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Okay, okay, okay... let me explain that this is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic two-shot. It will only be two parts, the prologue and the actual story itself. I've only written the prologue so far, and to be honest I wrote it a month ago. I first posted it on FIM Fiction and EGC because I felt comfortable posting it. ...If you're really interesting the original roots was indeed here.

That's my Fim Fiction account. Where I originally posted this... I never feel comfortable showing my MLP fan-fictions because I'm afraid of what people will say, but now's the time to show this everywhere I possibly can.

It's rated OT 16+ for brutality, language, and possible gore. This is also going to be dark. That, however, won't really appear until after the prologue.

Also, the main character's name, which is Silver Lining, if you're really curious where that came from I did not get that from the movie "Silver Lining Playbook" I got it from the saying "there is silver lining at the end of every tunnel." Because it fits this character. Also, just so we're clear the main character is a male.

Okay, here we go...


Prologue; The Glass

My name is Silver Lining. Or, at least that's what I call myself. I don't remember much about me, no, I barley remember anything I don't remember my past, what I did yesterday and just about everything else.

Whenever I wake up I feel nothing. I haven't felt any emotion or pain with the exception of emptiness, loneliness because I am all alone. I haven't seen another living soul or human for that matter in a very long time. The only thing I see these days is ponies. Lots of ponies. They seem to have a lot of fun with one another--they have a happy life. Whenever I see the ponies laughing and having a good time I want to cackle a laugh and make them suffer. But no. Something prevents me from doing so. A wall or glass, even. Whenever I try to charge at the happy ponies something glass-like prevents me from going anywhere. I'm trapped behind a world of glass and I can never seem to escape as if I'm supposed to be there.

Not all ponies make me want to cackle and go into a murderous state. There's one pony that actually interests me and is the only thing I can focus on without losing my sanity.

Her name is Twilight Sparkle.

Or at least that's what I heard from other ponies who speak to her.

Something was different about this purple unicorn. I knew it from the moment I saw her. She wasn't all about making friends and being happy all the time like other ponies. All she cared about was her studies. I liked that. She, well, she got me interested I just had to focus on her and no other pony.

Focusing on her made me realize that not all ponies are happy and peppy all the time. Witnessing her using the Elements of Harmony with five other ponies got me to realize that their world is not as light and happy as it seems. No, there are many secrets to it the ponies don't realize it. No, they just don't want to realize it. More threats have come and gone. Twilight Sparkle defeated many villains and encountered many obstacles. She is an amazing unicorn and all alone in the glass world I am rooting for her.

Her other pony friends I couldn't care less about. They're all the same: happy, peppy and over all annoying. There's nothing even different about them. The only thing that is noticeably different is their talents. I always hold in my cackles when her friends are with her especially when Pinkie Pie is around. The most peppy of them all. That pony...she is the one pony that I don't know how Twilight Sparkle could even live with. Quite frankly I don't even know how she could be friends with such a random pony. The only tolerable of her five friends to me, is AppleJack. And to say in the least she is the only other pony besides Twilight Sparkle of which I can tolerate. Honest and hardworking, who wouldn't want to be friends with a pony like her?

Half of the ponies drive me insane, but Twilight Sparkle, no, Twilight is too different to drive me insane. She's the only thing that allows me to stay sane. Watching her for however long is the only way I can forget the empty life I live and how lonely I am. Twilight Sparkle may not be able to see me, hear me, or even sense me but I can sense her, hear her and see her. She doesn't need to see or hear me, no, that would simply freak her out. I don't want to do that to the unicorn. I just want her to be herself and watch her forever like it would make a difference if I don't watch her anyway.

So every day. Yes, every day, I watch Twilight Sparkle blunder, stumble, drive herself insane, and learn a lesson from it all. The lessons she learns teach me lessons as well on how to become less insane although I never take the lessons into heart and back away from all the lessons.

After Twilight goes to bed I fall asleep as well, I wake up when she wakes up and fall asleep only when she falls asleep. It's pointless to watch her learn lessons if she is not awake. I couldn't care less what all the other ponies do. They're worthless to watch and don't do anything to contribute to the pony community--as if they're mere background ponies. Unwanted ponies. Or maybe that's because I ignore their existence and pretend they're just unimportant animals that also aren't needed.

Then when I reach the next day in my glass wall prison the cycle begins again. Twilight blunders, stumbles, and loses her mind again and learns another powerful lesson from it. But lately that hasn't been the case. Her other friends have stolen her thunder and have been learning lessons over her. It's a drag to watch her thunder get stolen. But Twilight is regardless, still learning lessons. Not lessons I can learn from but she is.

Recently she got trapped beneath some strange place in a form of exile. It was the only time I felt the need to cover my eyes and not watch the events unfold. But hell no. The mare pulled through and learned the secret behind her brother’s “wife”. Some black changeling queen had wanted to use her brother but regardless that unicorn pulled through. The saint she is. Apparently that black changeling pony hasn't been seen since. Perhaps she is afraid of Twilight Sparkle or maybe the rejected pony died from the blow she received. Whatever the reason may be that she hasn't been seen since doesn't concern me as long as she never gets close to Twilight Sparkle ever again.

If I could just meet Twilight Sparkle... if only there was a way to get out of my prison of a world. Even become a pony if it were possible.

We could become best friends easily, I know it.


...Alright. I do have another pony fan-fic of which I titled "Friendship is Useless" but I don't have any confidence to show that, yet. So for now please feel free to read this one I guess...

Anyway, if you care enough to so please comment and criticize.
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