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"Johto Avengers! ASSEMBLE!"


"Johto... A-Avengers...?"

"What d'ya think? I think its a cool name for our team! But if you don't like that one, I've got 100 more written down here! Oh, oh! How about---"

"No. How about, no team name."

"I dunno Clair, that's a odd name..."

"That wasn't a name."

"Meanie. Let's name our team: Clair is a big meanie."

"L-Look, the name doesn't matter, as long as everyone does their best, right...?"

"Of course. I always plan on crushing everyone in my way, underneath my heel."

"Perhaps that's going a bit too far, Clair. It is a friendly competition, after all..."

"But at any rate, I wish you all luck! I plan on doing my best as well, as your Champion!"

"By the way, for you guys who are reading this, and wants to know what's going on, the Tohjo Cup is coming soon!"

"Um... It's a competition where Johto goes against Kanto in a series of categories... Myself and the rest of the Gym Leaders in Johto are going against are friends in Kanto..."

"Uh! A-and it would be great if you guys can vote for us! U-Um, but I won't force you to vote for me, it's up to you..."

"Let's demonstrate our superior might to Kanto, shall we? See you all there."

"Hey guys! How about, the Johto Jumpluffs?!"

"How about... you be quiet."
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Dear Team Rocket Grunts,

Why do all Team Rocket Grunts look the same?
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