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Old July 4th, 2018 (12:02 AM). Edited July 4th, 2018 by leafeonsaura.
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    Hey guys! T here, or Silver, Leaf or Toothless or even Sam if you please.
    I'mlooking for one or two one on ones that i can do.

    I'm looking for someone who can do the following:
    - Write more than a sentence
    - Roleplay in 3rd person [ example: "She cried softly, grabbing onto the tree as the other man watched. "I'm sorry! I tried so hard, but I miss them so much!" She sobbed." ]
    - Will be willing to help come up with a plot
    - Doesn't care about activity
    - Preferably anyone with a US time, but others will be fine.
    - You won't control my character
    - You won't be bossy/rude if i or someone else does something wrong

    now that that is out of the way, ihave a few fandoms im interested in:
    - Warrior Cats
    - Pokemon
    - How to train your Dragon
    - Sword art Online
    - Attack on Titan
    - Marvel (to an extent/will only rp OCs)

    Anything italicized means i have a plot in mind for the roleplay.
    Anything bolded means i really want to roleplay it.

    one on ones:
    1. ??? [ information ] | [ link ]
    2. ??? [ information ] | [ link ]

    please take your pick! First come first serve, until i open this back up!

    Currently: open/closed
    pokelover | T's 1x1 search | httyd lover | leaf/toothless ♥
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    Old July 23rd, 2018 (8:27 AM).
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    Apologies, due to a misunderstanding on my part I believed 1 on 1 RPs were restricted to discord. This thread has been reopened, and I deeply apologize for the mistake.
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    Old July 23rd, 2018 (12:12 PM).
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      Well, except for aot and warrior cars I could, and would lile , to rp with you

      Watch me on the tubes!
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