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Old July 22nd, 2017 (1:26 AM).
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The destruction and havoc wrought by Team Rocket spread far, and impacted many. The shockwaves of their degeneracy not only affected the people and Pokemon of the Kanto region, but also reached far into the Johto region as well. Their power continued to rise for an incredibly long time as they were left unhindered by the Police, Gyms or the Elite Four. That is, until the day that a young boy by the name of Red began his Pokemon journey. Taking on Pikachu as his starter, the child began to traverse the Kanto region as he dreamed of collecting the badges and becoming a Pokemon Champion. His rival, Blue, egged him on at every turn, challenging him to random battles to test the might of one another.

However, Blue was not the only person testing this young trainer. In the shadows of Team Rocket, a man by the name of Giovanni lay in wait. His hand was strong and reached far as the leader of this organization, hindering the boy’s progress through Kanto as soon as he entered Mount Moon. But Red was not to be trifled with. His mind was set on a goal much higher than the ambitions of Team Rocket, its Admins, or its Leader. The boy easily tore through the front lines of Team Rocket, taking out a number of its Grunts as he strode ever forward.

For a while, it became apparent that at every turn Team Rocket was not only interfering with other trainers and the average people, but also the Trainer Red. Giovanni had slowly become obsessed with the child who was so easily dismantling years of work, even though he’d only just begun his journey. The leader of Team Rocket watched the boy from a distance, seeing his own past reflected in Red as he wandered around the country searching for the powerful being hidden behind the scenes.

Soon, the young trainer’s journey brought him to Lavender town where he’d begun to hear rumors of Team Rocket disturbing the peace of the deceased Pokemon buried in the Pokemon Tower. Red met with his Rival Blue inside of the building on his way to confront the Team Rocket members within. Blue, not wanting to slow his journey for such meaningless trifles as of yet pushed ever forward - admitting to have only come into the tower to capture a Cubone for his Pokedex. The thought of avenging the Pokemon not present within him, but only his own self gain.

Their battle was heated as Red grew ever more angry at his Rival for being so oblivious to the going-ons of the world around him. The young trainer defeated his Rival and continued on up the tower, leaving Blue behind to watch helplessly as his childhood friend ascended - not knowing that when he returned to the ground, he’d never again be the same.
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Old July 22nd, 2017 (2:14 AM).
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i. The Possession

Red ascended the tower, fending off the ghosts of the disturbed deceased who took on the appearance of Gastly and Haunter. The mediums who had once been in service to the tower in keeping the spirits at peace had become corrupted by those very same Pokemon. These mediums sent out ghostly Pokemon of their own, wearing down the strength of Red’s party as he continued to climb. As the boy reached the level that was next to last, he found that he’d been worn down to his final Pokemon - Pikachu. As the boy made to climb the final set of stairs and confront Team Rocket for their wrongdoings, Red was stopped by the spirit of a Pokemon which had only just recently passed.

The Pokemon’s body was completely invisible, it’s presence intangible but still felt. A heavy dread hung over the entire room, which caused the spirits of the long since deceased to shy away. Soon, the entire room had fallen quiet and only Red and this spirit remained. The boy waited quietly for several minutes, not knowing what to expect but also not able to proceed until the spirit had been calmed.

Red cleared his throat. “I’ve come to avenge you! Team Rocket deserves to be punished for what they’ve done, and I’m here to ensure that justice is dealt! I’ve seen the trouble that they’ve caused all across the region and have decided to put my own dreams on hold in order to avenge all those unnecessarily burdened because of these evil people!”

The room remained quiet, but the air grew thicker. A dark fog began to roll in from both sets of stairs. The gravestones surrounding Red began to hover in the air, the words upon them coming to life. Hundreds of eyes spotted the darkness as the gravestones changed into the fallen Pokemon which they marked. A strong breeze blew the hat off of the boy’s head and caused him to tumble backwards. The sense of dread grew ever more prevalent as Red began to tear up uncontrollably.

Visions of men and women in Rocket outfits flashed across his mind. Pokeballs flew across the various levels of tower as the spirits of the deceased fled in all directions, taking on the forms of the Pokemon Gastly and Haunter as well as possessing the mediums in hope of escape. A family of Cubone sat at the top of the tower, happily playing with the Gastly which made their home there as their mother - Marowak - slept. Time seemed to rewind to a point not so long ago as the fog in the room grew even thicker.

The Cubone played, swinging their clubs about joyously as they chased the four Gastly around the small hallway. An old man sat at the very back of the room, caressing the head of the sleeping Marowak as they both smiled. All was incredibly peaceful, so much so that when the screams began on the bottom floors, it was immediately noticed. Marowak shot up straight away, calling out for her children as the Gastly dispersed. The mother Marowak held up her massive club as she slowly made her way down the stairs to the level below. The elderly man and Cubone all followed closely behind her before rushing for cover behind the various tombstones. The elderly man stood stalwart beside the mother, his hands wrapped around the balls at his waist as they both waited.

As the men and women made their way up the stairs and into the room, the Marowak’s club flew for one of their heads, knocking the man unconscious as the tool bludgeoned his skull. The Pokemon rushed up, yelling for her children to rush past the men. A number of the Cubone were quickly captured as the Rocket members threw their balls as rapidly as they could, hoping to have none of them escape. Three of the Pokemon made their way through the narrow doorway and down the stairs as their mother stayed behind, picking up her weapon and using it to bludgeon another of the Rocket members.

As the mother leapt at another of the members, she herself was batted away with a crowbar held by one of the heavier set members of the organization. The man’s mouth moved, but it seemed that no words came out of it. The Marowak’s eyes filled with fear as the man hovered over her, crowbar in hand, then above his head. As the weapon fell, the image disappeared. Red felt all of the fear, anxiety and anger of the mother as he came back to reality from the nightmare. The trainer scrambled to gather his bearings, holding onto one of the various tombstones as he regained his breath.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.” The boy paused, wondering what the right thing to say to the now apparent spirit of Marowak was. “I came here for vengeance, for you, your children and all the others whose fate might have been the same.”

The air seemed to momentarily thin out with the boy’s words, but quickly stiffened back up as the fog re-accumulated. Another image flashed across Red’s mind as he saw his Rival, Blue making his way into the tower. Various members of the staff seemed to stop and oppose his climbing the tower, but the boy simply pushed them away as he forced himself up the stairs against all opposition. The spirits of the recently awakened Pokemon assaulted Blue, seeing him as just another human now here to disturb their peace. However, Blue pushed back their assault easily with his Ratticate before leaving it behind on the second level to provide cover.

Blue came upon the third level, and only a short ways ahead of him sat a Cubone with its hands in the sockets of its mask. Its bone lay on the ground next to it as it sobbed uncontrollably for the loss of its mother. Another Cubone stood behind it, tears also rolling down its face as it tried to comfort its brother. A smirk drew across the boy’s face as he pulled a Pokeball from his pocket. His lips moved, but as with the Rocket member before, no sound came from them. The Cubone looked up at the trainer, its eyes wide as the ball ricocheted off of its skull and its body was pulled into it.

With a few fidgets, the ball ceased to move and the Pokemon was captured. The Cubone’s brother’s eyes only grew wider as it turned to stare at Blue. The trainer waved his hand at the Pokemon, his lips moving again as he made his way out of the building. The other cubone followed him down the steps, tears coming down its face even more strongly than before as it struggled to keep up. Blue stopped midway on the third level, surveying the scene as he searched for his Ratticate, however, the Pokemon was nowhere to be found. With a simple shrug and a smile, the boy continued on down to the first floor before being confronted by Red. The Cubone which had been following the trainer rushed for cover as the two Rivals met face to face once more, readying for an all out battle.

Once more, the fog lifted and Red was allowed to see his reality again. The actions of Blue weighed heavily on his mind as he wondered what he could have said to the Cubone or what was going through his mind when he passed by the place that his Ratticate should have been. The boy grew angry as he dwelled on the fact that Blue hadn’t even taken the time to search for his Ratticate before walking off of the floor.

“Do you see now?” A chillingly cold voice whispered into the boy’s ear. Red spun around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the entity to which the voice belonged. But there was nothing. “You and your friend are the exact same.”

Red shook his head viciously. “No! No we’re not the same! I would never leave a friend behind like that! I would never-”

The entire room shook. “You’re all the same! All you humans! All of you!”

Red covered his head, expecting the roof to crumble down on top of him with his vigorously it was shaking. “What about that old man? Is he the same as all the rest of us humans?”

The voice went silent. “No. Mr. Fuji is certainly different, however, even he has admitted he is unlike any other human. We were warned by Mr. Fuji, yet we never listened. Thus have we come to this. Those men and women who destroyed my home must all be destroyed, and your friend who stole my child must also be punished for his inconsideration.”

“I understand what you’re saying but, what is there that you can do? You’re only a ghost Marowak. Your time in this world is over, so you should go ahead and move on. Just leave everything else to me.” Red’s face was overtaken by a wide smile as he tried to convey his feelings in the most sincerest of ways.

The spirit remained silent. The fog subsided and the room’s air grew stale. Red stood motionless for several more seconds, waiting to see if anything else would happen. The boy finally let out a sigh and smiled. His mind was made up and he knew what he had to do. Defeating Blue in regular Pokemon battle wouldn’t be enough, and in order to punish Team Rocket he’d have to go to some extreme lengths. Their complete disbandment was the only option which seemed feasible. If the Grunts up to this point had been any indication of Team Rocket’s power, then there was surely some chance that Red could possibly achieve his goals.

The boy pulled the ball from his pocket which held Pikachu and smiled, rubbing his thumb over the top part of the mechanism where he could see his sleeping friend. Red smiled and then took his first step onto the top floor before being hit with a mighty gust of wind which completely knocked the air out of him as he was pushed back down to the previous floor. The trainer scrambled to his feet once more before being knocked over again, banging his head against one of the various tombstones around him. As the boy’s vision began to go blurry, he could just barely see the outline of a shadow which looked to be in the shape of Marowak.

“Sorry, but this revenge shall be mine. Don’t worry, if all goes well you’ll only have to take a backseat for a short while.”
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Old July 22nd, 2017 (2:13 PM).
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    Glad to see that you're exploring this idea after mentioning it in the plot bunny thread!

    I'm interested in seeing where you take this story. Because Marowak possessed one of the few humans that could show that all humans aren't as bad as Team Rocket grunts, so there won't be much stopping Marowak from getting as much revenge as she wants against everyone. I do wonder what she'll do to Blue (and will the mystery of Raticate be explained?)

    It'll also be interesting to see how Marowak-in-Red's-body will navigate through the world of humans. And, depending on the type of revenge she goes for, what the repercussions will be for Red when Marowak is satisfied.

    Looking forward to more, to see where this story goes!
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    Old July 24th, 2017 (5:40 PM).
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      Nice premise. Keep up the good work.
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      Old July 25th, 2017 (10:07 AM).
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        I like the first part with Giovanni showing a somewhat obsessed interest in Red and I'm anticipating how you will have Giovanni and possessed Red meet, (If that is your intention).

        I do like the image you painted with having Blue come off as somewhat of an antagonistic character, and what the future holds for him. Though I do wonder if Red will still be able to talk/do things and how his Pokémon will react by seeing the difference in their trainer.

        Good so far so keep it up.
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