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When should the series have ended?

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If the series ended, that mighta meant no korrina for me :(

That idea just bugs me. Because I was clinically depressed before I saw her arc again on disney XD. Seriously, no med was even helping me, thats how bad it was....

I'm seriously glad the anime didn't end (even though the crazy fans in the amour shipping community were pretty much the result overall...)
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    All shippings have fanatics and bad apples(to say otherwise is being disingenuous). To me, it could have ended nicely on a silver platter had Ash won the Kalos League, gotten the girl and moved onto another story/protagonist. Then he loses and we get SuMo. Yeah... I’ll pass.
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    Sinnoh and Kalos would be good stopping points imo. Ash was not the best but he was a bit competitive. especially in kalos when his team was good

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      never .....unless there is a new series or spin off to replace it
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