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3rd Gen nicknames for female growlithe

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Old July 11th, 2017 (11:41 AM).
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    as title says...

    any good nicknames for a female growlithe that i could use? :)

    thanks :)
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    Old July 11th, 2017 (1:31 PM).
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      Windie / Windy if you plan to evolve it to arcanine
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      Old July 12th, 2017 (6:10 AM).
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        Muttilda >D

        But seriously, i like name "Honoka" for my female fire-types, dunno why.
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        Old July 12th, 2017 (3:52 PM).
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          How do you feel about 'Aurora'? Seems like a fiery name... :P

          Cutewarez Family: OPTIMUM == $ophia == Teatime == :3
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          Old July 12th, 2017 (7:30 PM).
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            Hm. Maybe looking at Growlithe's name in other languages could provide some inspiration. How about Gardie (Japanese), Caninos (French), or Fukano (German)? Arcanine doesn't have as many good names in other languages, but maybe Windie (Japanese)?
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            Old July 12th, 2017 (7:59 PM).
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              I like to name my growlithes after real dogs I have had as pets. My newest arcanine is named Prince after the great Pyrenees I adopted from the Humane Society.

              Since you need a girl though I always thought Nymeria was a beautiful yet really cool name, the name of Araya's brave direwolf from Game of Thrones. Its the name of a warrior queen also.
              I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"

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              Old August 1st, 2017 (10:03 AM).
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                I always liked Ember.
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                Old November 23rd, 2017 (7:59 PM).
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                  I was thinking of "Amber" for that ember pun
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                  Old January 19th, 2018 (1:10 PM).
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                    Originally Posted by popplio25 View Post
                    as title says...

                    any good nicknames for a female growlithe that i could use? :)

                    thanks :)
                    My nephew called her Punia (after our dog), i called mine Jenny (no pun intended)
                    My pokemon uncles and aunts (Note that this is a recolor and from Pokemon Crystal)

                    Original nick - BH
                    Name - Bartek
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                    Old January 22nd, 2018 (10:46 AM).
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                      Flannery, after Hoenn's Fire type Gym Leader.

                      Greta/Gretchen - alliterative with Growlithe
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