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Started by HTS123.0 March 21st, 2016 7:24 AM
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Posted January 21st, 2018
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Good folks of PC, I'll be coming back within two months. And when I come back, I want to GM a roleplay when I come back. I want to take a poll to be see who would be interested in what. Let me know what ideas you like. Co-GMs will indeed be appreciated. These are just general ideas. Care to give me feedback?

1. A Naruto roleplay based after the main story line's end. There will be playable characters on both sides, evil and good. There may or may not be an attempt at reviving the Ten Tails?

2. A good ol' fashioned D&D roleplay where we go to a dungeon, kick some ass, and take some names.

3. An original roleplay that I'll be working on in the meantime. Sci-fi or fantasy? (You guys pick)

4. A One Piece roleplay: We'll be a crew going to the New World. (A little help with overall story and world lore would be very appreciated in a co-GM)

5. Modern day roleplay where we obtain some sort of powers (I'm not sure what exactly)


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Posted October 10th, 2019
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Welcome back, smart thing that you want to study the RP market before posting one! As for the ideas:

1) A naruto RP is probably something a lot of people would like and are asking for, so you'd probably do fairly well if you pulled it off right :3
2) There's already a D&D Pokemon spinoff, but if you don't consider that competition it's a good idea too!
3) Can't really comment since it's original, but we do have quite a few sci-fi and fantasy RPs in the forum, so other genres might be worth trying too.
4) I do remember there was a huge one piece RP a while back, it was pretty damn popular.
5) The modern-people-getting-superpowers-outta-nowhere shtick is somewhat overdone, but it's still a pretty flexible concept and nevertheless fun if you pull it off well.
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Guess I'll throw in my own thoughts here.

1. I've never been a Naruto fan, and know almost nothing about it, so I'd pass for that. Seems to be a popular thing though, so go for it!
2. Doing an RP with D&D type stuff is always fun, I'd be up for it.
3. Sci Fi and Fantasy are always cool, I'd love some sort of steampunk thing though
4. Again, like Naruto, not a One Piece fan
5. Super powers! Always fun!

(And Fox, super powers are never overdone!)
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Posted March 22nd, 2016
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1. YES YES YES YES YES YES. (I am a big naruto fan, I can't hide it. *Cringe worthy selfie with headband and kunai*)

2. :D ALWAYS FUN. (How is my D&D-Pokemon rp even a threat?)

3. D&D would cover fantasy so Sci-fi is cool! But.. like.. what kind of scifi?

4. Not a huge fan of One Piece but it's one of those super popular anime.

5. I ma just claim Lightning powers right now.


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1 - I'd be down. If done right I'd be all over that muk. As much as I'd love the idea of teams of three in JPs, it probably isnt going to work, so I'd suggest refraining from attempting to do that
2 - If you want, but my interest isnt there, so I have no comment
3 - I'd be interested depending on the world or the plot, but I can say that from my time here, sci-fi is quite rare
4 - Meh...
5 - With City of Heroes up and Titans returning in the summer, i'd suggest doing something else

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