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Hello everyone, I've had this account for a very long time, and finally decided to try to share some art.
This time, i would like to share with the community some artwork based on fan made content from the Pokémon franchise that i like or have nostalgic value for me (Fanfics, hackroms, etc.) i always tought it would be great to see artwork made for those projects or do my own interpretation.

Pokémon Quartz was like the first hackrom made for Pokémon Ruby made by Baro in the early 00's, the fakémon design its...well, particular. But it was the first one to be fully completed. the amout of nostalgia that i have for that game is immeasurable.

The female trainer of the hackrom, i tried to do the colors like in the official Pokémon artwork, but i think it could be better.

Originally knonw as "La serie de Ken" (it's a spanish fanfic) made by mew2. I really have very few memories of it and remembered it recently, so i gave it a shot. It's interesting to see how the generation of the first Pokémania grew in the first years of the 00's and wanted a more edgy content and this fanfic was made in response. The main characters are Ken, a trainer that doesn't care about the colateral damage and Natasha an Ash Ketchum fan trying to follow his steps.

For this design i tried to homologate everything from the fanarts i found from its time and do something consistent. Call it a tribute for those fanarts.

I took the only artwork that said it was the "original character design" and just did it on a style similar to the franchise art.

The interesting thing that i read is that seems to be a division of what Natasha looks like, and i took the other designs i found and just changed the color and tried to gave her a style that homologates the artworks that depicted her as a blonde girl. which side are you?

Recently i played a hackrom called "Pokémon Coral" based on Pokémon Crystal, so the inspiration came and i had to do a interpretation of how the trainers would look like if it was a main series game. Took a lot of research and observation from the original artwork to gave it a good feeling to the color.

Pokemon Coral Male Trainer

Pokemon Coral Female Trainer

idk, just wanted to share ​​

Flying Type Girl Trainer Concept
I found some comics that i drew on junior high school, and found this character design, so i tried to do a redesign with my actual skills.
I think is a good design, and apparently i drew her to be gym leader Winona's little sister. (i don't remember to much details, like the name).

If i do more things i would be updating the thread.


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These look great! Your style is really clean and does give me hints of the typical Pokemon style :)
The Flying type trainer's my favorite, featuring your art and some good character design!
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灰ハ灰トシテ ソノ魂ヨ(Hai wa hai tomuke Sono tamashii yo)
炎炎ノ炎ニ帰セ(En'en no honoo ni kise)

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Oh I like this! This looks like designs that could have made it to the original games!
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I love Natasha! So cute, you are doing very well imitating the Pokémon style and I can’t wait to see how much it keeps improving❤️