First time since the early 2000's.

Started by vanillanastytv November 29th, 2020 10:49 AM
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Coming back to the world of Pokemon TCG after something like 18 years. Going to be getting into a mixture of physical card collecting and online competitive play. Intimidated but excited. Thank you for having me.
Welcome to PC! And welcome back to pokemon (card) gaming 😄 There's discussions on our Discord server for that, as well as a TCG section on our forums

Hope you'll have a good time and good luck in your competitive and collecting endeavors :)

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welcome to poke community. the new Pokemon cards are super cool and I like how they're the first thing I see when I enter my local target lol.



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Glad to see another soul keeping the TCG spirit alive! Welcome aboard man! I personally don't collect cards nor do I know how to play the game, but we have a dedicated subforum just for TCG folks like you! Make sure to head on over there and don't be a stranger :D

Also yes I love how shiny the rare ones are. Whoever's making the art for these cards should hopefully be paid good!
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