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Hey All,

New to the forum and the World of Pokemon cards we've been buying them on and off for years and my 9 year old son has taken a keen interest. We wonder if anyone could tell us if this card (photo attached) has any value. On cardmarket, the English version appears to be worth something, but the language must make a difference?

Anyway, appreciate some honest advice from those of you who know more than us!

My son tells me we should get it graded - no idea whats involved in that or if it is worth it.




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Are there any places where a newbie can read up, and learn about this hobby?
We actually have a whole list of Resources available right here in the section! It covers a lot of different topics, so you'll have to find the sources that best address your needs.

And if you're more looking to begin collecting cards rather than playing the Pokemon TCG, I recommend checking out this thread right here:

Good luck and if you have any other questions never hesistate to ask! Oh, and welcome to the forums, of course. :)

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