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Old June 10th, 2017 (6:07 AM).
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Peterluul Peterluul is offline
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    When i use thi Programm my game starts to completly glitch out.
    The settings are completly wierd when i try to open any ROM.
    Like Titlescreen Pokemon Cry is always "AERODACT"
    and Professor Intro Pokemon is always "MURKROW"
    Secs on Title is set to "31326434"
    And all the other settings are wierd too.
    The selection Tabs are also really wierd, only wierd Letters.
    When i save a ROM after that, and i want to go to the Titlescreen it sets the game back to the Intro all the time.
    Does someone know what is wrong there?
    Or is there another programm i can use?
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    Old July 11th, 2017 (2:41 PM).
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    LuigiHatKid LuigiHatKid is offline
    What's the title for someone who just kinda wings it
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      Yo I just started experiencing this too.

      I've been reading through the thread and it seems the version 1695 of the Fire Red ROM doesn't work with this, which mine is. Check yours, this could be the issue.

      I'm not really sure what to do about it though because I really don't want to go back and do everything else I've done all over again.
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      Old August 5th, 2017 (2:58 PM).
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        How exactly do you open this program?
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        Old September 6th, 2017 (2:12 PM). Edited September 6th, 2017 by hjk321.
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        hjk321 hjk321 is online now
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          Posts: 84
          After a clean restart and no programs open:

          "Could not open the ROM. Check to see if it is open in another program.

          The process cannot access the file 'Y:\Files\ROMs\thetower.gba' because it is being used by another process."

          I'm boggled because besides parallels (i'm on a mac) this is the only program open. Any help please?

          EDIT: nvm, i had advanceedit open the whole time. i was just smoking the marajawanaz too much XD

          DOUBLE EDIT: any tool to edit the text or view the script? the rom base i used basically turned it into an advertisement for its website
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          Old September 27th, 2017 (7:40 AM).
          dannyboy941 dannyboy941 is offline
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            I have an ask how i find the right Headers out of SkipGender and RemovingRivalNaming on Firered German version or others? I find somee but it breaks the game it reset the game before GenderChoose comes up but i didnt check the checkbox of SkipGender while i change the ProfOakIntroMusic whatever on other lang of firered instead English/Usa version.
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            Old January 29th, 2018 (12:35 PM).
            tr1dent tr1dent is offline
              Join Date: Jan 2018
              Posts: 3
              i have a problem.
              I am quite new at hacking and i cant load any of my gen3 roms. It always says:
              Unsupported ROM loaded. Please load a 3rd generation pokemon game with an existing file in the INI entry.
              can anyone leave a link to such a rom or a kind of tutorial? please? .c
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