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PokéCommunity Forum Guide
start here, go anywhere!

This guide was made to help you navigate the forums, and to learn all the features of the forum! Hello, and Welcome to the PokéCommunity! If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re looking for a little help regarding on how to use and navigate the forums. If you have any further questions, feel welcome to send a message to tokyodrift andFairy! Feel free to also make a thread over in the Feedback & Support section.

What to do from here?

→ Registering an Account
If you’re a guest reading this, and you’d like to sign up (we hope you do ^_^), click the Sign Up button to be taken to the registration page. Enter your desired email, username, and password. Please make sure you enter a valid email incase you forget your login credentials. A new password would be emailed to you in such a case.

I'm registered, now what?

Guide to Posting

→Posting & Replying
Eventually, you’ll want to respond and hop into a conversation. There are two ways you can do this. You can use the quick reply button near the bottom of the page to type up your response without going over to a new page. Just click on the “Post Quick Reply” button to send your message. If you want to go into the advanced editor with more tools, click on the “Go Advanced” button to go into that editor.

Quoting Posts/Tagging
It is possible to add quotes to a post. Just click on the purple “Quote” button. You can use it to follow up on a conversation or add thoughts since it does give said person a notification.

→ Starting A Thread
If you ever want to start a topic/conversation, or maybe ask a question, it’s very easy to do! Click on the “New Thread” button to open up a new page where you can make and preview your thread. If you ever want to edit your thread after it’s posted, just click on the “Edit” button. Just make sure you’re in the right section, and you’ve read the rules before you make your thread!

→ BBCode
BBCode is a type of coding this forum supports to edit your posts/text. It can be used in your posts and signatures. The quick reply and advanced reply editors already come with the most common codes, but you may click here to see our full list of BBCodes.

→ Reporting
Oh no! You may have seen a thread/post that broke the forum or section rules. No worries, you can alert the staff by clicking the hexagon with an exclamation point. You will be taken to a different page where you can explain how the specific post broke the rules.

Forum Customizations

Dashboard, Profile, Avatar & Signature, Messages

→ Dashboard
The dashboard is the main hub when it comes to personal changes. There are links to change specific settings, profile information, avatar, and signatures. You can also view your subscribed forums and threads here. You are also given a personal notepad in which you can write up anything you want. Just be wary to not save personal data such as login details there. You may get to the dashboard by clicking here. You can also click on "Me", then click on "Dashboard".

→ Profile
The profile is how other members will see you. You can edit your biography, interests, location, Pokémon related details, and other miscellaneous things. You may get there by opening up "Me" and clicking on "My Profile".

→ Avatar
If you have a picture of your own that you'd like to use as an avatar, you change it by clicking on "Me", then "Edit Avatar". You can also use the dashboard to get here. The size limit for your avatar is 720x720 pixels or 1.00 MB. You may also use one of our many pre-made avatars.

→ Signature
Signatures are the pictures and text that always show up under posts. You can edit what's on there by clicking on "Me", then "Edit Signature". Once again, you may also use your dashboard to get there. The maximum size of your signature picture must be 600x350 pixels or 2.00 MB. This would also be the place to add social media links, Youtube channels, or fan game links. You can also post in this thread to check if your signature meets the size standard.

→ Messages
There are two types of messages, Visitor Messages, and Private Messages. Visitor Messages are messages that are posted on a user's profile. These messages are public and other users can see them. To send a Visitor Message, go to a user's profile, then use the text box provided to write up your message. You can also turn off visitor messages if you wish to not receive any. The other type of messages are Private Messages. These allow you to have private conversations with other members of the forum. To send a private message, go to a user's profile, go to "Contact Info", and then click on "Send a private message to ___".

Areas of Interest!

→ Some threads to read along the way

Written by Radiating
edited by Fairy

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