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Seventh Generation What was your starter Page 5

Started by Jayzco January 12th, 2018 12:47 PM
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Water trainer with a Rowlet addiction

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Posted June 4th, 2019
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Moon: Rowlet
Ultra Moon: Litten
Ultra Moon, 2nd run: Rowlet
Ultra Sun: Rowlet

I swear I’m gonna pick Popplio one of these days, but I’ve just gotten so attached to Rowlet... I <3 my birb. Only generation I’ve ever picked the grass starter, and it’s become my all-time favorite Pokémon.
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Sinnoh (but actually Canada)
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Posted 3 Weeks Ago
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I kinda bounced back and forth between Popplio for my main save files and occasionally Litten for my secondary ones. Don't think I've ever used Rowlet...
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Posted 4 Days Ago
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Rowlet. Rowlet all the way through both.
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Yea I chose Rowlet like many here, best design in my opinion.
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Posted 13 Hours Ago
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I used Rowlet during Moon, as I had been set on it from the moment the starters were announced, and barn owls are my favorite owl. When Ultra Sun came out I used Popplio, since my initial negative views on it had changed and I wanted to give it a second chance after failing to complete the journey with it in Moon. I can now say that as much as I love my Decidueye, Baccharis, Primarina stole the show overall for me as a starter for the region.

I mean, I do like Incineroar, I just like the other two a bit more. It's kinda what happened to my opinion of the Hoenn starters too, I like all three plenty but prefer two over one. Unlike the Hoenn starters though, I can use Decidueye and Incineroar in other games, making my choice easier for the main story.
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