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Type diversity? What type diversity?
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    Pokemon Soul Silver Fire Monotype PT 7 Up in smoke, down in flames.

    Last time we stopped at the national park, and now a new day, new adventure. As per normal, I am to kill all trainers to grind up my new team member, and as such, ransack the park, and east half of route 35. Along the way, AC/DC learned confuse ray. After going back to get the SquirtBottle (I'm an idiot) I engaged the Sudowoodo, and caught it with little problem. Not much happened aside from running to and fro battling trainers, though I did give Kenya the Spearow to the man, and got a rest TM for my efforts. The route up to violet was little issue, aside from two annoying (yet cute) beauty's an their Clefable/Wigglytuff.

    After entering Violet city, I met Bill, the creator of the PC system. After this I backtracked all the way to Goldenrod to pick up an Eevee, which I named GunsNRoses. Once I got back to violet city, I ran straight to the burned tower in hopes of catching my next teammate. But instead I came across a mysterious man named Eusine, who is chasing Suicune, and shows me the location of the legendary beasts. And what a surprise, Mikal is there too. Let the fight commence!

    I lead with AC/DC, he leads with Gastly, and hits me with a confuse ray, but I get 2 embers off regardless, getting the ghost type down below half, when he decides to use curse..... REALLY!?! This is the second time your Gastly committed suicide. AC/DC gains a level, AND snaps out of confusion. But just like last time, He switches in the Croconaw, so I go into Metallica to counter(I really have no counters to a water type.) But if there is one thing, have the level advantage. But I still spammed smokescreen regardless. Nickeback took care of the Zubat, and Magnemite same way.... Huh, I can't catch a legendary? I'll see about that.

    Also I wake the legendary beasts and stand face to face with Suicune, which according to Eusine is a very important judgement of a trainers skill. I got a call from Alan finally, but no fire stone. I really need one for GunsNRoses so I can actually use him. I finally caught a Magmar and named him LinconPark as LincolnPark did not fit. Now it is time to grind for the Gym! Which involves wrecking the gym trainers, and doing the typical wild grinding.

    The Band of Fire

    Metallica (Quilava) (M) - Charcoal
    Level: 25
    Abilty: Blaze
    Nature: Timid
    -Flame Wheel
    Metallica continues to conquer everything as always.

    Nickelback (Slugma) (F) - Quick Claw
    Level: 24
    Abilty: Magma Armor
    Nature: Lax
    -Rock Smash
    -Rock Throw
    Well, Nickelback did not do too much this time around, as I was mainly grinding my new members.

    AC/DC (Vulpix) (F) - Shell Bell
    Level: 20
    Abilty: Flash Fire
    Nature: Lonely
    -Confuse Ray
    -Quick Attack
    Having been used to Growlithe, Vulpix has required a bit of getting used to, but it does get some good status options.

    LinconPark (Magmar) (M) - None
    Level: 20
    Abilty: Flame Body
    Nature: Careful
    -Faint Attack
    Another greenhorn on the squad, Faint attack allows it to be a good hitter against Ghost and Psychic types.

    GunsNRoses (Eevee) (M) - None
    Level: 5
    Abilty: Adaptability
    Nature: Jolly
    -Tail Whip
    -Helping Hand
    Until I get a fire stone from Schoolboy Alan or decide to grind out the Pokeathalon, GunsNRoses will be taking a back seat in the team. Will likely be given Return for coverage.

    Ache Emm(Cut Slave)
    Penny(Adorable Togepi)
    Leafeon by day, Mercenary by night, hidden in the trees, under the light.

    Black Grass Monotype: Badge 2/8(On Hold)
    Heart Gold Fire Monotype: Badge 2/8
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    Old 1 Week Ago (7:53 AM). Edited 1 Week Ago by Swagroar.
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    Good thing Z-Moves are allowed now, makes me feel better about doing this.

    Forum User Name: Swagroar
    Game: Sun
    Pokémon Type: Fairy
    Single/Ultimate/Free Mode?: Single
    So I started up the game, chose the girl and named her Lumina. After all the opening stuff where I nearly die but Tapu Koko saves me, I chose Popplio and named it Symphonic. Then once I was at the festival, I could have wiped against Hau, but his Pikachu decided to only use Growl after the first Thunder Shock, and Litten was easy work for me.

    Once we were at the Trainer's School, the only particularly difficult opponent was Teacher Emily with her Magnemite, as Water Gun was a 3HKO and her Thunder Shock did over half first time, but the second hit somehow did less. I had to use a Potion afterwards, but I still beat her.

    Next stop was Hau'oli City. I talked to the people there, and beat the Team Skull grunt that was present. Then, Ilima challenged me, but I knew that it was going to be very difficult thanks to that Smeargle. Sure enough, I wiped first time since I only had Symphonic. After training it to Level 13, and discovering that I can get an X Defense from one of the NPCs at the Marina, I took him on again.

    I began with Symphonic against Yungoos, and opened the battle with an X Defense, as he used Tackle for a pretty weak hit (12/13). My Water Gun did over 1/3, as he used Tackle for another weak hit. Another Water Gun got him into the red before he used Tackle once again. He used his Potion, and my Water Gun did around half his remaining health, but my next one left him with a sliver, while I was out just under 1/3 my health after another Tackle. I finished him next turn, though.
    Then we came to the mean, nasty Smeargle. I started with Baby-Doll Eyes as his Lea***e scored a critical hit on the very first hit. REALLY?!?! It brought me to 5 HP (did 22 HP damage). As I healed, he then did 6 HP. Another Lea***e got me to 1/3 on the dot, so Torrent activated, allowing me to do over half with Water Gun. Then he got me into the red, but I finished him with another Water Gun for the win. Whew!

    The next stop was getting to his trial. While I beat a few of the trainers on Route 2 (side note: one Beauty had an annoying Gastly that was speed tied with me, had me fully paralyzed four turns in a row and used Spite every turn after), I skipped most of them so I could save them for once I had more than one Pokémon on me. I eventually made it to Ilima's trial, and long story short, I took care of the three Normal-types and the grunt there. They weren't that tough, but the Gumshoos was scary. But anyway, we made our way to the Totem Gumshoos!

    As the Totem Aura boosted its Defense, I had only Symphonic to use. I started with a Water Gun, but it did around 1/4 as Gumshoos used Super Fang for half, but not activating my Oran Berry yet (I was still in green since my HP was odd). It called its ally Pokémon Yungoos. Another Water Gun got Gumshoos below half, but it used Scary Face. Then Yungoos used Tackle and propped my Oran Berry, so I was out a little over 1/3. Gumshoos used Bite for 1/3 my remaining health, and Yungoos used Tackle for 1/3 of that, and I used Water Gun to get Gumshoos to 1 HP!!! I used Aqua Jet to finish off Gumshoos, and Symphonic grew to Level 16. Yungoos used Tackle and got me into the red, but did less than half my remaining health. I used Aqua Jet, and Yungoos had a sliver of health left, and Tackle…left me with 1 HP!!! Another Aqua Jet finished it by the skin of my teeth and won me the battle without even using any items (aside from the Oran Berry).

    So as Ilima showed up, I got the Normalium Z, and Ilima invited me back outside to learn about Z-Moves. After Kukui taught me of them, it was off to Route 3 and Melemele Meadow so I could catch two new recruits: Elfie the Cutiefly and Puffball the Cottonee. I went back and beat past trainers with my two new recruits to catch them up, and while at it, Symphonic evolved into Brionne. After saving Nebby, I beat Hau. There wasn't a lot to say about the fight, as it was pretty easy. I finished up with the trainers on Route 3 and made my way to Hala's grand trial, where it was time for me to do battle with him!

    I began with Elfie against Mankey, and as he used Karate Chop for a weak hit, Fairy Wind did just barely half. He used Focus Energy, but it didn't matter, because another Fairy Wind finished him.
    Then we came to Makuhita. For that, I switched in Puffball, and he used Fake Out for 1/5 my health. I used Leech Seed, and hit, as he used Sand-Attack, but Leech Seed healed me to full. Then I switched to Elfie again, and he used Sand-Attack once more but was then at 3/4. Yet I hit with Fairy Wind for around half his remaining health, while Arm Thrust hit 2 times for 2 HP that were healed to full by Leech Seed. I hit with Fairy Wind, and he wasn't finished, but after two hits of Arm Thrust, Leech Seed finished him.
    Then we had Crabrawler. I switched over to Puffball, and he used Leer, but anticipating the Z-Move I returned to Elfie, yet he used Leer again. I tried to use Stun Spore, but it missed, then he used the Z-Move, All-Out Pummeling, which with -1 did almost 2/3 my health with a critical hit. Geez, dude! As I switched back to Puffball, he used Pursuit, which finished me. I switched in Puffball and used Leech Seed, but he used Leer, although Leech Seed brought him to 7/8. I hit with Stun Spore this time, but he used Power-Up Punch and did 1/3. Oh dear! But Leech Seed got me to 5/6. He used a Full Heal, but that wasted a turn on his end, then I used Mega Drain, and Leech Seed got him right near half. Then I accidentally mis-clicked on Stun Spore again, but it hit once more, and he was fully paralyzed, then Leech Seed brought him below half. I used Mega Drain, and he got fully paralyzed again. After Leech Seed… He used a Super Potion, and was healed to full. That's not good. Mega Drain did light, but Leech Seed got him to 3/4. After another Mega Drain and another full para, he was at half again. After another Mega Drain, he was fully paralyzed yet again!!! With Leech Seed and another Mega Drain on him, he finally hit with another Leer, but it was too little too late, as another round of Leech Seed and a Mega Drain finished him off.

    So the Grand Trial was complete, I got the Fightinium Z, and Tauros was added to my Ride Pager. Afterwards, I went to Ten Carat Hill and caught a Carbink which I named Stalagmite. That's where I'll wrap this up.

    (M) "Symphonic", Level 17
    Stats: 51, 33, 31, 37, 33, 28
    Moves: Aqua Jet, Baby-Doll Eyes, Disarming Voice, Water Gun

    (M) "Elfie", Level 15
    Stats: 39, 22, 21, 25, 17, 32
    Ability: Shield Dust
    Moves: Fairy Wind, Shield Dust, Struggle Bug, Stun Spore

    (M) "Puffball", Level 15
    Stats: 37, 16, 25, 18, 24, 22
    Ability: Prankster
    Moves: Growth, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Stun Spore

    "Stalagmite", Level 11
    Stats: 32, 18, 38, 17, 41, 16
    Moves: Harden, Rock Throw, Sharpen, Tackle
    Azurilland - (The Southern Island) | Twitter
    Wedlocke Challenge | Wonderlocke Challenge | Generation V Fan Club
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    lloebet's Johto Adventure

    I found my ol' soulsilver and wanted something fun to do with it. Here we go.
    Forum User Name: lloebet
    Game(s): Soulsilver
    Pokémon Type: Water
    Single/Ultimate/Free Mode?: Single
    Adventure Log:
    Violet City

    • Grabbed my Totodile, finished my chore, and started the actual game.
    • I made my way to Violet city where I caught myself a Wooper underneath at route 32.
    • I made my way through Sprout tower with less trouble then expected while feeding some much needed EXP to my Wooper.
    • I then made my way to the Gym where I made short work of Falkner and collected my badge.

    Azalea Town
    • I made my way through Union Cave without any trouble. Made a B line for the exit.
    • I healed up my pokes then went over to handle team rocket without much trouble.
    • After that I went over and handled the gym very easily since my Goldeen knew peck.
    • It took me forever to beat Silver because of his Bayleef so I had to grind for a good two hours before I could take him out and finally move on.


    Ricky (Croconaw)

    Bubbles (Quagsire)

    Lucy (Seaking)

    Julian (Staryu)

    Sarah (Gyarados)

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      After an embarrassingly long bout of failures to even get past Lorelei I tried a new strategy of using my very few items to beat her to get some money and then lose to Bruno so I can try to build resources. It worked but I barely got 2700 so I needed a solid strategy. Since only pokemon who could take a hit from the first 2 trainers was Omar I decided to replace hydro pump with double team. who then proceeded to hand the entire Elite Four and Champion (minus Agatha so I could use less healing items so I let gene sweep her team) its ass. It was incredible how well it went with a little thing called dodging. Overall despite the wall at the end I loved this and I'm going straight into gen 2 within a few days.

      Final team:
      Omar the Omastar (MVP) lvl 56 surf, double team, toxic, ice beam
      Gene the Graveler lvl 47 strength, rock throw, earthquake, fissure
      Tommy the Rhydon lvl 47 rock slide, earthquake, submission, mega kick
      Onyx the Onix lvl 47 dig, body slam, bind, rock throw
      Amber the Aerodactyl lvl 49 wing attack, supersonic, fly, rest

      Yellow 8/8, Silver 0/16, Emerald 0/8, Platinum 0/8, White 2 0/8, Y 0/8, Moon 0/8
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