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6th Gen What did you nickname your pokemon?

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Old March 20th, 2014 (4:17 AM).
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    All of my Pokemon are nicknamed, so this may take a while. I'll warn you in advance that some of them are pretty random.

    Delphox: Apollo
    Sylveon: Clementine
    Lucario: Loki
    Mewtwo: Obama
    Raichu: Tom
    Blastoise: Harry
    Talonflame: Seniorita
    Dragonite: Dragonite (Poor oddball... he was traded.)
    Espeon: Choop
    Zygarde: Tubby
    Phanpy: Plumpkin
    Altaria: Ismae
    Lapras: MingMing
    Absol: Paprika
    Ampharos: Floopa
    Aurorus: Twinkletoes
    Onix: Carl
    Xerneas: Xerneas (My second oddball... I might nickname it in the future.)
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    Old March 20th, 2014 (4:37 AM).
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      I found a really old game of mine in FireRed:

      Charizard: Machimo
      Blastoise: Aurogeis
      Venosaur: Nicvinio

      Mewtwo: Psynorubo
      Dragonite: Dragoneon
      Jolteon: Meistorunes

      Pikachu: Daniel
      Chansey: Cheyly
      Wigglytuff: Oobley

      I only remember naming Machimo, so the others are, uh forgotten?

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      Old March 20th, 2014 (5:06 AM).
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        The three I know of the top of my head
        Pigeot: Chirpsalot
        Greninja: Kiba
        Charizard: Dragneel
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        Old March 22nd, 2014 (12:51 PM).
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          I got a Tyrunt named Rex and a Bunnelby called Bunny and a Magikarp called Blubbfish (sorry I have bad imagination) xD
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          Old March 23rd, 2014 (3:00 PM).
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            Delphox: Blaze
            Lucario: Aurax (mix between Aura and Ax)
            Sylveon: Ribbon
            Pikachu: ChuChu
            Zorua: Zakuro (pomegrante in jap)
            Purloin: Kitten
            I don't give my legendaries nicknames, since I think it's best to keep their noble titles.
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            Old March 23rd, 2014 (3:04 PM).
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              Delphox: Dende
              Lucario: Vegetto
              Breloom: Guan
              Charizard: Kabito
              Gliscor: Sporperius
              Noivern: Bills

              My other noivern is a shiny named Petra.

              The legendaries I named
              Xerneas: Xero
              Zygarde: Zour
              Yveltal: Ytrix
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              Old March 23rd, 2014 (3:54 PM).
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                On my X, my team is:
                Hank the Greninja
                Stan the Tyrantrum
                Bumi the Trevenant
                Forest Spirit the Xerneus

                And then there's the event Blaziken that I couldn't nickname.

                My Y team is:
                Knight the Chesnaught
                Sierra the Vivillon (high plains?)
                Bilbo the Yveltal
                Jedi the Blastoise
                Synce the female Meowstic

                And a Zoroark I transferred over from my white version.

                I have a few others nicknamed and use sometimes:
                Smaug the Noivern
                Mufasa the Pyroar
                Flame the talonflame
                Lester the Greninja (has hidden ability)
                Alice the dratini.

                That's it.
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                Old March 24th, 2014 (10:02 PM).
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                For my first playthrough I named all my team members after my PC friends.

                Delphox - John
                Meowstic - Zach
                Florges - Amanda
                Aegislash - Sector
                Aurorus - Shawn
                Lapras - Dipu
                Hawlucha - Chase
                Lucario - Patchy

                Then I was able to get two Pokemon nicknamed from my cousin. Both of them are pretty special.

                Shiny Charizard - Kanzler
                Dratini (Marvel Scale) - Ashley

                This is the first time I'm nicknaming Pokemon in a first playthrough. lol
                ...& what's wrong with that?
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                Old March 24th, 2014 (10:25 PM).
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                  I named a shiny Tyrunt I got a few days ago "Bluetooth". I've been waiting to make that pun for a while now. xD

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                  Old July 28th, 2017 (6:37 PM).
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                    Final Team for X (Fenniken Run):

                    Ginny - Delphox (female) lv. 67
                    Jake - Raichu (Male) lv. 63
                    Zelda - Doublade (Female) lv. 64
                    Mina - Lapras (Female) lv. 61
                    Amarantha - Venusaur (Female) lv. 65
                    Ricochet - Hawlucha (Male) lv. 65

                    Current Team for X (Froakie Run):

                    Sasuke - Frogadier (Male) lv. 18
                    Lenny - Vivillon (Male) lv. 16
                    Steve - Skiddo (Male) lv. 18
                    Nala - Litleo (Female) lv. 17
                    Leonardo - Wartortle (Male) lv. 17
                    Trix - Espurr (Female) lv. 12 (Newly caught)
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