people would deem improbable and impossible."

                            "So basically he's a deity that rivals Arceus?" Sevish continued his inquiry.
                            "More like he's the diet coke to the original Arceus, barring the sugar..." Shadoan resumed, "A prime example, one of the wishes made for the last iterations in the contest was to revive all the Trainers who lost their lives on the island... He revived all of them."

                            "Huh? Reviving Trainers who lost their lives in a contest?" Perplexed by the nature of the subject, Sevish asked again, "Just what on earth is this contest then?"
                            Shadoan leans back on the lawn chair as he indulges the curious boy, "... Earth and Sky was made to be a survival contest to push the limits of the Trainers, their bond with their Pokémon and friends to extremes and the reward for each contest was always a wish... When they said wish, they meant it. You could ask for anything if you win... and I mean anything."

                            "A-are you saying that now I'm part of this contest now?" Visibly tentative, Sevish continued humbly, "If so, I don't think I'm up to the challenge. I simply don't think I can really help, nor do I really have anything to wish for. I just wanted to go back to where I should be heading to right at this point."
                            "That's not an option... Irek?" Irek pulls out a small wine-colored stone as Shadoan relaxes on the lawn chair; the green rodent takes over. "This is a Way Stone. They've existed all over Lethia and are charged with cosmic energies that can make even the most basic human roughly gifted with the ability to teleport. However, the way the teleportation works is the problem on getting home. These stones can teleport small distances or incredibly far distances back to where they were last charged... The stones you receive from the combat challenge on Earth were set to random areas in Lethia; there's no going back unless someone wins or have a Way Stone charged with the ability to go back to Earth... We had a stone set for Earth... until it broke so now all we got is what we won from the entry test."

                            "Simply put, there's no turning back." Chebyl sums up Irek's statement, eyes still glued to the book. Having to digest what he's been told and he'll be up to, he frowned, "Looks like I don't have a choice but to go along. How does one win the contest?"
                            Irek finished chewing on the Autil Grass and answers, "We follow the instructions on the giant diamond back on Earth that issued the tests; beat Grimor, we win, we go home with a prize, master of Lethia."

                            "Then that means...if we manage to beat this Grimor being, we'll win with our own wishes?"
                            Sparth interrupts, "Becoming master of Lethia is the wish in itself; you can have infinite wishes granted. You're basically making Grimor your slave... or friend, however you view it... Either case, once he's beat, EVERYONE goes home; all Trainers, their Pokémon, EVERYONE goes home."
                            "You know this how?" Irek questions his unusual knowledge, though Sparth remained silent, still not giving answers upfront. "...Right... okay then..." The green Pikachu backs down, confident that he won't spit it out even if he begs.

                            "Then let's beat him! Where is he now?" Sevish exclaimed, as if he's dead set with the goal they share after a quick consideration.
                            "I have no idea." Sparth replied as he looks below, "I'm working on that right now, nothing is easy, but I know to reach him. You need a team of humans ALIVE with Pokémon..."

                            "Then, what should we do now? I can't just sit here and do nothing..."
                            "Maybe you can try to not get too excited." Said Chebyl toward the suddenly gung-ho Sevish, "Back then in the desert, most of us were really not expecting and prepared for what was to come and among the familiar faces that I could recognize in this ship, I think I'm missing a few. I don't quite remember what happened when it...just...happened." Her eyebrows puckers as she abruptly stops mid-sentence, most likely unable to admit her apparent defeat against the harsh environment she was put along with the other missing Trainers and Pokémon in Silitune Desert.

                            "I, well... I also don't quite remember how it went either." Sevish replied toward the brunette's statement, "The heat just became so unbearable to me that I must've passed out. Having to take down that tough, steel snake being-"
                            "They're called Steelix." Chebyl corrected incisively.
                            "...Having to take down that Steelix is probably some of the worst thing that have ever happened to me, so far." Sevish rephrased his sentence, "It's so sudden and annoyingly hot, what am I supposed to do when death is clearly waiting for me to make my choice? I'm not even sure if I could do it myself with my own Pokémon, let alone winning this. Maybe my chance to keep my feet in such luxurious moment stays low for the remainder of this contest's progress."

                            "Don't strain yourself about it too much." She reopens her book, "We somehow manage because we can. This includes you, and together, we have a chance. For now, just get yourself ready when the time comes."
                            "Or start training your Pokémon, have those who are healthy enough to spar for training or run some drills." Sparth replied as Irek stares at him, "What if they get hurt and we need them?"
                            "I'll take responsibility and cover for it." He replied as he floats the airship to a rock formation in the distance, with the Vivent Mountains still on the rear sight.

                            "Training, huh?" Sevish stretched out his hands upward, "Been a while since I quit being a Trainer years ago, I felt like becoming one again through that motivating magic. But for now, I suppose keeping ourselves fit may be better than getting exhausted at unexpected times, eh?"
                            "Well, let's talk about combat then." Shadoan takes a deep breath as the two newcomers on the bench listened attentively, then speaks, "As a veteran, I have some pointers... Here's a good one; be aware of your and your Pokémon's surroundings and feel the battlefield. You can use it to your advantage in almost any fight, especially against an opponent who has more power and overbearing odds stacked against you... The poisonous pools of water are a good example."

                            "Taking advantage of your surroundings, huh." Sevish slowly nods, "Though I'm not too keen whether I can abuse the environment we're heading at, I think I get a glimpse on how it'd work."
                            Chebyl flips a page of her book as she turns to him, "If you're not sure about when to strike, think of it like this: if you find an opening, you might as well go ahead and surprise them with a super-effective move, then retreat back to safety before you start attacking them again. All you needed is timing, and the battle is yours to win."

                            "Well, another advantage is creating hold items for your Pokémon; items that can give them a boost in battle and in Lethia with the herbs and other items that grow here, you can go further and modify what you can give them... For example, Irek, we have those nuts that change emotions?" Shadoan asked the green Pikachu. "...You want to show them the powder we concocted, do you?" Irek asked back, in which Shadoan confirms with an affirming nod, "Yes."

                            Following his command, Irek pulls out a red bag with some type of medicine powder overflowing on its top. "We mixed in some emotion changing nuts for rage and courage; thus we have Berserk Dust. Guaranteed to increase your Pokémon's physical ability to punch theory... We had our Heracross Jev test it and the results were satisfactory; though he's a bit of a knucklehead to start with, we don't know about other Pokémon on how they would react to it yet."

                            "Uh...don't Pokémon hate herbs?" Sevish contended.
                            "If you force them to eat them frequently, then yes." Said Chebyl, closing her book once more.
                            "This is more of a temporary supplement anyway. I've been helping to try making the final product taste better, but this stuff is always so bitter..." Remembering the last time he tasted it, Irek subtly shakes his head, perishing the thought.

                            "...That aside, we have some experimental stuff that you can use if it helps us in our current predicament." Shadoan shows the two Trainers more of the crafted medicines that would surely contribute greatly. Chebyl stands up, "I'm always up for it. Let's see if I can help."
                            "Well, me too. I guess. Although, I do have one more question." Sevish asked again.
                            "Shoot." Shadoan replied solemnly.

                            "We're participating in a contest, whether it's voluntary or accidental depends on their origins." Sevish continued, "If that's true, say, are there actually more Trainers out there?"
                            "There should be, Earth and Sky is a battle royal between Trainers... This is just...well, the same thing, but everything is either restricted or closed off." Answered Shadoan.

                            "That should come as obvious, but I think we still need to be on guard whenever a Trainer shows up on where we're heading." Suggested Chebyl.
                            "And why did you say that?" Sevish replied to her response, "I think everyone had a good reason for being here and out there, right?"
                            Shadoan and Irek burst out into laughter for a few minutes at the answer and sigh, "Yeah, and I'm here to attain the highest honor of science and Irek here is to get with a fine lady and live happily ever after."

                            Hearing their laugh makes her think she's being misunderstood, "Uh, no, that's not what I mean-" but her voice is cut short when Sevish interrupts loudly, "Well, if I can really wish for anything... I'd like to live a high life, where I can be known as the best photographer in the world! Let the dough roll in millions! History will carve my stories forever! Everyone will know my name and I'll never have to resort to instant noodles for the next month!"

                            Shadoan and Irek remain silent a few moments after hearing hearing his excessive desires before Shadoan speaks again, "...Why haven't you started snapping photos of Lethia yet? This is a region with the most bizarre and unnatural wonders in the world; you could probably make a good living as a reporter or journalist here if you base an article on nearly anything here. The plants, the oddities. The Pokémon and their behavior."
                            "Pretty much everything here." Summed up Irek.

                            "In fact, I did. And fortunately, I have lots of photos taken as well as films so that my camera can create and portray its wonders. Here, for example, pictures that I took when I ended up on the beach of some sort." Sevish flashes the photos in bulk and put them on the table in front of them. When they look at the pictures he took, they realize he wasn't kidding about his deep commitment in what he's pursuing. "Then you'll make a good name for yourself, haha... Though not everyone who comes to Lethia to participate in the contest has the best of intentions. Especially what happened when Lethia was on Earth and not out here."

                            "...What happened to the contest before this ever happened?" Apparently, this isn't the last of his questions that Chebyl had to sit down back on the bench they share, giving a look of impatience. Yet, she is as curious as the boy next to her so that she can also get a good grasp of its history.

                            "My first year participating, the league's champion wanted to remain undefeated and started attacking Trainers that he saw as a threat to his status as league champion, either by killing them or putting them in hazardous situations... My next year, an organization hijacked the region and caused it to be a floating continent by using the body parts of Grimor, which I have no idea how they did it and I have no further idea how we got him back together; so the less details known about that, the better... Then after that contest, Grimor picked up the entire region and flown into space with it--never to return while evacuating all the humans off it."
                            "... It was a strange few years for us all."
                            "That sounds very horrible..." Sevish gave an upset look.

                            "I made the wish to being everyone back on my first year because I attained all I wanted from Lethia... I won my second year... on a technicality." Before he can continue any further, Irek brakes Shadoan, "Are you going to get into that whole mess now?"
                            "May as well," Shadoan answered somberly, "...My last bout was against another team and decent friend of mine. I lost and my said friend originally wanted to unite Johto and Kanto in politics, but he instead chose to rearrange time to where both our teams were one team thus we have all won at the same time, those on my team and his... To make matters more complicated, he wanted the memories of both timelines--the original timeline and the new timeline he wished for and created..."
                            "Why he would want that, we don't know, seems like it would be a headache to us." Irek shrugged.

                            "What a history! I couldn't have known that you were the champion, twice." Sevish commended.
                            Impatient, Chebyl stands up again, "I'm done talking; let's see what kind of 'experimental stuff' you mentioned just minutes ago."
                            "..Oh, yeah. Irek, did that case survive the warp?"
                            "Most of it, I'll go get it." Irek scurries off as Shadoan exhibits the medicines inside the box of experimental drugs, "Alright, I'll loan our one of the experiments, We have a Berserk Dust, Aura Patches, Chaos Dust, a natural cure all we're calling Angel Honey and Mating Powder... Take your pick!...after I explain what they do."

                            Shadoan then describes comprehensively to them, "Berserk Dust, you already know. Aura Patch is a combination of Baloo Leaves with a mixture of those fruits I talked about earlier and some Aura Bark to make Pokémon more alert and more in tuned with the world... In a sense, they can do more with special moves and even further if they can master Aura. Chaos Dust is more for offense and can put opposing Pokémon into a rage of mass confusion. Angel Honey is... well, what's fixing my legs now; it's a powerful medicine with some less than desired side effects... Mating Powder is something more for Pokémon Day Care's if you are a breeder... Pick one!"

                            "...Why do I think I won't be using the last thing you mentioned? But I think I'll take the Berserk Dust." Irek returns with a small crate of neatly arranged items as Shadoan tosses her a red bag tightly closed. "They need to eat or inhale. Just as a forewarning." Said Shadoan.

                            Catching the red bag with both hands, Chebyl puts the red bag on the table as she reaches her sling bag for a Poké Ball she kept for the entire time. She throws the Poké Ball upward, releasing an Ivysaur who landed on the floor gently. "It's time for some training, I think. But before we do that, I want you to take a little sniff on this." Curious, Ivysaur walks closer to do what his Trainer want him to do. He inhaled the bag slightly, though it doesn't seem that the Grass Pokémon really like the scent of it. He starts to act a bit weird in response to its supposed effect, looking stiffer and black pupils narrowing slightly.

                            "Testing it firsthand? Alright... Irek, toss Ivysaur a testing dummy." Irek nods, putting the box down and kicking a log over at Ivysaur. "Alright, let's see what you can do. Razor Leaf!" The girl's command echoes, Ivysaur shakes his body before gesturing his pink bulb to release several green blades that quickly pins down the log. However, not only that they stick on the log, it apparently create cracks that simply destroys the log into miniatures, the blades fading after. "...Test results: satisfactory for Pokémon who can perform long-ranged attacks." Irek smiles.

                            "Mighty work, Ivysaur. You've certainly outdone yourself." Chebyl praised Ivysaur for putting a display of his ever-growing potential. In return, the Seed Pokémon lets out a delightful grunt.
                            "Irek, is Ivysaur alright? Does he look like he's in control of himself? Is he looking stressed?" Asked Shadoan.
                            "He looks fine. A sniff is a small dosage; the effects should wear off soon."

                            "I'm thinking of keeping some, to the point of creating them on my own for my Pokémon. These surely come to be handy, and while we're at it, I think we need more target practices." The satisfying results set fire on the girl's spirit to continue the training, though Sparth clears his throat as he glances behind, "Mm, you'll have more when we land here in a minute." Sparth reported, "Just don't destroy the guy's ship as your target practice--still need it to get around safely."

                            "... And another note; don't overuse the dust." Shadoan warned again, "Keep it in controlled portions and dosages... Too much, your Pokémon may lose control of themselves and fight instinctively without following commands... There's a reason we called it 'Berserk Dust.'" Considering the possible consequences, she backed down before she can potentially destroy the ship, withdrawing Ivysaur back inside the Poké Ball with a dissatisfied tone, "Fair enough."

                            "NOW, Sevish, pick one lad!" Shadoan offered the remaining three medicines that has yet to be picked. Unsure of what to pick, Sevish alternated his hand at random as his mental note eventually lands his hand at an envelope-like container. "This, what it's called again...uh, right, it's the Aura Patch, I think. Yes, this one." His request is granted as Shadoan hands him the thick paper envelope, "Increases the special abilities and being more in tuned with the world... There are side effects of overdosing like the dust, so keep the patches down to one if possible and use sparingly."

                            Taking the envelope with him, he reaches out his hand for a Poké Ball to commence testing purposes...until Chebyl stops him by tugging his arm before he could touch any, "Hold on, which Pokémon are you going to send out?"
                            "Ehh?" Taken by mild surprise, Sevish answers, "Since Watch the Watchog is already very aware of his surroundings, I'm thinking about going with Stonehenge the Gigalith! Now if you'll excuse me-"
                            "No, don't do that. Do you recall where we're standing at?" She asked.
                            "Yeah, we're on a flying ship and what's the matter with sending out a... Oh." As soon as he is told, he is struck with realization once he gives a quick look around of his surroundings, "I see your point. Alright, I guess I can use this little buddy I had with me." Reaching out for the third Poké Ball, he clicked the button on the middle as a Karrablast is sent out from the machine. It wriggles out briefly before standing on its two feet, staring at his Trainer who momentarily glances at Shadoan, "How do I use the patch again?"

                            "Baloo Leaves are naturally sticky, you just slap it on. The rest sinks into its system. Particularly the blue shiny side where the stuff is for the effect." Following Irek's instructions, Sevish puts on the patch with his palm and gently rubs it on his Karrablast for it to stick, then he puts away his hand leaving the mark to vanish slowly. "So, how does it feel?" The Karrablast doesn't seem to be feeling anything, as he simply wanders to where his curiosity lead him to.

                            "...Aura Patch may need more work... Try giving Karrablast a command to attack the chunks of wood Ivysaur cut up. Maybe he can do something more otherworldly." Irek suggested.
                            "Alright, Karrablast. Please come back here and attack these chunks of wood." The Karrablast notices his Trainer calling and ordering him to attack at something unseeable from where he is now. He approaches the broken pieces, and stumbles over, disappointingly. "Well, that was certainly something."

                            "...Huh..." Irek approaches it and helps it up. "...Uh... Shadoan, I think the patch is working though I think it's a bit much for Karrablast... He's zoning out here..."
                            "Peel the patch off, we may have added too much bark and need to add more of the green berries to stabilize." Irek follows the command and peels the leaf off.

                            "That's unfortunate, but that's that. Sorry for that Karrablast, you may rest for now." Said Sevish, withdrawing his Pokémon back to his Poké Ball.
                            "Lin, your turn, take your pick." He motions at Lin, who was busy checking the medicines to see if anything else was needed for Shadoan, to come over to his lawn chair as Irek brings the box of experimental drugs over to Shadoan. Hearing him calling her name still makes her blush, she is still trying to take in what had happened earlier. She politely does so, and starts choosing. "I would pick the healing one, but it seems to be working fine... I might as well try the Aura Patch."

                            As Shadoan hands her the envelope, Lin, still blushing, quickly turns away before applying the patch to her Braixen. "Alright... Kisume, huh... Try something?" Said Lin, not really sure. The Braixen proceeds to enter a state of serenity, presumably caused by the patch she had with her. There, with the might of a Fox Pokémon amplified by the patch, she concentrates a powerful Psychic, lifting up almost everything on the deck and even nearby boulders outside. Sparth hangs on the wheel with his legs leaving floor, staying upward as he quickly stops the ship from going any further. Both Chebyl and Sevish keep themselves steady in the midair despite being startled by the force, while Shadoan and Irek stay put on the lifted lawn chair, smiles plastered on their faces.

                            "Aaaah! Kisume! Stop! Put us down!" Said Lin, as said Pokémon stopped her psychic power, which leads to Lin falling down on the wooden floor as well as several others. Gelius did fall too, but at least he managed to do somewhat of a decent landing as opposed to Lin, whose clumsiness hurting her more compared to how many times she blushed. He simply picks a notepad as soon he recovered from the fall, "Interesting. Seems that the Aura Patch works better on Pokemon that, per say, might be inclined to the special side of the attacking spectrum." Said Gelius, writing stuff down on the notepad he held. Weavile laughs at the situation that just happened, especially since Psychic isn't effective at all on Dark-Types.

                            "That just leaves you two, Gelius and Sparth." Shadoan turned to Gelius first with the wood crate in his lap. Among the Trainers who made the situation livelier, though he is still observant with what's going on, Gelius hasn't shown himself talking for a while now. Isn't particularly because he doesn't want to interact, Gelius had been storming through noting down the effects while trying to solve the "puzzle", so he only really thought on what to pick at that exact moment.

                            "Well.. I'll pick Cha..." He then stops on his tracks, looking at Sparth. He still doesn't trust him, despite both working together against those Ghost-Types and finding the Behemoth earlier. He wouldn't trust him with a Mating Powder. Hell no. "I guess I would test the Mating Powder. The only problem is how we test that in situations like these. I think that one should be investigated when other stuff are out of the way. We're not just gonna make our Pokemon make an egg right here and right now. Plus, There are matters I'd like to speak with Shadoan once I can. So for now, I request I keep the Mating Powder, and I'll research it later, or at the very least save it so once I go back to Johto, where I can give the Powder to the Day-Care Couple in Route 34 to test it." Gelius suggested, going back to his notes.

                            "That leaves me." Sparth leaves the helm and hops down, "I'll take a bag of Chaos. Before I do though, can I see a pinch of that Mating Powder?" Shadoan obliged as he pulled out his Combusken and fed it to her. In a few moments, the fire bird was hugging her Trainer's leg. "...I think I can do more with chaos than that... Return." Shadoan takes a purple, paper wrapped ball with the word 'RAGE' written on it in red marker as Sparth returns to the helm and sets the ship down, soon to reach the still fertile, green grasses covering the brown soil just below it darkening with an enlarging shadow. Should one take a look from the sides, they can see that the airship has taken its altitude elevated down steadily, gradually, safely.

                            "ALRIGHT! We're here." He calls out as he hops down from the helm once again, "Before we go any further, is anyone claiming that Ascended Riolu we 'rescued' as their own Pokémon?"

                            "I would swap a Pokémon out for an Ascended Pokémon, as much as I'd love to, but unfortunately I can't send any Pokemon back without communications. That is one thing I will work on. Though I must be honest, I do own my own Lucario, which is on training." Said Gelius, not moving his face from the notebook. "Huh... I'm not gonna try using said kind of Pokémon. It scares me." Said Lin.

                            "I don't know if that Pokémon would really like me as a Trainer, but I surely don't mind if it wishes to stay with me." Chebyl volunteered herself.

                            "Well, now it depends on whether he does really want to be part of your team. Let him decide by then." Irek walks over to the Riolu, helps him up and turns to both Sevish and Chebyl. "Go on now, don't be shy." Irek tries his best to convince the red-hued Emanation Pokémon that there's nothing to worry about. Sevish only looks at Riolu with a curious look, obviously not expecting too much of chances for it to choose him over the girl beside him.

                            Standing unsteadily on his black toes, slowly staggering forward, he rubs his eyes before making its decision to follow. His clear, blue eyes are directed toward the two Trainers who stands before him, particularly angling at the one with green overalls. Without hesitation, the Riolu points ihis paw at the girl from the distance. In response, Sevish smiles and moves aside as she approaches the red Riolu, then crouching down to give it a light pet. It seems that Riolu has warmed with the Trainer very quick--his facial expression suggesting his comfort affirms her greatly. "I suppose this means we're now bound to help out each other regardless of the occasion. But don't push yourself too hard, you'll do more than just great."

                            "Until then, we're keeping him on the ship.... For now, his wounds are going to need healing and he's going to need rest. You can name him and train him later." Said Shadoan, who then he looks at Sparth, "Sparth, why are we here?"
                            "We're chasing Grimor... More or less, we're somewhere where I can gather data to find him in the cave. I need someone to come with me as a spelunking partner while the rest need to stay and guard the ship... Volunteers?" The redheaded man asked the Trainers in the ship, getting himself prepared for the next work to do.

                            "I would, but as I said before, I need to discuss matters with Shadoan." Said Gelius, refusing the offer.
                            "Hum... I guess it's good for me to leave the ship once in a while." Said Lin.

                            Gelius simply was now checking around the deck just to see if the electricity board was around, but found nothing yet. Gelius then turned to Lin, "Don't let Sparth off your eyes. I don't trust him." Said Gelius, whispering to her. This made Lin a bit astonished, but she quickly recomposed herself. Meanwhile, Sparth had already lowered the plank for them to get across from the ship, its end hitting the middlemost part of the glade and himself already making his way downwards for an exploration. Lin followed him soon after observing the cypresses placed in between the path leading to the cave.

                            From there, they begin their long walk into some ruins with the sounds of shifting earth of some nearby Ground-Types. On the way, they notice a glimpse of a yellow Pokémon burrowing its way to the grounds. While Lin doesn't seem to think too much of it, Sparth, on the other hand is confident that he is on the right track. "A Sandshrew... this is perfect--just where we need to be!" They continue along the path, following the sounds of moving and shifting earth until they reach a massive hole in the ground. Sparth pulls out a long length of Sol Vine from his rucksack and ties it to a stalagmite and starts climbing into the pit. "You're coming?" Lin slowly nods, and tries to follow. She wasn't feeling really that great. "I'm trying my best." She said.

                            Back on the ship, Shadoan and Gelius have their moment alone in company. "Seems I got time to speak to you. How are you?" Gelius asked, while offering some food he had. Meanwhile, Weavile is wandering around until it finds both Chebyl and Sevish still on the deck. It had something in its mouth, but decided to shrug it off and walked away to catch the winds.

                            "Have you thought of a nickname to call him?" Asked Sevish toward the girl, who shakes her head in return.
                            "Not yet, but I'd surely come up with a name soon. Maybe I should start giving nicknames to my Pokémon too, hmm?" She shrugged, "Either way, I won't be so hasty. Naming isn't easy, but these'll come in time so there's no rush."

                            She shuffled through her bag for something she had with her before they could technically become a team. Soon, she found herself holding a spare Ultra Ball, then shows it at Riolu, "This machine here is what we refer to as Poké Ball. It's not always a requirement, but it's recommended for a Trainer to befriend their Pokémon with this. I'm showing you this because we're just one step closer. If you really wish to stay with me, then you may touch this ball."

                            Curious, Riolu sniffs the Ultra Ball she held then looks at her again. She nods, indirectly telling him that she has no intention of forcing him and therefore it all comes to his choice. Eventually, Riolu slowly raises his hand onto the Ultra Ball and puts it at the upper part, where he glows in white light that encases him inside the now closing in ball machine. To the right, to the left, right and left again, it doesn't take long for a click to be heard. Nonetheless, she finally caught her first Pokémon--an Ascended Riolu--in Lethia, and their encounter is simply the starting point of their arduous journey.

                            "Well! With all that coming to an end... I'm starting to get hungry!" Sevish laughed gleefully, though his belly's roar is certainly more audible than him mentioning the importance to keep oneself from famine, "Those green berries I ate from where I was confined before certainly wasn't enough to satiate me."
                            "Can one of you go find some food then?" Irek requested, "There should be some Plump Airmelons hanging around here somewhere... They're like watermelons except they hang from trees... Find some and I can cook something useful."

                            "Well, we kinda flubbed our first attempt on finding those as we got chased by a pack of wild Tauros. I'm not sure if things will be different this time either." Said Sevish.
                            "We don't exactly know where they are, right? So I'll be sending out my Pokémon to scout for us before we go there to pluck them up on our leisure." Going through her bag again, she grips the Poké Ball tight and throws it onto the air, releasing the Ember Pokémon from her place, flapping her wings in the midair. "Fletchinder, can you look around to see if there are trees that somehow grow melons around here?" Paying heed toward her Trainer, Fletchinder takes off by darting herself onto the skies above.

                            "That's our mistake, though. But first..." Chebyl searched her sling bag and yanked out what seems to be a wrapped loaf of bread and box of butter out of it, "At first I perished the thought of sharing, but we'll surely go find more once we're stuffed."

                            "A bread! And butter!" His eyes sparkled in awe, "Can I have some?"
                            "Yeah, but you can...have only a slice." She squinted snidely while unwrapping the covering paper, then turned herself to the side to open the butter box.
                            "No matter! A slice is good enough to keep me in a good shape!" He exclaimed, immediately snatching a one, a two, a three. Chebyl doesn't seem to notice that he already broke her terms when her back was turned to open the box, but decided to relent it over once she realized that his gluttonous self already ate half of it. "Even without butter, these breads aren't as tasteless than I thought! Where did you get these?" "Somewhere." She simply rolled her eyes, so long as she still had her portion she won't get herself angry over eaten consumables.

                            Shortly enough, Fletchinder returned back to her Trainer and perched her talons on her green cap. By the direction she came from, she perceived it as if she had found the exact point to where the plants are located. They may have to separate themselves from the group again for another round of food scavenging, but this time, they're double as wary as their former selves.

                            "Sevish, you'd better get ready soon." Chebyl swiped off the small leftovers on her lips with her thumb, "If we're fortunate, we should make it safely. Move your legs and don't be a deadweight now."

                            "Alright. Just don't leave me behind again, though." He got up from his spot, "See you later, Irek."
                            "Good luck." Irek waves his hand as the two Trainers descend from the ship, both looking back to wave at him and forth on their second attempt. Sevish had his Watch the Watchog to serve as a scout, while Chebyl took a stick lying just next to the tree. From there, they braved themselves by entering the deeper part of the forest that eventually leads them to where more dangerous creatures lie in wait for unsuspecting adventurers--the Hunters of Boggah Marshlands.

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