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Old December 8th, 2013 (2:16 PM).
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    Erika Fugi

    Erika worked around the field until she was surrounded by corpse, which was actually what the Risen had waited for. About ten Risen of twelve rose once again. Surrounded, any normal person would begin to worry, but Erika was as calm as could be. With a sigh, she looked around her. So it's true. They are undead. She turned to see a swordsman Risen charge. Narrowing her rage filled eyes, Erika blocked a swing with her sword. They dare challenge me to a swordfight? She weilded the brave sword carefully, and caught a glimpse of another charging Risen. Axe. Slow but powerful. She assessed, swinging around to block her back. She axe-wielding Risen pushed her back, and the swordsman made a quick thrust at her side. Twisting her waist the best she could, Erika managed to avoid a deep cut, but that would definitely leave a scar, or render her unconscious from blood loss. Damn.. I don't think I have a Vulenaries with me.. She waited until the last moment to jump out the way, letting the axeman and swordsman hack each others heads off. As they faded into dust, Erika clutched her side.

    "I might need assistance.." She murmured, charging another Risen who was about to kill a soldier after breaking through her cluster. The soldier winced as an axe was raised over his head. Before the axe could get to him, Erika drove her brave sword through it's head. "Move." She told the soldier, and watched him run to assist a one of his men. She hacked through it's head, and watch it evaporate into dust. Her side began to throb, and she almost fell forward. Loosing to much blood. But I've figured out how to kill them again. She looked around, and sawthat there were others fighting alongside the soldiers. Shepherds. She realized quickly.

    "Nokam! Go for their heads!" She called in a pained voice, just as another Risen charged her.


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    Old December 21st, 2013 (3:14 PM).
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      Natalya briefly shared a stare with the red-head, before giving her a hand for support. “Your... sword?” The woman asked, grabbing her hand firmly. As Natalya pulled her up, the woman quickly started to turn red. “You don’t mean... that squirrel, do you?” She asked bluntly, furrowing her brow. “Yup. Although it didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped it would.” Natalya replied, completely oblivious to the woman’s anger. The woman tightened her grip around her arm, gave a sharp glare, and let go. Natalya rubbed where she was being held; removing the imprint she had left on her.

      “You didn’t have to grab so hard, y’know.” Natalya pouted, before noticing a blue-haired man sprinting towards the two of them. Why do the people around here have such weird hair colours? Natalya pondered, searching for any other interesting hairstyles. That’s when she noticed it. The dragon. As far as she was aware, Natalya had never seen one before. It flew gracefully around the battlefield, showering zombies in ice. She gazed in awe at its magnificent power, ignoring everything else until she heard an unknown voice.

      “Excuse me,” The blue haired man said, briefly shocking Natalya. She noticed that the other woman had now left, leaving her alone with the stranger. "But can you use that Tome? If you can, you might be able to help us end this battle sooner. Can you help us?" Natalya gave a slight snicker, before raising a glowing hand. She closed one eye and focused on the tip of her fingers. A dark purple ball, which was no bigger than an apple, started to form in the palm of her glowing hand, aiming it towards the neck of the warrior. “Hold still...” She commanded. A tiny explosion from her hand propelled the ball forward, sending it towards Nokam’s neck. It barely missed, flying past him and into a zombie’s shoulder, which had been charging towards the knightly figure. Its arm tore cleanly off, causing the risen to collapse onto the ground. The risen started to drag itself across the ground, but it didn’t look like it’d be getting anywhere fast.

      Natalya quietly chuckled at the sight, before responding to the man’s request. “Sure, why not? It’s not like I have anything to do right now.” As soon as she had finished speaking, Natalya walked up to the still un-dead creature. She stared as it attempted to drag itself towards her, wanting to spill as much as it possibly could. Her mind started to think of the most interesting way to take the zombie out. A simple, albeit satisfying spell popped into her head, causing Natalya to immediately flick through flux’s pages. The page she stopped on had a very short explanation on how to cast her spell. Natalya didn’t even need to say anything for it to work.

      She pushed her right arm below her waste, allowing purple energy to rush to her fingertips. Her hand started to tremble with power. “Good night...” Natalya smirked, before raising her hand above its neck. She quickly lowered her hand to just above the Risen’s neck. Dark energy immediately rushed through her fingers, striking the zombie in the neck. The zombie dissolved into purple fumes, delighting the young mage.

      She looked around for another target to toy with, when she rediscovered it. The dragon. It landed, sending a small sheet of ice towards a risen. Natalya wanted to get a closer look at its beautiful wings, fierce teeth and... blanket? ‘Why would it be wearing a blanket, and more importantly, how did it put it on?’ She thought, running closer to the majestic creature. Not once did the thought of it being a manakete pop into her head. Once Natalya was only a couple of metres away from the dragon, an amazing idea made its way into her head. “I wonder if I could take the dragon as a pet.” She said, staring in awe at the creature before her.

      Natalya dropped her guard considerably, not noticing that a pair of risen were charging at her from behind.

      Tarin Anace

      Tarin stared confusedly at the teenager in front of her. What did she mean by her sword? “Your... sword?” Tarin asked, letting the young girl pull her up to her feet. A sudden flash of memories reminded her of the squirrel incident that had happened earlier. She couldn’t have meant that, could she? “You don’t mean... That squirrel, do you?” Tarin asked, furrowing her brow as anger started to boil in her gut. The girl remained silent for a brief moment, before confirming what she had thought. “Yup. Although it didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped it would.” She wasn’t sure whether she should be laughing or lashing out at the girl.

      Her grip tightened around the mage’s arm, causing the girl to stare at her with a confused look. Tarin glared; she was half-tempted to smack the youth across the head. But as she glared, the idea of hitting the girl became less and less appealing. After all, she was just a kid, she probably didn’t mean anything by it. Tarin sighed, releasing her grip and looking around. They were surrounded by a ring of fallen risen (Oh the irony), many of which struggled to pick themselves back up. Some had become nothing more than dust.

      Out of the destruction, she saw a blue haired prince running towards them. Tarin figured this was the right time to leave, sprinting away from the now conversing pair. She looked around the battlefield for any soldiers that were in need of assistance. However, her eyes spotted a particularly strong looking warrior, who was cutting down risen left and right. She appeared to care about saving these soldiers more than her own safety, as she had a large gash on her side. And yet, she continued to fight in her weakened state.

      “Nokam! Go for their heads!” The woman called in a pained voice, as a risen began to charge her. Tarin waited for the warrior to turn around and prepare to cut it down, but no such thing happened. Immediately, Tarin grabbed her last vulnerary and her dagger, charging through the bloody courtyard before the risen got to her. As both the risen and herself closed in on the weakened warrior, they both prepared their strike. The zombie raised its axe above its head, swinging it down with a lot of force. Tarin slid in between the two, dropping the vulnerary safely behind herself, and raising her dagger into the air with both hands.

      A loud clang emitted from the blow, with both herself and the risen wrestling for the upper-hand. Undoubtedly, the risen was much more powerful than Tarin, forcing her to apply as much force as she possibly could. Through gritted teeth, Tarin commanded the woman. “Take that vulnerary... Then hurry up and slice this thing down!” Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to keep him locked for much longer, Tarin started to contemplate why she got herself into this mess.
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