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Old March 6th, 2011 (8:43 AM).
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    -Defeated Elesa.
    -Did the Victini event.
    -Caught some more pokémon.

    Currently on my way to Driftveil City.

    Current Team
    Servine lv.28
    Tranquill lv.25
    Panpour lv.25
    Whirlipede lv.26
    Zorua lv.26
    Scraggy lv.26
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    survive the world.
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      Oh, Oh, oh! Today, I finally got White! So yeah, here's what happened.

      I chose Snivy as my starter, and now I'm in Pinwheel Forest trying to train my Servine for Lenora.
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        I was doing the Victini event right as I got to the city, and I wasn't prepared. I had 4 Pokeballs, and 1 ultra ball I found in the trash can. I caught it without having to reset or buy more balls, I was so excited, my first legendary in a Pokeball too!
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        Majestic Dawn
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          March 6, 2011
          11:52 A.M

          - Started Game as "Gear"
          - Chose Oshawott
          - Got Oshawott up to Lv. 11
          - Caught a Purrloin on Route 2

          Pokémon of the Day

          February 25, 2011
          Old March 6th, 2011 (11:28 AM).
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            Okay, so I just got my Black Version! I started my game as a girl named Mo, and I picked Tepig as my starter. Somehow, I ended up with a Modest-natured female on my first go-through, and she led me to defeat both Bianca and Cheren. I nicknamed her Maisy, and am currently watching Professor Juniper's tutorial battle.

            Here we go!~

            Maisy (Tepig) - Level 6
            3DS FC: 2165-7396-9005
            Old March 6th, 2011 (11:56 AM).
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              I've reached the Dreamyard and received Pansear. How awesome is he?! I named him Aaron. Now I can kick some Gym Leader butt. :D
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                Well I've been playing for over 3 hours now. I've caught a lillipup, patrat, munna, and Purrloin. Other than that:
                - Beat first gym, pansear that I received helped a bit.
                - Beat the Team Plasma grunts at dreamyard and received the c-gear from Fennel.
                - Left Striaton City and evolved my Samo (Oshawott) into Dewott on route 3 where I'm currently at.
                *dreaming 4ever
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                Pokémon Aureolin
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                Did I post saying I started a new game? Because having badly natured Pokemon was not fun, mainly because they kept dying. So I restarted and tried to get either a good nature or a nature that doesn't really affect them...

                Okay, so after spending a bit of time trying to catch a Victini with a good nature, I settled with a nature that doesn't affect anything. I beat the third Gym leader (fainting his Leavanny with one move.) Also, my Blitzle evolved. :> I'm at Nimbasa City now, and I was stuck in a Ferris Wheel with an (presumably) insane N.
                I've also tried out the Pokemon Musical. Do you actually get anything decent out of it? :S Additionally, I've used the Relocator to transfer my shiny beasts.

                Pignite (Bacon) Lv 28
                Drilbur (Molly) Lv 28
                Cottonee (Ferne) Lv 28
                Zebstrika (Stripes) Lv 28
                Old March 6th, 2011 (12:49 PM).
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                kevin del rey
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                I almost forgot about this. D: Anyways, I'm about to battle Lenora. I hope I beat her.

                Munna Lv. 22
                Oshawott Lv. 23
                Pansear Lv. 24
                Old March 6th, 2011 (1:10 PM).
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                721 and counting!
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                  What I've done from my last update...

                  - Finished Chargestone Cave and battled N.
                  - Arrived in Mistralton City, visited, then went through Route 7 and Celestial Tower.
                  - Skyla comes back to the gym. Pignite and Joltik evolves!
                  - Destroyed the gym with Galvantula and Gigalith.
                  - Met N again. Then went again through Route 7, this time for Twist Mountain.
                  - Had a battle with Cheren, then met Alder who gave me HM03 Surf.
                  - Went to Mistralton Cave, caught Axew.
                  - Fly back to Nuvema Town, long training in Routes 17 an 18. Axew evolves!
                  - Back to Route 7, passed through Twist Mountain (again, long, long training).
                  - Arrived in Icirrus City and met Grandpa Juniper.
                  - Crushed the 7th gym, Brycen was a piece of bread.
                  - After some events occurred, went through Dragonspiral Tower.
                  - Fought all Team Plasma grunts here, and met N and Zekrom at the top.
                  - Cleared Relic Castle from Team Plasma.
                  - Fly to Nacrene City, received the LIGHT STONE!

                  Off to Opelucid City!

                  Emboar Lv. 43 - Brick Break, Flamethrower, Assurance, Scald
                  Stoutland Lv. 42 - Retaliate, Surf, Crunch, Dig
                  Gigalith Lv. 43 - Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Strength, Stealth Rock
                  Sigilyph Lv. 44 - Air Slash, Fly, Psychic, Shadow Ball
                  Galvantula Lv. 43 - Charge Beam, Thunderbolt, X-Scissor, Slash
                  Fraxure Lv. 43 - Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Poison Jab

                  I think i'll catch up some Rare Candies for Fraxure, I don't want to train a lot all the team!
                  3DS Friend Code: 1864-9474-4763 (Matthew)
                  X/Y Safari Zone: Ice-type, Snover/Bergmite/Dewgong

                  Emblems awarded so far

                  Alola Rotomdex completion: 294/301

                  Currently looking for: Politoed, Weavile and Lunala Dex entries.
                  Old March 6th, 2011 (1:19 PM).
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                  Pokémon Trainer
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                  I've been playing for quite a bit since Friday. I've just obtained my fourth gym badge at Nimbasa City and I'm currently heading towards Route 5 to train up my Pokémon. My gym battle at Nimbasa City made me realise that my team is quite weak to the Flying type - her Emonga almost swept my team with Aerial Ace, so I've started training a Roggenrola as my fifth Pokémon.

                  My team so far consists of:

                  Swoobat - Level 28
                  Scraggy - Level 28
                  Pansage - Level 28
                  Pignite - Level 29
                  Roggenrola - Level 21
                  Patrat - Level 4, (HM's)
                  Friend Code: 2251-6505-9781
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                  kevin del rey
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                  Alright, I defeated Lenora, trained my Pokemon some, fought trainers and Team Plasma in that forest (forgot what it was called), and now I'm at Liberty Island to catch a Victini.

                  Dewott Lv. 26
                  Pansear Lv. 26
                  Munna Lv. 27
                  Old March 6th, 2011 (1:24 PM).
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                    :moved from a thread:

                    Good afternoon pokecommunity.

                    This is my first post, though I have been lurking the forums now for approximately a month and a half. White version is the first poke game I've played sincerely since silver on the GBC(purchased soulsiver a month ago to hold me over until white). Me and my gbc had some great times. I remember playing yellow blue or silver on the long car rides to and from the lake house as a kid.

                    Enough reminiscing though; This game is great. A few specific things that I like are the new camera angles (running around in Castelia makes me feel like I'm playing ff7), the fact that they combined the pokecenters and pokemarts, and the fact that team rocket is no where to be seen (this story has a new twist. Similar, but new.) I just captured victini and am very pleased with the smooth progression of the game.

                    I also purchased the limited edition hardcover collector's edition guide #018973, which I'll say is very smart looking. I've come across two typos so far, but other than that it is a very nice guide.

                    I look forward to communicating with you all further! Have a great day
                    Old March 6th, 2011 (1:39 PM).
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                    Lover of Winter
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                      Nature: Relaxed
                      Posts: 707
                      As of right now, I just reached Nacrene City. I have a Level 18 Dewott and a Level 12 Woobat in my team. I temporarily used Pansear to help me with Cilan, who KO'd my Oshawott. I want to grind off of Audino, but I have yet to see the grass shake...
                      Old March 6th, 2011 (1:43 PM).
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                      Well I've done a lot since last time, more than you losers. ;D

                      So I've been tackling everyone and everything and grinding a lot. Maybe even to much \:

                      Well I finished all the events in Castelia and Nimbasa, Driftveil, Idr the other city name (Skyla's city)

                      I'm saved in front of her after kicking her tush! <:

                      Swoobat Lv43 (YES IT EVOLVED! AFTER 33 LEVELS IT EVOLVED!)
                      - Psychic
                      - Shadow Ball
                      - Air Slash
                      - Calm Mind

                      Emboar Lv41
                      - Flame Charge
                      - Scald
                      - Arm Thrust
                      - Take Down

                      Jelly (Duosion's evolution) Lv43
                      - Psychic
                      - Flash Cannon
                      - Shadow Ball
                      - Dizzy Punch

                      Lampent Lv42
                      - Shadow Ball
                      - Will O Wisp
                      - Flame Burst
                      - Inferno

                      Fraxure Lv42
                      - Dragon Claw
                      - X-Scissor
                      - Dragon Dance
                      - Slash

                      Swadloon Lv45
                      - Tackle
                      - Razor Leaf
                      - Bug Bite
                      - String Shot

                      Some of the moves like Shadow Ball, X-Scissor, Flash Cannon etc where taught to them when I traded them over to my Japanese Black, I also caught Axew on there and traded it back.
                      twittertumblr ☂ 1349-6159-4149
                      Old March 6th, 2011 (1:54 PM). Edited March 6th, 2011 by AntiZero.
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                        :D Just got my White version about an hour ago!

                        -Started with Oshawott
                        -Caught a Patrat and Lillipup (Not gonna use the Patrat, though.)
                        -Battled N
                        -Battled Bianca and Cheren again
                        -Made my to Striaton City
                        -Got myself a Pansear
                        -Training a bit for the Gym now

                        Oshawott Lv. 11
                        Lillipup Lv. 12
                        Pansear Lv. 10
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                        Missingno. hunter
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                          I really lucked out this time! I haven't even reached the first gym yet and I got my entire team infected with Pokerus! Pic related, this guy is staying in the box to be my carrier.
                          Attached Images
                          File Type: png IMG000012.png‎ (127.8 KB, 16 views) (Save to Dropbox)

                          Credit goes to Team Brushfire for the awesome banner!
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                          Posts: 2,306
                          Well, I've just completed the first.. half? of the game. Defeated the last Gym leader, reached the Pokémon League and... I don't want to spoil it for anybody who doesn't know what happens. But, I've really enjoyed playing this game. The story is the most in-depth of any pokémon game to date. it actually makes you feel like you are/are doing something important rather than just a bystander who happens to get involved.

                          it's odd, but this game has made me feel emotional, like no other Pokémon game has. i don't know... the whole situation N is in, plus a scathing comment from ghetsis abouit him.. It made me think. D:

                          Anyway, here's my team at the conclusion of this part of the game. Now off to do the next part! Got my national dex, too. =D

                          Reshiram Lv. 51 (removed Cinccino lv. 55 from my team to make room during the finale)
                          Zebstrika Lv. 55
                          Unfezant Lv. 55
                          Ferroseed lv. 55
                          Mienshao lv. 56
                          Samurott Lv. 58

                          VGC and OU Singles Battler / @LethalTexture
                          FC: 1547-5175-5150

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                            Location: In an ASCII house.
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Bold
                            Posts: 72
                            Nothing interesting really happened except for four fights- one with Cheren, one with a trainer, and two with Team Plasma, and catching a Woobat whom
                            I named Aphrodite.

                            Poseidon the Oshawott
                            Level: 14
                            Max HP: 41
                            Attack: 23
                            Defense: 20
                            Sp. Atk: 22
                            Sp. Def: 21
                            Speed: 17

                            Vulcan the Pansear
                            Level: 14
                            Max HP: 42
                            Attack: 21
                            Defense: 22
                            Sp. Atk: 20
                            Sp. Def: 22
                            Speed: 28

                            Brizo the Munna
                            Level: 12
                            Max HP: 43
                            Attack: 13
                            Defense: 13
                            Sp. Atk: 21
                            Sp. Def: 15
                            Speed: 12

                            Aphrodite the Woobat
                            Level: 12
                            Max HP: 38
                            Attack: 19
                            Defense: 15
                            Sp. Atk: 21
                            Sp. Def: 15
                            Speed: 19
                            Old March 6th, 2011 (3:01 PM).
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                              Gender: Female
                              Posts: 162
                              For Black, I choose Oshawott and quickly defeated both Bianca and Cheren. After receiving the Pokédex and learning how to catch Pokémon, I proceeded onto Accluma (spelling) Town and defeated N using Oshawott. Moving on, on Route 2 I caught a Purrloin and started training her.

                              But now I'm starting to think there's something seriously wrong with her after being 2HKO'd by Cheren's Purrloin, when her Scratch usually does a tiny amount of damage. Now I'm off to the Dreamyard to train...
                              Old March 6th, 2011 (3:04 PM).
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                                Posts: 98
                                I am playing on White , and Chose Oshawott as a starter , the game seems pretty easy to me as of now , and Oshawott is level 15 , just defeated The first gymleader Cilan :)
                                PARKWAY DRIVE RULEH'S (YOUTUBE THEM :p)
                                Soul Silver Name : JM
                                FC : 3825 6468 1639
                                White Name : JM
                                FC : 5329 1888 0577
                                Old March 6th, 2011 (3:07 PM).
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                                just a guy
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                                Posts: 7,133
                                Dear Journal,

                                I just arrived in Striaton City after my long journey from home. Coming from a far away region, the places and people here are so different, not to mention the Pokémon. Upon my arrival, I got the chance to meet up with Prof. Juniper, who kindly gave me a choice of one of the Unova region starters. It was a generous gift, but I immediately fell in love with Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokémon. Traveling with him all the way from Nuvema Town, I've learned that he's quite the adamant type.

                                Along the way, I met two long time friends, Cheren and Bianca. They too received a choice of the Unova starters as a gift from Prof. Juniper. Eager with our new Pokémon, the three of us faced off in battle for the first time. With smart tactics I managed to come off on top between the two of them.

                                Obtaining the Unova PokéDex from the Professor and shifting high gear into my new adventure, Oshawott and I headed off. Not far into our journey, and anxious to make my first catch, I caught a Lillipup. He's proven himself quite the powerhouse so far and shows he never likes to lose in battle.

                                Well, that's all for now. Until next time...
                                Old March 6th, 2011 (3:13 PM).
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                                  Posts: 179
                                  Just beat the first gym leader. Took me many attempts to beat him because my team's levels were so low except for Tepig who was instantly killed by the gym leader's water type monkey. (I memorized so many other things that my brain doesn't have much more room for black and white pokemon names.)


                                  Black: 0604 5707 4092

                                  My Youtube Channel

                                  Old March 6th, 2011 (4:05 PM).
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                                  Posts: 5,231
                                  Got my white today =D Started immediately.

                                  I just defeated the first gym, and saved in the Dream Yard. I picked Snivy as my starter, and caught Lillipup, Panpour, and Purrloin. I love them xD

                                  Going to play again soon.

                                  Moderator of Entertainment & Media
                                  Fall E&M Chit Chat Thread
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                                  Previously Toshiro.
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                                  Nature: Relaxed
                                  Posts: 20,979
                                  Havin some trouble with Elite Four, (Lovin' the music)

                                  but yeah, my teams levels are similar but spaced

                                  Vanilluxe - Level 48
                                  Emboar - Level 45
                                  Zebstrika - Level 45
                                  Swanna - Level 46
                                  Mushrana - Level 43
                                  Liepard - Level 43

                                  Anyone help as to places to train, to get them to high 40's/low 50's?

                                  and any team reccomendations? - Thanks!

                                  I plan on buying Black soon too, I just love Pokemon B/W! some of the cutscenes and gameplay I've experienced are just astonishing, they really went all out with these games!
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