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...Actually, yeah, I do want that for the article title in some way. :v

I will want to do an article on the new Pokemon/regional forms basis as done for e.g. Legends Arceus, gen 7 box legendaries, as I find these topics interesting to write on and research. [Can give me thoughts on this too!] But more immediately, I could do a short quick article (even write it tomorrow if time permits) about Koraidon and how weird it looks running, and then pointing out it doesn't actually have wheels!

Those 'wheels' are really its tail and I guess a gill or throat organ or somesuch curled up, which is oddly presented like a pair of wheels while it runs, but certainly wouldn't rotate and allow it to drive around. And this makes sense, as it's the ancient times Pokemon, not the futuristic pokemon-battles-on-motorcycle legendary transportation device. Wheels weren't invented until something like the Copper Age as far as we know (iirc).


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I think it's a good idea! One thing I would add is that I think the "wheel" on its neck is actually based on an Anole dewlap sack. Here's some information I found on dewlap sacks that might be helpful!
And lastly, here's a complicated scientific article on dewlaps that might not be helpful but I thought was cool anyway.


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+1 but only if this is the article's title.


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I'm more concerned with all the reddit complaints about it 😆 its part of the theme, doesn't bother me whatsoever. I enjoy the look!
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