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Hello all! Thank you for the add! I have some very old Pokémon cards. That I had when I was a child. They have never been played with and have been in protective cases for many years. Can anyone help me determine how rare these are and what kind of value they hold ? Thank you in advance!



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well you got the OG charizard holo so you're lookin at about a couple grand for those mate. I don't know much more about it though, so I can't really appraise from there. Maybe the TCG subforums can help?
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Welcome to PC~

I'll toss your thread over to the TCG section and we'll see if you get some more help over there, as Roni suggests :3

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There's a lot of great stuff here, but it's going to be hard for people to give you a value on so many cards. Your best bet and a general good starting point is to go on eBay and search up a few of these cards and only look at the sold listings. Take the last 5 or so and average that out and you've got a pretty good idea of what you could actually sell them for. You can look at what's listed right now and what kind of price they're at, but sold listings are gonna be your best bet for a real market value. It's going to be a little tedious, but you could make a pretty penny!